THE OTHER ROCKSHOW and THE ORGAN SHOW @ RESONANCE 104.4fm with MARINA ORGAN one week and SEAN O the next. 9.00pm every Sunday night...


The Other Rock Show is presented by Marina O, The Other Rock Show is about exploring 'other' time signatures within structures of rock and filtering out the conventions of the 4/4 time easy option in favour of something a little more challenging.

Meanwhile on the ORGAN RADIO SHOW Sean Owill be bringing you an eclectic mix of diverse left-field things from all points in between and beyond - the best new releases and demos that are circulating around the underground fanzine channels and landing here in the Organ office, along with news of forthcoming events and general alternative music news and goings on in and around London. 

Expect an hour of challenging alternative music each week, the kind you don’t often get on ‘normal’ music radio shows and stations, expect special guests, expect who knows what... expect to find links and details so you can explore all that you hear on after each show 

Organ on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 1st Nov 2009. This week with Sean on DJ duties. On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

This week’s playlist..

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2:  BOMB FACTORY – Tapes (self release)
3: GAY AGAINST YOU – Victoria Quix (Ad Aad At)
4: FOOT VILLAGE – Energy Hunters (Upset The Rhythm) 
5: ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM – Lay Me Down (Big Dada)
6: RUDE MECHANICALS – Scary Fish Finger Woman (RIM)
7: CASTOVALVA – Outlawz (Brew)
8: RAT ATTACK – This Is Art (Lockjaw)
9: URIAH HEEP – Easy Livin’ Live (King Biscuit Flower Hour)
10: JAGA JAZZIST – One Armed Bandit (Ninja Tune)
11: FOOT VILLAGE – Anti-Magic (Upset The Rhythm)
12: PSYCHIC TV – No Good Trying (Sweet Nothing) 
13: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Final Variation On A Theme Entitled Attack Sequence (Skingraft)
14: LOU BARLOW – Goodnight Unknown (Domino)
15: SUBGENERATES – Pacify Me (demo)
16: DANIEL JOHNSON –Queenie The Doggie (Feraltone)
19: FOOT VILLAGE – Chicken And Cheese 2 (Upset The Rhythm) 

Full details, news, links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2:  BOMB FACTORY – Tapes (self release) – Debut single from Cambridge band Bomb Factory, scathing slice of in your face English paranoia and surveillance and Killing Joke and Creaming Jesus and Crass and Art Brut and wired council house estate energy and.... Menacing three tracker. Catch them in London at Belishi’s Indie Factory, Camden High Road on November 6th -

3: GAY AGAINST YOU – Victoria Quix (Ad Aad At) – The Glasgow duo have a new album out this month, goes by the name of Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes. All analogue keyboards cut up jittery that really isn’t cut up is it? Twitching in insane teddybear outfits and other rock synth pop prog rock afrobeat hardcore disco or something near that – it all makes perfect (thrilling) sense, excellent album, more soon –

4: FOOT VILLAGE – Energy Hunters (Upset The Rhythm) – Foot Village are almost here, they’re from California, they land in the UK this coming week! Barden’s Boudoir 6th Nov is the London date (although they’re doing something secret in London on the 14th as well), off all around the country from the 6th until the 14th with that hardcore hardboiled acoustic noise fest drum ‘n scream tribalism that you really should not miss. These tracks played tonight are from their recent Anti-Magic album, this band are unique –

5: ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM – Lay Me Down (Big Dada) – New York’s Anti-Pop Consortium are back in action, the forward looking boundary pushing old school flavoured hip-hop/rap/whatever crew  have a challenging new album called Fluorscent Black and they’re in the UK touring right now – London Scala on November 5th, fireworks indeed -

