cool t-shirt or what? LEAVE THE CAPITAL
2nd FEB - HERZOGA are to play Silver Rocket’s LONG GOOD FRIDAY HALF-DAYER on Friday 21st March at The Buffalo Bar, London, N1 “For verily, it shalt be Good. Bands so far: Lords, Bilge Pump, Who Owns Death TV, An Emergency and Herzoga, more to come...” Herzoga's follow up to the ORG single is coming out on Feb 18th on their home town label We Like Danger. There's an Organ review here

IMPERIAL LEISURE are at THE BORDERLINE, in London’s Soho, headlining a CLUB FANDANGO show in association with BBC RADIO SIX on Thursday 28 February. Tickets are £6.00 in advance, more details from

PURE REASON REVOLUTION are to play MONTO @ THE WATER RATS, KINGS CROSS, LONDON on 12th April. Tickets are now on sale – more from

28th JAN - IMPERIAL LEISURE's new single MAN ON THE STREET will be out on ORG on March 17th, the date has changed because we wanted to chamge it. TO THE BONES will new single SHARKIE'S BONE SYMPHONY will be out on on March 24th , PURE REASON REVOLUTION's new single VICTORIOUS CUPID will be out on ORG at the end of March as well. Lots gonig on here right now, going on here right now, give me a moment and we'll be back with all the Herzoga, Cardiacs, Bones news and more, all our irons are in the fire today... PURE REASON REVOLUTION will be at the Monto (that's the Water Rats) in Kings Cross on 12th April, they're busy with their new album right now.Full details of all these singles later when I get back from where I should have been ten minutes ago... 

22nd JAN - Busy busy busy, some rather exciting festival dates are staring to roll in for IMPERIAL LEISURE, couple of really good ones came in this morning - we just got the finished mixes of the next single, they’re also confirmed for a headline show at the Borderline on Feb 28th – big thanks to everyone who came down and helped pack out the Metro (again) last week, fine first shot of intent for 2008. TO THE BONES are busy piling up a long list of shows, details of their new single here on ORG any moment now Catch them in Warrington and Bolton with Jubilee this week. HERZOGA meanwhile will follow their ORG Release with a single on We Like Danger, the single is Nice Car (the video will be on ORGAN TV in the next couple of weeks), More from or

17th JAN - IMPERIAL LEISURE play the Metro, Oxford Street, London, tonight - you know the score by now, be early to get in, LITTLE TROPHY on at 8.00pm, ROSSIE ODDIE on in the middle, you know what to do, Imperial Leisure will own 2008, come get an early taste and see why... 

10th JAN - TO THE BONES next single will be a two track affair, Sharkies / Sonic Mammoth is on the way. more news any moment now. The band also play a couple of North West shows with LA band JUBILEE at Bolton Kico Club on January 24th and Warrington WA1 on January 25th 

IMPERIAL LEISURE play Saturday 12th Jan at Battersea Arts Centre for the aftershow party for Punchdrunk's critically-acclaimed (and long sold-out) production of Edgar Allen Poe's Dance of the Red Death. IL will be playing at around 11pm.Imperial Leisure headline the Oxford Street Metro on Thursday 17th Jan. New dates are also confirmed for Plymouth Uni on March 13th, Barnstaple supporting Asian Dub Foundation on March 15th and Exeter Vibraphonc Festival on March 16th - more news and more dates in a matter of minutes, told you things would start getting busy. 

9th JAN - FIRST ORGAN GIG OF 2008 will take place in London (well it is where we live) at the Metro, Oxford Street, London on Thursday 17th Jan. ROSIE ODDIE and THE ODD SQUAD will join headliners IMPERIAL LEISURE and openers LITTLE TROPHY. Tickets are £5 in advance, first band on at 8,00pm. Imperial Leisure’s next single Man On The Street will be out on here on ORG very soon, so witll the new TO THE BONES single - lots of things coming up...

2nd JAN - Morning people, time to hit the new year running, happy new things, hares boxing about, more ditzy things. Back at work and ready to go – well it isn’t really work and we’ve been here all the time, things don’t stop here. The man they call Junk Scientist is busy today finishing off the mix of the new IMPERIAL LEISURE single. TO THE BONES have just finished their new single, the new PURE REASON REVOLUTION single is sitting here waiting for the pressing plant to re-open – and we’re waiting for those hares to stop boxing about so we can get on with the next CARDIACS moves and the new single ahead of the new album and (many) things. And it seems our old friends PORNORPHANS are back and violating Janet Jackson. Ditzy hares... 

