SEAN ORGAN SHOW - RESONANCE 104.4 FM, London -- June 4 2006   

Who got played and where to find out more...  

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - intro bit  

2: VIKING MOSES - My Husband's Hand (Poptones) - Viking Moses is singer songwriter Brendon Massei, he can stretch out from this delicate pin-drop sound to raging gospel over white noise, he's from the Ozarks of Missouri via a  schooling in the surreality of Las Vegas and this track is due out on a rather fine album called Crosses on July 31 - or

3: VESSELS - The Beast - New beautifully delicate detailed demo from the Leeds band that arrived in this week's post sack (I think they're from Leeds) where do you find out more? My Space of course

4: PINK MOUNTAIN - No Yeah (Frenetic) - improvised avant super group with people on the run from John Zorn, Fred Frith and Cheer-Accident, from an album that's out this very week on Oakland label Frenetic -

5: FURIOUS GEORGE - Hello From The Gutters Of New York City - (download) Now weíve been ranting and raving about George Tabb for the last few days, the man in part of the DIY punk rock community, he's contributed a hell of a lot, more then most and right now he needs your help - go read this week's on line  Organ or the Organ My Space blogs or skip us and go straight to 

6: LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH - New Church (Track) - 16 years ago yesterday Lords frontman Stiv Bators got hit by a car on a Paris street, his girlfriend took him to a hospital, the doctor said he was OK and sent him home, he died that night... There's a line in that song about heroes all dying away, now George Tabb probably isnít going to thank anyone for calling him a hero Ė but music is your weapon and so is communication - Stiv, we still remember, George Tabb we must help now - spread the word, add links, go tell people....   

7: HIDEOUS WHEEL INVENTION - Going to Middlesborough (Download) - OK, I've been ranting too much this weekend, but there are other things we should never forget like.... I would love it love love it.....   

8: THE RACONTEURS - Store Bought Bones (Third Man/XL) - How good are this band Ė Jack White and friends playing Zep-edged prog-punk in that White Stripes way - 

9: BILLY CHILDISH - Anarchy In The UK (download) - cause no one ever gets stuck really, Billy has an exhibition of paintings and such on right now in Brighton - more from or find the track and download it and other things yourself via 

10: ABOUT - I Think Niles Drink (CockRockDisco) - A track from Boingo - last week's album of the week on the ORGAN website -

11: LEAFCUTTER JOHN - Dreams 2 (Staubgold) - More from the excellent forthcoming The Forest And The Sea album of field noise and found sounds and folk songs that work together as a whole - out on June 19 - more from Catch Leafcutter at the ICA in London on June 22
12: DAUFOIOBLAENAU - Anibybaet (demo) The Welsh language is just made for rap, these boys and girls have all kinds of wholesome things to say and if you donít know what theyíre saying then Iím not telling you, their debut single is out sometime very soon - 

13: SUBHUMANS - Apathy (Fat Wreck) Live cut from the excellent Live in A Dive  album because punk rock apathy has had me raging this weekend and Subhumans are just about the best ranters and ravers out there.... Was it that you didn't know or just that you didn't care? More from - and go check the George Tabb situation please
14: THE DEATH SET - Paranoia (Rabbit Foot) - More from the excellently spiky 
US band -

15: DIRT - Fallen Solder (Demo) - Another track from our favourite US rap/hip-hop/grime/whatever thing right now, here's the link, go explore... 

16: STASI - Riding The Biaxial/I Collect unwanted Apologies (Riot Club) B-side of Stasi's new single which is out sometime like right now. Fresh new London band with a very positive/epic Radiohead flavour or two - and why not indeed -
17: I HAD AN INKLING - Pantone Deference (Golden Lab) - A slice of bendy mathoid (slightly spiky) pronk from Manchester/Leeds -

18: THE WEEGS - Two And Three Eights (Hungry Eye) - Track from the San Francisco band's rather Devoish flavoured new album The Million Sounds Of Black /    

19: SCHULTE/ERIKSSON - For The Sake Of Clarity (ORG) - A track from the Swedish/German bandís debut single from about five years ago - I think the girls were ahead of their time don't you? An e.mail from them this week had us dig  this out, maybe it's time to put it out there again - watch this space 
20: SLAYER - ABOLISH GOVERNMENT (American) - A TSOL punk rock classic covered 
Slayer style (from Slayer's Undisputed Attitude album of punk and hardcore covers) for George Tabb, Stiv Bators, Monica, Cruel Carrie, Spit Like This, Let's Destroy, Mass Movement Zine, Monotreme, Rip Cruncher, Ms Marcia X and anyone else who gave a shit and put up with my rantings and ravings this weekend and who actually did something....
21: TRANSISTOR SIX - outro bit       

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