cool t-shirt or what? LEAVE THE CAPITAL
The future is already here, just unevenly distributed. If you want a taste of our new singles from SPIRITWO, LEAVE THE CAPITAL, A SECRET SOCIETY and THE SMEARS then you can hear what they sound like here
12th MAR - LEAVE THE CAPITAL are busy working on more new material that will no doubt showcase even more of their astounding layers of ethereal guitar, complex rhythmic workouts and immaculate production. The name of the label is ORG though - come on, get yourselves organised, keep up with the plot. Here's The Fly review of the January single, the debut release from Cardiff's Leave The Capital. 
10th MAR - EVERYTHING MUST GO are out and about again, it isn’t like they were going to let St Paddy’s day go by without letting off a musical bomb or two is it. E.M.G play the annual St Patrick’s Day Punk Rock Bash this coming Saturday March 17th with Alcholholocaust (a gig promoter who does things the  right way). It all happens at the rather fine ELBO ROOMS in San Francisco and the bill also features NO ALTERNATIVE, LA PLEBE, FRACAS, MIDNIGHT BOMBERS, THE VILLAGE PISS.

9th MAR - MY VITRIOL have just announced the release of (another) new single 'War of the Worlds', the single will be released on May 21st 2007 via all digital outlets, e.g.  iTunes, etc Pre-order details to follow in about a week so say the band, I guess the best place for news will be via their My Space page or the rather good looking (although both of those pages haven’t told you who A Secret Society are) 

6th MAR - A SECRET SOCIETY’s This Time was featured on Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio One show last night as one of the “hottest five tracks in the world right now”, Mr Lamacq seemed to think the true identity of the band was “the worst kept secret in rock”, I don’t know, I thought we’d kept it to ourselves rather well up to now
6th MAR - MICHAEL J SHEEHY, he of the wonderful SAINT SILAS INTERCESSION and indeed DREAM CITY FILM CLUB has a rather fine sounding solo album out on April 2nd.  The beautiful thing is on Red Eye/Glitterhouse I do believe. We’ve been waiting for this to come out, if the album features the same material that we heard last year then you’re in for a very fine treat (the so far unreleased Saint Silas album is excellent as well). Get a taste of Michael’s album over on his My Space page. Lots of gigs all over the place by the looks of it and if he was American he's be all over the radio as much as the very fine Willy Mason is

3rd MAR - MY VITRIOL have confirmed a headline show at the London’s Astoria on May 25th. Ticket details from Ticketmaster. This follows on from their recent sold out Koko show and ties in with their new single.

3rd MAR - Those Subba-Cultcha people are displaying remarkably good taste again this month...  Here's their SINGLE OF THE MONTH for March.

A SECRET SOCIETY - THIS TIME - ORG RECORDS - The not so secret disguise for 00's rock saviours ** *******, return with another excellent representation of rock brilliance, those Posies-licious melodies, the deep sense of melancholy and those teutonic riffs and bleeding guitar noises - it's as if they've never been away – A welcome return from a not so secret band. -

Mailorder the A Secret Society single here

2nd March - “We get girls coming up to us a lot at our shows asking what it's like being in a band and where they should start, and my answer is usually along the lines of stop wearing those fuck-me boots and start wearing some Fuck You boots!" Emma Smear in a Drowned In Sound interview that’s just gone up on line today – read the whole thing here... 

Meanwhile, THE SMEARS have just been added to that HUGE BABY bill at the Fly (in London) on May 13th. And how good did the debut single sound roaring out of Radio One last Thursday like that 

27th FEB - THE SMEARS have just confirmed a show at Wolverhampton Varsity on March 6th. MY VITRIOL are up to things we can't mention, secretive things... and we heard A SECRET SOCIETY on the radio several times yesterday, how good does it sound on the radio!

24th FEB - EVERYTHING MUST GO are at The Uptown, Telegraph Avenue, Oakland (California), a benefit show for Youth Radio. EMG are promising burlesque and punk rock and beer and more beer and they didn’t say anything about outrageous explosions but this is Everything Must Go. The gig is on March 1st. Everything Must Go have an EP out on ORG called I Hate Music, four slices of spit in your face US hardcore street punk. EMG are people from Christ On Parade, Neurosis and Strychnine.  Find out more here

24th FEB - People who've already ordered their copies of the A SECRET SOCIETY can expect them in the post on Monday, so can subscribers to the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES. We're spending the weekend folding covers and packaging them up, we have fun doing things our way. I think it's maybe time for a best of ORG album - we were jsut arguing about who's be on there while we were folding these covers..

