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JUNE 25th 2009... One year ago this week, Tim Smith of Cardiacs had a very serious heart attack and stroke, it happened at a my Bloody Valentine concert in London. Cardiacs are, were and will always be out musical fuel. We haven't said much about what happened here at ORG Records, in line with the wishes of Tim's family and the Cardiacs family. Today, Cardiacs, via The Alphabet Business Concern have made a statement, so today we shall say a little, there isn't a day that goes by without someone asking us for news. 

The band explain the situation in their statement. At the time of Tim's illness we were heavily in to the final plans for new Cardiacs singles here at ORG ahead of the new album. Tim was more animated and excited than ever about Cardiacs music and the new material, we were making plans on almost a daily basis - but the recordings for the single were never quite fnished and all the plans remain just conversations and e.mails between Tim and us. Now we're proud of every single record  we've ever reelased on ORG, but nothing really mattered to us as much as Cardiacs, Cardiacs have always been our real reason, our real love, our passion. Since the events of last year we've not really felt that desire to put out records, like I've said before, we never have released mere 'product', music matters to us, people matter to us, bands matter to us. Tim's recovery is still a long way off, who knows what's going to happen and who knows if we'll ever feel like doing more with ORG. Maybe we will release that new Cardiacs single one day, maybe we'll release other things on ORG, for now, all we really want is for our friend Tim to recover... 


A full year has now passed by silently and stealthily yet with ever an eye on promptitude and a passion for consistency it now falls upon THE  ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN to provide this timely annual update to YOU our ever faithful family regarding the health and condition of Tim 

One complete year on from Tim Smith’s ‘accident’, THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN is only too aware that since its previous gloomy news  bulletin there have purposely been no further updates. In this time 

YOU have been both patient and respectful to the family of YOUR IDOL and to those so called friends with whom he keeps regular counsel. If rumour and tittle-tattle have reached the collective ear of THE  ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN then we have seen fit neither to extinguish  nor fan their ugly flames.

It is at this time, then, that THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN has chosen to clarify the CURRENT situation 

At the time of his cardiac arrest Tim Smith effectively died.  Resuscitation allowed his passage back from that world of mists and spirits to this one of foetid edges and filth, but upon re-entering  this VALE OF TEARS it became apparent that he had suffered a terrible brain injury from the inability of his faltered heart to supply its  regular goodness in the quantities required to sustain a healthy  condition within his brainbox.

Quite what the sickly lad experienced over the course of the remaining months of 2008 remains largely unclear. He claims at one point to have been surrounded by ‘cheap microphones’ while at other times that he was visited by ‘multiple cigarette smoking’ friends whilst languishing  in a ‘cafe that served exquisite fruit juice’ all set within a ‘beautiful surreal landscape of rivers and curtains’.

In keeping with our reputation as The HONEST Concern, THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN can state categorically that none of these constructs  was of our making.

Since the accident Tim Smith’s body has become his enemy. He is in a great deal of pain and is experiencing difficulty with the finer points of control with regard to his extremities so obviously  perfected prior to the unhappy event, but Tim Smith, his family and  those so called friends, (with whom he keeps counsel), all assert that his mind, however, has been sharpened by the episode. THE ALPHABET 
BUSINESS CONCERN can confirm that no part of YOUR favourite pop star’s 
intellect or personality has been found to be absent WHATSOEVER.

So where does that leave CARDIACS and where does that leave YOU?

At this point Tim Smith can neither sing nor play his guitar. THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN, in keeping with its enviable reputation as THE REALISTIC CONCERN, can state that it is extremely unlikely that  CARDIACS will perform live for the foreseeable future. THIS IS NOT, IT   MUST BE NOTED, THE END OF CARDIACS. YOU must once again be patient  before events can reveal themselves as foodstuffs for YOUR greedy  little mouths.

Unlike the so-called prescient ways of that, at best, ‘cosmic chancer’  Nostradamus, THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN claim no ’second sight’,  therefore it would be mere folly to muse upon how future events may  unfold. Tim Smith’s condition permits no such speculation, but there is in his own words ‘A glimmer of anticipation . . . Quite a glimmer.’  And it is to give that glimmer the oxygen that it requires to become the roaring flame we all need to warm our clammy flesh, that he is participating in the trials and tribulations required within the system of neurological rehabilitation where he is making many small but positive inroads into his recovery. We are therefore left in no doubt that it is a long and arduous road beset with many trips and  stumbles along the way that has yet to be travelled.

In respect of the awful events of last year, much of the machinery surrounding your favourite group, CARDIACS, had ground to a halt. In honour of YOUR patience, YOU will observe the cogs begin to turn and the pistons sputter to life once more. THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN will soon make available to YOU the goods and artefacts YOU so  hungrily crave.

Tim Smith and it goes without saying, THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN, would like to thank all of YOU who have sent him YOUR kind thoughts and beautiful words and indeed in a few thankfully rare cases, your daubs and photos. They have all been gratefully received where appropriate and both Tim and ourselves would encourage you all to continue with your correspondence.

With Respect

March 2009 - We've pretty much called a halt to ORG Records for now, we'll leave these pages here as a slice or two of history. I think we can happily say we released some damn fine records by some damn fine bands, launched a few goodies and did it our way... 

24th JAN '09 - For all of you asking for Cardiacs and Tim Smith news, Tim is quietly slowly recovering. It will be some time before there is any real news, I know lots of you keep asking. You also keep asking about the Cardiacs website shop and getting hold of Cardiacs albums (and complaining about the way some people are taking advantage of the situation with the prices they are charging on Amazon and such). The Cardiacs webshop and such has taken a back seat with Tim’s situation and while he hopefully recovers. 

PURE REASON REVOLUTION have finsihed thier new album now, we have one in our hands here, finished artwork and everything, UK and European dates and release news on their My Space page at

Got details of a few TO THE BONES live shows here that could be of interest.. Proud Gallery, Camden London - Thurs Jan 29th, The Box - Crewe , Friday 30th Jan, The canteen - Barrow In Furness - Sat Jan 31st. Then into Febuary - Febuary 10th @ Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen supporting Sebastien Grainger and the mountains (ex death from above 1979) Someone said “To The Bones have been busy in the studio in January, and what we can tell all is that there is another single coming out very soon and a mammoth amount of live dates. The specially re-recorded song 'Lips on Red' is sounding amazing”. more info from

14th NOV - TO THE BONES continue their march to wherever it is they’re marching with rave reviews everywhere and shows tonight Friday November 14th in Leeds at The Cockpit and then tomorrow (Nov 15th in Manchester at the Roadhouse with Hell Is For Heroes. Meanwhile IMPERIAL LEISURE are out on a UK tour with Less Than Jake right now, looks like things are going well. And PURE REASON REVOLUTION have announced a one off show at Cargo in London on November 26th, apparently tickets are selling out fast, support comes from Matt Tanner and The Domino State. PRR have put a little preview of the new album up on their My Space page – – and CARDIACS should be in to the second day of their tour right now, they’re not, that leaves us a little sad and yeah I know, time we put something else out but... 

