Who got played this week? And how do you find out more?

1: INTRO – TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocket Ship
2: CRASS – Bloody Revolution 
3: TANGAROA – When The Door Swings Shut, Draw That Gun 
4: SHRAG – Pregnancy Scene
5: CUP – We Go To The Zoo
6: DIRT – Shady Politics
8:  MATTHEW HERBERT – The Truncated Life Of A Modern industrialised Chicken 
9: ACTIVE SLAUGHTER –  Securicor
10: CHRISTIAN DEATH – Spiritual Clamp
11: SHRAG – Mark E,Smith
12; VESSELS – The Beast 
13: MOIST PAULA – Actually I’m So Busy
14: PINK MOUNTAIN – Mastiff Mix 
15: TERROR – Strike You Down 
16: NIALL SPOONER-HARVEY - Intolerant 
17: COLD ELF – Medicated 
18: WILLIAM D DRAKE – Fiery Pyre
19: SHRAG: - Mark E. Smith
20: OUTRO – TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocket Ship

1: INTRO – TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocket Ship

2: CRASS – Bloody Revolution (Crass) A classic slice of 80’s anarcho punk rock creativity to open this week’s show. Needs to be played now and again, well just because – actually I got a massive kick out of playing all 6 minutes and 20 seconds of this on an FM radio show – don’t you just love Resonance fm....

3: TANGAROA – When The Door Swings Shut, Draw That Gun (Anticulture) - Opening track from the Leeds band’S forthcoming five track Day EP  - Extreme jittering flickering metal that may be bad for your heart - find more out from or

4: SHRAG – Pregnancy Scene (WIAIWYA) – my new favourite band, Shrag are from Brighton, this is their debut double A side seven inch single, it’s limited to a pressing of just 300 and it’s deliciously gloriously spunky girl/boy punk pop new wave whatever you want to call it – glorious, brilliant. is where you can get a taste and make contact.

5: CUP – We Go To The Zoo (BuzzBuzz?Bang) – Another track (following on from the three we played last time) from the excellent DIY compilation CDr thing. Buzz Buzz Bang seem to be some kind of collective, club, underground label general DIY do’ers up there in Liverpool – this is from a CDr compilation that’s full of, in their words “hellish square waves” - fine things from Indica Ritual, Cup, Steal Gandhi, Financial Times, Rhubarb, Kulant and Binary Toad (did Poisoned Electrick Head put something in the water up there? Is this the result?). Once again Mr Murdock will put you in touch via

6: DIRT – Shady Politics (demo) – New track from those grime makers from PG (Florida), a new recording and a very first play for it anywhere in the world I do believe. Third track we’ve played now, I don’t think they/he has actually officially released anything yet, these are demo recordings. Dirt makes grime-hop, dirty outspoken politically tense hip-hop that just hits the spot like no other right now. Good to hear a mention of George Tabb in there as well - here's the link, go explore... and if you don’t know who George Tabb is then please take a moment to find out – Dirt made this track after we posted something about George, that’s how the underground can work.

7: HAYSEED DIXIE – War Pigs (Cooking Vinyl) – A southern fried bluegrass fiddles and banjos version of the Black Sabbath classic that kind of fitted just right after Dirt... Hayseed Dixie are back in the UK playing festivals this summer – their albums are laced with bluegrass versions of things originally done by Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Van Halen, Outkast and even Franz Ferdinand – they’re on a UK tour starting next week that seems to stretch through to Autumn –

8: MATTHEW HERBERT – The Truncated Life Of A Modern industrialised Chicken  (Magic And Accident) - field recordings all so cleverly put together to make such amazing music which sounds so stunning before you know what it is and how he’s made it – this particular track is the sound of 30,000 broiler chickens in one barn, the sound of 24,000 one minute old chicks in a commercial hatchery, he sound 40 free range chickens in a coop. “ Ever since being fortunate enough to travel the world with my music, my palate has changed. The familiar English rituals, textures and tastes have been undermined at every turn. The inevitable consequence has been a growing obsession with the international language of food and how almost every choice we are being asked to make about what we eat is laced with deadly compromises. For example, at a restaurant, do you choose white bread, which may be nutritionally poorer for you than brown bread - or do you choose brown bread which contains 5 times the amount of pesticide residues? The album is called Plat Du Jour -

9: ACTIVE SLAUGHTER –  Securicor (demo) A downloaded cover of the Crass track. Active Slaughter are back recording and playing again, and making rather in your face political activist type videos and as much as we would love to be playing one of their own tracks, kind of fitting after Matthew Herbert. We probably wouldn’t get away with playing one of their own tracks on the radio and so thanks to Mr Murdock and My Space you can go find out and watch the videos yourselves over at 

10: CHRISTIAN DEATH – Spiritual Clamp (Jungle) – Some early Rozz Williams fronted Christian Death. Back from when performance artist Ron Athey was part of their creative family. Ron Athey is in London right now for a performance at the Hayward Gallery alongside Lee Adams  - a night of contemporary live art reflecting the dark visions of George Bataille with take place tomorrow Monday 3 July.  or 

11: SHRAG – Mark E.Smith  (WIAIWYA) – I love this band, Shrag are from Brighton, this is the other side of their debut double A side single, it’s limited to a pressing of just 300 and it’s gloriously shouty spunky girl/boy punk and if John Peel was still with us then he’d be playing this on repeat – how brilliant is this!!!

12: VESSELS – The Beast (demo) We make no apologies for playing another track off the Leeds band’s very very fine debut five track demo CD. Sublime post-rock beauty –

13: MOIST PAULA – Actually I’m So Busy  (demo) – She’s from Brooklyn, New York, she’s also in a band called Secretary and another called Moisturizer (hence the name) and she plays a bari sax, it’s Moist Paula’s way of singing, more from is soon -

14: PINK MOUNTAIN –  Mastiff Mix (Frenetic) – The avant improviser US West Coast supergroup who feature members of Lozenge, Cheer-Accident, Quasi, Fred Frith band, John Zorn, Nina Hagen Band. Another track from their self titled album that came out a couple of weeks ago - well it is one of the albums of the year –

15: TERROR – Strike You Down (Trustkill) – A slice off the LA hardcore punk band’s new album Always The Hard Way that just landed here (out on July 24). Sounding better than ever...

16: NIALL SPOONER–HARVEY - Intolerant (download) A slice of intolerant poetry from a poet from NW London. He has a new book of his work out later this month, and guess what, like every other person in the world he has a My Space page (and like everyone else in London he doesn’t get on with Oyster cards) –

17: COLD ELF – Medicated (demo) A slice of very creative electronica from Plymouth Michigan (If I remember right), I’ll get back to you when we have more details and a connection, where did I get this from? Ok, I lost the notes and now I’m not sure...

18: WILLIAM D DRAKE - Fiery Pyre (ORG) - A Track off the Cardiacs and Affectionate Friends CD that featured the mellow side of Cardiacs and their family. The album first came out back in 2001, it hasn't been available for a few years, it's back in the shops on Monday. And Monday is Tim Smith’s birthday and so in line with all the requests your loyalty demands

19: SHRAG - Mark E. Smith (WIAIWYA) – Like I said up there how brilliant is this? And it suddenly occurred to me as the show was coming to an end that John Peel would have loved it so much he would have played it twice (and by the end of the year it would be top of the festive 50). We miss you John and we’d like to think just a tiny bit of your spirit is in the Resonance studio smiling, it’s certainly in this Shrag single.

20: OUTRO – TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocket Ship


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