21st DEC - EVERYTHING MUST GO are joined by Shootin’ Lucy and Flexx Bronco at the Oakland Art Murmer Frist Friday Art Walk thing. The Oakland Art Murmer is a huge block party with lots of art galleries and events on Telegraph between 27 and W.Grand, EMG are at the Stork club. The club is generally the wildest party on the block! It’s good. It all happens on the 4th Jan 2008 (which of course is the first Friday) - and that is Oakland California so everyone must go. 

And that was it for 2007, we are now launching in 2008. Thanks to everyone who was with us this year, thanks to all the bands (even the ones who really didn’t do much), to everyone who came to the gigs or bought the releases, the radio and press people who still know it should be about music, to the good fish in the pond, to those who put our bands on, those who sent stuff in, those who yelled at us, those who stuck to their guns, those who didn’t... thanks for being there in 2007, see you on the otherside where things will get even more imperially ditzy, ditzier than a field of boxing hares biting right down to the bones. Thanks to everyone who took part in ORG's 2007, we enjoyed it all..

IMPERIAL LEISURE guerilla action..18th DEC - Catch IMPERIAL LEISURE, free at Xscape in Milton Keynes this Friday, at the Sub Zero festival in Leicestershire this Saturday, oh and in the Daily Star this week. 

IMPERIAL LEISURE are spreading their festive juices and heading up to the midlands. Catch them playing a free show in Milton Keynes at the Xscape Snow Bar, 602 Marlborough Gate on Friday December 21st (on stage in the bar at 9.00pm) and then on Saturday you can catch them at the Sub Zero Festival. The festival happens at Manor Farm, Ashley, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. The event runs from 17.00 - 02.00. Imperial Leisure are on stage at 11.45pm. Tickets are £12. There are 2 stages with 16 bands including Captain Phoenix and The Jacks. It all happens in a massive barn in Ashby, somewhere near Market Harborough. Imperial Leisure never stop. 

The Daily Star noticed Imperial Leisure this week  - “A mash up of Madness, Sex Pistols and Jurassic 5... purveyors of  high-octane tunes... anthems of triple shot proportions, ones to watch in 2008” (Sarah-Louise James – Daily Star, Dec 17th 2007). 

There’s also a nice feature in TNT magazine this week entitled BELIEVE THE HYPE – “A hyperactive mix of hip-hop beats, streetwise lyrics and a dash of soul, if you thought UK rap had to be as clumsy as The Streets, if you thought the British ska revival ended when the Ordinary Boys sold out then go see Imperial Leisure....” (Alison Grinter.TNT). 

15th DEC - Big thanks to everyone who came out in the cold for the IMPERIAL LEISURE show at ULU, what a fine last London show of 2007, jumping again and a lot of hangovers following that aftershow. EVERYTHING MUST GO are out at Bender's grand re-opening party with the House of Burlesque in San Francisco tonight - they have a new album in the can, Noah Webber on guitar now, new songs and everything indeed must now go - I love this band! 

IMPERIAL LEISURE will be playing the first ORGAN night of 2008, at the London Metro, Oxford Street on Thursday January 17th, we'll have Brighton's rather wonderful LITTLE TROPHY opening and special  guests to be announced soon. Tickets are on sale now £5 advance, £5 on the door. 

TO THE BONES12th DEC -TO THE BONES cap an excellent year with a home town show in Bolton at New York, New York on Thursday Dec 13th. The new single will be out on ORG in the new year - we're lining up a lot for the new year 

HERZOGA will be playing tracks live in session from their upcoming single (now to be released with the rather fine WE LIKE DANGER label) next Thursday on subculture (BBC RADIO STOKE 94.6 & 104.1FM) between 7-9pm. The new single Nice Car, a follow up to their recent ORG release, will be released early in the new year. More news here soon, meanwhile catch a taste on the video to the new single here

11th DEC - IMPERIAL LEISURE play their last London show of the year this Thursday 13th. Catch the band headlining at ULU, get there early there, we expect a busy night again. Catch the video to IN A LETTER here on My Space or here onYouTube. Meanwhile, as warned, the CARDIACS single is now totally sold out, we did give you plenty of warning - no good e.mailing us and offering us bagloads of money to find a spare one now. 