14th OCT - What’s going on here, Irons are hovering in fires and such. Time for a quick update on some things that have passed through in recent times while we cook up new things. I see TO THE BONES are now being raved about as the hot new thing just about everywhere, people like the NME, The Fly, Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq on Radio One and such, caused a stir at that in The City thing in Manchester the other day so it seems, hot new tip in the Guardian this week and what have you. Seems you can catch the band we first brought you sometime last year at the Barfly’s best of In The City gig here in London on October 27th where the on the case music industry will no doubt all be congratulating each other for finding another exciting new band only a year late, nice ot see they do sometimes catch up, they're right this time. TO THE BONES are also at the Metro, Oxford Street, London this Thursday 16th, then the Freebutt, Brighton on 17th, Duchess Of York in York on the 18th and onward in some kind of transit van haze to wherever they’re going. The debut Bones album has just come out on Medici Records to pretty much rave reviews from everyone, and good it is, but then you’ve know for ages if you’ve been paying attention right...
      OURLIVES have pretty much finished recording their debut album, they kick back in to action with a homeland gig as part of Icelandic Airwaves alongside BIFFY CLYRO on 15th Oct. Meanwhile IMPERIAL LEISURE have their debut album out on their own label any second now, they play an album launch party show at London’s Scala on Oct 23rd, the album is called The Art Of Saying Nothing, they head off on a lengthy UK tour with LESS THAN JAKE in November. San Francisco’s EVERYTHING MUST GO have finally released a new album as well, THE SMEARS are threatening a new single, PURE REASON REVOLUTION have now finished their new album and a currently on tour in mainland Europe with PORCUPINE TREE. Our frustrating old friends MY VITRIOL have a handful of gigs coming up, and are threatening a new album sometime soon, they play Glasgow Stereo 19th Nov, Manchester Ruby lounge 20th Nov, Bristol Fleece 21st Nov, London ULU 22nd Nov. HERZOGA are working on new material and more of their rather right wrong pop. 
              And thing you most want to know about is how is Tim Smith doing and what’s happening with CARDIACS. Well there isn’t that much to add to previous statements, Tim is slowly recovering and we’re all just giving him the time space and privacy he and his family still need. They (and we) thank everyone who’s been asking, leaving messages on the various forums, on My Space pages and such, as soon as there’s any fresh news we’ll let you all know here but don’t be expecting anything for a while yet, situation is still a long way from good. The Cardiacs singles that were due out here on ORG are still on hold, I read somewhere that we had sent some promos of a new single out to radio, we haven’t, when and if there is news, we’ll put it up here and on the Organ forum.  If we’re honest then the things that have happened to Tim and Cardiacs have kind of knocked the wind out of our sails here in terms of releasing new things by anyone or anything, our minds haven’t really been focused on releasing new bands and records and such. It was a pleasure to play that magical SEA NYMPHS session on our radio show at Resonance FM last weekend though, first time I’ve been able to just sit and listen to a Cardiacs thing and just enjoy the treasure for ages, we really should see about releasing that session....

I-DEF-I27th AUG - Now as much as we hate to say told you so six months ago yet again, but we did though, so we are going to say told you so... This just in from last Night’s Manchester Evening News - “Tonight's show is just further evidence that To The Bones could well be the most ferocious band in Britain, and if you miss how powerful Queens Of The Stone Age used to be before they lost it, they could well be the band you've been waiting for. Prepare to be eaten alive”. TO THE BONES are at the OFFSET festival this weekend, then you can then catch them on the 5th Sept at the West Coast Rock Cafe, Blackpool, then 10th Sept at Death Disco, Notting Hill Arts Centre, London, 19th Sept The Matrix Club, Grimsby, 3rd Oct Kico club Bolton. I do believe the band are planing a new version of Rex as a single and their debut album is ready to go, now with us though, been there done that, you'll be wanting to grab that ORG single while you can - check them out via

26th AUG - IMPERIAL LEISURE follow a busy season of summer festival dates by announcing a full UK tour with fellow ska-punkers LESS THAN JAKE in November. The London band, who's first two singles came out here on ORG finish the festivals at the 360 Festival in Bristol on Aug 30, the Cider Festival in Cheddar on Aug 31st and Bestival, Isle Of Wight on September 6th.  The band release their debut album on their own label in October

18th AUG - I-DEF-I have announced a hometown date at Jillys in Manchester, the date in 23rd September, the band have been in the studio, new single on way soon, who’s doing it? Well watch this space... 

MY VITRIOL have just confirmed what is, these days, a rather rare live date for them, they play the rather good looking Offset festival in forest on the edge of London, they’re headlining the Rock stage on August 31st, loads of good bands playing, looks like one of the festivals of the year, TO THE BONES are also playing –

Friday night in London, two one time ORG bands in town, HERZOGA at the Buffalo Bar and IMPERIAL LEISURE at the Proud Gallery in Camden 

30th JULY - PURE REASON REVOLUTION are at the Camden Barfly tonight, you knew that already though didn’t you – tonight is Wednesday 30th July, if you haven't got a ticket already get there very early, not many left. TO THE BONES have just been confirmed for the OFFSET festival on August 30th. In a forest on the edges of London, more from

For those of you asking about the CARDIACS tour and holding on tickets for the cancelled shows in the hope of rescheduled dates the advise is go and get a refund, the situation regarding Tim is still very serious and really we should not be expecting fresh dates or anything else in the near future. Sorry to say strong advise is to get a refund now and not leave things until getting a refund becomes difficult. For those of you who have outstanding mailorder placed directly with Cardiacs and Alphabet, please be patient at this difficult time. The band and family are a little distracted and understandably not really focused on anything but Tim right now, thanks you for your continued understanding and patience 

27th JULY - HERZOGA have a new download only single called Satanic Verses, don’t ask me, I haven’t got to the bottom of what they’re up to, I’m no fan of these things that come at you via download only with no artwork or tactile love, I like it in my hand and smash up that damn automatic loom, steam power in not progress! Still, the song sounds good on bloody My Space, I’m sick of My Space being the frontline for you bands as well, especially when the My Space police can just take down anything they don’t like you saying, I’d far rather be directing people to a real site rather then the marketing soulsucking unavoidable evil that My Space now is. Anyway the new single sounds great, possibly their best yet, you can download it for free via their MY Space page or e.mail then and bug then for a better quality copy, go ask them to e.mail it to you or something, I think that's what they wanted you to do or me to tell you or something. 