24th FEB - Manchester's I-DEF-I who's first official release was that track on ORGAN RADIO 21 are working on their debut album right now, expect it later this year via our good friends over at Copro Records.X

22nd FEB - ORG RECORDS ON RADIO ONE? So there we were packaging up mail order (parcel tape and Coptic Rain albums flying everywhere) and listening to Welsh voiced Huw Stephens on Radio One just now at 1.00am, (flicking between Huw’s show and John Kennedy on XFM, that’s what we do when we’re not listening to demos and new albums and arrghhhhhh, not enough ears, not enough time). Nice to hear that excellent Stray Borders demo getting some national radio exposure on Radio One (and was that Mira Manga shouting down the phone line? Something to do with someone sponsoring her hotpants so she could go tour Singapore), tuned in mostly to hear the Wrong Music feature and DJ Shitmat and imagine our head pecking surprise when Mr Stephens just said live on your actual radio air just now that next week’s featured D.I.Y label of the week will be ORG, “hang on” we thought, “that’s us!”. So tune in to Radio One next Wednesday at midnight and see if we just imagined we heard that or not. Seems we did hear right, Mr Stephens just said it again. 

Smears with a 'the' yesterfay...20th FEB  - More details of that LEAVE THE CAPITAL radio session we told you about a couple of days ago. The band are in session for BBC Radio One Wales with HUW STEPHENS and BETHAN ELFYN, the show is broadcast at 7.30pm, so if you like that debut single and you want to hear more get yourself tuned in - here’s a link (if you miss the show live then you’ll find it archived for a week on the Radio One website so hit that link . Leave The Capital also play a hometown show in Cardiff this Friday night (Feb 23rd) at Clwb Ifor Bach with the rather excellent TRUCKERS OF HUSK also on the bill. 

SMEARS are in Liverpool at Bar Fresha this Thursday 22nd Feb and then in Nottingham at the Running Horse on Saturday 24th. They no longer appear to have a ‘the’ in their name, must have lost it on the road somewhere, probably fallen out of the back of their transit van. I remember that happening to (The) Atom Seed, got to a venue one day and there is was, gone, no ‘The’ anymore. I mention ATOM SEED only because one of the Lost Tribe mentioned yesterday that Chris from the long lost band had put up a My Space page with unreleased tracks and such. Those with extra long memories will maybe remember the very very first slice of ORG vinyl was that debut Atom Seed 12” – a bit of useless trivia for a cold Tuesday morning while we check out these demos the postman just dropped – packages from Moscow, Orange County, Cardiff (again) and Brighton so far this morning, I need coffee... 

18th FEB  - Whooooo, almost half a week's warning about these two events... LEAVE THE CAPITAL have today recorded a session for BBC Radio One and HUW STEPHENS, we believe this will broadcast on Huw’s show this coming Thursday, more details as soon as we have them (watch this space). 

A SECRET SOCIETY – for those looking to pre-order the single go here

THE SMEARS have just confirmed a show in Liverpool at Slacker Sounds/Bar Fresha (I guess that mean something to people who live in the area), gig takes place this coming Thursday 22nd February. 

Meanwhile, more details of the Barslow (Derbyshire) show on March 10th - seems we have a two day, old school, ‘proper’ punk festival with THE SMEARS appearing alongside bands such as RESISTANCE 77, STRAIT JACKETS, BOREDOM, THE NEGATIVES and lots lots more. Tickets have to be bought before hand, no sales on the day, so click on the flyer for a link to the Northern Exposure people who know the score and tell you all you need to know. That’s the thing about The Smears see, they can play with anyone, anywhere any time, don’t be think you can stick them in that old punk rock pigeonhole though, it isn’t that easy... 

17th FEB  - In line with the current society of secretness – secretness, I like that word - that we live in, Ms GENE SERENE has chosen to keep today's West London performance a secret until the very last minute, don't blame us, we didn't know about it, we’d have given you more warning if... 

"Today I will be opening up for this festival at Neighbourhood in Aklam Rd, by Ladbroke Grove Tube - its early and more of a what the hey lets do it anyway kind of a thing - if you want to hear the new material live then this is your only chance for a while... Personally I am looking forward to making full use of their fabulous sound  system... on stage at 5pm! c u there......more soon genie"

Neighbourhood is the venue formally known as Subterania, underneath the Westway, just head through the Market and walk under the Westway whisting Clash songs (most of their songs are about The Westway). No idea who else is playing or anything, guess you can go surf or something...