8th DEC - Yes that was IMPERIAL LEISURE you saw on the London ITV evening news last night. ITV sent a reporter and film crew out in the van with the band for an early evening guerrilla raid of a gig on Oxford Street. If you missed it then here it is, nine minutes in to the Friday 7th evening news – looks like it will be up there on the ITV page for a week or so, you fine the feature nine minutes in.  A band just getting out there and doing it – what’s going on?  The debut single is now all sold out, the next single – Man On The Street – will be out in the last week of February here on ORG

HERZOGA play one of their own Wrong Pop nights at the Glebe in Stoke On Trent, TONIGHT Saturday December 8th with CHARLOTTEFIELD, COVE and INSIDE RIGHT. Herzoga will follow up theIr ORG single with a single on their own Wrong Pop label, more news on that very soon

IMPERIAL LEISURE5th DEC - IMPERIAL LEISURE will be heading to the dirty south and over the river to South London this Saturday. Come and see them play at Blissfields In The City THIS WEEKEND Saturday 8th December @ Dirty South, Lewisham. They're also at London ULU on 13th Dec, details further down. 

The next IMPERIAL LEISURE single will be Man On The Streets, the single will be out via us at ORG on Feb 25th 

3rd DEC - IMPERIAL LEISURE’s debut single IN A LETTER, is released today, it has also sold out today (well we did warn you). The next Imperial Leisure single will be out here on ORG on the 25th Feb (not so limited this time though!) 

That’s right, advance mailorder means that we’ve sold out of Imperial Leisure singles completely, and we’re told that those few that made it to shops have gone as well - "hot cakes mate, bleedin' hot cakes" said the man in the shop. We’re also told that tickets are selling fast for the London ULU gig as well – 13th December – Support from The Jacks and Jukebox Vandals (£8 from Ticket Web). The single has been causing quite a fuss (and picking up lots of healthy radio play from Radio One, XFM, Virgin and such), as have the band’s legendary guerrilla gigs – the band were made front page featured artists on My Space last Friday - a summer guerrilla video from Camden (resulting in over 10,000 hits and a ton of e.mails over the weekend), the band were also followed down Oxford Street by an ITN news crew last Thursday (I think there may well be a news story running next Friday). 2008 festivals are being sorted out now, Glastonbury is on, we can't wait to get the next single out

1st DEC - HERZOGA and TO THE BONES both have hometown end of year shows coming up, they shared space on an ORG split CD single a couple of months ago, both bands are ending the year in upbeat mood and with plans for new releases and lots more activity in 2008. Herzoga play one of their own Wrong Pop nights at the Glebe in Stoke On Trent on Saturday December 8th with CHARLOTTEFIELD, COVE and INSIDE RIGHT (are those Wrong Pop/Herzoga boys good at pulling bills together or what!). TO THE BONES meanwhile cap an excellent year (and follow that thrilling raid on the Metro last week) with a home town show in Bolton at New York, New York on Thursday Dec13th. Expect new releases and lots more from both bands in early 2008. That’s what we like to do around here, put new exciting bands on the launch pad then watch them go... 

And you CARDIACS fans who think things are going to go all quiet now the tour is over and the single all done and dusted, just keep on watching this space 