HERZOGA are touring with WHO OWNS DEATH TV, a new band put together by some Million Dead people I do believe, double headline, I guess they sort out the running order on the night or something like that. Tour starts on Wednesday 6th August at the Retro Bar in Manchester, then 7th Little Civic, Wolverhampton, 8th Wrong Pop @ The Glebe, Stoke On Trent, 13th Buffalo Cardiff, 14th Hector’s House, Brighton, 15th Silver Rocket @ The Buffalo Bar, London, 16th The Railway, Southend On Sea. – find out more via or indeed – who owns my Space anyway? Censorship. We like Herzoga, you know that already though, we put out their debut single, a split CD affair that also featured TO THE BONES and a load of hidden tracks from other people, To The Bones are MTV stars and all over the radio these days, got a new download only single, or so it says on My Space, don't ask us us, we're just the suckers who put out the debuts for all these bands when no one knows who they are, its is a dirty job but someone has to do it  - hour long 17 track singles that you can cuddle and take to bed and break rather than just accidentally delete off your hard drive – get it from our mailorder page for just two quid.  More debuts from more bands any moment now, we love our dirty job, now where's that I-DEF-I master? 

23rd JULY - UPDATE FROM ALPHABET and ORG re TIM SMITH and CARDIACS: There now follows an announcement from THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN

Due to the extenuating circumstances we find ourselves in following  the health issues pertaining to CARDIACS very own Tim Smith we have  deemed it appropriate at this time to officially call to a halt all activities concerning CARDIACS for the foreseeable future. It therefore falls upon us to reluctantly cancel the forthcoming tour  booked for November

We apologise wholeheartedly for this unavoidable action and also for any delay in letting you know of our decision. Any delay has been necessary in order to assure that all promoters and their hirelings have been made aware of this decision in advance to facilitate early redemption of any ticketing refunds as and when required.

On a more positive note. THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN has now  provided a unique and encouragingly entitled special electrophonic  code sequential address for the exclusive use of YOU the faithful to send your well wishes, uplifting verse or whatever you decide to encourage the earliest recovery of young Tim. This is the facility you shall use and only this to ensure that your messages reach the sickly lad. Positivevibes at We will of course be certain to deliver to him those messages we deem appropriate at the appropriate time.


As far as the planned singles on ORG Records to coincided with the tour and such, everything is on hold and in the hands of Cardiacs. I know a lot of you are asking and are very concerned about Tim, this is more that just a band to lots of us, the Pond really is a family, I know a lot of bands say that but we know it really is the truth here, special friendships and bonds have formed and to a lot of us Tim is a not just the guy in the band we love. The immediate Cardiacs family and Tim's family are still coming to terms and dealing with this in their own way and their priority rightly is with the welfare of Tim right now . They are thankful for all the messages left on the My Space blogs and such and they thank you for giving them privacy and space at this time. Our understanding is that Tim is making a slow but positive recovery and things areno longer life threatening, but this is a serious situation so please do be aware that this is going to be a long slow process and Tim, his brother Jim and everyone will need time and space. We shall do our best to respectfully keep you in touch with the news here and on the Organ forum without infringing on the privacy of Tim and his family. Thanks everyone for the messages, they REALLY are appreciated by all... 
  Some of you have been talking about donating your refunded ticket money, the band and family really appreciate this heartfelt thought and gesture and spirit in which it is made, it means a lot to them, but they ask if you could please hold back at this time and we can look at these things in clear light later on... Sean (ORG Records)

17th JULY - CARDIACS tour postponed: We are sorry to inform you that, following yesterday’s announcement, Cardiacs November tour has been postponed. The priority right now is Tim’s recovery and his well-being along with the well-being of his family, friends and those close to him. Everything is on hold in terms of the new single, and all other releases. It would be very much appreciated if people would give Tim, Jim and family time and space to deal with things. I’m sure you’ll all agree that a tour is of little importance at this point, we’re sorry for any inconvenience the cancellation has caused and I’m sure you understand why. It would be nice if people would treat this situation with the respect it deserves. We were sad to see one music website, who we thought were above such things, turning the news story in to a bit of a joke this morning. There’s a time and place for everything. Take your time Tim and get well, to a lot of us you are a lot more than just a guy in a band we love. 

16th JULY - a statement from Cardiacs 

"As some of you have no doubt become aware, Tim Smith, the stalwart front man of your beloved  CARDIACS has fallen foul of ill health.

In order to quash any rumours and idle tittle-tattle amongst the faithful we find it appropriate at this time to furnish you with the necessary information to perhaps remove the worried furrows from the brows of the more hysterical amongst you..

On 25th June Tim collapsed and found himself the unfortunate victim of a cardiac arrest. Thanks to the skill and dedication of those heroes of the streets, the paramedic service he was speedily ensconced within the caring hands of the National Health Service where he was treated by expert medical staff and thankfully he is now making a recovery. There is no longer any danger to his life and he is improving every day though we must caution that there is a long road ahead.

Needless to say we are sure you all wish him a speedy recovery and in keeping with our reputation as the caring concern, THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN will soon be facilitating a method of sending him your personal messages of goodwill on our web site which is sure to cheer both him and his fellow CARDIACS no end.

Needless to say, all further information will be generously furnished by THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN as and when we see fit and we hasten to add that YOUR LOYALTY DEMANDS the utmost respect for his nearest and dearest and that no attempts to gather any more information be made of them during this most fretful of times.


