Flesh Eating Foundation: 'If it ain't broke..."

December 20th 2010

 From the Midlands (of England) come Flesh Eating Foundation with more of their self-styled electro punk. This aggressive crew have a new album out as either a free download or as a hand packaged piece of art with “genuine graveyard detritus and artwork photos” – or so it says...

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The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers

December 19th 2010

THE SLATE PIPE BANJO DRAGGERS: Prime Bolus Music – Apparently this sixteen minute one track CD is an edited and mastered version of an improvised live set that the interestingly named Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers have been performing around London this year. A sixteen-minute, ever building piece of clever musical construction.

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Yuval Shaul @ 3Yuval Shaul at 3

December 18th 2010

Back in November the Organ visited the 3 exhibition, at London Newcastle Project space in Redchurch Street. .. One of the standout pieces was by Yuval Shaul. That evocative..

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December 17th 2010

...and release a free download as a taster
The new Deerhoof album, DEERHOOF Vs. EVIL will be out in the UK on January 24th 2011 on ATP Recordings. Here's what ATP and Deerhoof have to say on the matter….
  ”Remember what it was like to turn 16? No one could tell you what to do. You were a force to be reckoned with - filled with...

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DoublededgescissorLONDONGIGS.NET and a whole lot of DOUBLEDGE SCISSORS

December 16th 2010

 Two of our finest allies of 2010 with their combination of scissors, gig guides, situationist occurances and the finest cup cakes in London (as well as some fine record releases). Two of our favourite allies, and they’ve been doing things together this month, contacting and switching the other themselves as it were. We like it when...

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December 15th 2010

TRIP LAVA - Octatroid (Shark) - Some kind of maniacal ride on a 3dspace-cadet pinball machine that keeps tripping you and sends you the wrong way when there’s asteroids to be blasted and the ship needs to go through hyperspace… far too manic to use as a soundtrack to a game of pinball, sends your shots all over the place, blasts your coordination on to a whole other planet…

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David Lowery Palace GuardsDavid Lowery solo debut

December 14th 2010

DAVID LOWERY, frontman of both CRACKER and CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN, is set to release his debut solo album, The Palace Guards, on February 1st via 429 Records…There’s a free MP3 of the title track and you'll love it so much you'll...

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Mentat in Car Creates... what? 

December 13th 2010

tleilexuSo we got an electronic communication from someone living in a car in LA, someone known at the Tleilaxu Music Machine - it read something like this… "Heya!  I wanted to share my new release "Diamond Eyed Coyote" with you...."

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A Whole Lot of Metal Shaped things...

December 12th 2010

..that have been lying around with their jagged edges threatening to cut our feet... Alunah, Subversion, Condemned, Zombified albums and EPs...

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Proletariat PunchProper Punk from Proletariat Punch 

December 11th 2010

Punk rock packages from Amy in St Louis, Missouri...

PROLETARIAT PUNCH – The Opposable Thumb (Recluse) – Out on a very good looking homemade 3” CD thing via St. Louis (Missouri) label Recluse. Two classic slices of authentic sounding, very English anarcho punk commitment, one side blasting along at ranting ramming smash-the-system speed, the other dubbed out and throwing questions along with some healthy remembrance of Wally Hope… Classic anarcho punk in the wholesome manner of...

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December 10th 2010

Word from the Foot Village has reached us….

Hello Villagers!
The cassette label Crash Symbols is reissuing our first album, 'World
Fantasy'. The first time this album has been made available on
cassette, it was originally released as a 10" on Not Not Fun. The
cassette reissue has a few bonus tracks including a cassette version
of "Lovers With Iraqis" and..

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Vasquez, Electric Assembly and vultures in Lidl 

December 9th 2010

"Oh look mate, another bleedin’ Motorhead t-shirt - if they’d sold half as many records as t-shirts those bastards would be rich!” yelled a rather gnarly window cleaner waving a dirty rag at the charity shop window on Mare Street, Hackney. He looks a little like...