29th NOV - IMPERIAL LEISURE – Little word in your ear, if you want your own personal copy of Imperial Leisure’s new (and soon to be rather collectable we suspect!) single In A Letter then official government advise is that you put in your mailorder right now. The CD single is part of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES and as you know by now all releases in the series are strictly limited to a pressing of 1000 copies. The single is officially released on Monday, demand in already heavy and it looks like very few of these are going to be left by Monday lunch time. The tracks will be on the debut album in 2008 (and how good is that sounding, caught some work in progress with Junk Scientist at the controls earlier this week) so you don’t need to be worrying about not having the tracks, if you want this version though then act now. We expect the single to be sold out on Monday. Lots of gigs and festivals already being booked for 2008 and the next single will be out at the end of February. 
Cardiacs - Oxford27th NOV - “Love it – The Specials and The Beat meet Hard-Fi!!” – Hard-fi? Radio play? Playlists for debut singles? Hadouken? TV news crews? What’s going on?  Imperial Leisure – that’s what’s going on. The Leisure are just finishing up the debut album, they have it nailed already! We can’t wait for the 2008 festival season! What else we got lined up? Turbonegra (that was not a typo, that is an A at the end), Pure Reason Revolution single in March up front of the next stage of their lives and their next album, it won't be long until the next Imperial Leisure single and more for you in the Pond as well 
24th NOV - The CARDIACS tour comes to an end in Leeds tonight, at the Woodhouse Liberal Club. Meanwhile the limited edition Ditzy Scene is all but sold out, we have 40 of the 1000 left, so if you want one then act now - mailorder  - “The lead track, 'ditzy scene', is elegantly huge and pleasing, but track 2...oh my. What an amazing bit of weirdo not-really-rockabilly guitar prog in the middle there. Consider me floored”. (Gua-no-man). That IMPERIAL LEISURE single is sell fast as well, not in the shops and officially released until December 3rd - limited to just 1000 - as all ORG-AN-ISED SINGLE SERIES releases are - buy your Imperial Leisure CD single here or subscribe to the series and don't miss out here. And just because that Cardiacs tour is overand the single is allbum sold out, doesn't mean there isn't anything else going on, watch these pages, lots more Cardiacs very soon 
23rd NOV - IMPERIAL LEISURE - IN A LETTER – (ORG) - Fusing the hyperactive rapping of Hadouken and the skanking party-routines R X Bandits, in one single Imperial Leisure have saved Ska from the damage by The Ordinary Boys over two albums” - subba-cultcha Single of the month.

Friday - Cardiacs head for Cardiff tonight

Cardiacs - Oxford 200722nd NOV - Three days left on that CARDIACS tour, Portsmouth tonight, Cardiff on Friday then Leedson Saturday, then... 

IMPERIAL LEISURE's debut single continues to enjoy healthy radio attention in the lead up to release date - next shows are at Blissfields In TheCity @ Dirty South in Lewisham (South London) with SixNationState, Pistola, Blisskrieg and more on December 8th and then the Christmas show at London's ULU on December 13th where the boys are supported by The Jacks and the Jukebox 

VILE VILE CREATURES in a Christmas Bloodbath – “The nights are drawing in, so on the 15th December about 8pm ish, come and celebrate with us at our Christmas Bloodbath at the Castle Hotel, Oldham Street Manchester. £3. Starring: EMILY BREEZE [Bristol]"Emily Breeze comes on like Elvis, Nick cave and Patti Smith playing a baptist preacher rolled in to one..." Artrocker Magazine SAD SHIELDS [London/Portsmouth] - Surfgrrrlmetal from the Pop UNDERGROUND heroes... and us - VILE VILE CREATURES [Manchester]  "brittle strings, electric fingers and angry voices..." Plus kooler than f Danse Macabre D.Js to play psychobilly/riot grrrl/rockabilly.... Needless to say, we are VERY excited, it's going to be bloody, sleazy and very boozy, the perfect antidote to the Christmas festivities. Xxx”  Jenny. VILE VILE CREATURES also play the Buffalo Bar (London) alongside SHRAG on December 11th 

21st NOV -Taking things to new ears:  CARDIACS - DITZY SCENE (ORG) - Sounding like the nightmares in Frank Black’s mind, Cardiacs make song writing exciting  (subba-cultcha). “If you could imagine a band aspiring to Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips and Tool  twenty years before any of said acts were around, then you’ll get a feel  for the almighty power of Ditzy Scene” (Manchester Music – single of the week 5/5)

IMPERIAL LEISURE20th NOV - Hey now, massive thanks to everybody who braved the awful London Monday night weather and those rainstorms that hit just before gig going time. Thanks everyone, can’t be many new and genuinely independent bands (who haven’t even got a release out until next month) who can pack out avenue like that! The Metro was jumping right to back for IMPERIAL LEISURE. The debut single is out on December 3rd – this is getting seriously exciting now. And how good were TO THE BONES! They suddenly notched it up to a completely new level, Bradford Cox from Deerhunter said they were like Flipper after their show with Deerhunter last week - so they told me before last night’s performance, “um, well that high praise, going a little far though” I though - I mean Flipper! That’s before the Bones hit the stage! What the hell happened? Before they were a raw young band with a demo that made us want to put something out, they were raw and messy, there was obviously something there, we weren’t expecting them to get that good that quickly though! Hell! Yer man from Deerhunter was right! And BEE STINGS kicked up some more of their serious leftfield funk flavoured electro-edged dirty alt.rock/dance thing – that’s twice they’ve played for us in the last two weeks and twice they’ve made lots of new friends and impressed everyone. That was one hell of rainy wet Monday night in London! Have we got the best new bands right here or what!! Thanks everyone! These are really exciting times at ORG Records 

