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The OTHER ROCK SHOW is presented by Marina O - The Other Rock Show is about exploring 'other' time signatures within structures of rock and filtering out the conventions of the 4/4 time easy option in favour of something a little more challenging. 

Meanwhile on the ORGAN THING Sean O will be bringing you an eclectic mix of diverse left-field things from all points in between and beyond - the best new releases and demos that are circulating around the underground fanzine channels and landing here in the Organ office, along with news of forthcoming events and general alternative music news and goings on in and around London. 

Latest PLAYLIST - Sunday 30th January 2011

ORGAN THING at Resonance 104.4FM, 9pm,  with Sean O playing the music and Sean and Marina Organ talking to our studio guests in between… This week we had studio guests is the shape of Argentinean painter/musician Marina Fages and painter, street artist, drummer and ‘reluctant gallerist” Charles, AKA Pure Evil. Marina has an exhibition of paintings on a the Pure Evil gallery that Charles runs over in Shoreditch, East London. she’s also been making music with Mr P.Evil himself, down in the basement of the East London gallery… Here’s who got played in between the chat, transcripts and recordings of the show will be on line later.    

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocketship (Blackbean) 

2:  WIRE – Two Minutes (Pink Flag)
3:  BIG‘N – Dirtfarmer (Africantape)
4: LOVELY EGGS – Don’t Look At Me (Cherryade)
5: SOCIAL STUDIES –  Assignment 2 (Daddy Tank)
6: MARINA FAGES & PURE EVIL – Charango’s Last Song
7: SHUGO TOKUMARU – Rum Hee – Deerhoof remix (Souterrain Transmissions)
9: CHIPS FOR THE POOR – Fistula (Doubledge Scissor)
10: TERA MELOS featuring MIKE WATT –  Manar The Magic (download)
11: HOUSE OF JOHN PLAYER – Shyrite (Double Dot Dash)
12: MARINA FAGES & PURE EVIL – Charango’s Last Song

Track details, links and more

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocketship (Blackbean) - Our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her Hardy Tree project and lots more over at

2:  WIRE – Two Minutes (Pink Flag) – A track from the new Wire album that came out this month, Two Minutes is probably the nearest they get to their original new wave post punk roots on Red Barked Tree. The long-standing still rather vital band are playing London this week, 2nd Feb at the Scala in Kings Cross, as part of the UK leg of their world tour. You can read some Organ words regarding the album here – - and indeed you can download the track in a legal and free manner via this page -

3:  BIG‘N – Dirtfarmer (Africantape) –  Big’n, cult Chicago noise legends of the early 90’s, have a new album, well a collection of old singles, compilation tracks, demos and such, out on February 7th. And don’t they still sound fresh! More details, links, an Organ review and more here - - and it seems the band are now reformed, touring and hopefully recording new material. Good to have them back, a band ahead of their time and still sound fresh with their alternative shape shifting big black noise. 

4: LOVELY EGGS – Don’t Look At Me (Cherryade) - Lancaster’s feisty shouty DIY pop due Lovely Eggs have a new single out now ahead of their latest album. Look at them, a pop work of genius and look at ‘im with his sausage roll thumb, and look at her with her cloth-line smile and look at him and look at him, don’t look at me. Now if Art Brut were from the North and didn’t want you to look at ‘em all the time then they’d be The Lovely Eggs… Out on January 31st, full details via the Organ pages - organthing050.html - and they’re playing London this Friday Feb 4th at The Lexington alongside The Tender Trap. 

