What is Tokko? Who are oMMM?


May 9th 2011

"Tokko is a publishing and events collective based in London and Berlin... We make limited edition publications and create events melding unique colourful sounds, performances, visuals and books..." ...Tokko have a gig at the.....

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Four slices today, just because…

May 8th 2011

 Four albums worth a little bit of your time today: Washington D.C duo Authorization with a retrospective album available for free, Brighton choral popists The Robot Heart with their layers of melody, extreme metal from Manchester’s Not Above Evil, and a relentless black hellwind from Belgium’s Cult of Erinyes… We do like a touch of variety around these parts….

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New HELLA download from coming album

Hella and some sweets

May 6th 2011

Back to the stripped-down instrumental duo of guitarist Spencer Seim and Zach Hill, Hella are stirring - and here's a new new slice from the forthcoming 10 track album by the Sacramento band

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Franko Bello

Franko Bello: I Still Love

May 5th 2011

I Still Love is Italian artist Franko Bello’s first solo exhibition in London for seven years and features a series of embroidered canvases, never before shown in the UK.  This new collection of work will be on display at The Nunnery in Bow...

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Extra Life @ Africantape Festival

May 4th 2011

Charlie Looker of Extra Life

Here’s some EXTRA LIFE live footage from this weekend’s Africantape festival in Lyon, France, playing what sounds like one or more (rather good) new tracks.  Plus: another mushroom-shaped intervention from Christiaan Nagel...

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Off! @ 924 Gilman

May 3rd 2011

Off! are a band (a supergroup?) fronted by Keith Morris. A seminal figure in terms of American punk since the late '70s, a founding member and vocalist of L.A.’s infamous Black Flag...  

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Inkfetish, True Widow...

May 2nd 2011

A whole load of things today, including INKFETISH’s quickly disappearing painting in West London, new albums from TRUE WIDOW, THE WYLD OLDE SOULS and THE MONROE EFFECT along  with a demo from Oxford’s THE GRACEFUL SLICKS. ’ 

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April 30th 2011

The background: B.I.L.L. are: Clive Bell – world musician,  Hans Joachim Irmler -  founding member of Faust; Jaki Liebezeit - drummer of the German krautrock band, Can, and  Robert Lippok, guitar player and in-house expert on electronics for the band To Rococo Rot...

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The Doomed Bird Of Providence

The Doomed Bird of Providence

April 29th 2011

THE DOOMED BIRD OF PROVIDENCE – Will Ever Pray  Dramatically brooding folk music... mysterious violins, slowly uncoiling accordions, bar room sea shanty embers. The Doomed Bird Of Providence take off on a gracefully slow exploration of early Australian history – ‘darkly probing its more abject and harrowing aspects’ 

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Toof on a Roof

Paul Insect and Sweet Toof, on a roof

April 28th 2011

Paul Insect and Sweet Toof collaborate on a peice big enough to be seen from space - or at least from anyone flying in to London...

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Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs new album

April 27th 2011

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS – No Help Coming  Gloriously sunny, sitting listening to the blues kind of afternoon, could almost be summer and this music is perfect for such a day. Righteous mix of god-fearing drinking, running around...

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Poly Styrene

Goodbye, Poly Styrene

April 26th 2011

"Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard." Not Poly Styrene, she made a great big day-glo noise…

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Ned are on form with a new album, plus Mirror Queen...

April 25th 2011

Thing of this day is the new album from Lyon’s Ned; still all scrapyard abrasive, a little less cluttered now  And while you’re here, it's worth checking out the new album from New York’s Mirror Queen

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The White Mice

The White Mice

April 23rd 2011

Today’s Thing of the Day comes at you in the form of The White Mice from Providence, Rhode Island. People in giant mouse heads glitching and thrashing, what more could you possibly want on an Easter weekend?

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Countdown to new DEATH GRIPS album download

Death Grips - Ex Military cover

April 22nd 2011

Everyone's waiting for that debut album from Zach Hill's mysterious and thrilling noise-hop outfit Death Grips - it's available to download on April 27th 2011 - but in the meantime there's yet another of their taster mp3s, and new video, just appeared on the web site...

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The Grubby Mitts - To A Friend's House The Way Is Never Long

April 21st 2011

Grubby Mitts

THE GRUBBY MITTS have a beautiful new single called To A Friends House, a warm piece of experimental musical understatement, and a song that now takes on something of an extra shade of meaning. Tonight they planned a release party and celebration of their new single at Café Oto in Dalston, East London...

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Lecherous Gaze, Iron Maiden ukeleles

Blue Sausage Infant as paranoid rabbit

April 20th 2011

Four slices of righteous high on fire hard rocking flirtin’ with disaster - new self-titled four track EP from Oakland’s Lecherous Gaze… and the whole of Iron Maiden's Number Of The Beast covered by...

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Grand UlenaIn memory of Danny McClain of Grand Ulena

April 19th 2011

St Louis trio Grand Ulena were a lost gem of a band, creating complex and powerful 'brutal prog'... Their drummer, Danny McClain, passed away this winter, and their one remarkable album has now been made available for everyone to download.

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Blue Sausage Infant, and more...

Blue Sausage Infant as paranoid rabbit

April 18th 2011

Thing of the Day today is from BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT, with a whole lot of independent and self released albums worthy of a mention: THE SOUND OF THE MOUNTAIN, ROYAL BANGS, THE TEA CLUB and DREAMING IN STEREO

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Charley McFarleyCharlie McFarley debut show

April 16th 2011

East London’s very own Charlie McFarley has a debut solo show opening in Hackney at the start of May. A new collection of paintings influenced by a love-hate relationship with inner city life.

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Rayographs album

Rayographs' debut album 

April 15th 2011

 London’s Rayographs have always been rather special, different, and with this debut album, they’ve become rather magical...

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Big 'N - Spare The Horses coverThe return of Chicago’s Big’N

April 14th 2011

Big N', the legendary Chicago noise band of the 90s are back in action, with a new EP titled Spare The Horses,  out on the ever-rewarding Africantape label...

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Rude Mechanicals

Organ and LondonGigs present...

April 13th 2011

A week to go before Organ and LondonGigs.net present another night of cross-pollination: Rude Mechanicals, Common Deflection Problems, Alex Ward and Quadrilles...

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MadC paint encrusted handOpen art call at the Rag Factory, MadC at Pure Evil...

April 12th 2011

There's an open call for artists to come hang work and join in at East London's Rag Factory this Thursday... plus MadC is at Pure Evil this week ...

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Frau Pouch

Frau Pouch: Five slices of angular Medway post punk 

April 11th 2011

This is good! They got us now, no time to back out, just sit back and lubricate, take it all in. We like awkward earfood like this turning up unexpectedly in the post - fire up the airwaves, we got a live one here...

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Trippple NippplesTrippple Nippples hit London...

April 9th 2011

TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES are more than just an intriguing name...  They are a very (very) colourful “performance unit” from Tokyo, “formed in order to inject their explosive live energy to the music scene”...

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Minimalism from Kreidler, maximalism from Achenar...


April 8th 2011

Tank is the latest less-is-more uncluttered Kreidler album, more refreshment from the ever impressive German electronic band... Meanwhile the new album from Achenar is a multi-layered wall of glitch, dense machine driven relentlessness, a hell ride of glorious noise...

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Nonose Bus Stop potato thingReturn of the Bus Stop things...

April 7th 2011

They're back!  A new infestation of the Things That Appear On Top Of Bus Stops, all along the road to London Bridge and back...

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