cool t-shirt or what? LEAVE THE CAPITAL

28th DEC 2006 - The LEAVE THE CAPITAL single has been mailed out to all ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES subscribers today - happy new year to you all. The three track CD hits the shops on Jan 29th, you can order yours via our mailorder operation and get it right now. The single is limited to just 1000 (as are all Singles Series releases). If you're not a subscriber then you can order the single as a one off for just £2 including postage from our mailorder page or you can indeed subscribe and get loads of back issue singles free (while stock lasts) 
LEAVE THE CAPITAL19th DEC 2006 - LEAVE THE CAPITAL will be back in Camden, at the Barfly, on Jan 26th as guests to THE BLACK VELVETS. More dates to be announced very soon

14th DEC 2006 - LEAVE THE CAPITAL will play a hometown Christmas gig in Cardiff on December 19th with PEOPLE IN PLANES at the Coal Exchange.

13th DEC 2006 - The SPIRITWO single will be a four track affair in a big black wig. The songs are called FOUNDLING, VIDEO STORE, NO SUCH THING, INNER SELF. Yes indeed, that Foundling, and Innder Self will be walking these empty streets. Watch this space, I think we can safely say that 2007 will be the busiest year ever for ORG Records

15th NOV 2006 - The LEAVE THE CAPITAL single will now be released on January 29th 2007, the date has been put back to tie in with the band's first (short) UK tour and the demands of people who in the nicest of ways positvely demand things and the general buzz of activity that's building and proding and this is starting to get very interesting indeed. The SPIRITWO single will be out on the same day . Those of you who haven't got the JON POOLE What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body Zappa covers album need to grab it now, we're in to the last box of 25 and once they're gone that is it, deleted - mailorder it here. GENE SERENE is off to Germany for another show this Friday and will be back in London on Monday for a show at THE FLY (Oxford Street) with GOBSAUSAGE and the launch of her own label DADA DIscs. I'm told we raised almost a thousand pounds for Resonance FM last week, thank you everyone.

8th NOV 2006 - THE DODGEMS + LEAVE THE CAPITAL + ZAN PAN are at the Camden Barfly on Thursday, 16 November 2006, Leave The Capital are middle band on so I guess you need to be there by 9.00pm at the latest. The Barfly is still at the The Monarch, 49 Chalk  Farm Road, NW1. 

7th NOV 2006 - THE SICK are out (details removed, it wasn't us who told you). You’ll find Death Threat, COA and Living Hell all joining The Sick (you all know Californian hardcore punkers The Sick from the ORGAN RADIO 21 compilation of course). The Sick also play on Saturday, November 11th, 2006 at the legendary 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA – full bill is Aggression (Oxnard), Verbal Abuse, The Sick (Killing My Hope CD release show so it says here, if it;s as good as the last one then it’s going to be good) and Organ favourites (also stars of ORGAN RADIO 21) Trouble Maker oh and Psycho 78. It’s an All Ages show, kick off is 8pm door price is $6. The Sick say “We just got added to the Death Threat show, and the Gilman show is going to kick ass.  Come check out our new CD! See you there!” or

6th NOV 2006 - Well now where were we? Recovering from the Eleven Hour Itch. SPIRITWO lost some letters, thanks that saves me checking every time, missed The Itch? We  had a brilliant time (and raised quite a bit of money for Resonance FM). When Gravity Fails, SUNS OF THE TUNDRA (stars of Organ 21), Sedulus and Sondura all play at the Barfly in deepest Camden on Monday 13th November.CARDIACS are at the unfriendly London Astoria this coming Friday and LEAVE THE CAPITAL are back in town next week - which town though? Cardiff, London - go to the capital

28th OCT 2006 - Well now where were we? LEAVE THE CAPITAL, some of you are asking if you can mail order the single already, stock isn't back from the pressing plant yet, as soon as we have we'll tell you.If you want to be on the band's mailing list then head over to their My Space page where they have something for you to sign up to. I expect singles in here late next week - watch this space. 

Meanwhile I see our friends PURE REASON REVOLUTION have been added to the bill as support to MY VITRIOL at Koko in Camden. We have the twelve and a half minute PRR video for Bright Ambassadors on ORGAN TV today - 10.30pm, SKY 173 - you'll also find videos from 65DAYSOFSTATIC, Brighton's finest SPIDERBABY, that excellent VIKING MOSES Little Emma video, oh go see for yourself, we don't want to tell you everything... 

