cool t-shirt or what? LEAVE THE CAPITAL
The future is already here, just unevenly distributed. If you want a taste of our new singles from SPIRITWO, LEAVE THE CAPITAL, A SECRET SOCIETY and THE SMEARS then you can hear what they sound like here
GENE SERENE9th MAY - This weekend you have THE SMEARS and GENE SERENE both in London (and us on the radio coming at you direct from London). Gene Serene has her mind on a big pink ten inch thing, well that’s what she said anyway, a ten inch slice of pink vinyl on her own label DaDa Gods  – “hello my wonderful dada gods... so firstly, this time its happening in the UK , this weekend please come out... join in maybe even dance... come celebrate and join me in the fabulous existence of the first ten inch vinyl released on dada discs. dada 013. 21st may 2007. I am happy”.

“Where can I get this?” is the name of the single, (I think it is anyway, don’t ask me, no one tells me, I’m trying de-code Ms Serene’s disjoined blogs here), here’s what she says - “Gene Serene vs Matt Catt - trad jazz electro mash up that puts Miss Allen to shame". And this Friday 11th she will be down in Bournemouth performing at the cutting edge (so it says here) i Bar. Phil OK will be DJing and Ms Serene performing - wikid sounds! There will be slices of the new vinyl on the night if you want to get a hold of one. ’m really looking forward to a seaside adventure with one of the most forward thinking guys and venues in Europe right now... come and check it out for yourself.  Then on Sunday I join the infamous Rok’n Roller game show host uber musical officionaddo yes dj! none other than the pillars own DJ Wheelie to celebrate at the Yes Vinyl Party on Sunday afternoon at Big Chill House in London’s Kings X. Please come down from 3pm till 7” 

Anyway, the league is won, so you can have a relaxing Sunday with Gene Serene in the afternoon, then The Smears are on at around 8.00pm on Sunday night at The Fly in New Oxford Street (with the rather excellent and indeed very Cardiac flavoured Little Trophy also on the bill), then the Organ hour on the radio with Resonance 104.4FM then Organ TV on SKY 883 at 11.15pm,then we can party ‘till the sun comes up

7th MAY - OURLIVES play another home town show this coming Wednesday May 9th, once again at Dillon in Reykjavik (city of fear - next one after Bristol so they say, ask them, I don’t know). The show is free, Dikta are also on the bill. “Free and with our Dikta brothers - We love playing at Dillon so this should be good”. Meanwhile more tracks have been recorded and watch this space for more UK dates. 

4th MAY - “THE SMEARS - Furious Girl-fronted grunge n with hints of Mudhoney’s wanton abandon, Hole’s lipstick attitude and L7’s stomp - great stuff…” said Subaculcha, 

The Smears are in Manchester on Sunday 6th May at the Girls Got The Blues festival - click on the flyer for links and details. And then in London next Sunday at the Fly in Oxford Street with Hearts Under Fire. Hearts are a four piece girl band from Surrey, Little Trophy are still in the middle 

3rd MAY - Thanks Sean. Received CD on the dot. Love her version of Foundling -  I'm going to whisper this, but I think it is as good as Cardiacs'  version!!!!!!!!! Please don't tell Tim. One strange thing however -  the track listing shows up on the computer as that of Alkamie??? No  problem to me though. Thanks again.Regards. Mike

2nd MAY - OURLIVES: Work ethic and a hometown gig tonight – Ourlives apparently arrived safely back home to Iceland on Monday evening after their very successful 19 day UK tour and guess what!? What did they do as soon ass they landed? They got off the plane and booked a gig! Yeap, they immediately set about their on going mission. A last minute show has confirmed for TONIGHT at Dillon, so anybody in downtown Reykjavik this evening should get down there and celebrate the boys’ homecoming – they’ll have copies of the single with them. More studio work is also taking place almost immediately and a new track 'My History Tell Me...' should be ready any moment now. The band managed to spend 19 days in the UK, everyone of them either playing or recording, day off? What’s that, some days they’d just head straight from the gig to the nearest studio, work all night then hit the road to the next show – these boys do not sleep! We do, but hey we’re at work over here booking more UK dates and European festival shows. The debut single hits the shops on May 28th, limited to 1000 as all ORG-AN-ISED SERIES SINGLES are, selling fast via mail order, I get the feeling this one is going to be changing hands for silly money very soon. Second single coming up mid summer, details and such soon, lots of doors being opened right now... This is so refreshing after a thousand lazy British bands who sit on their butts thinking, hey we made a demo, now the world owes us a living. 