You can order your copy of the debut IMPERIAL LEISURE CD single here now, we're expecting this one to sellout very fast

CARDIACS TOUR hits Stoke tonight, Manchester this Wednesday, Portsmouth on Thursday... 

15th NOV -  FREE GIGS, BUSY DAYS, things are stupidly busy, CARDIACS head for Nottingham tonight, London tomorrow, Ditzy is flowing now, it did in Bristol last night.Meanwhile IMPERIAL LEISURE word is spreading now, first ever national radio play last night on Radio One and a very enthusiastic Colin Murray 

- "A tune of epic'll be singing it for the rest of your life..." 

You can catch IMPERIAL LEISURE at RoTa playing a free show on late Saturday afternoon - 17th Nov with LITTLE TROPHY or you can catch IMPERIAL LEISURE next Monday 19th November at Metro in Oxford Street (London) with support from TO THE BONES and special guests BEE STINGS - we have a cheap guest list for that one, want to get in for three quid? Just e.mail your name to us. 

14th NOV - "I see that HERZOGA have been listening to The Fall! Good... good.... this may be the best band I've heard ...all day. Not a second is wasted on this crucial, inventive unit. Think Art
Brutish vox over Awful Sparksish quirkiness. So good infact, I might invite them to join me to

So 2.00am and the ORG on road spy team have juat got back from Oxford, the second night of the CARDIACS tour was apparently even better than opening night in Brighton. The set was different, they're in the zone now. Bristol tonight, Nottingham on Thursday...

13th NOV - Well Brighton was a stylish start - Made All Up and Gen and RES and Silvery and... Tonight CARDIACS are in Oxford, tomorrow is Bristol and Thursday is Nottingham, Friday in London (then you can take the day off on Saturday and come to the free late afternoon LITTLE TROPHY (and special guests) gig at Notting Hill Arts Centre...

HERZOGA are playing the Sugarmill in Stoke with HOT HOT HEAT this coming Saturday 17th November, that's the day after they play London with DONE LYING DOWN - hear their latest recording over on their MySpace page, a demo track that's already been grabbing Radio One play. Meanwhile the next Wrong Pop night will happen in Herzoga's homelands of Stoke on December 9th, where they'll be joined by CHARLOTTEFIELD, CODA and INSIDE RIGHT
Here's a review from Losing Today magazine...

Cardiacs ‘Ditzy Scene’ (Org). - Let me just say that the minute this arrived in our gaff it was immediately banged on the hi-fi with the volume cranked up to overload much to amusement of the neighbours who for six minutes had their tranquil no work today Saturday morning regime corrupted by the impish delights of new ear gear from the Cardiacs. Unless of course you’ve be blighted with being in a coma or else have been just listening to the wrong types of records and music then the Cardiacs will need no introductions. They are one of those bands for whom the word ‘genius’ is not lost whilst arguably responsible for unwittingly forcing upon the nation Supergrass who it appears have forged a  profitable career in ripping them off (only kidding lads) and the Pixies (just  check out ‘Surfer Rosa’ kids - if you play it backwards you can hear the  undeniable ‘we love the cardiacs’ mantra festering between the groves). Without doubt the most criminally overlooked band of the last 30 years what with all this nostalgic fondness for rooting out lost causes from the past and elevating them to the heady heights of mover and shaker - ville - the Cardiacs are routinely denied the kudos they so richly deserve, instead they have become a  cult phenomenon that, for want of a better description, has spread with  cancerous glee. Limited to just 1,000 copies and sure to sell faster than your  ‘fuck me what was that’ disbelief upon hearing it ‘Ditzy Scene’ is the bollocks.  A crooked carnival of lysergic sound, a surreally fried musical opera whose roots are snared in the kaleidoscopic states of the Pretty Things psyched out ‘S F Sorrow’. Within you’ll encounter a bewildering smorgasbord of reference points and styles shoehorned for your discerning delight - art pop, prog, pie eyed psychedelics and just good time wilfully obscured wig flipping annoyance all  converge to coalesce into a mind melting maelstrom of fractured intent that  manages to submerge and weave into a kaleidoscopic dreamcoat elements of Barrett  era Floyd, the Move, King Crimson, Quickspace and Psychic TV while simultaneously providing a one stop shop as though all the best elements found  on those Nuggets box sets had somehow been purified, melted down and pureed into  a seismic slice of tripped out oblivion. As though it could be anything else - single of the missive (and perhaps the year I’m willing to bet).  LOSING TODAY MAGAZINE