5: SOCIAL STUDIES – Assignment 2 (Daddy Tank) – Only just unwrapping the delights on this album, we’ll have an Organ review and such up on line sometime in the coming week. Tasty forward looking imaginative hip-hop from Atlanta Georgia, some kind of live, real instruments (Mellotron!) organic hip-hop creativity and some very clever ear-catching words, kind of Dalek / DJ Shadow feel, excellent actually. The album is called Proxemics, here’s some words from the label’s website… 
                  “Hip-hop has been poorly treated this last decade. Yes, there have been sporadic bursts of genius, but all in all hip-hop has become an embarrassing relic, too bloated and self-serving to live but too stupid to die. Social Studies may well have provided the cure (or lethal injection) that is so long overdue.  On Proxemics all the classic ingredients of hip-hop are on display. Ingenious sampling, tight beats and intelligent stream of consciousness raps are all in perfect proportion, coming together to create a rare breed of album….” – explore more via
6: MARINA FAGES & PURE EVIL – Charango’s Last Song – Some rather creative music from tonight’s studio guests, painter/musician Marina Fages on her Charango and Mr Pure Evil playing drums. A taste of some music they’ve been making together at the gallery where Marina has a show of her rather impressively bold paintings at the moment. You can find out about  Marina, her show, Pure Evil and why this was the Charango’s last tune over at - They’ll be making live music down at the Gallery next Thursday night (part of First Thursday). Marina also has a musical performance in the basement of the hi-fi shop that can be found on Redchurch Street – about the only place on East London’s Redchurch street that isn’t a gallery, that happens on February 22nd. Check all the links for news, you’ll via the links that Organ page about the show that we just gave you.   

7: SHUGO TOKUMARU – Rum Hee (Deerhoof remix) (Souterrain Transmissions) – B-side of a single from the rather delicately unique Japanese Singer / songwriter that came out late last year. Well why not play this one tonight, it is rather beautiful and everyone else is covering and playing tracks from the excellent new Deerhoof album Dearhoof vs Evil this week so we figured we’d celebrate the release of that album with something a little different yet still very Deerhoof. Find out more via - - and details of the new Deerhoof album, and a free download taster, can be found here -

8: DAVID CRONENBERG’S WIFE –  Cymru (Blang) – Welsh language b-side from the recent Sweden single, well last September’s Sweden single. The rather different lo-fi anti-folk flavoured band are playing at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on February 13th as part of an event called HungaMunga's ArtBreak Hotel – HungaMunga's Valentines Party... Here’s what Hunga Munga say:  “fancy a stay at a crafty little stopover on the road to lurve... with lots of arty fun, make Valentines cards, play games and meet new people... with some wonderful musical guests plus a paintathon and blindfold-dating...” Find out more via Meanwhile explore the strangely named ever rewarding David Cronenberg’s Wife via

9: CHIPS FOR THE POOR – Fistula (Doubledge Scissor) - This track is from a ten track compilation put out by excellent alternative gig listing site London Gigs and the Doubledge Scissor team. This is the contribution on that ten track CD from London’s cantankerously good Chips For The Poor. Who knows what Chips are on about? They’re like one of those encounters you have with those colourful people you occasionally meet sitting on buses or tube trains talking what seems like random rubbish that might just contain all the answers you’ll ever need if you listen properly. They’re like Mark E. Smith down a Millwall match delivering milk, no, they’re nothing like that… Chips For The Poor support Damo Suzuki on February 10th at the Windmill in Brixton (and then head for Texas for some dates – US promoters, check them out and get in touch, this is one of the best live bands in London right now) contact Chips For The Poor at , grab the free CD via Read more about that CD here

10: TERA MELOS featuring MIKE WATT –  Manar The Magic (download) – New slice of Tera Melos, this time collaborating with Mike Watt, he of Firehose, Minutemen and such. The band, from Sacramento, California, play an other rock style that touches on jazz, ambient electronics and unconventional song structure while always being a rock band and well, go explore what Tera Melos are doing via - this track is available as a free download, we’ll have full details up on the Organ site any moment, indeed those details are probably up by the time you read this, go poke around and see what you can find, this is a non-stop operation…

11: HOUSE OF JOHN PLAYER – Shyrite (Double Dot Dash) – A track from the excellent split seven inch that features House Of John Player and Toddlers that just came out on impressive DIY label Double Dot Dash, read lots more about the label, the single and more over at - wanted to play both tracks tonight, not enough time, we will play them both soon though.

12: MARINA FAGES & PURE EVIL – Charango’s Last Song – last bit of fade-out end of show music from tonight’s most welcome guests. Thanks everyone.

Same time same place next week when Marina Organ will probably be the only Marina in the studio and she’ll take her turn in the Organ Hour seat to present her Other Rock Show and once again exploring rock music that takes in odd structure or goes beyond the norm of mere 4/4 in terms of time signature…

PLAYLISTS old and new back up here shortly (we're busy building a whole new Organ site for 2011)

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