It goes without saying that all release plans and everything else is on hold and the health of our friend Tim is all that concerns us at the moment, our thoughts and best wishes are with Tim, Jim and all the Cardiacs family... Sean, Marina and all at ORG 

12th JULY - CHRISTOPHER D ASHLEY joins PURE REASON REVOLUTION for the next London show - “Now this I am VERY excited about! (says Paul from PRR), special guest for our night at The Barfly, Camden (30th July) will be none than Christopher D Ashley!  We've been fans of Christopher for sometime now so we're very excited to have him (and his all-star band) on the bill! His debut album 'Cruel Romantics' was released on Sunday Best (Rob Da Bank’s label) last April and it caused quite a stir in the music press…” Indeed Paul is right: "Sluttish warehouse electro London's coolest new producer" NME, "Exceptional... to be heard to be believed" DJ Mag - or Pure Reason Revolution are promising to preview new material from the forthcoming album as well as perform old favourites at the show. 

8th JULY - What are we up to today? We can't say, not today, lots coming up though, old friends and new bands, meanwhile shall we have a quick round up and a told you so or two? TO THE BONES are in London tomorrow night, not that they bothered telling us or said hey thanks for all your help can we put you on the guest list? Come and have a beer or something. I see the NME have suddenly caught on to them, Zane Lowe has taken to playing their “debut” single on Radio One, the ‘industry’ have discovered a cool new band, Manic Street Preacher/Ash producer had insisted they record with him, of course their debut single came out on ORG last year when we were doing all the shouting, telling, playing demos on the radio, who’d be a pioneer? To The Bones are at the Water Rats, Kings Cross tomorrow night (9th July), they're recording a session for John Kennedy on XFM on Thursday as well. HERZOGA meanwhile are planning a new download single, a free thing that you’ll just need to e.mail and request they send you or something like that. Herzoga are heading off an a double headline tour with WHO OWNS DEATH TV next month, they’re yelling at us to tell you about it all, we will when they have that single available. 

2nd JULY - PURE REASON REVOLUTION have been confirmed as support on a number of Porcupine Tree as well as a couple or European festival dates. The full list of dates are as follows:   30th July -  Barfly, London, 5th Oct – Prog Power Festival, Baarlo, 7th Oct - Incrivel Almadense, Lisbon (with Porcupine Tree), 8th Oct  - Teatro  Sa Da Bandeira, Porto (with Porcupine Tree), 10th Sala  Heineken, Madrid (with Porcupine Tree), 11th Oct – Apolo, Barcelona (with Porcupine Tree), 12th Oct - Rockstar Live, Bilbao (with Porcupine Tree), 17th Oct – Rockhal, Luxembourg (with Porcupine Tree), 19th Oct - Prog  Resiste Festival @ Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium.

22nd JUNE - CARDIACS are in session on Marc Riley’s BBC RADIO 6 show tomorrow night, tomorrow is Monday June 23rd, you find it on line at and the first track of three will be on at 7.00pm. Now don’t ask us what they’re going to play, and no we’re not going to tell you when the new single is out yet. The session is the start of things, the singles will be out before the tour, yes singles, and expect news of other things soon – the tour starts on November 13th and that’s all we shall say today

IMPERIAL LEISURE are following up their two ORG releases with a single on their own new label, the single will be The Great British Summertime, out next month, they’re off to Glastonbury next week – well somebody has to go. 

15th JUNE - HERZOGA are heading out on a double headline tour with WHO OWNS DEATH TV. Catch both bands live as they hit the road in August for mischievious mayhem and adventures at the following places on the following dates: Wednesday 6th August - Retro Bar, Manchester, Thursday 7th - Little Civic, Wolverhampton, Friday 8th - Wrongpop @ The Glebe, Stoke On Trent, Wednesday 13th - Buffalo, Cardiff, Thursday 14th - Hectors House, Brighton, Friday 15th - Silver Rocket @ Buffalo Bar, London, Saturday 16th – The Railway, Southend On Sea.

10th JUNE - If you’re in London tomorrow night then you have your choice of two when it comes to ORG related things from our been there done that file: SPIRITWO takes her big wigs and bigger heels to the Macbeth in Hoxton while IMPERIAL LEISURE take their Ska to Camden where they’ll no doubt pack at the Barfly. Meanwhile somewhere near Manchester I-DEF-I are in the studio finishing up their new ep and such

4th JUNE - TO THE BONES, just about the best new live wired up destructive proper ROCK band in the land right now, have some more dates lined up for July. They’re just finishing up work on their debut album, catch them at MANCHESTER ROADHOUSE on July 5th, GLASGOW KING TUTS on July 6th and in LONDON at the KINGS CROSS WATER RATS on JULY 9th – keep up with what they’re doing today over at

IMPERIAL LEISURE are apparently playing London Metro tomorrow night, June 5th. Their two singles with us here on ORG have been and gone now, you can still grab them if you're quick, we found a handful of the debut, 21 of them, lurking, grab them here now. Imperial Leisure should have a new single out sometime soon on whichever label has picked them up now, been there, done that, hope they don't blow it... 

3rd JUNE - CARDIACS will be performing three songs live in the studio on Marc Riley's Brain Surgery show on Monday 23rd June between 7 and 9:30pm,  On BBC 6 Music. Tune in early. The first song will be performed at 7pm and the following two at 7:30. More news of releases and things soon... 

28th MAY - Rabbits, hares and boxing about in a ditzy way, things are happening. Meanwhile, CARDIACS have added yet another date to their growing tour, this time in Plymouth on November 22nd at The White Rabbit... 

24th MAY - PURE REASON REVOLUTION - A Summer Headline Show – “We've just confirmed a headline show at the Barfly in Camden on Thursday 30th July. This is to wet your appetites (and ours) with just some of what you can expect from our full tour that will be starting in the Autumn. Tickets are £8. For tickets and info please visit (We promise it won't so 'rammed' as the Water Rats show)/ Tickets will be limited so book to avoid disappointment and As it's a week night we'll be taking to the stage at around 9pm, expect more of our new material and some favourites old” - and yes, you can still get hold of the ORG single Victorious Cupid here. The band als ohave a limited edtion live album, LIVE AT NEAR FEST 2007 available, there's only 1000 of them as well so... 

22nd MAY - CARDIACS have added another date to their tour which will now start on 13th November at YORK FIBBERS. Meanwhile PURE REASON REVOLUTION are jut finishing up their album and so are TO THE BONES, both are off with their new labels and we've done our bit there. meanwhile we're cooking up some good new things and well, watch this space, or that one over there or some such space.... 

