Ahleuchatistas Location Location album coverAhleuchatistas new album

April 6th 2011

Once a trio, North Carolina instrumental math experimentalists Ahleuchatistas have just released their first album as a drums-and-guitar duo.

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Thinking Plague hand made coverThinking Plague both old and new

April 5th 2011

Vital and unique veteran avant-progressive pioneers Thinking Plague have a new album and gigs on the way, and while we await that, a free bundle of embryonic recordings from the vaults ...

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Spies are Flies from Hell Cheery wave 2Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters Vol II

April 4th 2011

This just in from excellent Chichester-based post-rock band Flies Are Spies From Hell, who have compiled another well-constructed compilation of like-minded bands from across the land...

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Stik at Triangle RdStik, Explosions In The Sky and more..

April 2nd 2011

A new Stik has appeared... and a new Explosions In The Sky album. Plus new albums from the extraordinary -voiced  David J Roch and the bar-room blues of Helldorado..

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Common Deflection ProblemsCommon Deflection Problems

April 1st 2011

No time for tomfoolery today - we have an EP here from a busy London-based math jazz prog trio called Common Deflecton Problems...

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Miraculous MuleMiraculous Mule

March 31st 2011

Michael J Sheehy is forever putting out his best record so far, be it solo or with one of his bands - Dream City Film Club, Saint Silas Intercession, The Hired Mourners - or this, his latest band Miraculous Mule...

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Team Robbo vanTeam Robbo hits Signal

March 30th 2011

London's 'King Robbo' will soon lead his entire UK graffiti crew (known to the world as 'Team Robbo') into East London's Signal Gallery for their first gallery show of the year. 

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Klaus Kinski Skelington Horse

Klaus Kinski's Skelington Horse...

March 29th 2011

Klaus Kinski are from a place called Llanfairfechan..  Skelington Horse mostly seems to be about sticking things in things, sucking things, blood on the bed, things buried in dark ditches and a relentlessly frantic ...

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dalla RosaThe Friends Of Tony Romanoff and different things on walls..

March 28th 2011

Two East London art shows, one happening now, the other opening later this week:  The Friends of Tony Romanoff at Pure Evil, and the dalla Rosa gallery at Netil House presents Dialogo | Dialogue

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Brian Ellis

Assorted instrumental things..

March 26th 2011

A whole load of instrumental albums and such from The Oscillation, Tom James Parmiter, World Service Project, Hatchback, Shadow Venger, Eat Lights Become Lights, The Forks and Brian Ellis

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Death GripsDeath Grips...

March 25th 2011

Mysterious goings on from Sacramento... the absolute opposite of retro, in the form of more blistering sounds and visuals that has something to do with the ever creative Zach Hill...

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The Atomic Bitchwax

The Atomic Bitchwax, fifty monster riffs and...

March 24th 2011

Today's thing is the heavy retro rock monster that is The Atomic Bitchwax, plus the Jefferson Airplane flavourings of Narcotic Daffodil and The Great Nostalgic sound of… 

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VesselsVessels release their much anticipated second album 

March 23rd 2011

VESSELS release a second album of satisfying post rock epic-glitch and such, but is that good enough from one of the UK ‘s brightest hopes?

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Strange Animals

Limited editions from Strange Animals

March 22th 2011

Four tracks and a hand made CD (this particular one is number thirteen of just twenty), hand delivered and wrapped in plain brown paper.  “Cataclysmic meanderings of an unholy...

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MashroomsMashrooms from Sicily 

March 21st 2011

Mashrooms are a subtly experimental post rock flavoured five-piece orchestral ensemble, a quietly unassuming band from Sicily who never fail to interest with their ever shifting  flow....

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I believe in ResonanceFM

The ResonanceFM fundraiser auction weekend is upon us...

March 19th 2011

The unique art-based radio station that is ResonanceFM needs your help to survive. This weekend there are fundraising auctions and events that go towards the continued existence of this vital adventure in radio...

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Cutthroat Convention snipCutthroat Convention, Hag, eagle-metal and DIY scissor snips... 

March 18th 2011

Cutthroat Convention's gig with Hag, more double dged snips, scissors cuts, highflying Eagle-metal and the notions of just doing it yourself...

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A message from Lilies On Mars

March 17th 2011

Those Lilies have a gig tonight, they're playing on an Organ bills, and there's a delightfully strange audio-visual flyer to tell you all about it...

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DamerelsDamerels, Breathe Out, Grinderman and Thracia

March 16th 2011

Plymouth garage punks Damerels deliver a pizza box of raw dirty sound, plus news of releases from Breathe Out, Grinderman and Thracia...

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Four Quartets, The Paragon of Animals

Master songwriting from Four Quartets

March 15th 2011

The Paragon Of Animals is the new album of hand-crafted, beautifully rich and strange songs from Bristol's Four Quartets...