Many have come to the conclusion that the best way to keep a secret is to tell a group of other people and then swear them all to secrecy... Drew Manors

16th FEB  - EVERYTHING MUST GO play the legendary 924 Gilman St, tonight, Friday 16th Feb (that's tonight, sorry, we only just found out) 924 Gilman St. Project, Berkeley, California with Plan 9, All Time Highs, Meat of Mankind and Slightly Less Than Nothing

16th FEB 2007 - ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES subscribers can expect the next two releases to be sent out on Feb 23rd. Part 29 is from SPIRITWO and part 30 is from A SECRET SOCIETY. The Spiritwo single is out on FEB 26th, the single from A Secret Society is out on March 5th. As always these releases are limited to 1000. All advance orders will be mailed out on Feb 23rd. We’ve told you about Spiritwo and her rather fine version of Foundling already. We’re not going to tell you about A Secret Society, if we did then it wouldn’t be a secret would it. Part 31 in the series comes from THE SMEARS, you can taste them all here, you can subscribe here and be sure not to miss out. The next A Secret Society gig with be a headline at the London Astoria at the end of May,  the next (not quite so secretive) single will be out around the same time, then Drew Manors and his band head for the festivals (keep it secret now, it isn't a secret society if you don't keep it secret, there's never too many irons in the fire).
cool t-shirt or what?14th FEB 2007 -  Back around to the start and a full circle and the smell of brown leather and the dirt of the weather, off on a British Rail cheapskate have it away day, another holiday in someone else’s misery, did we say that already? Never mind The Police reforming, or The Jam, HUGE BABY’s original line up are back in some kind of form or other (we’re surprised they’re still all alive!). Now who knows if the return of the original line up is a good thing or not, or indeed if they’ll actually make it on to the stage? Are beer crates going to fly at heads again? Will they touch that magic again? They’re at The Fly in Oxford Street on May 13th doing a KBY gig with Brighton’s rather fine Little Trophy also on the bill. The will, without doubt, be beautiful chaos. If you were there for those brief six months at the start of their lives back in the last century and the start of ORG Records then you’ll know.  You’ll be excited or apprehensive or at least burning with curiousity. If you weren’t there then go grab a history lesson. For six months Huge Baby were the only thing in town. 

"Y'know how every now and then, when your faith in music is waning, a record seems to come out of nowhere and shows you a whole new infinity of possibilities that need exploring? Happened with Public Enemy, Throwing Muses, LFO, The Young Gods and now Huge Baby. This band are most  intriguing..." Neil Kulkarni, Melody Maker single of the week (1994)

"Huge Baby, in a perfect world, should provide the soundtrack to Omen III... This is an evil, malevolent and unspeakably scary record which you should only play in the hours of daylight, if accompanied by a priest, do not be fooled my children by the seemingly frivolous title. Growling satanic bass, grinding guitar which can often sound like it's actually sacrificing a live goat in the studio, whiningly inhuman vocals, horribly grimy violin-ish squeaks and somewhere along the line, macabre ambient tunes to ensure you sleep in your mum's bed for the next week" - NME  Single Of The Week

Huge Baby never touched those heights again, they made some good records, played some fine gigs, they’ll probably argue that they did make better records, we stepped away and watched from the side. That the way we’ve always done things at ORG Records and all things ORGAN, light the blue touch paper, set it off and stand back. We’re not here to build careers or push product and we’re certainly not here to deal with music industry bulshit that attempts to invade our space on a daily basis. Since that Huge Baby 10” (the second “proper” release on ORG) we’ve seen thousands of bands come and go,  we’ve had a million people shout the odds about our “bad attitude” and the way we do things (and then come band and say “wished we’d listened, you were right”). We do things our way, we like doing things our way, we’re still excited by the new music we release. There’s been around 200 CDs, albums, singles, compilations on ORG since that now legendary Huge Baby ten incher, we’re rather proud of pretty much all of it and for some reason I find myself rather excited about a Huge Baby gig that’s still three months away. Even more excited about our next batch of releases though, can’t wait to get this next batch of singles out and into your lives. Ah, fug the history and Huge Baby, we’re all about the next stuff, we were almost getting tempted to put that threatened best of ORG cd together just then, we’d never fit it all on though, we’d need a box set, nah, no time for that... Have you checked out THE SMEARS yet? 

12th FEB 2007 - A SECRET SOCIETY- If we told you then it wouldn't be a secret would it? Can you keep a secret? 