GENE SERENE17th OCT 2006 - Well now where were we? Things are kicking up, no swans around here no more, the GENE  SERENE EP is let loose with the geese, heard tracks on several radio stations yesterday, yeah I know it strange for me to still get a buzz out of radio play, I do, the day I don’t get that buzz is the day I fly away, it’s still all about the music, all the pecking can’t destroy that, it can destroy a lot of things but not that buzz. I don’t know what it is, you’ve thrown everything you have in to putting out some piece of music from some band that excites you and it just sounds extra special hearing it comes out of a radio, it still does after all this time  - anyway, we set loose the Gene Serene single, Steve Lamacq said good things on the radio about London underground electro punk and I see his Radio One website is listing I Can Do Anything as one of the five hottest tracks of the week. 

Anyway, it’s lining up like this with the singles series – October, Gene Serene, November - Leave The Capital, December – Spirriitwo and that extremely tasty version of Foundling (yes that one) and then in January well woooooooo. Right, off to make compilations albums and other things tooooo

11th OCT 2006 - LEAVE THE CAPITAL will be at Club Fandango at the Dublin Castle in Camden on Tuesday October 24th. Meanwhile venue problems mean they are no longer playing in Cardiff on October 16th, they will however be at CLWB IFOR BACH in Cardiff on November 17th for a home city gig to celebrate their single release. Full Club Fandango details: GILLAN EDGAR + LEAVE THE CAPITAL + A BEGGARS OPERA + PLANS AND APOLOGIES. London Camden Dublin Castle - Tuesday October 24th 2006. Doors: 8.00pm - 1.00am. admission £6.00 on the door or £5.00 advance from or with flyer downloadable from

10th OCT 2006 - It's still such a big buzz, such a rush of excitment - the first time one of our releases gets  played on the radio I mean, it's still as big a buzz as it was the first time our first ever release got played - I just walked in to hear Leave The Capital coming out of the speakers - hang on, that's not the CD player! I've got the radio on!  Yeeeeeeeeeeees! I mean I have been playing the CD to death since we got the demo and chased them about it, but hey, the first radio play is such a big big big big buzz, things like this still cause me to dance around the room in a Bez-like state of chaos whooping like a damn fool, a single still sounds better on the radio!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

"That's LEAVE THE CAPITAL" said John kennedy on XFM "and I think it's going to be big!"

Meanwhile over at the Peyote Mothership they're getting excited about something from a long time ago. Original Message from: Peyote Mothership Date: Oct 9, 11:00 PM 

"Hi Sean, OMG OMG OMG in fact f'ing blooming heck. got an email today to let me know that OMNIA OPERA are back together and gigging. Brings back those memories of Cloud Nine Magazine, Organ Radio Tapes and jelly splats!!! Here's their website in which they give Organ the kudos you all deserve. Peace, PeyoteLee

7th OCT 2006 - We just put a LEAVE THE CAPITAL biog up, we did tell you we're releasing the debut single Matchsticks on November 13th didn't we? I did? Good, right, I'm off to see Psychic TV then

6th OCT 2006 - For those of you over there in the Bay Area, this just came in: subject - Everything Must Go are at El Rio, San Francisco on October 7th (that’s tomorrow, don’t blame me, they only just told us). Here’s the full details: Alcoholocaust Presents @ El Rio, 3158 Mission Street @ Cesar Chavez, San Francisco: EVERYTHING MUST GO plus support from INFECT  (from Seattle - ex members of Portrait of Poverty and The Oozzies) and SHOOTIN' LUCY (from Stockton - ex members of The Oozzies) Doors open at 9pm  /  Show at 10pm / $7.00 Admission  /  21+. 

Meanwhile this Sunday will be the last ever show at the Golden Bull (in sunny Oakland, CA), she's closin’ on down, another fine venue lost. TROUBLEMAKER (stars of ORGAN RADIO 21) are on the bill. The full bill is: Decry (Scott swears they'll show up this time!), La Plebe, Infect (from Seattle - ex Oozies), Troublemaker and Snatch And The Fingers - doors 6pm, show 7pm.

