THE OTHER ROCKSHOW and THE ORGAN SHOW @ RESONANCE 104.4fm with MARINA ORGAN one week and SEAN O the next. 9.00pm every Sunday night...


The Other Rock Show is presented by Marina O, The Other Rock Show is about exploring 'other' time signatures within structures of rock and filtering out the conventions of the 4/4 time easy option in favour of something a little more challenging.

Meanwhile on the ORGAN RADIO SHOW Sean Owill be bringing you an eclectic mix of diverse left-field things from all points in between and beyond - the best new releases and demos that are circulating around the underground fanzine channels and landing here in the Organ office, along with news of forthcoming events and general alternative music news and goings on in and around London. 

Expect an hour of challenging alternative music each week, the kind you don’t often get on ‘normal’ music radio shows and stations, expect special guests, expect who knows what... expect to find links and details so you can explore all that you hear on after each show 

Organ on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 13th Dec 2009. This week with Sean on DJ duties. On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

This week’s playlist..

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) 
2: NEW MODEL ARMY – Ocean Rising (Attack Attack) 
3: THE RAINCOATS –  Black And White (We Three)
4: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Strange Technique (demo)
5: LIARS –  Scissor (download) 
6: THE DOOZER – Hornbill (Pickled Egg) 
7: HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT – Ace Hazelnut (Kitchendweller)
8: FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL – King Sly (self release) 
9: SUBGENERATES – Pacify Me (Demo)
10: TED MAUL –  Forest... With This Memory Of A Free Festival (Game)
11: THESE NEW PURITANS – We Want War (Angular)
12: US AND THEM – Julia Dream – All The Pretty Horses (Fruits De Mer) 
13: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE – Killing In The Name Of (Epic)
14: HALFORD –  We Three Kings (Metal God) 
15: RAW POO –  Stop The Cavalry (Pumpkin)
16: NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS – The House (Mute) 

Full details, news, links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her new Hardy Tree project  and lots more over at

2: NEW MODEL ARMY – Ocean Rising (Attack Attack) – A track from New Model Army’s latest album Today Is A Good Day. Heading towards their thirtieth year of existence and still making albums that matter, still a band with a lot to say, and still a band who sound like no one else but The Army, still that passion whe nso many of those old bands are jsut going through the motions and charging as much as they can for tickets... The album came out in mid September, they’re on a UK tour right now and oceans are rising and this was a right way to follow that Copenhagen Climate Treaty conference jingle that ran ahead of tonight's show and the confrence that's going on. That jingle is in regards to the Resonance FM reports that are running on this station all week... New Model Army are in London, at The Forum, on Thursday December 17th –

3: THE RAINCOATS –  Black And White (We Three) – And talking of the Copenhagen conference and all the activists out there encountering heavy handed riot police and.... Gina Birch, she of Raincoats and things, is out there, and so she and they got some (more) play tonight. The full news story we ran on the Organ news pages is here again for you, meanwhile the vital (and still very fresh) Raincoats debut album (from 1979) has just been reissued after being out of press for a long time, comes with loads of extras as well. More from

here's the news feature again: 

       Filmmaker and Raincoat Gina Birch has joined artists Hayley Newman and Kaffe Matthews to form The Gluts and create a performance project called Cafe Carbon, which they are taking to Copenhagen during the climate conference next week. For their visit, The Gluts have co-written a menu of songs about food and climate which they will perform on the streets and in the cafes and bars of Copenhagen. The Gluts will also be making an extraordinary documentary/art film ofthis trip for future audiences. The first stage of this project is taking place between the 11th and the 14th of December kicking off on a specially commissioned Campaign Against Climate Change train travelling between Brussels and Copenhagen. The Gluts will be providing a special buffet service for the international activists, campaigners, enlightened citizens – from the UK, Belgium, France, Germany and Holland travelling on the train. Wearing strangely fashionable up-cycled and hand-made carbon coloured costumes, The Gluts will ask audience members to select songs from a menu of starters, mains and deserts. Stone Cold Soup is a strongly recommended starter or perhaps you would like to opt for Cheap Cheap Chicken? As a main course, The Gluts will be serving an account of Martha Stewart visiting Mrs Beeton and a song about food that has travelled around the world more times than your grandmother. Or perhaps you would prefer a Grand Buffet of the most extravagant feast on earth? The Glut’s message? To ask questions that make us think about what and how much we consume. Do we really need to keep on spending without any awareness of the impact of our actions on other people and our world? T-shirts from global sweatshops, plastic wrapping around everything, food that has been transported half-way around the globe? 