 12th NOV - That CARDIACS tour starts tonight in Brighton, meanwhile if you haven't got the Ditzy Scene single then time is running out, I'd mailorder it right now if I were you. Are the these three new and previously unreleased Cardiacs tracks on this single going to be on the new album? We honestly don't know, there's a lot of new material on the way, if you want the tracks and you don't want to pay silly ebay prices then act now... 

10th NOV - VILE VILE CREATURES play Wrong Pop tonight (with BILGE PUMP and SHERMER), Wrong Pop is the night run by Herzoga in Stoke-On-Trent – HERZOGA meanwhile head to Vile Vile Creature’s homelands of Manchester for a gig at the Cafe Saki in Rusholme tomorrow (Sunday11th Nov) and then head to London for that Silver Rocket gig next Friday. 

8th NOV - We are now mere days away from that CARDIACS tour, we are also just a week and a bit away from the ORGAN LONG WEEKEND - where Cardiacs, Little Trophy, Imperial Leisure, To The Bones, and more will get up to good things here in London - you can catch Little Trophy plus special guests doing a free show over at RoTa, NottingHill arts club, doors at 4.00pm on Saturday 17th November. Imperial Leisure, To The Bones and special guests are playing Oxford Street Metro on Monday 19th - we have a cheap guest list for that one, want to get in for three quid? Just e.mail your name to us. Full details tomorrow. Oh and PURE REASON REVOLUTION droppppped the masters for their new single in this morning, more news on that soon. 

TO THE BONES 7th NOV - TO THE BONES hit Cafe Saki in Manchester tonight opening for the experience that is DEERHUNTER - also on the bill are THE OSCILLATION and THIS AIN'T VEGAS, the Bones will also be in London on November 19th at Oxford Street's Metro - more about that later. They have a new track up on their MySpace page. To The Bones are also in Hull on November 16th 
6th NOV - HERZOGA and DONE LYING DOWN get in the Silver Rocket – That’s right, Silver Rocket have another one of their nights over The Buffalo Bar, Highbury London N1 (right outside the Highbury tube over by where they celebrate a home draw like they’ve won the world cup). The event (and it is an event) on Friday Nov 16th. Silver Rocket bills are always worth checking, good music between bands as well  - Rachel Discrimination plays leftfield indie, rock, post-punk and new-wave, “think songs by the Pixies that aren't Debaser, think outside the usual dull indie club playlist”. It all happens from 8pm-4am. Bands until 12am. This month they have a killer bill (and leave you with the do you go to the Astoria for Cardiacs or head to the Buffalo Bar dilemma – damn those beautiful Silver Rocket people!). Two ORG associated bands and two others we really like on the bill: DONE LYING DOWN (who had a 7” out on ORG and played lots of Organ gigs back there in the last century), the rather fine 4 OR 5 MAGICIANS (who’ve had both Organ demo and single of the week reviews in recent times), those Wrong Popists HERZOGA (who’s debut release is out now on ORG) and the rather tasty rotten apple at thebottom of the barrel that is SLUDGEEAST.... 

DONE LYING DOWN - formed In the autumn of 1992, after singer Jack Plug (aka Jeremy Parker) relocated to the UK from his hometown of Boston, Massachussetts, and met up with guitarist Frank Art, bassist AliMac and drummer James "The Mez" Sherry.  Between 1993 and 1996 they released 2 albums, 7 singles, recorded 3 sessions for John Peel (scoring entries in the legendary Festive Fifty), played hundreds of shows and gained much recognition by the music press (back when this really counted for something). Now they live in different continents DLD generally only get together on the internet to collaborate on various musical projects, they are reuniting in London for this very rare show for Silver Rocket (who are massive long term fans, I should say!)