Talking of ORGAN RADIO 21 (which we probably won’t do too many more times, it’s pretty much been and gone now) I-DEF-I will be hitting the road this week, starting a series of UK dates that will span over October. Showcasing new material from the bands recent recording sessions for their debut full length album, these dates will be the bands 3rd. UK trek in 6 months continuing a relentless year which has already seen the band play Download 2006, support Breed 77 (another band who emerged through ORGAN RADIO compilations and a single on ORG back in the last century – hey, i told you already we have no time for history) and release debut mini-album 'Bloodlust Casualty' to widespread critical acclaim. That first taste on RADIO 21 got them on Radio 1 and in for a session and all that stuff, you get the new bands first on ORG but hey, you know that already. 

Catch I-DEF-I  live at: Oct 6th  The Square Harlow, Oct 7th  Monsters of Mayhem Runcorn, Oct 8th  Weamstock @ Liberty's Middlesbrough, Oct 9th  Music Box Manchester, Oct 13th  Unit 22 Southampton, Oct 18th  Little Civic Wolverhampton, Oct 19th The Hub Exeter, Oct 21st  St Ives FC St Ives (Cambs), Oct 22nd  2 Day Takeover @ The Harlequin Redhill  w/ Skindred, Oct 26th  Tom's Sanctuary Pontypridd, Oct 27th Midnight Massacre @  Purple Turtle London, Oct 28th  Touchdown Festival @ Rios Bradford w/ American Headcharge. A taster from the recent studio sessions, new track 'Prosthetiquette' is now available for streaming at

5th OCT 2006 - LEAVE THE CAPITAL are to be found at the Camden Barfly tonight, on early, so be there for 8.00

4th OCT 2006 - Soren's Comment: "Spirritwo! I was lucky enough to witness her in action last month at the Cube and Star! She was fantastic, and completely adorable. I hope she comes back soon, as you don't get alot of that sort of thing hereabouts,. She sang in Arabic an Arabic pop song, which was nothing less than magnificent, when is she back in the UK???"

3rd OCT 2006 - "I'll keep on building these ships till they get me the hell out of here" - We are very pleased to tell you that our small part in the building of these mighty ships will be to release the debut single from Cardiff's rather blissful LEAVE THE CAPITAL on 13th November as part 28 of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES - you can catch the band this Thursday in London at the Camden Barfly (on at 8.30pm). There's a review of the demo to be found with this week's on-line ORGAN

And part 29? Watch this very spot - oh by the way, Som from MY VITRIOL (their debut was one of the very early parts of the singles series) tell's me we can expect a new single from them in January, good to see them up to things again - "We're a very different animal these days!" said Som. Right, I got to go work out who we have on ORGAN TV this week - exciting creative times, contact and switch the other. 

2nd OCT 2006 - Mobs of swarming pecking swans kicking up storms, the GENE SERENE five track EP will be in shops on 16th October as part 27 of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES - you can get it right now here for just two pounds (including postage), feed the ORG Records swan - go here to hear her version of Sound of The Crowd, get in line now, get in line now. We'll tell you about part 28 and part 29 tomorrow. Ms Serene was around here yesterday talking in an excited manner about all kinds of London electro punk dada things and her new label that she's going to be putting material out on for other like-minded do-it-yourself kind of people. She was telling us about a new track on the new DJ Download album and something about a brit art exhibition with Mr Jones and that Stoke City goal keeper turned vandal Gordon Banksy and a George Tabb benefit the London electro punks  were threatening and Gobsausage are going to play - no one crash landed and everything went onward and upward went the pecking swan 
LEAVE THE CAPITAL28th Sept 2006 - GENE SERENE is off to Germany next, things in galleries and strange clubs and such. And you do know CARDIACS are at the London Astoria in November don't you - on the 10th - I'd get a ticket, they always sell out the place. Hang on, another German date just in, GENE SERENE is now confirmed for We Are Electrfied on Fri 17th Nov at 025 in Frankfurt - the other dates are in the gig guide

28th Sept 2006 - Time to build ships out of matchsticks, whole ones, or at least help the ship that's built to float and get then the hell out of here/there - LEAVE THE CAPITAL are playing London's Camden Barfly on Thursday 5th October, on stage early and it won't be the first and it won't be the last my dear - you can find out more and taste a track here