65DAYOFSTATIC have their excellent new album out on Monotreme – review over there and we’re playing it lots on our radio show as well as featuring them lots on our TV show. The band, who of course first entered in to a lot of people’s lives first when they were featured on the ORGAN RADIO 21 compilation album, are 'Artists In Residence' on John Kennedy's XFM radio programme this week. Tune in to hear new session tracks they recorded for the show. For more info or to listen online, go here -

30th APR - Happy Mondays: yeah, it is Monday today, busy busy busy, OURLIVES head home to Iceland today, big thanks to everyone who came out to see them on tour and a big thanks to (almost) all the bands they shared stages with and everyone who said hello. Ourlives will be back very soon for summer dates and a second single . The debut single will hit the shops on May 28th, or you can mailorder it and get it right now. 

Haven’t heard how the SPIRITWO performance went last night yet (we were busy with our radio show on Resonance 104.4FM – how good is that new Sleepytime Gorilla Museum album!) Spiritwo will next come out to play in big wigs and high heels on May 24th at Madam JoJo’s in deepest Soho in darkest London

26th APR - Thursday, OURLIVES hit Exeter today, then Huddersfield tomorrow, then Bath Moles on Saturday, Bath is the last date of the current tour, the Bath show is with Oceansize, then back home to Iceland to record more – they will be back very soon though, new dates being booked now. 

26th APR - MY VITRIOL have cancelled their May London Astoria show, something to do with headlining some big stage or other at Download and contracts and I can’t say we’re very impressed, make of it what you will. My Vitriol’s next single has now been held back a little to tie in with the Download Festival and just to avoid confusion, the release is nothing to do with us at ORG, the release with us in March was a one off single release, we love their music but their way of doing things is a little different to the way we like to do it, good luck to them, could do with thinking about their rather dedicated fans a little more though...

24th APR - SPIRITWO will play a UK show at 93 Feet East in London as part of an Actual Movement event on Sunday 29th April – that's this coming Sunday - a multi-sensory event so we are told “a multi-sensory explosion, an interactive exhibition, with live creation throughout, creating a constantly changing atmosphere and mood exploring a range of human emotion and difficult states” We’re promised live painting installations, a band called The Hat who are described as “Tom Waits reading Roald Dahl over a soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman and played by the Beastie Boys”, a band called Turning Green and headliner (if there is such a thing at an event like this) Spiritwo. Interestingly the Actual Movement crew describe the mind scrambling Spiritwo as “somewhere between Gwar and Laurie Anderson, meeting A-Ha on the way, while stepping on Nina Hagen”. Go explore Actual Movement over at

24th APR - Tuesday, still must be London then, OURLIVES are at the Barfly in Camden tonight, with MALPRACTICE and SWEET SUZI - Ourlives are on in the middle at somewhere around 8.45 so I’m told. They were rather impressive at the Water Rats last night, we’re bound to say that though aren’t we, we have their debut single on the way, they really were though, this is the start of something rather good. London tonight, then in to the tour van to get to the studio in Bristol and finish the recordings then Exeter on Thursday with Malpractice again, at the Cavern, with metalcore openers ONCE IN A HOUSE ON FIRE, a gig put on by the Out Of Step team – Exeter is always a good one, free before 8.30pm so it seems, we always like the Carvern 
OURLIVES23rd APR - Monday, must be London then, OURLIVESare at the Water Rats, Kings Cross tonight. Four bands, here’s links to their My Space pages - KALEV, NOVA SAINTS, REBECCA and OURLIVES, Ourlives are on at 8.30 so I’m told – get in touch for a cheap guest list thing. 

Meanwhile HUGE BABY have pulled out of their May gig, told you I wouldn’t actually believe it until they were stood on stage in front of us, guess some things are best left in the last century, probably scared of The Smears kicking thier arses . Seems the bill in now THE SMEARS, LITTLE TROPHY and HEARTS UNDER FIRE, anyway more about that one soon, today we’re busy getting on with our lives and Ourlives and their May single – that and thinking about the June single. So far this year we’ve had singles from LEAVE THE CAPITAL, SPIRITWO, MY VITRIOL, THE SMEARS and OURLIVES, who’s going to be number six for the year? Someone asked me yesterday how you gett to be part of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES and ORG in general. Easy really, it just has to be music that excites us and inspires us enough, music we can shout about, music we can believe in. And then on top of that you’ve got to have your shit together, lot of great bands who just don’t, we spend a lot of time watching bands and see how they go about things now, we’ve bitten too many time. We need bands who want to gig, who get out and gig, who get out and publicise their gigs and talk to zines and who keep their websites in order and have a clue what they’re doing a band who have the music and who do all the other things and band should be doing, we do not need any more bands who think the world is just going to come to them and who don’t just tell us they’re too busy when we ask them why their website doesn’t have their gig dates on there and arrghhhhh! It depends on how much you bands really want it, hearing a lot of great bands, not seeing many bands who really want it, not seeing very much hunger and commitment. Why aren't all bands like our new friends from Iceland? 

