Miss Roberts

The Temptation of Miss Roberts

July 9th 2011

Can you be tempted to the Stinging Netil with a cookie? It all happens tomorrow… Miss Roberts will be there, let her explain...

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Foot VillageFoot Village Alert

July 8th 2011

FOOT VILLAGE are coming this way, Hoovers at the ready... We have said many things about these delightfully ear-friendly people from L.A already..  This time, let's cut to the chase with a slice of Foot Village aural and visual goodness...

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First Thursday: A Burning Candy shoot-out, and...


July 7th 2011

East London’s First Thursday art trawl is upon us again. Two shows we’re particularly keen to see are the new BURNING CANDY show at Tony’s Gallery and KELLYKIWI’s abstraction of DESIRE at the Outside World… 

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Fire! With Jim O RourkeFire! with Mats Gustafsson and Jim O'Rourke

July 6th 2011

A New album from Swedish avant-jazz power trio Fire! is always something to excite, and this time it comes with added colour from Sonic Youth/Gastr Del Sol experimentalist Jim O’Rourke....

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News from She Makes War...

She Makes War

July 5th 2011

SHE MAKES WAR has a new video for Slow Puncture shot around the art-covered streets of East London, meanwhile her debut album is about to be re-issued and best of all, she plays our Stinging Netil art fair this coming Sunday… 

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Rude Mechanicals Miss RobertsStinging Netil preview part four..

July 4th 2011

Lilies On Mars and Rude Mechanicals will both be playing at the Stinging Netil Art Fair on Sunday, meanwhile fine artist James Boman will be showing some of his recent work on one the many art-packed stalls…

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Tim Smith of CardiacsHappy Birthday Tim Smith!

July 2nd 2011

A Time For Rejoicing...  tomorrow is the 50th birthday of Tim Smith, frontman, composer, producer and guitarist  of Cardiacs, the Sea Nymphs and others, and an ever growing global creative inspiration... 

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To Arms EtcTriumphant latest album from To Arms Etc

July 1st 2011

To Arms Etc make warm, clever proper prog that drips with all the uplifting tuneful goodness of the classic 70’s bands without ever sounding retro or dated.. This London band really are one of the best kept musical secrets around..

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Dannielle stencilStinging Netil preview part three...

June 30th 2011

Ten days until the Stinging Netil and the third part of our preview: a look at Emma Harvey’s painted observations, Dannielle Hodson’s colourful, loose, life studies and the ongoing Unlikeness collaborative photography project…

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Nikki Louder, Our World Died YesterdayNikki Louder new album

June 29th 2011

NIKKI LOUDER’s intelligent new album of art-fuelled guitar noise, Our World Died Yesterday... Plus, an opening of an exhibition of GLENN IBBITSON’s powerful paintings at Studio 75 in East London....

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Luke Jerram at Times SquarePiano shaped days...

June 27th/28th 2011

No Thing Of The Day this Monday or Tuesday, for this Monday and Tuesday are set aside for piano painting days and there shall be no time for any other things of any size or shape. Except to revisit to a lost piece of art by Alan Keel...

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Painted Peepshow naughty cardStinging Netil preview part two...

June 25th 2011

The Painted Peepshow of Loolie Hapgood, her elegantly naughty coupe plates, plus Country Dirt and their bluegrass flavoured country music at an art market in East London…

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Weasel WalterWeasel Walter on Cardiacs

June 24th 2011

Legendary stalwart of underground drum mayhem Weasel Walter is touring the UK this week - earlier this year, he helped spread the word about the San Fransisco fundraising gig for Tim Smith of Cardiacs, with this neat review/testimonial...

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Weasel WalterWeasel Walter Alert!

June 23rd 2011

Look, Weasel Walter is in town, you don’t need to know anything else - Weasel's in town, just go! Whatever he's got in store, it will be good. And he's collaborating with Alex Ward (Dead Days Beyond Help) and James Sedwards (Nought, Guapo) amongst others...

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Stinging Netil preview part one...


June 22nd 2011

'Colour is a point of obsession – an organic means of experimentation and self-discovery. In his latest work the canvases are all interlinked: by using a canvas as a palette when painting'. DAVID AGENJO is a London based fine artist, he’ll be showing some of his recent work at the Stinging Netil..

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Perhaps ContraptionPerhaps Contraption's Lunch For The Worms

June 21st 2011

Perhaps Contraption  proudly announce the arrival of their second LP, Business, a psychedelic avant-folk excursion, melding twisted pop, mathematic expulsions & soaring instrumental soundscapes...

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Stravinsky by Leone


June 20th 2011

Last Friday was the birthday of Igor Stravinsky... his  music, with it's balance of edgy tension, drive, hammering repetition and clear-cut, wild melodies, is instantly understandable by those of us brought up on rock... With this in mind, here's a free download of the new recording of his Les Noces, by San Francisco based musician/composer Dominique Leone...