10th FEB 2007 - You see, there’s a genuine need for Leave The Capital and what they do right now – what they do is (unknowingly) take the bold expanse of the current post-rock thing and distill it in the same simple way that bands like 65Daysofstatic or Explosions In The Sky do - of course it’s very different in terms of result, but that is why Leave The Capital’s sound works so well. They take some of the best elements of post rock and focus those elements in to something beautifully accessible, they’re probably the only band out there actually bringing those elements in to the conventions of an uplifting cleverly simple song.... (ORGAN live review - go here for the rest of the review and the stomp of The Black Velvets)

8th FEB 2007 - THE SMEARS are in Nottingham again this Saturday Feb 10th, you’ll find them at JUNKTION 7. Half price tickets available direct from the band via their My Space page, that gets you in for £3 rather than £6. Go to the band’s My Space page and e.mail them for more details. You’ll also find the rather recommended PUBLIC RELATIONS EXERCISE (always worth seeing live), LOVVERS and THE LUCIDA CONSOLE on the bill. You can also find a demo version of the band’s soon to be debut single BRING IT ON. 

“'ll find yourself on your knees picking up the pieces. genius!”

7th FEB 2007 - LEAVE THE CAPITAL – We’ve told you about them lots, the single has been enjoying lots of healthy radio play, and here’s what others have been saying, reviews have come in this week
CONTACT MUSIC – “There is a big buzz going around...”, 
CRUD MAGAZINE – “Elbow's lungs, Doves' wings and Editors' boots wrapped up in huuuuuge 80s dry-ice production, this is pure class...” 
DROWNED IN SOUND – “...breathtaking, soul-freeing...”, 
GIGWISE – “...the band are almost certain to get quite a bit of attention this year..”, 
LOOSING TODAY – “...picking away at your emotions and sending shivers down your spine...”, ROCK MIDGETS – “Leave The Capital sure know how to make a first impression...”, SUBBA-CULTCHA – “'ll find yourself on your knees picking up the pieces. genius!” 
Read the full reviews here.

3rd FEB 2007 - Saturday the 3rd, that means The Smears are in Bradford at Rio’s and Gene Serene is in Berlin at the Tachellas Cafe Zapata. Meanwhile William D. Drake is at the Spitz in London 9th Feb, you can hear Mr Drake on the Cardiacs and Affectionate Friends album, he’s launching two new albums on She Bear Records. 

2nd FEB 2007 -  The SMEARS are on home turf in Nottingham tonight, we dare you to go, the girls are at the Old Angel with The Varukers, tommorow they're in Bradford at Rio's. Meanwhile LEAVE THE CAPITAL's debut single continues to enjoy lots of nice radio play - good to hear Huw Stephens play them again yesterday, they are after all the best new band in Wales right now. Or are they?   Would we be right to think something was bubbling up in Cardiff? TRUCKERS OF HUSK, LEAVE THE CAPITAL, STRAY BORDERS, LILY GREEN, MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI, FTS100... They've all had demo of the week or close attention and radio play around here in recent times and they're all from Cardiff, something is going on..... 

1st FEB 2007 - Now we don’t like to blow our own horns, but hey, here’s some blatant told you so type horn-blowing. SINGLE OF THE MONTH over on the Subba-Cultcha website is... 


Wonderful stuff from the ever dependable Org Records, the last bastions of true music - with the cinematic scope of the Editors minus that nerdish and pitiful self wallowing and the roughly hewn melancholy usually reserved for Doves - the moment the singer cracks into falsetto, you'll find yourself on your knees picking up the pieces. genius! (Jeremy Chick)

I’d be mailordering your copy round about now if I were you, two pounds including postage....

31st JAN 2007 - Time to bring it on for THE SMEARS, those of you who’ve been paying close attention will know how much we love the three of them, full on screaming and biting abrasive no messing punk rock action from Nottingham. The Smears will have their debut single BRING IN ON out on ORG as an ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES release in March. The girls have the following shows lined up (with more to be announced very soon)  - 2 Feb: Nottingham, THE OLD ANGEL (With Varukers, Abrasive Wheels, Certified and Girlfixer, 3 Feb: Bradford, RIOS (supporting New York Alcoholics Anxiety Attack, 10 Feb: Nottingham JUNKTION 7 (Drowned In Sound night), 24 Feb: Nottingham, RUNNING HORSE, 10 March: Baslow (Derbyshire) DEVONSHIRE ARMS.  Release date for the single is March 19th

 Now we’re motoring (as the man from Doctor And The Crippens once said), The SMEARS single will follow on from the Feb release from SPIRITWO and the Jan single from LEAVE THE CAPITAL. And keep watching now, we got more in the pipeline for Feb and March (might even be another ORG-AN-ISED single, who knows, like buses these things, irons are in fires, not too many though). Getting positively busy around these parts. 

