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The OTHER ROCK SHOW is presented by Marina O - The Other Rock Show is about exploring 'other' time signatures within structures of rock and filtering out the conventions of the 4/4 time easy option in favour of something a little more challenging. 

Meanwhile on the ORGAN THING Sean O will be bringing you an eclectic mix of diverse left-field things from all points in between and beyond - the best new releases and demos that are circulating around the underground fanzine channels and landing here in the Organ office, along with news of forthcoming events and general alternative music news and goings on in and around London.  Expect an hour of challenging alternative music each week, the kind you don’t often get on ‘normal’ music radio shows and stations, expect special guests, expect who knows what...

Latest playlist: 

Sunday 20th February 2011: The OTHER ROCK SHOW at Resonance 104.4FM, 9pm  with Marina O playing the music and talking in between…
Intro: PHANTOMSMASHER Bishop Hopping (Ipecac)

1:  SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM - The Salt Crown (The End)
2:  IO MONADE STANCA - Roncea (Africantape)
3:  COMMON DEFLECTION PROBLEMS - The Power Of Erosion (Handmade)
4:  KAYO DOT - Stained Glass (excerpt) (Hydrahead)
5:  BILBAO SYNDROME - III (Gravid Hands)
6:  CAPILLARY ACTION - Tenderloin (Natural Selection)
7:  ZACH HILL - Jackers (Sargent House)
8:  PASSE MONTAGNE - 98% Cuir 2% Sky (Africantape)
9:  SO IS THE TONGUE  -  1 (Sound Devastation)
10: DAS WANDERLUST  - I Am Not My Brain (self release)
11:  HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT - Varicose Jibs (Unlabel)
11:  U TOTEM -  Carousel, Dedicated To Hugh (Cuneiform)


Welcome back my friends, to the show that never plays ELP, because Egg were better

1:  Dreadful news: SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM have announced three gigs... three final gigs. All in the US: April 7th, 2011    - Casbah, San Diego, CA   (21+)
April 8th, 2011    - Troubador, Los Angeles, CA  (All Ages)
April 10th, 2011  - The Independent, San Francisco, CA  (21+) They say: "..If you go to these shows, you will have seen Sleepytime Gorilla Museum for the last time. As it turns out, we are being replaced." They are, however, making a final album, and a film...

2: IO MONADE STACA are from Italy - Roncea is from the excellent Africantape compilation album that's accompanying the Africantape Festival in France. Africantape are a great French label with tastes leaning towards avant rock - you can download the whole compilation (or separate tracks) for free here

3: COMMON DEFLECTION PROBLEMS are a three-piece East London based band. They were formed in 2008 by  Antonio Iannola Gianpiero Cacace and Mario Noviello who started playing together in Italy in 2004. They're playing a gig with Nought at the LHT Urban Bar, Whitechapel on Saturday 26th Feb (as part of the Have A Banana all-dayer)...  This was from their  self-titled five track EP out on Handmade Records

4: KAYO DOT are finishing their tour of Europe - the Vortex gig was a triumph, proving they can do all that subtlety and complexity live -  Stained Glass is their recent EP, "features the return of original Kayo Dot lyricist Jason Byron, as well as a guest appearance by electric guitar genius Trey Spruance (Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle)." 

5: ...they were supported at The Vortex by BILBAO SYNDROME - a noble match, possibly one of the heaviest bands ever to play the Vortex, and an equal in complexity to much of the venue's usual jazz acts; making good use of the grand piano for the more delicate chunks of their Meshuggah-influenced dramatics.  Their first album is coming out on Gravid Hands very soon -
more info

6:  The new CAPILLARY ACTION album is to be released sometime aroung April this year   - it's to be called 'Capsized' and it's coming out on Natural Selection. There's a taster here: listen-capillary-action-feeding-frenzy

7: ZACH HILL (US drummer/composer extraordinaire, one half of Hella) has a newish album out; called Face Tat, it's out on Sergent House and includes several of his talented friends including Devendra Banhart, No Age (Dean Spunt and Randy Randall), Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73), Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Carson McWhirter (Hella), Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos, Bygones) .   

8: PASSE MONTAGNE - These guys are also playing the Africantape Festival, and this track can be downloaded for free from here. "Passe Montagne is the other band of the drummer from Chevreuil. The guy who is the head of AfricanTape. I can’t really say nasty things about him, can I? You might need to review your trigonometry tables before this one" it says on the Africantape festival web site. 

9: SO IS THE TONGUE - So Is The Tongue are from New Jersey, band member Rod Varod is also playing live in Kayo Dot. This is from a four track EP called Torpid and Blight that came out on Sound Devastation a year or so ago and they have a new album on the way - more info:

10: DAS WANDERLUST have a new album - its called Bones Hooves and Horns and you can get it from here Das Wanderlust are Laura Susan Simmonds and some other people, they're from the north, you can buy their album via their web site - pay what you feel is right:

11: HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT - They're from deepest Kent, a mysterious trio who raise the bar for ridiculously complexity that rocks, and they've had split albums with Upsilon Acrux. This track's from the Unlabel compilation Unlaut of a couple of years ago.  Honey Ride Me A Goat are currently putting the finishing touches on a short track they recorded with their friend Hugh Hopper before he passed away in 2009...

12: U TOTEM - This track is from the 1995 Cuneiform double CD compilation called Unsettled Scores, where lots of Cuneiform artistes covered each others work.  Carousel, Dedicated To Hugh was a piece by U Totem combining themes from various Hugh Hopper compositions, as a tribute to his influence on so much of the music on the album.

Same time same place on Resonance 104.4FM next Sunday when Sean O presents an all-purpose Organ Thing, full of the best of new underground/alternative/diy music, events and art to have flown to the Organ Bunker or strayed across our paths...  ta for listening, Marina O

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