Not content to take it easy on the day of the London show, OURLIVES are now holed up in Terminal studios rehearsing new songs and completing new tracks ready for recording at the Bristol sessions' part two on Wednesday. If you’re in London tonight then we hope to see you all later...

21st APR - OURLIVES: Southampton next - day off? What’s that? Ourlives don’t have a gig today, they have a day off on their tour, so what do they do? Sleep off excesses of the tour? Head for the pub? Go be tourists? Nope, they found yet another studio to lock themselves in for a day and a night before heading for Southampton tomorrow. Ourlives are holed up in a studio in Northwich. Now that’s commitment for you. They’ve already recorded a whole load of stuff during tour down time, have you checked out that version of Haunted By My History yet? The one from the Bristol recording sessions of last week, how good is that! Ah if only all bands were as committed to their art as this - and indeed supporting releases when WE make the commitment – bands take note. OURLIVES continue their tour at Southampton Joiners this Sunday then London Water Rats on Monday and London Barfly on Tuesday

18th APR - Cancel my account, cancel life and shut your mouth, don’t need this, don’t need that, don’t need small talk, lots of things got cancelled today, The Smears cancelled their Swindon gig, not sure why, Ourlives are not playing Reading now, some kind of bust up between the promoter and the headline band Louie, and our radio show at Resonance just got called off for this weekend, seems the building is no longer safe and emergency repairs need to happen (I just asked a couple of bands to come play a benefit, we’ll see, watch this space). Here’s an Oirlives tour update for you... (Cancel My Account was an Ablemesh song by the way, I know it was bugging you). Oh yes, we just got the finished vocal drenched epic version of Ourlives Haunted By My History, they’ve blown away the forthcoming EP already... tour update 

*Supporting Louie
**Supporting Malpractice
***Supporting Oceansize 

17th APR - THE SMEARS say Leeds Ladyfest was excellent last Sunday, lots of good people, great bands and good attitude (and lots of singles sold which makes me happy). People who pre-ordered the single and Singles Series subscribers should have had their single this week. If you need to know more about the Manchester Girls Got The Blues gig then click on the flyer there

17th APR - OURLIVES on the road, yesterday York, today Liverpool: I haven’t learnt any new Icelandic words today, I hear York was good and the band loved it, I failed to mention Belgrade Star, didn’t know they were on the bill in York. Liverpool tonight, with Louie again. The Ourlives single is Sandra, release date in May 14th and here’s the tracklisting - 1: SANDRA, 2: SOLARY INDEX, 3: ACTION PLAN FOR THE 21st CENTURY, 4: HAUNTED BY MY HISTORY (instrumental work in progress sketchbook demo version*). You see, no one was meant to hear that instrumental version of Haunted, it has to be heard though, we kind of politely bullied the band into letting us have it on the EP because we love it so much – they insist it really should have vocals and I do believe it has been recorded properly now. Anyway, Liverpool tonight, Carlisle tomorrow then Manchester on Thursday. 

16th APR - OURLIVES on the road, yesterday Bristol, today York: 

Nuna means now in Icelandic, I learnt that this morning and now you know tooooo, takk you say, takk indeed. Word from our spy this morning is that the band have a new song already, how about that!? land in England on Thursday, write a new song in the studio on Friday, record it on Saturday and play it live on Sunday, we dream of commitment like this, a band with depth, quality and some kind of hunger and work ethic. Message from spy reads:  ”new track for you (from the Bristol sessions) amazing it is. Written on Friday, recorded Saturday and played live at the show last night. And called 'Nuna' (Now in Icelandic). Had a great three days in the studios and another 3/4 new tracks on top of this are in the making!! The final version of 'Haunted' will also be winging over very very soon”. Today York, tomorrow Liverpool, next week the world...