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CARDIACS: Tim Smith tribute album

December 8th 2010

Tim Smith Tribute AlbumAs you probably know, our beautiful friend Tim Smith had a rather severe stroke and heart attack one night in 2008 and has been in a very bad way ever since. The man has been in hospital ever since and well, we think the information about this album pretty much speaks for itself.  Lots of friends, bands, musical creators who owe rather a lot to Tim Smith’s unique creativity, his musical inspiration, have come together to record their own versions of Cardiacs songs as not only a tribute but as a fund raiser for the great man...

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Combineharvester and a tree in a field

December 7th 2010

COMBINEHARVESTER – Some Ditty, A Mountain II (A Tree In A Field) - The threshing starts about sixteen or so minutes in, and we’ve been slowly building up to that subtly dramatic shift in gear for the first quarter of an hour of this...

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New Heavy Sounds...

December 6th 2010

New Heavy SoundsNEW HEAVY SOUNDS Vol. 1 – A compilation CD from the people behind the London based club, celebrating one year of putting gigs on and a rather exciting scene and loose collective of bands, people, zines, labels.
   What you have here is seventy-four minutes and not one of them wasted...

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Bang that head, or pull that thread

December 5th 2010


Two choices for thing of the day today -the metal of Neuronspoiler or the less is more beauty of Thread Pulls...

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December 4th 2010  

Wind-Up BirdsOrgan is twenty four today, twenty four years ago this very day the first ever issue of Organ fanzine was spray painted and went on sale… A one off ‘zine just for the creative hell of it or so we thought. We won’t dwell on the day today, perhaps next year? Today we shall just get on with ...

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FIRST THURSDAY, Redchurch Street in the Snow

December 3rd 2010

3 opened in London last night, last night being Thursday, First Thursday. 3 was part of the regular monthly First Thursday set of art events that sees East London galleries joining together to all open new shows on the same night...

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Duster carDUSTER UA at London Miles

December 2nd 2010  

Legendary American graffiti artist Duster UA is in London town this week - this Saturday December 4th, at the London Miles Gallery in Portobello. “Enjoy a cozy Saturday indoors with a film screening and an afternoon with Duster UA” says the flyer....

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December 1st 2010

HatebreedNo messing today, straight in there with our old mates ‘atebreed. No indeed, this is non-messing brutal aggression, and pretty much bleeding the way we demand the swearathon crossover hardcore of Hatebreed to bleed...

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November 30th 2010

Who is Stik? You’ve seen the figures, well if you spend any amount of time around London then you’ve seen them....

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Igor Boxx - Breslau

Igor Boxx - BreslauNovember 29th 2010

IGOR BOXX – Breslau (Ninja Tune) – Igor Boxx, he of Skalpel, with a rather delightfully intriguing solo album. Breslau is an album that demands your ears from the off with those darkly angelic opening textures, those sinister church organ sounds that clearly are something a little more than your average harmless church…

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Roa Rabbit Saved From Stew/
Dragontears latest album

November 27th 2010

Psychedelic paranoia, and giant 12 foot rabbits on Hackney High Road… 

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SINGLES SINGLES - Vessels, Dutch Uncles,Fever Fever and more...

November 27th 2010

A whole load of new singles. Got a pile of them here, you remember how we do it don’t you? Only the ones really worth a mention get a mention…

Here we go…

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Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina

boarders door

November 26th 2010

CHRIS BROKAW & GEOFF FARINA have a new album out tomorrow (on UK independent Damnably). THE BOARDER’S DOOR is a wonderfully unassuming...

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November 25th 2010

First proper Thing Of The Day is the excellent new album from Leeds-based band HUMANFLY, the album has been out for a few weeks already, but hey, we can’t let a thing as fine as Darker Later pass without a mention……
   Darker Later is the new studio album from Humanfly, you’ll find it on Brew Records, a label rapidly growing into one of those rare things, a label who’s quality you can really trust. If the Brew tea cup is on the cover then the band are almost certainly...

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The Organ

November 25th 2010

Organ as first Thing Of The Day? Why not? Give us one good reason why not.
Welcome back my friend, to the show that never ends, so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside.. Thing Of The Day? What's that then? Where have we been anyway? Who was that band we had playing live in the graveyard? Enough with the questions already, we're here now aren't we? Twenty three years and counting We're here, here and now, we're here with more floating anarchy, the journey has not finished yet so don't be worrying about where we've been for the last couple of months, on the run from...

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