28th Sept 2006 - We put that previously unheard unreleased CAY track here

27th Sept 2006 - Today we have our new Organ compilation heads on here at ORG Records, and don't forget we have another ORGAN TV show on tonight, see the new ZERO CIPER video for the first time. 10.30pm, on the OPEN ACCESS 2 channel via SKY 173.You also get to see videos from ROSE MELBURG, SIDEARM, OUT FROM ANIMALS, WEAPONS, ASSDROIDS, THE TELESCOPES and SUNS OF THE TUNDRA. Suns are the band formally known as Peach of course, they're a big part of TOOL history and featured  on the last ORGAN RADIO compilation (number 21) alongside 65DAYSOFSTATIC, I-DEF-I, THEE MORE SHALLOWS, EVERYTHING MUST GO and lots more... The ORGAN RADIO series ran for 21editions, 21 compilation albums and the first releases and first national radio play for loads of bands who you hadn't heard of at the time - Sikth, Raging Speedhorn, Lost Prophets, Dog Fashion Disco... never mind that, time to bring you a whole bag of news bands you never heard of 

cool t-shirt or what?26th Sept 2006 - Now we’re buzzing said the splashing swan causing upset in the pond (no not that pond, we got tired of waiting in that one for something to happen). We have lots of things we can’t quite tell you about yet, things are being done and can you see the splashing yet? GENE SERENE is playing Pop in Oxford Street (London) tonight, we told you about that already didn’t we? You can hear her version of Sound Of The Crowd here. We have a couple of new singles from new bands to tell you about, not quite yet though, what this space, give us a couple more days. Putting out music is exciting us again, it got a little foggy for a while, what with the soul suckers and such (and hey we’ve been very busy, we don’t do apathy around here). I know I said the history wasn’t important and we’re only about the next things but I’ve been listening to lot of out old stuff, some of it was really rather good wasn’t it. We just put one of the lost CAY demo tracks up on the ORG Records My Space just because it’s a beautiful track and I do wonder what happened to them after that last single we did after they escaped the head-messers at that clueless major label who got their hooks in to their lives. Anyway, there’s a previously unheard demo track up there on My Space for no other reason than it’s beautiful and it’s all about good music and the delight in sharing it and I suspect no one will ever get to hear these tracks and that is a shame. I don’t know, the band jut disappeared after that Ressurexit single. I don’t know, I’m really tempted to gather all these tracks for a low key album just for those who care? It was that CAY My Space page that got me thinking about it and them and arrrgghhhhh... 
24th SEPT 2006 - GENE SERENE is at the Newcastle Ladyfest today, she's also playing Pop (Oxford St, London) on Tuesday 26 Sep 2006

In a message dated 22/09/2006 18:02:46 GMT Daylight Time, Gene Serene writes: “HeLLo ThErE ... WeLL It'S GoNNa Be GrEaT FuN ThIs TuEsDaY, SeeMs I GoT SoMe GrEaT SuPPoRt HeRe aNd wOuLd LoVe YoU To CoMe DoWn... cElEbRaTiNg ThE ReLeAsE Of My Ep On OrG, CeLeBrAtInG OnE YeAr BaCk In LoNdOn, CeLeBrAtInG lIfE SoBrIeTy AnD InVenTiOn - mUcH LoVe To U All

The whole bill at Pop this Tuesday is - Gene Serene,  Delayed Experience, Smatka, The Lost Levels Rosalita and Ben Hill

Meanwhile you can order the new Gene Serene five track double A side CD single – I CAN DO ANYTHING / SOUND OF THE CROWD – right now from our mailorder page, £2.00 including postage in the UK, £3.00, 5 Dollars or 5 Euros outside of the UK – Get a taste of the sounds from Ms Serene’s rather colourful My Space page. The single is part 27 of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES. 

21st SEPT 2006 -  EVERYTHING MUST GO have some dates over there where they live and blow thing up. The dates are  Oct 27: THE TOWER BAR - San Diego, CA, Oct 28: THE SCENE BAR - Glendale, CA, Oct 29: ALEX'S BAR - Long Beach, CA, Nov 11: THEE PARKSIDE - San Francisco, CA. We still have copies of thier excellent four track EP - punk rock royalty from Oakland California and all that, members of Neurosis, Christ on Parade and such. Kind of Fang, Early Motorhead, Black Flag kind of thing – talking of Black Flag, found this great queercore tribute band called Black Fag the other day).