15th APR - OURLIVES kick off their UK tour today, Sunday 15th in Bristol at the THE LOUISIANA, then Monday 16th at York Fibbers, and Tuesday 17th in Liverpool Academy 3. Ah look, let's cut to the chase and let the music do our talking, Sandra is the single, hear it here and if you're impressed then you can mailorder it here. The band landed from Iceland on Thursday and headed straight to a record studio to record their next set of songs - well via the pub where we talked of Silt and Sigor Ros and all things Icelandic and then loaded up their tour bus with Cardiacs earfood, go say hello to them at the gigs, they're really nice people...  The three OURLIVES dates we just mentioned are with punky indie pop band Louie, then they have gigs with Malfunction and Oceansize

14th APR - THE SICK take their old school punk rock mayhem to Annie’s in San Francisco this coming Sunday, April 15th – Annie’s Social Club (old CW Saloon), 917 Folsom at 5th St. in SF, CA. The Sick (probably going on around 7:15pm) Los Banos DJs: Toph One, Jef Leopard, Ice Cream Lopez Benefit for AIDS-LIFECYCLE. Early show: Doors 5pm / show 6pm / $5 min donation / 21+ See you there! The Sick are on the ORGAN RADIO 21 compilation album. Talking of that RADIO 21 compilation, you’ll find Organ reviews of the new album from 65DAYS OF STATIChere and I-DEF-Ihere. Meanwhile OURLIVES have landed in the country from Iceland ready for the tour, The SMEARS are at Ladyfest in Leeds tomorrow, ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES subscribers, your Smears singles went out in the post this morning, Ourlives next. 

13th APR - WILLIAM D. DRAKE headlines an all day Orchestra Pit benefit fund raising show in London this Sunday 15th, the benefit is for Resonance 104.4fm and you'll find details of the full line up and everything on line with this week's ORGAN

10th APR - THE SMEARS have been added to the Girl Got The Blues festival – here’s what the organisers say: “Girls Got The Blues is a new one day Music Festival to be held in Manchester, on 6th May,  celebrating the best in female fronted bands with an emphasis, but not exclusively, on blues based music.  This will be the UK's 1st female fronted Blues based Music Festival. All of a sudden there is a plethora of Girls picking up guitars and rediscovering the musical heritage that is the Blues, whether it be in the style of the Delta or more of a Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe or Country blues. Girls Got The Blues stated aim is to highlight and showcase this amazing talent.  We hope this will become an annual event” Lineup so far - Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Ebony Bones, Liz Green, The Neutrinos, Geekgirl, The Smears, Hilda, Bex Marshall, Dani Wilde, Toby. Tickets are a reasonable £10.00, more details from -

9th APR - SPIRITWO will play a UK show at 93 Feet East in London as part of an Actual Movement event on Sunday 29th April – a multi-sensory event so we are told “a multi-sensory explosion, an interactive exhibition, with live creation throughout, creating a constantly changing atmosphere and mood exploring a range of human emotion and difficult states” We’re promised live painting installations, a band called The Hat who are described as “Tom Waits reading Roald Dahl over a soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman and played by the Beastie Boys”, a band called Turning Green and headliner (if there is such a thing at an event like this) Spiritwo. Interestingly the Actual Movement crew describe the mind scrambling Spiritwo as “somewhere between Gwar and Laurie Anderson, meeting A-Ha on the way, while stepping on Nina Hagen”. Go explore Actual Movement over at
4th APR - Bring It On! The debut three track single from THE SMEARS, the April installment of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES (Part 31) hits the shops on 16th April, advance orders and subscribers copies will be going out straight after the Easter chocolate break. You can mail order a copy now, we’ll be sending them out on Tuesday. Three tracks, three slices of scathingly raw punk rock. Next confirmed gigs are the Leftlion magazine extravaganza in Nottingham on Friday 13th April and the Leeds Ladyfest show on Sunday 15th, scroll down the page for details and links. More gigs being confirmed right now, watch this space, when we get the news then you’ll get it right here...
3rd APR - Hang on, stop press, Another OURLIVES gig, Wednesday 18th April. The Brickyard, Carlise with  Sadie Hawkins Dance, oh and there's the cover artwork, get a taste of the single, Sandra, here

3rd APR - And another another OURLIVES date just confirmed, I love it when a band and their team have their shit together, we're in shock, a band getting out and playing and supporting a release properly and wanting to play and meet people and be professional! Maybe the date is still April 1st and David Cameron is still wearing his Crass t-shirt? Anyway Ourlives are making our lives so much easier and pleasurable, they'll be in Huddersfield at the University on April 27th with Malpractice