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Scumbag PhilosopherSCUMBAG PHILOSOPHER... 

June 18th 2011

...have a new album out this week; it goes by the name of It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing, it features the rather impressive single God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead, a single for anyone who’s ever read half of Ecce Homo or has a will to power, that's why they don't shower…

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Little Roy, ReCardiacsFly

Little Roy

June 17th 2011

Two for today, two covers of two classic songs: LITTLE ROY’s new single, an excellent version of Nirvana’s Sliver/Dive.  And a very impressive RECARDIACSFLY version of Cardiacs' To Go Off And Things performed at the recent San Francisco Tim Smith benefit concert

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Peter KernelPeter Kernel 

June 16th 2011

Peter Kernel play music anyone can play in an attempt to' satisfy man's basic human instinct. Primary rock. Peter Kernel are a Swiss Canadian art-punk trio... Inspired by a love story Peter Kernel are engagingly intimate and in a primitive and sexy manner reinterpret pop music...” 

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Anet Mook

Remembering Anet

June 15th 2011

 Not really a Thing of the Day today, more the very sad task of relaying the news of the death of Cay singer Anet Mook.  News reached us here late last night that Anet had lost her life in recent days.

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June 14th 2011

11:11 is 22 artistic responses from 22 artists: 11 broadly operating within the sphere of fine art and 11 within that of urban art. 22 artists whose work ranges from the bold and socio-political to the subtle and poetic….

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Old boots, new laces

Painted boot at B.O.G.June 13th 2011

OLD BOOTS, NEW LACES is the name of an art show that opens this coming week on East London’s Brick Lane; the show is brought to you by the loose collective of artists who are forming around the newly opened B.O.G.  What is the B.O.G? Get your new boots on and…  

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Max Eastley @ Raven Row

Max Eastley

June 11th 2011

London arts-based radio station Resonance104.4 FM is returning to some of its sound art roots this month with a series of live events and radio broadcasts from Raven Row.  This Tuesday the series of events continues with a performance by kinetic artist MAX EASTLEY...

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Screama Ballerina

Nobody cares about your Abercrombie bra!

June 10th 2011

The debut single from SCREAMA BALLERINA and two minutes of shouty bratty big society baiting punk rock energy from Charlie O’Conner and her angry southern English pop band… and 80s style guilty pleasure from The Neon Mile...

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June 9th 2011

Norway's Huntsville have a intriguing, flowing new album, For Flowers, Cars and Merry Wars...organic and mechanical drones, a  refined, rewarding sound...

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The evolving subtlety of Blank Disco

Blank Disco at workJune 8th 2011

Satisfying, unobvious sounds... Blank Disco is the name London electronic artist Dan Seville is currently operating under. From Zero is a slowly evolving, subtle piece of work - bright, tingly, alive, refreshing…

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Rough Fields

Royal Bangs, in the right place at the right time...

June 7th 2011

Knoxville Tennessee’s ROYAL BANGS have that current North American alt.rock sound and feel nailed, they have a new single called Fireball out in the UK next Monday, and they’re the right band in the right place to provide that of instantly satisfying rush of goodness…

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Rock In Your Pocket<

Capillary Action new album

June 6th 2011

Exotic maximalists Capillary Action have a new album, titled Capsized. They also are just finishing a UK and European tour of heroic proportions...

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Rough Fields

Rough Fields...

June 4th 2011

Sunny day gentle glitch and toes in the shallow water goodness. Lazy days, climbing trees, taming birds, lighting fires, watery fables. Rough Fields is the operating name of Manchester’s James Birchall, and these are delicate walks down breezy laid back musical side paths...

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Rock In Your Pocket rub that ultra

Rock In Your PocketJune 3rd 2011

Charlie Beddoes is back fronting a new band called ROCK IN YOUR POCKET, meanwhile Greg Feldwick, otherwise known as SLUGABED has his Ninja Tune debut ready to go and Barnsley’s GOLDSOUL have some no-messing swagger for you…

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Shaneolinski's well kept secret... 

June 2nd 2011

The eccentric work of a “reclusive musical maverick”, possibly unknown to those outside of his Norwich hometown, Shaneolinski has a seventeen track collection ‘best of’ pulled together from his vast library of work…

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The Border Surrender

The Border Surrender...