Gina Birch - Founder member of The Raincoats, sometime member of Red Krayola and filmmaker has been working on a multitude of projects this year, including a film of her icons screened at the National Portrait Gallery, a collaboration with viola composer Sarah Sarhandi to make three short dance videos, and many live shows with both of her bands. She is directing a film about the Raincoats and has made a series of 70s feminist art works on video. She is working towards an exhibition of video and 2 dimensional work. 

Hayley Newman - Hayley Newman has been making performance work since 1994. She recently worked with artist/writer Andrea Mason on the project Bankspeak – a series of Capitalists Anonymous meetings on the steps of the Royal Exchange in the City of London. The project drew on the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step program and was an attempt to help ex-bankers survive the current economic crisis and save the planet! 

Kaffe Matthews - Since 1996 Kaffe Matthews has been making new electro-acoustic music through a system of self designed software matrices through which she pulls and pushes different sounds live. The variety of sounds, things and places she has worked with have ranged from kite strings on an uninhabited Scottish Island, flight data from NASA scientists, melting ice in Quebec, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, vibrating wires in the West Australian outback. She has just returned from a month of working with sharks and conservation scientists on the Galapagos Islands. 

Links: / / /

4: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Strange Technique (demo) – One of the finest new bands in London right now (London via Japan actually, so they say). They're like nobody else, very few bands truly can be said to be unique, Cutthroat are both unique and brilliant. And we did tell you on air tonight that they were playing in Camden this coming week. Seems that gig has been cancelled though (they Twittered to say so when they heard us talking about it on air, we do like this interactive partaking...). And don’t be asking anyone about scissors and street art and.. Go be curious, get a taste of their cutting edge musical challenge, we can't describe it, you need to explore for yourself this time....

5: LIARS –  Scissor (download) - Liars will release their fifth album, 'Sisterworld', on 10th March next year. To tide you over until then, the band have made a track from the album available to download for free. Of the track, entitled 'Scissor', frontman Angus Andrew says: "The song is built from some strange vocal interactions I was having with myself. It's a description of someone realising their own inadequacies". Download the track here:

6: THE DOOZER – Hornbill (Pickled Egg) – The Doozer appears to be from the Fenlands of Cambridgeshire. This new album is out on February 8th next year, it only just landed here yesterday and we’ve really had no time to explore it yet, had to play a track straight away though. More in the next few weeks once we've explored it a little more –

7: HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT – Ace Hazelnut (Kitchendweller) – Kent band Honey Ride Me A Goat play seriously challenging hardcore maths rock that comes with a bite and a dangerous edge, no time for chin stroking here, this is a band with an urgent agenda. This track is from the new split 12” (heavyweight white vinyl) single that also features the equally as good Upsilon Acrux (from California). Two of the best progressive math rock bands on the planet right now and the two gathered together on the rather excellent Kitchendweller label for this essential  release –