29th JAN 2007 - Monday Monday, and our first ORG release of what will be a very busy year is officially out today – if you’re thinking of buying the LEAVE THE CAPITAL CD from a shop then please head for one of the real proper independent shops. Places like Rough Trade in London, Spillers in Cardiff, Cob in Bangor,  Avalanche, Sister Rays are shops owned by people passionate about music, these places are the lifeblood of music. Of course if you can’t find the debut LEAVE THE CAPITAL CD single in your local shop then you can buy it direct from us via Mailorder (or you can wait a few months and pay a fortune on ebay). Lots more coming up in Feb and March, we’ll save that news until next week though, today we’re only concerned with one thing...  Thanks to everyone who tuned up at the Barfly on Friday and all those who bought the single, how good were The Black Velvets? I love that band, proper first in the air boot stompin’ rock! (full review up on line later this week with the next on-line version Organ) 


"picking away at your emotions and sending shivers down your spine" (Loosing Today)

24th JAN 2007 - LEAVE THE CAPITAL stay in their capital for a home city Cardiff gig at CLWB IFOR BACH on Feb 23rd - support comes from the rather fine TRUCKERS OF HUSK. Lot’s more dates are being pulled together right now so we’re promised. 

Meanwhile we deciphered GENE SERENE’s latest cryptic blog long enough to work out that she’s off to Germany again along with Gobsausage. Here come the dates now: 3rd Feb - Tachelles cafe Zapata, Berlin and 7th  Feb at Spandau Projekt in Hanover. Ms Serene is also releasing more material on her own DaDa Discs label as well as material from Gobsausage and by all accounts quite a few more of her electro partners in crime (no sign of than damn MC Rabbit and his poisonous ego though). 

MY VITRIOL are threatening new material “M.V are doing a show at the (London) Astoria in May, the Koko show oversold by 1650 people, not bad for three years out huh? New stuff went down really well. As for a new release, it won’t be a traditional album release, that’s all I can say right now” said Som today. 

23th JAN 2007 - LEAVE THE CAPITAL won Steve Lamacq's Radio Six Rebel Music vote thing which means they're on some Radio Six playlist or some such nonsense. Anyway around you can hear  them lots on Radio 6 this week (and Steve is a good guy, he don't make the rules) It's a shame music can't just be played because it's good and everything has to come with an agenda and a team of PR people pulling strings. Still thanks to everyone who voted, shame we had to beat RADIO DEPT as well, they’re excellent and deserve to be on the radio as much as LEAVE THE CAPITAL and we have more friends and family and people we can bully in to voting than the other bands and labels did. Anyway, LEAVE THE CAPITAL are now on the Radio 6 playlist and picking up nice bits of radio play on XFM (Check out John Kennedy with a hint of the Peel spirit left) and Radio One and the single hits the shops next Monday. I’d mail order it from us if I were you, there’s only 1000 of them pressed, half of those have gone already. You don’t want to be paying 60 quid a copy on e.bay this time next year when Matchsticks has been re-issued on a big label. Meanwhile GENE SERENE is off to Europe again (this time with Gobsausage) and planing her next release, this time on her own digital label DADA DISCS - more news in a minute or two when I decode her chaotic blogs and work out where she’s playing.

LEAVE THE CAPITAL are at the Camden Barfly this Friday, on first opening for the glamtastic Black Velvets – I like them anyway, Slade vibe, Oasis go glam. FRIDAY 26th, Camden Barfly, we’ll have singles there if we’re still around by Friday, I do hate tempting fate, there's a lot of buses out there.. 

15th JAN 2007 - SPIRITWO has her debut single out on ORG on FEBRUARY 26th - Part 29 of the ever evolving ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES, hot on the tail of January’s LEAVE THE CAPITAL single. February’s release is a rather delicious left-field four tracker from SPIRITWO. You may recognize the lead track Foundling, Spiritwo’s rather warm version of the much loved CARDIACS classic, indeed that second track might be bugging you just a little, a rather different interpretation of SEPULTURA’s Inner Self (Spiritwo knows her metal, she’ll argue with you for hours over the merits of Carcass and Kreator). The other two tracks here are Spiritwo originals, a taste of her rather lush debut album, I think I like her originals more that her rather unique covers. 




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