June 1st 2011

North London’s alt.folk-flavoured, Americana-seasoned quartet The Border Surrender are happy to wear their influences brightly on their sleeves for their new four track EP Lean Season… 

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Elbow Toe

A visitation from Elbow Toe

May 31st 2011

Brooklyn’s ever stimulating ELBOW TOE hits a blue door in East London

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ABWH: A Little Man And 101 Cardiacs Gigs

Adventures of A Little Man and 101 Cardiacs Gigs

May 30th 2011

A labour of love and a true record of what it's like to be a fan of a band, Aylesbury Bolton Wolverhampton Hove: A Little Man And 101 Cardiacs Gigs is Adrian Bell's account of his thumb-powered adventures on the road following legendary UK band Cardiacs...

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The Lovely Eggs

The Lovely Eggs say...

May 28th 2011

Girl/boy duo The Lovely Eggs are purveyors of delightful, sweetly innocent lo-fi pop from Lancashire... Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, even with a new single with a title like...

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Infinite Three

The Infinite Three

May 27th 2011

Leisur Hive were a band highly thought of around these Organic parts, and now two elements of that band are back in the brooding shape of THE INFINITE THREE to push further down some of those dark paths…

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Lunar Dunes

Lunar Dunes

May 26th 2011

Some pleasantly relaxed mellowness from Lunar Dunes that eases by in a very chilled out Ozric Tentacles, Ullulators, Gong-like free-festi band kind of way, a nice throwback to those Better Days tapes, the Poodle Lounge at Club Dog...

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Tank 86

Tank86 - no messing metal

May 25th 2011

Instrumental heavy metal - no hang on, don't run away, because Holland’s Tank86 have it nailed down just right with their latest album Rise. The pure, clean-cut, focused art of metal…

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VNA issue 15 launch

May 24th 2011

The new issue of street art 'zine Very Nearly Almost featuring an in-depth interview with Shepard Fairey, will be launched at Black Rat Press this Thursday night. The 80 limited edition packs available at the launch include a magazine boasting a screen-printed Shepard Fairey cover, with an exclusive VNA x OBEY tee and stickers...

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Mike Scott album cover

Mike Scott new album, and an EP from In Bear Country

May 23rd 2011

Today we have Mike Scott’s new album as a Thing of The Day - some sketchbook acoustic punk and something a little less disposable and not just chirping like a bird and making money from fourteen year old girls

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Hugh Miller

Hugh Miller: The Glasshouse Mill Series

May 21st 2011

The Glasshouse Mill Series is a collection of  paintings by Hugh Miller that are currently being exhibited at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, E1...

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Split Roast extreme metal comp

The Split Roast five band feast

May 20th 2011

An extreme metal five-way split album, Split Roast  is an aptly named compilation offering up about an hour’s worth of extreme music and something like twenty tracks, from five of “the UK’s grimmest bands”...

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Lee Scratch Perry - Rise Again

Lee Scratch Perry

May 19th 2011

Seventy-five years young. Lee Scratch Perry is one of the originals, still at the top of his tree, toaster on his gate, hat as big as ever... sounding as good as ever, as clear as ever, as unclear as ever...

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Death Grips

New Death Grips video

May 18th 2011

10-9-8-7-triple 6-5-forked tongue
Criminal level crunk lightning storm ..Here we go again... Those mysterious DEATH GRIPS have leaked out another addictive sample of their brainstretching wares...  

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Rutman's Steel Cello Ensemble

Rutman's Steel Cello Ensemble

May 17th 2011

Rutman's Steel Cello Ensemble - A massive coruscating drone, sorry, DRONE... a drone so big it demands capitalisation.  This is what you get when you create a stringed instrument that appears to be taller than some people's houses.

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William D Drake - The rising of the Lights

William D Drake's The Rising of the Lights

May 16th 2011

William D Drake (once keyboard player of Cardiacs, and distant cousin of Nick) today releases a magnificent new album, The Rising Of The Lights... ...

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Bernadette Louise

Bernadette Louise, heartbreaker housewife…

May 14th 2011

Performance art, yellow egg yolks, yellow high heels, yellow washing up gloves: Bernadette Louise, Heartbreaker Housewife…

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Julia Kent

Julia Kent: the grey and the green

May 13th 2011

Classical cello player Julia Kent has released her second solo album; more notions of the shifting balance of the green and the grey, leaf growth and the greening of the man-made. Graceful beauty, field-sounds, strings, gentle electronica…

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Bearing a torch for better metal..

May 12th 2011

TORCHBEARER  - Third full length album from the Swedish black/death metal outfit with the big reputation.

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No Joy

No Joy

May 11th 2011

Today we give you the lush, left-field shoegazing layers of North America’s No Joy, and their  impressive debut album Ghost Blonde: rather lush, rather gorgeous, rather confident, slightly dangerous...

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The wizards of twiddly - People With Purpose

The Wizards of Twiddly

May 10th 2011

Liverpool based underground veterans The Wizards of Twiddly have a cracking album out on their own Fracture For Pleasure label, their first studio album since 1994. Titled People With Purpose, it could be their best yet...

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