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Van Der Graaf Generator - A Grounding In NumbersVAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR new album out today

March 14th 2011

By coincidence or design, Van Der Graaf Generator release their mathematically inclined new album A Grounding In Numbers today, on Pi Day.  Unique as ever, and still suprising us...

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Lilies On Mars

Lilies On Mars new album

March 12th 2011

Lilies On Mars have a new album, and an Organ presented launch gig to go with it, and in the build up to all, Lilies On Mars will be our guests on our Resonance 104.4 FM radio show this Sunday night...

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Extra Life, Xiu XiuEXTRA LIFE remixed by XIU XIU, free download

March 11th 2011

Brooklyn's inimitable avant-progressive mediaeval pop experimentalists Extra Life have a new EP imminent, titled Ripped Heart; there's a remix by the equally strange and respected XIU XIU available as a free download from...

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Shunga Pop @ Pure Evil

Shunga Pop, Hawk Eyes, Scott Belcastro & more...

March 10th 2011

An action-packed Thing of the Day: art from Shunga Pop @ Pure Evil, Scott Belcastro and Stella Im Hultberg @ London Miles and Alexander Heaton @ Residence - plus the reincarnation of Chickenhawk as Hawk Eyes...

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Alright The CaptainRome Pays Off, Alright The Captain

March 9th 2011

Two British bands doing very different things with the notions of instrumental post-rock flavoured music, noise and the space around the sound....

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Hamilton Yarns - Sparkle

Hamilton Yarns sparkle

March 8th 2011

HAMILTON YARNS – Hello, Sparkle!  is an hour of the most beautifully relaxed sitting in the sunshine, of contentment in green fields, an hour of bare feet dangled in fresh rivers....

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HeracliteFour things for Monday...

March 7th 2011

...with 2,600 year old ancient Greek lyrics from Heraclite, the relaxed alt. rock of J Mascis, skanking anarcho-punk of Citizen Fish and the instrumental guitar of Matt Stevens...

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Prog By Prog West!

March 6th 2011

Never mind SXSW... Prog By Prog West is a two day mini-festival of some of the best avant-progressive bands from around Oakland, California, featuring MoeTar, Inner Ear Brigade, Brian Kenney Fresno and a full epic set from miRthkon...

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Chips For The PoorChips For The Poor radio show

March 5th 2011

Chips For The Poor have been allowed on the radio! First in a weekly series of shows starts tonight,,, and they're on the way to over to the U.S,  and on a kids TV show and... and there's arttwork by Kid Acne and.....

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The Head and the Heart

New single from Seattle's The Head and the Heart

March 4th 2011

The Head and the Heart  - Purveyors of mellow,  breezy alt Americana from Seattle, The Head and the Heart have a new single and a free download...

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The Rock Of Travolta 'Fine Lines' coverThe revitalized return of The Rock Of Travolta

March 3rd 2011

After what that they say was a 'self-imposed exile', revitalized Oxford instrumental band The Rock Of Travolta are back in action with new members, new energy and an impressive new album...

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Stik W11

Stik in the Subway, and Parts & Labor

March 2nd 2011

Stik goes west, with an exhibition and live painting at the Joe Strummer Subway...plus a free download from Brooklyn band Parts And Labor...

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Sarandon Age of Reason coverSarandon's Age of Reason

March 1st 2011

The new month's first Thing of the Day is the new album by Sarandon - their story of Big Trev and their frantic agit pop that more than deserves to feature on the roll call… 

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February 28th 2011

Debut album from London-based Tremors, the atmospheric new project of ex-October All Over man Graham Bywater... 

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Michael De Feo in HarlemMichael De Feo in London

February 27th 2011

The New York street artist has been growing his flowers on the walls of cities around the world since 1993 - his first solo London show opens at the Orange Dot Gallery next week...

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Led Bib

Led Bib invite you to Bring Your Own

February 26th 2011

Walthamstow's finest, Led Bib, have a new album out, the tour starts this week, they've got loads of bite and all that  jazz... ..

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Africantape festival flyerSleepytime Gorilla Museum

February 25th 2011

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, the Oakland, California cult avant-progressive ensemble, recently announced their final shows... 

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Phlegm closeup

Black/Light, Roa, Phlegm and Robots>>>> 

February 24th 2011

A whole week of events over at Black/Light: robot street sculpture, Roa and Phlem painting the building, Gum Takes Tooth, Negative Pegasus and more playing live and...

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Africantape festival flyerThree free downloads from The Fauns

February 23rd 2011

The Fauns have it all just right. Gorgeous songs, delicious sounds, glowing textures and a perfect shoegazing delight of a debut album...

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Devil Driver, Zu Shapes, Great Malarky, Shunt Collective

Devil Driver, Zu Shapes, The Great Malarky and the Shunt collective... 

February 22nd 2011

Satisfying brutal metal from Devil Driver; the complete opposite from Zu Shapes; The Great Malarky, and Shunt comes to the ICA...

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