2nd APR - And another OURLIVES date just confirmed, in York this time... MONDAY 16th APRIL, YORK FIBBERS support to Louie, meanwhile The Good Hurt are now with Ourlives and Louie in Manchester at the Night And Day (club Fandango thing) on April 20th

LEFTLION is a Nottingham based magazine and a week on Friday, that’s the 13th April, you can catch the Left Lion Extravaganza at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. On the bill you’ll find Old Basford, THE SMEARS, We Show Up On Radar, Spotlight Kid (members of Bent and Six by Seven), The Elementz, Karizma and DJ Squigley – you can find out lots more here or by hitting the flyer, you’ll also be able to pick up a copy of The Smears new single Bring It On at the gig. 

2nd APR - Then you have a day to recover before you follow those SMEARS to Leeds where you can catch them on April 15th performing at the last day of the week long Leeds LADYFEST alongside Sky Larkin, Baba Yaga, Drunk Granny and quite a few more. The show is at Joseph Wells, the event starts at 2:30pm and runs all day until 11:00pm. 

What is Ladyfest? Well here’s a quote from the Leeds Ladyfest site - “Ladyfest Leeds 2007 is going to be a week long of arts events taking place in venues across Leeds - all in the of celebrating creativity, diversity and promoting gender equality. It will place from Tuesday 10th to Sunday 15th April 2007. Ladyfest Leeds aims to down the barriers between the art world and those of us who are creative day – we want to celebrate the talents of *all* women”. Ladyfest events have been running all over the world since the turn of the century, there’s a piece that Andy from Linus wrote for Organ in 2002 here. What is Ladyfest? Anything you want it to be 

The Organ radio hour will return to the airwaves via London’s Resonance 104.4 FM on Sunday nights from April 8th at 9.30pm as part of the Spring schedule, the Organ hour will alternate - one week the Other Rock Show with Marina, the following the Sean Organ show... More details here

30th MAR - OURLIVES will now be playing with OCEANSIZE at Bath Moles on April 28th, rather than with Malpractice as originally stated. That’s good, they can talk about Cardiacs appreciation in the soundcheck (yeap, we’ve been introducing the Icelanders to the delights of Going Of And Things). 

Meanwhile over in San Francisco EVERYTHING MUST GO have just lined up another gig and another one of their really neat gig posters to go with it, this time at Annie’s Social Club with The Grannies and Bad Strip on April 14th 

29th MAR - OURLIVES will play a hometown show in Iceland before they head to the UK. The date is 7th April and the show is at Dillon, Laugavegur 30, 101 Reykjavík. According to “Dillon is the hangout for the rocker type in Reykjavík, so no mushy dance R&B there. You know that a place has spunk when a regular DJ is a white-haired vixen old enough to be the grandmother of half the people there. Good beer, rock and roll, good times and fun people. And as an added bonus there are often concerts in Dillon's backyard”. 

OURLIVES28th MAR - We are are pleased to announce the debut four track CD single from Reykjavik, Iceland’s OURLIVES.  The single will be Part 32 of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES (following on from the recent “secret” My Vitriol single and forthcoming debut from The Smears). The single, SANDRA, will be released on ORG on MAY 7th (the video will debut on ORGAN TV on SKY 173 10.30pm on April 4th). Prior to the release the band will play the following UK dates, the four piece will be back for more dates in the summer 

Ourlives UK dates...

APRIL 2007

*Supporting Louie
**Supporting Malpractice


Ourlives are an explosive emotive expansive four-piece poised and ready at the start of their music recording lives. Ourlives are a band who are clearly capable of injecting their own edge, of making powerful forward-looking life-touching music. Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, the music they make is a dramatic crossover hybrid of melodic intelligent progressive post-metal and warm powerful emotional pop rock. Ourlives are not afraid to play with the warmth of old-school guitars, with the analogue dust of keyboards, with the power of silence and the strength that can be found in their harmonious vocals. Ourlives are not a band who are afraid of soothing soaring melodies, of emotional choruses and the idea that less is so often so so much more. The foursome are fusing their ambitious ideas together to produce a sound that’s as potentially epic as their Icelandic landscape, they do this without ever losing sight of the power and strength of pop and the art of keeping it simple. 