12th MAY - CARDIACS UK TOUR NOVEMBER 2008, here are those dates you’ve been waiting for - 14th November GLASGOW GARAGE, 15th SHEFFIELD BOARDWALK, 16th LEEDS COCKPIT, 17th BRIGHTON KOMEDIA, 18th CARDIFF CLWB IFOR BACH, 19th BRISTOL THEKLA SOCIAL, 20th MANCHESTER ACADEMY 3, 21st LONDON ASTORIA. Release news and more very soon....   Hear Cardiacs here on our My Space page. And this is where you get to explore the very best band of them all – the band who keep us doing this Organ thing, the band who provide our fuel our heart and far far more besides – ladies and gentlemen come join the pond and let us share with you some of the unique beauty that is CARDIACS  -

29th APR - HERZOGA updates and Fox Fest and... “Ladies, gents, misfits and the crimnally insane, HERZOGA have now added another track from the Maida Vale session we did for radio 1's BBC Introducing weekend not so long ago. The track in question is 'Mega Savant' and joins the audio hip of 'swetmores' on our wonderous myspace profile. Both tracks available for your aural pleasure! Our current double a side single 'Nice Car / Blood School' is out on amazing DIY label, 'We Like Danger!' records and can be obtained from this very profile or by visiting On this very single you'll be the very proud owner of 3 wrongpop noise action tracks, and a music video (complete with dance routine choreographed by our very own drummer, mark)  for 3 shiny gold nuggets and postage + packaging. Next Friday, May 2nd we play at the Glebe, Stoke On Trent for one of the amazing Wrongpop nights, followed by a slot on 'foxfest' a weekend of gigs at the Fox and Firkin, Lewisham, Londinium. We shall be found onstage at the time of 5.30pm on Sunday May 4th making all sorts of noises and shapes of sorts! -

25th APR - Oakland's finest EVERYTHING MUST GO have an album ready to go, they've called it Sonic Pornography and the no doubt beautiful thing is out on Calendar Of Death - "45 minutes of punk, sex and fury including the hit single I hate Music" so it says here, was it a hit? Did we miss out on that? They claimed to have lost most of the stock in a drug bust in Holland and some kind of Airport fight in San Francisco - we stil lhave a few of those 'hit' singles here though, and they do so rule, I love 'em like my own pet dog, yeah I know we haven't got a pet dog, but if we did we wouldn't call it Jake and we'd keep fireworks well out of the way - singers, dogs, bands, fireworks, you know how it is... 

15th APR - I'm going to repeat myself here, but first before I start shouting, big thanks to everyone who made it to the PURE REASON REVOLUTION return last Saturday, told them the venue wasn't big enough! Nice to meet some of you while we were there on the merch desk, more PRR news very soon, wheels are in motion now and although our single is just a one off, we'll keep you in the loop for a bit here. Now then....

Right then, tomorrow night, in a conspiracy plagued place where the season is already over, TO THE BONES will be firing up a beautiful shit storm of flying noise and how many times do we need to tell you about these exciting new bands buzzing right under your noses? All the way from the North West edges of Manchester and playing in Highbury tomorrow, that's Wednesday 16th at the Buffalo Bar in London (right outside Highbury and Islington tube, easier to spot that a desperate punch in to the back of the net). See this band! We're talking Motorhead for Liars fans, we're talking full on alternative adrenaline fueled nasty rock like we hardly ever get in these insipid indie pop polite pretty boy emo conforming times. On stage some where in the middle of the bill around 9.00pm and kicking up merry hell, there will be no time to breathe. Like I already repeated (repeated because the man was damn well right) Bradford from the mighty Deerhunter thinks they sound like Flipper! He's a fan, he's right, he  insisted To The Bones play with Deerhunter last time they were here - he can be bothered, where the hell are you London!!! hE'S RIGHT!! They have that buzz and feel of the legendary Flipper only you're gonna sit at home with a stick up yer bum waiting for permission from the NME or Kerrang or XFM or the bleedin Zipper or something - come on, get out of your armchair, put down that fishing rod, throw your computer out of the window, stop downloading your life and get down the front, there ain't no damn point in this Organ thing if you can't be bothered to get excited about bands like To The Bones... this is our fuel... -

14th APR - TO THE BONES in London this Wednesday then, word is spreading, word does when there’s something real out there. I see John Kennedy over at XFM has picked up on it now, well he picked up on that first split single last year but this new stuff is way better than that, something special is evolving up North – be thinking Motorhead for liars fans, Mudhoney, be there on Wednesday and the Buffalo Bar, Islington, North London – Wednesday 16th April...  likke I already said down theee, yer man from Deerhunter was right to be talking of Flipper! To The Bones don’t sound like your average English band from the North West, they sound like some cool as f word of mouth alternative North American band - no no, I don’t mean they’re copying our friends from over there, I mean they have the suss and musical swagger along with the creative depth, this new stuff sounds like Motorhead feasting on those Liars – oh have we got a live one here, I love it when it comes together like this! Just be there, don't sit at home with a stick up yer arse being your usual London too cool self!  Check out a new band, get a taste here -
12th APR - PURE REASON REVOLUTION today then, catch the band taking a break from the final throws of the new album to play a one off show in London at the Kings Cross Water Rats, support is hand picked so be there early for VESSELS, they on at 8.00pm, doors around 7.30, the show is pretty much sold out, about 30 tickets left yesterday so you will have to be there early to get in if you haven’t got a ticket. Pure Reason are promising new material, Vessels are promising a longer than normal support slot set, the new single will be on sale... 
8th APR - IMPERIAL LEISURE have now been added to the Beachdown Festival bill on August 25th  - the festival takes place on the beautiful Southern English Downs just outside Brighton, good looking bill as well - De La Soul, Reverend & The Makers (OK, go for a beer while they’re on) and Lightspeed Champion have all been confirmed for the new Sussex festival. Beachdown is being staged over that busy busy busy festival weekend, the August Bank Holiday, 22-25 Aug. Also on the bill are Infadels, The Hat and Roy Ayers and it looks like one of the more enjoyable places to be that weekend.. 