6: RUDE MECHANICALS – Scary Fish Finger Woman (RIM) – The ever brilliant Rude Mechanicals are hard at work on a new album right now. They’re one of the very best bands London has to offer, they don’t fit anywhere, strange alien angular jazz performance art contradictions and bits of Zappa waltzing with teapots and the symbiotic love slaves of Ms Roberts and... This is from a new Sexton Ming tribute album called This Is Ming Beat, a rather fine album that comes loaded with all kinds of twists on those already rather twisted Sexton songs... People like The London Dirthole Company, The Hardy Tree, The Deptford Beach Babes, Peny Dreadful And The Bloody Valentines and such on there, more exploration here on Resonance FM in the coming weeks no doubt – or

7: CASTOVALVA – Outlawz (Brew) – The Leeds three piece are really going up through the gears with this new single and added vocal power. Funk flavour thuglife poetry for other rock heads. Think Hella or Arab On Radar with a touch of Prince then throw in a touch of X factor. Two track CD, out this Monday, limited edition of 500, move on it now! or

8: RAT ATTACK – This Is Art (Lockjaw) – We needed to play this glorious one and half minutes again this week didn’t we (I expect I’ll play it again next time as well, don’t like it? Go call your MP or something, I am the law for this one hour on a Sunday night...). Title track off the scathing high-speed Exeter crew’s excellent new six track album This Is Art (came out late last month). Steaming in your face hardcore punk rock is what it is, and this is their rant about the fact that they don’t make their beds therefore they make art everyday. Might be yesterday’s news and Tracy makes her bad now (I bet they’re embroidering all the names of everyone they’ve slept with on the side of their tour van this week) but this is the best bit of new UK hardcore punk we’ve heard in ages... And we’d almost given up on Lockjaw Records, the label grew a collective pair again, welcome back... or

9: URIAH HEEP – Easy Livin’ Live (King Biscuit Flower Hour) – And just because we can, Rat Attack mixed in to some classic Heep and on to Jaga Jazzist - now that’s what we call the art of music radio! Recorded live in San Diego, warts and all, 70’s Cockney roadies checking mics ‘ello San Diego and “ladies and gentlemen will you please welcome Uriah Heep” with all those overdriven Hammond organs and Lesleys  and out of tune harmonies and love it! Don’t know who’s still alive and standing in Uriah Heep these days but they are at the Garage here in London this coming Wednesday. One of the finest prog flavoured hard rock bands of all time, this is from the legendary King Biscuit Flower Hour radio series, a U.S live radio show that ran weekly from 1973 to 2007. Something that evolved out of a psychedelic blues radio show that was sponsored by the King Biscuit Flower Company – real art of radio and cross pollination then, you have to love the Heep and this is them in all their live naked early 70’s we’ve got a newfangled Moog and we’re going to use it glory  –

10: JAGA JAZZIST – One Armed Bandit (Ninja Tune) – Uriah Heep mixed in with fresh Jaga Jazzist, is that a radio first? We’d like to think so. New single from Norway’s finest. The nine piece experimental outfit have a new album on the way early next year, this is the title track and first single.  More of their eccentrically good instrumental accomplished other rock. The full single is out on 23rd November, there’s a free download version available now – or

11: FOOT VILLAGE – Anti-Magic (Upset The Rhythm) – See track 4 and prepare for the forthcoming scream fest... We are animal! 

12: PSYCHIC TV – No Good Trying (Sweet Nothing) – The ever evolving PTV3 psychedelic set of contradictions, questions and counter-culture reference points that throw experimental gender-twisting curveballs at the musical canvas. This is Genesis and company with their rather fine cover of the Syd Barrett classic from their 2008 CD/DVD Mr Alien Vs The Skinwalkers.  The band are in London this Tuesday 3rd Nov at the Tabarnacle in Ladbrook Grove. We’ve interviewed and featured the ever evolving band many times during the almost 23 year life of Organ, there was a time back there where they couldn’t openly play London, there was that time with the snake... and and that bit where they invented Acid House or... You never quite know what you’re going to get from a Psychic TV gig (or a visit to Thee Temple...) –

