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The Organ broadcasts resume at Resonance104.4FM every Sunday,9pm-10pm from 16th January 2011


The OTHER ROCK SHOW is presented by Marina O - The Other Rock Show is about exploring 'other' time signatures within structures of rock and filtering out the conventions of the 4/4 time easy option in favour of something a little more challenging. 

Meanwhile on the ORGAN THING Sean O will be bringing you an eclectic mix of diverse left-field things from all points in between and beyond - the best new releases and demos that are circulating around the underground fanzine channels and landing here in the Organ office, along with news of forthcoming events and general alternative music news and goings on in and around London.  Expect an hour of challenging alternative music each week, the kind you don’t often get on ‘normal’ music radio shows and stations, expect special guests, expect who knows what...

PLAYLISTS old and new back up here shortly (we're busy building a whole new Organ site for 2011)

Latest playlist: 

Sunday 16th January 2011: ORGAN THING at Resonance 104.4FM, 9pm  with Sean O playing the music and talking in between…

1: TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocketship (Blackbean)
2:  DEERHOOF – The Merry Barracks (ATP)
3: LOVELY EGGS – Don’t Look At Me (Cherryade)
4: PLAGUE RIOT IN MOSCOW – Babies And Crystal Meth Don’t Get Along (Doubledge Scissor)
5: CHILD ABUSE –  Hold This (Lovepump United)
6: BIG’N – T.N.T (Africantape)
7: WIRES UNDER TENSION – A List Of Things To Light On Fire (Western Vinyl)  
8: BIG’N –  Dirtfarmer (Africantape)
9: FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD –  Slap (Tuneless)
10: LED BIB –  Is That A Woodblock (Cuneiform)
11: GAY BEAST –  Smithereens (SkinGraft)
12: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP –  Nervous Disposition (Copepod)
13: CHILD ABUSE – Bebe (Lovepump United)
14: GODZILLA BLACK – The Drought (NHS Recordings)
15: WIZARDS OF TWIDDLY – Big, Bigger, Bigot (Fracture For Pleasure) 
16: VESSELS – Art/Choke (Cuckundoo)
17: REAL McKENZIES – Bitch Off The Money (Fat Wreck)
18: WIRES UNDER TENSION – Wood Metal Stone – remix (Western Vinyl)


1: TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocketship (Blackbean) - - Our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her Hardy Tree project and lots more over at

2:  DEERHOOF – The Merry Barracks (ATP) – New track from the forthcoming Deerhoof album, Deerhoof vs Evil, out on January 24th in the UK. You can grab hold of this track as a free download up front of the album, full details on the Organ website at -

3: LOVELY EGGS – Don’t Look At Me (Cherryade) – Lancaster’s feisty shouty DIY pop due Lovely Eggs have a new single on the way ahead of their latest album. Look at them, a pop work of genius and look at ‘im with his sausage roll thumb, and look at her with her cloth-line smile and look at him and look at him, don’t look at me. Now if Art Brut were from the North and didn’t want you to look at ‘em all the time then they’d be The Lovely Eggs… Out on January 31st, full details via the Organ pages

4: PLAGUE RIOT IN MOSCOW –  Babies And Crystal Meth Don’t Get Along (Doubledge Scissor) – This is a track from that excellent Doubleedge/LondonGigs compilation that you can download for free. Plague Riot take their scathing metallic adventures to a number of London venues in the coming weeks – The nest in Deptford, the Urban Bar in Whitechappel and such. Place to find out about all these gigs or indeed the compilation CD is via Meanwhile you can find out more about the band here or find more about the compilation, Doubledge Scissor and London gigs via the Organ at this page -

5: CHILD ABUSE –  Hold This (Lovepump United) – The New York band’s latest album Cut And Run came out back in April 2010, got lots of attention from us with their experimental avant noise blasts. And the good news is, they’re on their way over for a gig here in London next week, this is something we suspect is not to be missed. The awkwardly named art-noise band play an Upset The Rhythm night, at the Victoria, Dalston, East London on January 24th. And if Child Abuse playing is not enough, that bill features both Divorce and Alex Ward’s Dead Days Beyond Help. Full details of Child Abuse, the gig and everything else on the Organ pages here -

6: BIG’N – T.N.T (Africantape) – Ah, I know we shouldn’t have jumped for the cover version but hey, how filthy is this version of the AC/DC classic. Big’n, cult Chicago noise legends of the early 90’s, have a new album out this month, a collection of old singles, compilation tracks, demos and such on February 7th. And don’t they still sound fresh! More details, links, an Organ review and more here -

7: WIRES UNDER TENSION – A List Of Things To Light On Fire (Western Vinyl)  - The Bronx instrumentalists have their refreshing debut album out this February. Uncluttered creativity of a Battles, Jaga Jazzist, Michael Nyman nature. Review, full details and a free download can be found here on this Organ page:

8: BIG’N –  Dirtfarmer (Africantape) – And we had to play one of their originals as well, see track six for details.