Hey look, our work here at ORG is almost done now, Imperial Leisure are on their way, our part is over - two buzzing singles that brought them some more than deserved attention when everyone had been pretty much ignoring them for a good few years - beats us why no one else wanted to put the wreckords out. Two singles then, two singles that you need to grab now while you still can before the silly prices on Ebay kick in – found a handful of the first single here today so they’re on the mailorder page at the originla two quid price. Yes indeed, our work is done, looks like they’ll be busy at the festivals all summer long and we expect they'll be all over your daytime radio and late night music TV if their people get it right - big if, but hey, the band are there, they have the songs, they have the energy, they have the work ethic... and I hate to be cynical here, but just how many great bands do we have to put on a plate only to watch the mainstream London music industry make a complete pigs ear of it? Nah, no way they can mess this one up, surely not – ladies and gents, our work is done, things have been good, we had fun, we're getting off the ride now while we still have smiles on our faces. Good look Leisure boys, you're going to need it. For all your future Imperial Leisure wants, needs, news and more head on over to

7th APR - PURE REASON REVOLUTION’s new four track CD single is officially released next Monday, pre-orders are being dispatched right now, just as fast as we can pack them here. Singles are heading to Argentina, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, Brazil, France, Mexico, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, oh, packages are going everywhere. A real band with a real following. You can hear the tracks on the band’s My Space page, you can hear the lead track and see a video montage of footage from last year’s European tour with Blackfield here on You Tube, you can catch the band taking a break from the new album with a one off London show at the Kings Cross Water Rats next Saturday April 12th and finally, if you’re not going to that show then your best way to get the single is to mailorder it from here. Copies will be on sale at the show. This single is a limited edition of 1000, when they’re gone that’s it. 

2nd APR - PURE REASON REVOLUTION ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM DEAL – Pure Reason Revolution are starting to reveal plans in terms of their much anticipated new album. The new single and the first fruits of this new period of activity will be the new single here on ORG – Victorious Cupid is out on April 14th - the band play a one off gig on April 12th at London’s Water Rats (aka Metro) in King’s Cross (with support from the excellent post-rock outfit from Leeds you know as Vessels). Both the single and tickets for the gig are selling fast. Advice is book your tickets now, last time we checked the gig was about 80% sold out and we’re not expecting the band to play again until the album is ready to go. Pure Reason Revolution have today announced they have joined Oceansize and You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead on rather good looking new alternative label Superball Music

1st APR - HERZOGA recorded three songs for a Radio One session at Maida Vale in London yesterday. We’re told the first fruits of this recording session should be heard on the Huw Stephens show on BBC RADIO ONE this Wednesday night 

31st MAR - The new IMPERIAL LEISURE single, Man On The Street, the second release from the band with us here at ORG, is out TODAY. In theory you should be able to find the beautiful three track CD is any decent independent record shop, the reality is that you may find it in some of the more aware shops but you probably won’t find it in too many – Maybe Normans, or Rough Trade, Punker Bunker down in Brighton, the ever excellent Spillers over in Cardiff (is Spillers still alive, hanging on last time I checked – hang on, yes! They’re still hanging in there, good to see those Manic Street Preachers fighting for Spillers!), Cob in Bangor (they better have some in Cob, I spent every school lunch hour and all my dinner money in there - I was a skinny kid, damn impressive record collection though), Probe in Liverpool, Vinyl Tap (actually I see Vinyl Tap are selling old ORG releases at silly collectors prices, twenty seven quid for that one, you can get it for a quid direct from us!). Yes indeed, the reality is that you’ll maybe find the new Imperial Leisure single in some places where they’re actually on the case and aware and care. Where they think the risk of buying the stock is worth the gamble when the release in question is from a band most haven’t actually heard of yet – go check out those cool shops where people want to talk about music and share the experience rather than just sell you sanitized marketed product (if you’re lucky enough to have such a shop in your town).  You’ll find the new CD in some shops and you may not in others. If you really want this single right now then mailorder (or off the band at gigs) is the reality of the way it happens right now. Won’t be in most shops until there’s a great big well-oiled machine bankrolling a release and backing it with advertising campaigns and tours and pretty much giving away the stock to the HMV type shops for free. That’s how it is (yes, sure we’ll stock your record if you sell us a hundred for the price of ten and you pay the costs of our HMV advert in the music press and the band will do an in-store for nothing and you sacrifice a goat before we open the doors and...). Who can blame the little shops – tough running a real independent record shop with millions of bands no one really cares about being hyped and advertised all over the NME and places like The Fly (“we like your releases but you don’t have a marketing budget for advertising do you” said Mr Fly outside The Monarch the other day). Poor record shop owners are clogged up with the latest hypes that no one actually wants – almost as tough running a shop as it is running a real independent label these days. So the reality is if you want this CD now before it gets re-issued by some big label (or fake indie label backed by a major) and hyped all over the place - and quite frankly were not here for all that “marketing” and “product” and all that soul sucking stuff, we’re here because we love music and we do things our way because we don’t want what we do polluted and watered down by the evils and the back stabbing of the music industry – no doubt in six months time Imperial Leisure will be on some kind of label that does things the conventional way and in six months time NME will be telling you about how they’ve discovered this hot new band and Zane b***dy Lowe will be on the radio with his “hey The Zipper here, taste-maker for the nation with the hottest new band in the world - hey kids, I’ve been on this one since day one baby, does my shit smell of roses or what” The Fly will run a new band feature in conjunction with some mobile phone shampoo company who want you to drink their crap larger, Rocksound will finally bother turning up to a gig and everyone will congratulate themselves on how on the case they are when it comes to covering new bands. So if you want the single now then mailorder is the way – don’t think of staring a record label and supporting new bands now, you’d have to be sucker these days to want to try and run a REAL independent record label and do things the right way... 

28th MAR - IMPERIAL LEISURE then, seems an age, by their standards, since they played a decent hometown gig, not going to count that YoYo stuff from the other day, although those who did actually manage to get in say the band were as good as ever. The band are at Koko on Camden on 12th April with Roots Manuva and Shapes Of Broad Minds, apparently the show starts at 9.00 and goes on to 3.00am – I’m guessing that means Imperial Leisure on early in the evening? The next ‘proper’ gig will be a headline at the 100 Club in London on May 22nd (and the way things are going I'd get a ticket in advance if I were you), not that playing Koko isn’t a proper gig but you know what we mean. The band will apparently be back in full action in late May and June. Although who knows, they do have a new single out this week, so hopefully they have something up their sleeve? Surely they do? Yeah, no way a band would stop doing anything for six weeks when they have a new single coming out? Watch this space, watch your street corner, watch your in-box... Are you on our Imperial Leisure mailing list here at ORG just in case?  Imperial Leisure mailing list. The single is in your shops on Monday, best to mailorder it to be sure though, you know how quickly the last one sold out and you know how much this new single is going to be selling for this time next year when the world discovers how good this band are - grab the proper physical single now - mailorder details