“Amidst even the most severe Done Lying Down song, you'll find cruel dashes of intentional and very dark humour. Wild at heart and wired on top, they're the best punk rock group on the entire planet" – NME - /

4 OR 5 MAGICIANS – “This band wrote to us about 50 times telling us they were great (say ther Silver Rocket team) . We largely ignored them due to reasons of extreme busy-ness, like we do with most requests from bands. Finally we had a listen. It turns out they were right. If you ever liked Pavement, Superchunk, Sebadoh, Archers of Loaf (basically any great American indie-rock) then you won’t go wrong with 4 or 5 magicians. -

HERZOGA - Stoke three-piece making wrongpop, The Fall meets Girls Vs Boys meets Wire. We’ve gone on about them at length already here, you should have their debut split CD single by now -  “Like early Art Brut wrestling with a pub outing of psychiatrists” - Steve Lamacq  “A blistering set of twisted pop - think Sonic Youth meets Pavement and you're on the way there” - BBC Radio Stoke -

SLUDGEFEAST - Deranged, intense (as in intensive-care), and compelling fuzzed-up filthy stoner garage rock (like middle period Mudhoney with added mud). They sound like an unholy combination of Mudhoney, Melvins, Ramones, Motorhead and Kyuss. Very rarely seen sober, or indeed upright, Sludgefeast are pure entertainment live. Their website describes this 3 piece as "f*cked up rock feedback action direct from hell" -

3rd NOV - The new CARDIACS single hits the shops on Monday, full track listing is: 1.Ditzy Scene, 2.Gen, 3.Made All Up. That's right, three new tracks, all previously unreleased and as with all ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES releases, limited to 1000 - a good numbe rhave already been pre-ordered (so you are advised to mailorder - or better still subscribe to the series and be continually surprised with what drops through your letterbox - have you seen how much those Brian Jonestown Massacre 20 trackers go for on E-Bay now?). 

For those of you who have been asking, we honestly don't know if these new single tracks will be on the next album - there is a lot of new material on the way right now. We know the new album will be along soon and there could well be another single sooner than you might expect. Things are happening, we're on the cusp. Meanwhile we are promised quite a variety of material, old and new, on tour, we had a message from our spy in the Alphabet camp: "hey guys... thought you might like to see these abominations! (don't tell no one I sent em to ya!)". Here just for you then are three pieces of evidence - one, two, three... 




1st Nov - Start of the month, this is going to be a busy one! Twelve days until that CARDIACS tour, and a new single on the streets next Monday, your hungry mouths are being fed!

IMPERIAL LEISURE have just left London, off to South Wales for a show in Newport at TJ’s tonight - onstage 10.30pm, Newport you are about to be roasted - watch out streets of Newport, there’s no way they’ll be able to resist playing somewhere before the actual show! Good to hear The Beast on XFM this week!

And good to hear the new HERZOGA recordings getting a spin on Radio One last night (Huw Stephens) – release/label details soon for that (lot of irons in fires over in Wrong pop land right now) Herzoga just got confirmed for a show with old ORG friends (and indeed ORG recording stars for a one off vinyl single back in the last century) DONE LYING DOWN  - Silver Rocket show over in Highbury (London) at the Buffalo Bar – arrghhhhhhhh, same night as Cardiacs at the Astoria! 16th November – can someone remind me how to do that splitting in two thing again please! 16th November is the start of the ORGAN 21st birthday long weekend thing – watch this space – LITTLE TROPHY at Rota (NottingHill Art Centre) on Saturday 17th with very special guests will be a good one. More tomorrow, we’re busy right now, this is the start of a chaotic November! Busy busy.... You can never have too many irons in the fire. Oh and don't forget VILE VILE CREATURES doing one of Herzoga's Wrong Pop nights on the 10th November alongside BILGE PUMP at the Glebe in Stoke on Trent. 

30th OCT 2007: Thanks to everyone who helped pack out the Borderline (again) for the IMPERIAL LEISURE gig last Friday - jumping again or what, is there anything better tha nthe front of an Imperial Leisure gig right now! IMPERIAL LEISURE are off to Wales for a gig at TJ's in Newport on Thursday 1st November. Meanwhile all CARDIACS pre-orders have been mailed out now, as have all ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES subscribers packages 




scroll down for directory of ORG related bands past and present