9: FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD –  Slap (Tuneless) – Gloriously messy DIY hardcore thrash flavoured proper punk rock from London town, Flowers have their old school debut album out January 29th, they play a free launch gig at the Unicorn in Camden on the same day. Full review, links, details and more via Organ at this page -

10: LED BIB –  Is That A Woodblock (Cuneiform) – The next chapter in refreshing London prog rock flavoured jazz outfit is about to start. They have a new album called Bring Your Own out at the start of February, they have a lot of touring coming up and this track can be grabbed as an upfront free download, Full details, dates, links and more via this Organ page -

11: GAY BEAST – Smithereens (SkinGraft) – The North American experimental other rockists Gay Beast have a new album on the way, this is the title track, they’re also head over for a European tour at any moment, sadly for us over here, they’re only taking in mainland Europe. The album comes out on March 22nd, full details of what they’re up to and where you get the free download via this Organ page -

12: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP –  Nervous Disposition (Copepod) – Like we told you up the page a bit, Dead Days have a very tasty looking gig coming up with Glasgow’s Divorce and New York’s Child Abuse. Dead Days are another of Alex Ward’s vehicles, the London band are dealing in some kind of experiment prog rock flavoured avant other rock, this track is from their excellent 2009 album Access Denied, they apparently have new material ready to go – find full details and links at the foor of this Organ page -

13: CHILD ABUSE – Bebe (Lovepump United) – Ah more Child Abuse, from last year’s Cut And Run album, why not!? We’re excited about the gig next week, we’d happily declare our love of Chil… No! we don’t want to saying that do we, what a dubious name, what a wonderful band… Full details, links and more here -

14: GODZILLA BLACK – The Drought (NHS Recordings) – The mighty experimental prog metal flavoured artists Godzilla Black have themselves a free gig this coming January 22nd at the Unicorn in Camden, Organ recommended gig at and look at the bill, Thumpermonkey Lives! and Feal Real also on the bill. This track can be found on the excellent New Heavy Sounds compilation late last year, find an Organ review of that album here - - meanwhile catch up with Godzilla Black via

15: WIZARDS OF TWIDDLY – Big, Bigger, Bigot (Fracture For Pleasure)  - And our long standing old friends of many years, Liverpool’s Wizards of Twiddly, have an new album out. Must have been around for twenty or so years now, this is almost certainly their finest album yet. That unique mix of classic English prog, bits that taste of Cardiacs or Gong and bits that are all of their own. The new album, out on their own FFP label as always, is called People With Purpose. We’ll get some words about it up on the Organ pages, meanwhile their main website seems to on the rapidly dying thing that is MySpace –

16: VESSELS – Art/Choke (Cuckundoo) – The new Vessels album has just landed here in the Organ bunker. Helioscope is the name of the new album, first impressions are good ones, that by now familiar expansive brand of post-rock euphoria done the Vessels way, those build-and-break dynamics, and more words than you might be expecting, not just an instrumental band. The album is a out on March 21st; there’s lots of dates and such coming up. Organ review up soon, explore things via

17: REAL McKENZIES – Bitch Off The Money (Fat Wreck) – Track off the Scottish Canadian’s recent live album. The kilt wearing, bagpipe throwing Scottish folk-flavoured punks from Vancouver are in town this week as part of the UK leg of their European tour, London date is on 19th Jan at the Borderline – you have to give their pits at least one, bagpipes, kilts and punk rock chaos. Full details, dates, links here -

18: WIRES UNDER TENSION – Wood Metal Stone – remix (Western Vinyl). A last slice of Wires to close the show tonight and a taste of the remix version of a track on the new album. This remix is available as a free download via the links on Organ page where you’ll find the album review and such -

Same time same place on Resonance 104.4FM next Sunday when Marina takes over the Organ hour with her Other Rock Show and her further exploration of rock music beyond the safety of 4/4. Thanks for listening, Sean 

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