KERRANG IMPERIAL LEISURE Mar 0826th MAR - "IMPERIAL LEISURE STAND OUT LIKE A CLOWN AT A FUNERAL" so say Kerrang this week, "A BLAST OF FRESH AIR", read the whole thing here. Never mind that, the North Devon Journal says they blew Asian Dub Foundation off stage last week in Barnstable - “the surprisingly big news of the night lay in the support act, Imperial Leisure, a 10-piece ska/punk/rap outfit from London. Taking to the stage in a wave of confidence that would rage right through to the last note, the gaggle of Fred Perry-wearing wideboys skanked their way through high energy numbers such as Man On The Street, Sitting In The Middle and future sing-a-long classic I'm In Love With The Landlord's Daughter. Undoubtedly the highlight of the evening, the Leisure boys whipped the crowd up into a frenzy with their stage antics which included flamboyant frontman Denis leaping from a speaker stand, dowsing the audience with Champagne and parading the band's trombone player around on his shoulders while playing. Once they'd left the stage, and almost been put in the awkward position of performing an encore, a large number of gig-goers had to sit down to recooperate having expended all their energy flailing their limbs to the two-tone beat. If they carry on like this they will go far - Imperial Leisure are not average” (Joel Cooper).

All advance orders for the new IMPERIAL LEISURE single have been mailed out today, if you'd like to mailorder a copy then here's where you go for the details

24th MAR - Seems CARDIACS have a show at the London Astoria (again) on November 21st, well tickets are already on sale on various ticket selling websites so.... will the place still be there by then? More news when there is more news, we're as frustrated as hares that missed spring around here.... Talking of tickets being on sales if you're thinking of coming to the PURE REASON REVOLUTION / VESSELS show at the Water Rats in London on the 12th April then tickets are selling fast, there may not be any on the day. 

23rd MAR - IMPERIAL LEISURE have put a home made DIY video for Man On The Street on line on their My Space page at They play the Fat Fox in Portsmouth on 27th of March and then Koko in Camden (London) with Roots Manuva on April 12th – the confirmed festival list for Imperial Leisure so far is Blissfields (Winchester, 5th July), 2000 Trees Festival (Cheltenham, 12th July), Camp Bestival (Dorset, 18th July), Maker Festival (Cornwall, 31st July), En-Dorset (Dorset 8th Aug), Bestival (Isle Of Wright, 6th Sept). There are more festivals that we can't officially announce right now, watch this space.. 

21st MAR - HERZOGA at the Silver Rocket Long Good Friday at the Buffalo Bar in London tonight, right by Highbury tube station, they're on second at around 7.00pm - no need to bring id (unless you look underage), no need to get on guest list, no agressive doormen... 

Well IMPERIAL LEISURE sounded good from the street outside that YoYo night at the Notting hill Arts Club last night, we didn’t get past the rather violent threatening door men who seem to think using threats and violence against females and keeping people waiting outside for no good reason is OK. Typical London toss and we really don’t need it leaking in to gig-going culture like it is. Spoke to several others outside who had problems with the aggressive door men, their power-tripping and the pathetic venue/promoter policy. If anyone else had problems please get in touch, we’d like to hear from you – we did point out before hand that the smell of bull was in the air. Did question before why the band wanted to play a club with a door policy like that – venues you can only get in to on the guest list and with ID, what kind of crap is that? That is not what we’re about here and if anyone else had the problems we had last night then sorry! Haven’t spoken to the band yet, I’m sure they had no real idea what was going down, I’m sure they’re discovering what’s what and it sounded from the brief converdation before hand they were beingdicked about as well. If you did travel to the gig last night and didn’t get in then get in touch and let us put things right. 

19th MAR - TO THE BONES play a hometown show in Bolton tomorrow night at the Kiko club – tomorrow is the 20th, the band are building up to their debut single proper and the follow up to that split with Herzoga that we released late last year. The Bones boys will be back in London on April 16th for a Goonite night at the Buffalo Bar in Islington. Got a whole batch of new recordings from them yesterday, yer man from Deerhunter was right to be talking of Flipper! To The Bones don’t sound like your average English band from the North West, they sound like some cool as f word of mouth alternative North American band - no no, I don’t mean they’re copying our friends from over there, I mean they have the suss and musical swagger along with the creative depth, this new stuff sounds like Motorhead feasting on those Liars – oh have we got a live one here, I love it when it comes together like this! 

IMPERIAL LEISURE also have a hometown show tomorrow, 20th March, some kind of club thing at the Nottinghill Arts Centre, over here in West London, on stage at 8.00, you need to be on a guest list to get it, smells a little of London bulshit to me but hey, they just love getting in people’s faces and playing... if you want on thr three quid list then e.mail us... 

13th MAR - IMPERIAL LEISURE continue to enjoy great radio support, playlisted at XFM and Virgin Xtreme, lots of play at Radio One - "this is the second single from one of our favourite new bands". However, strong winds and lorries blowing over means that Man On The Street really is just that! All over the street!, Arrrghhhhh. The release date is now March 31st Advance orders can be made now... IMPERIAL LEISURE mailorder details are over here for those of you who want the CD version, download details coming up in a bit... 

12th MAR - TO THE BONES have just finished what appears to be a very eventful video shoot, PURE REASON REVOLUTION have pretty much finished their new album, more news on that very soon... 

IMPERIAL LEISURE are now confirmed for the 2000TREES festival, looks like a good bill this year, looks like it could be one of the festivals of the year - ART BRUT, FRANK TURNER, FUTURE OF THE LEFT, THE KING BLUES and more... Festival organiser Scarlett said “The most important thing for us is that 2000trees has amazing live acts; and after seeing Imperial Leisure tear the Borderline in London, we just had to book them!”. James went on further: "For me 2000trees is about achieving a friendly and intimate festival experience and conceived as a reaction to the huge corporate sponsored and impersonal that routinely cram you in like sardines and proceed to rip you off at opportunity! It may sound cheesy but we want to create something special something different for UK music fans.". Imperial Leisure will be playing the main stage Saturday 12th July. For more infor head over or

11th MAR - That IMPERIAL LEISURE show at Koko is now with Roots Manuva and not The Bays, don't ask me why, mine is not to reason why. Why would I know? Roots? Bays? They'll all get roasted. The show is on APRIL 12th at  KOKO, CAMDEN, LONDON. scroll down this very page for more date including some West Country action, some Swansea action - have a party, slap your friends. Yes that is the single cover there....