13: THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Final Variation On A Theme Entitled Attack Sequence (Skingraft) – Plying the hardboiled noise-fest nowave jazz-attack beauty that is The Flying Luttenbachers on an FM radio station jsut because we can! This is from 2007 re-issued Destroy All Music Revisited album on the ever fruitful Skingraft label. The album originally came out in 1994, this version has a load of extra tracks on it though. or explore Weasel Walter and such via UgExplode via

14: LOU BARLOW – Goodnight Unknown (Domino) – Title track of the rather fine new solo album from Lou Barlow – he of Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr, Folk Implosion and such – this new album is Mr Barlow on top form -little edges, clever twists, just really fine fine songs, one of his best bodies of work yet – or or

15: SUBGENERATES – Pacify Me (demo) – Track from the rather tasty Taunton band’s four track demo that we rather like around here. Old school Organ earfood, an almost nostalgic 90’s flavoured set of English punk rock bites that taste of Cardiacs and Subhumans and defiance and D.I.Y attitudes like you don’t really encounter anymore.. They got the spirit of early (poor solder) Cardiacs just right and for once a band who worked out that it isn’t anywhere near about being ‘wacky’ or ‘Zappa’. New recordings suggest they’re picking up those influences and taking them somewhere new... a band to keep an eye out for, no doubt more play on the way - unless we get kicked off the air, never take these things for granted, nothing lasts forever (as those Bunnymen once sang). Subgenerates then, proper English creative thinking-person’s underground DIY punk rock, this is what Organ has always been about, pointing signposts as bands like this so you can go find them yourselves –

16: DANIEL JOHNSTON – Queenie The Doggie (Feraltone) – Daniel Johnston has a new album out, his first new studio album in some seven years, goes by the name of Is And Always Was.  More of his unique lo-fi alternative blues flavoured differentness. Still has that magical innocence, don’t know how after all this time.  The album is released on November 16th, Daniel is on a UK tour right now, including London this Monday November 2nd – or

17: SAINT SILAS INTERCESSION - All About The Money (ORG) – They’re reformed, they recorded one of the finest singles ever in the history or everything ever back in 2004 (yeah I know we released it, but have a listen and tell me it isn’t!) and they never followed it up, instead they crashed out in a hail of fists and North London Irish Catholic guilt (never start a record label is our advise). Wired blues drenched garage rock ‘n roll the chase those White Stripes down the road. They’re back, Michael J Sheehy and... “Dear All, Saint  Silas Intercession are back with a new line up, the four headed beast now includes Andy Zammit on drums and Simon Breed on bass as well as me and my little brother Patrick. Our first London show is as follows: SAINT SILAS INTERCESSION, Thursday 5th  November, at BAR AND CO (a boat on the river), Temple Pier, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2 with VUKOJEBINA (English translation Where The Wolves Go To F*ck!). It's bonfire night so expect actual fireworks and er fireworks of the rock'n'roll variety! That's all for now, peace” Michael.  -

18: JAMES YORKSTON & THE BIG EYES FAMILY PLAYERS – Low Down In The Broom (Domino) – Ah, we made a lot of noise tonight, a mellow moment needed to end things and slow heart-rates down a little. Some of that traditional folk song beauty that can be found on the recently released album called Folk Songs from James Yorkston. Catch him performing with the Big Eyes players at the Tabarnacle in Ladbrook Grove, West London, this coming 7th November. The band are on a UK tour right now – or

19: FOOT VILLAGE – Chicken And Cheese 2 (Upset The Rhythm) – only way to close things tonight, see track 4 for more info, don’t miss them while they’re here in the UK, you can’t say we have warned you enough over the last few weeks... 

That was this week then, on in the dark of Sunday night to London Bridge to play you the finest music, then back home again on the fractured Sunday tube service and engineering on all lines and wind and rain you owe us a pint all you bands! Next Week Marina in the chair with her Other Rock Show and the exploration of rock music played beyond the convention of 4/4 time. Prog, Math, Post whatever you want... 


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