Just found a CAY My Space page put up by a fan, there’s some nice little bits up there. Cay were an experience and we’ve no real time for history and what’s been has been and gone but we do have a whole load of unreleased demos and such here that we’re thinking hey, why not stick them out for people who care? What do ya think? Shall we? Talking of My Space (Mummy what did people do before they invented My Space?), there’s some My Vitriol demos up there on their official page, there’s some really good Som solo stuff as well (and Som does U2), they’re talking about a new my Vitriol single. Right, enough of old stuff, everything must go, I got to go, watch this space for a whole bag of exciting bites of news 

Oh yes, the guy on the orange shirt is maximum Rock 'n Roll contributor, aurthor and punk rock music maker George Tabb, click on his picture and learn a little about him if you don't know already. He could use a moment of your time and energy please 

20th SEPT 2006 - I Can Do Anything in the Sound Of The Crowd, don't think about The Hours or that Black Rose, it's the Freefall and never mind no God Damn Whores or any of that, the swan flippers are flipping well flipping faster than a flipping Flipper album. 

I just got back from Wembley, what a building site of a sight still. :"What were you doing there?" Dropping off the masters to two flipping shinny new ORG releases that I'm not going to  tell you about yet. I can do anything, I need nothing from you, something about the way you deal, hands of steel, steal, steel steal stealers, browns, ravens, all the same, only the names (and the city and the uniform) have changed. 

New releases? Yeah, but never mind them, that news is for next week - this week we're talking about the new GENE SERENE single, the first new thing the kicking swan has kicked up to the calm quiet surface of what you thought was the still lake of calm serene. Can Swans peck back at heads? 

The news is we have a whole load of new ORG releases and things going on and the first is the (long awaited) Gene Serene EP. Limited edition of 1000 and here's the track listing right now

1: I Can Do Anything, 2: Sound Of The Crowd, 3: Black Rose, 4: The Hours, 5: Freefall

A new five track CD EP from Gene Serene, part 27 or the ORG-AN-ISED singles series. The whole thing is kicking off in a fog of swan feathers again. There's a whole lot of fresh new ORG activities. 

More news, mailorder details and a whole lot more along later tonight. You may have heard Gene Serene several times on your radio this week. Right, I'm off again, it's a non stop operation. 

What day is it? Wednesday? Hey we got a TV show tonight – more Anti Product and things?

17th SEPT 2006 - Sunday, we've put the mailorder page back and most of the biogs and after a 
summer of busy things elsewhere, there's a ton of exciting things going on underneath the surface here with ORG right now. We've got ORGAN TV on again tonight, it’s on straight after the radio show, you can read about both of those elsewhere, who said Sunday was a day of rest. The Gene Serene single is now ready to go, where has it been? Pecking away under the surface while the swan puts thing in place so it all lines up right

13th SEPT 2006 - Peck peck peck peck pecking at my head, like we always say, we do things our way, you're either with us of your not. We've been working away like the busiest of swans, looking all calm and lazy on the surface (well as lazy as it can look with a monthly magazine and a weekly TV show and a radio show on London's finest station - Resonance 104.4fm). Lots and lots going on with ORG Records at the moment, new exciting things that we're almost ready to tell you about. Watch this space and quit your pecking 

Quick bit of gig news while we're busy site rebuilding and yes I know you're all asking where the mailorder page is, it will be back in about 24 hours. THE GOD DAMN WHORES are finally off Brighton beach and ready to function, seems Ginger Wildheart has joined the line up of the band lead by Random John Poole and the Whores will be opening for CARDIACS at the London Astoria on November 10th. Talking of Cardiacs, there was a threat of some new tracks being put up on My Space the other day, more news when we have it. 

GENE SERENE is playing the Newcastle Ladyfest later this month - 23rd September to be as exact as an exact thing. Don't know about Ladyfest? The spirit of Riot Grrrl, female dominated festivals that take place all over he world, diy and doing it right, go explore -
And  shock horror, our old friends MY VITRIOL are actually playing a gig as well, it'l like it all burst in to life at once, 24th November at Koko (Camden, London)

12th SEPT 2006 - Where have we been? Well if you’ve been paying attention then you’ll know, if you haven’t well then it doesn’t really matter, you’re here now, we’re here now, history if for tomorrow, we’ve got things to do today. 

7th  SEPTEMBER  2006 - CLEANING, WHO NEEDS HISTORY, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, WE'RE GETTTTTING READY FOR THE NEW. Yes I know the links are all broken, i JUST TOLD YOU we're spring cleaning in the middle of the late summer heat


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