HERZOGA are part of something called BBC introducing. Herzoga will be joining 11 other new and unsigned acts at the end of this month @ Maida Vale studios in Londinium to record a couple of tracks to be played in the near future. “this is great news for us and also for the other acts who are as follows and definitely need checking out (said a man from Herzoga) - Dollskabeat / Yunioshi / Brownies / Grinny Grandad / I Concur / Sukie / Attack Attack Band / Little Fish / Rosalita / Shapes / The Anomalies. We'll keep you posted as to when the recordings will be on air.

11th MAR - VESSELS have now been added to the PURE REASON REVOLUTION bill at the Water Rats or Monto or whatever the old Splash place in Kings Cross is called this week. This makes for an excellent double bill in a fine venue, probably the only PRR show before the release of their new album. Saturday 12th April is the date... 

4th MAR - PURE REASON REVOLUTION - NEW SINGLE AND ONE OFF LONDON SHOW - Pure Reason Revolution start their next period of musical evolution and the build up to their much anticipated second full album with a one off four track EP on ORG Records. The new album is due out this summer – more news from the band and their label when they’re good and ready – all sounding rather good to me... The new single will be Part 37 of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES CLUB and is released on April 14th, subscribers and advance orders will be sent out on April 7th...Limited edition of 1000. CD only, no download or any other format. Tracks: 1: VICTORIOUS CUPID, 2 Victorious Cupid (Cedo Simplex remix), 3: The Intention Craft (acoustic), 4: Nimos & Tambos (acoustic). Full details on our mailorder page – The single will be on sale at the band’s one off London show at the Water Rats on April 12th. 

2nd MAR - TO THE BONES are at the Dry Bar in Manchester next Friday 7th, they’ve just confirmed for a Goonight show at the Buffalo Bar show in London on April 16th.... 

29th FEB - How good was that IMPERIAL LEISURE show last night, absolutely rammed to doors and bursting at the seams, skanking it up, red black and white, right there... Brighton pressure point this Saturday, 333 Club, London next Friday, new single Man On The Street picking up lots of radio play – and rightly son!

24th FEB - IMPERIAL LEISURE’s second single MAN ON THE STREET in out here on ORG on March 17th  The ten piece London hip/hop flavoured full on infectious riotball of ska/rap/punk band’s first single sold out on day of release back in December. They’ve been all over your radios – we enjoyed heavy radio support for their debut right across the board – Radio 1, XFM, Kerrang, Virgin Xtreme, Resonance... And rightly so, what a band! What a debut

The second single is even better! MAN ON THE STREET, HOW YA FEELING? ALRIGHT?!  Once again the radio airwaves are firing up – Meanwhile every gig they ever play in London is packed and jumping, their viral videos of the guerilla gig are fast becoming legendary, oh and wait until you here the anthem that is The Great British Summertime – that’s the third single, ready to come out in time for all the festivals the band are lined up for...   MAN ON THE STREET is out on ORG on March 17th, IMPERIAL LEISURE headline a show at the London Borderline this Thursday Feb 28th. See the video to the last single here, Hear the band here

The IMPERIAL LEISURE dates in full...

MARCH 7th  - 333 CLUB, LONDON – bit of a back story here – last time front man Denis played here he fell off the roof (don’t ask), luckily landed on a (literally) life-saving plastic bin and had to be air-lifted to hospital. – if you have to ask what he was doing on the roof, you haven’t seen Imperial Leisure!
MARCH 8th  – Imperial Leisure DJ extravaganza in support of the Parkinson’s disease society research at the Three Blind Mice (5 Ravey St, London EC2) 

IMPERIAL LEISUREIMPERIAL LEISURE and the Great British Summertime; festival action is starting to brew up, this will be a summer to remember, are now confirmed for Blissfield and the main Bestival event (in The Isle of Wight), they’d already had been confirmed for Camp Bestival. Currently confirmed festivals: 
July 5th - BLISSFIELDS (Hants), July 12th - 2000 TREES (Glos), July 18th CAMP BESTIVAL, (Dorset), July 31st MAKER FESTIVAL (Cornwall), Aug 8th EN-DORSET (Dorset), Sept 6th BESTIVAL, (Isle of Wright) and more to be announced...

16th FEB - TO THE BONES build up to their new single with gigs at the following places:  21st Feb - The Cardigan Arms, Leeds, 23rd  Feb  West Coast Rock Cafe, Blackpool, 28th Feb - The  Glebe, Stoke, 29th Feb – The Canteen Media & Arts Centre, Barrow-In-Furness, 1st Mar – Jabez Clegg Manchester, 7th Mar – Dry Bar, Manchester (with Hi Jack Oscar) 

6th FEB -The sun is out and festival news is starting to come in and IMPERIAL LEISURE are already lined up for quite a  few this simmer – 2008 is going to be fun! First one we can officially announce is CAMP BESTIVAL. The excellent Camp Bestival festival takes place from 18-20 Jul at Lulworth Castle in Dorset. Other confirmed acts include folk supergroup The Imagined Village, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jongs, Eliza Carthy, Eliza Doolittle, Ebony Bones, Black Kids, Cock N Bull Kid, and Kitty Daisy and Lewis, whilst newly added DJs include DJ Krust, The Shellac Collective and Gilles Peterson. Oh, it's going to be so great, all the usual Bestival-type attention to fun and games with The Worlds Largest Marching Band, science demos and experiments with Physics In The Field, scones and jam with the Dorset Cream Tea Appreciation Society, evening campfire sessions, and of course, fancy dress. -

MAN ON THE STREET, HOW YA FEELING, ALRIGHT? Here we go, ALL GOOD, WE'RE HEADING FOR THE WEEKEND... the next IMPERIAL LEISURE single just hit the airwaves, first play from Colin Murray on Radio One late last night. Still a big buzz here when a new release comes back at us via the airwaves, the day it stops being and exciting buzz is the day we stop doing all this record label stuff... hear Colin's show here for the next week, Imperial Leisure's new single is second track in, hit the forward five minure button and you're half way through System Of A Down and one minute away from those trumpets...   The single is out here on ORG on March 17th... 



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