"Now this is a bit special. I don’t know what it is about Iceland but it’s produced more than its fair share of inventive, intriguing bands and artists over the years and Reykjavik's Ourlives are another act to add to that list. The wealth of ideas and creativity is so obvious that it's impossible not to be impressed, even though you get the feeling this is only the beginning for  the band…Our Lives are reminiscent of bands like: (more recent) Brand New, Muse, Funeral For A Friend, Explosions In The Sky.”  (A Short Fanzine About Rocking) 

"Like the intensity of Thrice mixed with the atmosphere of Sigur Ros, awesome. If you get chance to see them before they are huge, then do it."  (TBMK Magazine) 

27th MAR - THE SMEARS are playing The Spice Of Life in deepest Soho, that's London you know, you'll find them ripping the place up on on April 8th, come down, buy me beer. More dates coming in for OURLIVES, Bath came in today, full details very soon - there's a biog just gone up here. Meanwhile MY VITRIOL's new video for This Time will be on TV in the UK tomorrow night on ORGAN TV, 10.30PM on SKY 173. You can also catch videos from PURE REASON REVOLUTION, ASSDROIDS, LIARS,YIP-YIP, SIKTH and more. next week we'll have the UK TV debut of OURLIVES and their video for the forthcoming single Sandra 

26th MAR - Busy busy busy, some gig news for you, OURLIVES will be at the Camden Barfly, London as main support to MALPRACTICE (who feature people from A and Vex Red) on April 24th,  there will also be other dates with Malpractice (just seen they’re in Exeter and Southampton), as well dates with LOUIE. Full details later this week. Meanwhile ROBOTS IN DISGUISE will be one of  the supports for MY VITRIOL at the London Astoria. We hear tickets are selling fast for that show. THE SMEARS mentioned more dates as well, something about a show with THE ENEMY

OURLIVES21st MAR - OURLIVES time, morning people, beautifully sun shiny day, I can see clearly now the rain has gone, I can see all obstacles in my way, gone is that dark cloud I hide behind, it’s gonna be a bright bright sun shiny day.... No secrets today, we’ve done that now, next please. Time to introduce OURLIVES. The band from Iceland are going to be in the UK from around April 11th until April 27th, dates are already in place for Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Reading, more news very very soon. whooooooosh, I’m excited about this one. We’ve been keeping our eyes cast in the direction of Iceland and waiting for the right time for a little while now. We just heard some new tracks that I’m itching to play to anyone who wants to listen, they have this one new thing called Haunted By History that they made me swear not to play to anyone until they’re ready. Anyway, if you want a taste, Sandra will be the debut single, listen to that meaty Hammond flavoured intro, prog as f, suck on that one, I love my job –

20th MAR - Well you know, even when we swear on OURLIVES about these things, we’re just not that good at keeping secrets around these parts. Here’s another, keep it to yourselves now, the debut single from Iceland’s rather fine OURLIVES will be out on ORG at the start of May. We’ll tell you more about the band from Reykjavik very soon. 

19th MAR - There’s a new video to accompany the new MY VITRIOL secret track (surely the secret is out now and we can stop be so secretive now that the music has done the talking?). The song is called This Time, it came out with us here at ORG last week (or was it the week before, I lose track of time) at the new secret My Vitriol single under the name A SECRET SOCIETY (you know all this already, why are we telling it you again?). The video was made using over 7000 still digital photos taken between dusk and sawn while walking on a loop around London, you can enjoy the journey here. The video will premiere on ORGAN TV on SKY 173 at 10.30pm on Wednesday March 28th 

13th MAR - THE SMEARS have been added to the Ladyfest Leeds bill on 15th April, more details as soon as we have them. Ladyfests are going on all over the land, indeed all over the world, there’s been over 100 Ladyfests all over the world since 2000. Go get involved, create is still the main word. Here’s some words from the Leeds team  - “Ladyfest Leeds is a festival celebrating creativity, diversity and gender equality, taking place from TUESDAY 10th to SUNDAY 15th APRIL for the people of Leeds and Yorkshire, as well as visitors from around the Ladyfest Leeds aims to break down the barriers between the art world and of us who are creative every day – we want to celebrate the talents of all women”. Check out the website at

The Smears will also be playing a hometown show on 13th April at Nottingham’s Rescue rooms.

“We get girls coming up to us a lot at our shows asking what it's like being in a band and where they should start, and my answer is usually along the lines of stop wearing those fuck-me boots and start wearing some Fuck You boots!" Emma Smear in a Drowned In Sound interview  – read the whole thing here... 




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