8: FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL – King Sly (self release)  - Red Eyes Unravelling is the self-released debut album. Released this week, here’s the Organ review we ran last week.... 
          The Southern English band have been slowly building up a reputation with their consistent playing and their self released demos/singles, and all the time the instrumental post rock thing has been building to a point now where the whole idea is almost stagnating – too many bands all following the same blueprint. Are Flies Are Spies are almost in danger of missing the whole boat with this long overdue debut album...?   Almost but not quite because their take on euphoric anthemic instrumental post rock does have a little extra in there. Sure they do all that epic building up until things touch the sky and explode like a black emperor thing like all the others, but Flies Are Spies From Hell have a little sense of classical Englishness in there with their piano and their dramatic time and space - a healthy hint of early Genesis in those melodies, a more than welcome touch of proper prog and there goes a bit that sounds like something off The Lamb and there’s a bit of a nursery crime  (nothing TOO obvious). These Flies are a little less predictable with their refined melodic instrumental post rock adventures. There may not be any groundbreaking musical revolutions here, there is some rather healthy meat on the bones though and some positively adventurous foundations to build on. This is a more than satisfying debut album, something a little more for you post-rock flavoured progheads – more than challenging some of the bigger names associated with the whole scene – and with gorgeous things like the rather subtle, rather strident King Sly, more than enough to hold on to. Flies Are Spies From Hell have made a fine fine debut album, a bit more than just another instrumental post rock band here, no boats missed, no great deadeners, all good and growing with every new listen. Recommended –

9: SUBGENERATES – Pacify Me (Demo) – They’re four people from Taunton, Somerset, they sent this excellent demo in a few weeks ago. They sound, to these ears at least, to be operating somewhere in that gap between Cardiacs and Subhumans, two of the finest of English bands. Can’t go wrong operating in that gap can you? Thinking person’s DIY punk rock is what we have here and the new songs they’re cooking up right now sound like this four track demo isn’t a one off. Proper stuff, serious underground punk band...
           Talking of Subhumans, we haven’t time to play everything in one hour, we need more time, no time to play them again tonight (but we do play them quite often and we love ‘em far more than Ford Cortinas and nearly as much as household pets), they’re in London next Saturday, 19th December, at the Luminaire in Kilburn. 

10: TED MAUL –  Forest... With This Memory Of A Free Festival (Game) – Metal from London, serious forward looking thrash metal that takes in a blastbeat or two, a glitch now and again, maybe a Meshugah flavour in there, and a whole load that’s all their own. This is from their excellent debut album White Label. They’re playing this coming Wednesday 16th at the Garage over in Highbury on a bill that’s headlined by Sylosis -

11: THESE NEW PURITANS – We Want War (Angular) – Sometimes you pick up a band’s new single from the top of the pile of things that have been sent in, the pile of things that are there patiently waiting for attention, and that thing you’ve picked up just stops everything. Hang on, what's this? Wasn't expecting their new single to be this good, expected their next step to be challenging, didn’t expect anything as good as these seven and a half minutes though, this is a serious step up. The London band’s new single is out on January 11th January (they play Bush Hall on 25th January). There’s all kinds of things going on within these sometimes dense, sometimes light seven minutes of experimental left field whatever you want to call it.. All kinds of rituals and rhythms, all kinds of otherness, Liars-good (that is high compliment from us). Something rather rewarding, something different, oh yes, a massive leap towards 2010 for these new Puritans, jumping up to the big league –

12: US AND THEM – Julia Dream – All The Pretty Horses (Fruits De Mer) – Number eight in the Fruits De Mer singles series is out this month, here’s last week’s Organ review again...
           – This series is always worth checking out, this fine series of singles always throws together an ambitiously interesting set of well thought out treats. They don’t hit the absolute spot every time, they’re always worth checking out though. This eighth one might just be the best of the series so far. Us And Them are a Swedish boy/girl duo, she, Britt, sings and he, Anders, plays all the instruments. The instrumentation is simple, glowing acoustic guitar with some delicate warm keyboard textures underneath – minimal tunes that leave plenty of space for Britt’s beautifully intimate voice to breath and glow, Us And Them are always good, this single is extra special. 
                         Now this is a Fruits De Mer single so there’s always a story and a slightly left-field song or two covered, always something extra to explore... they don’t just throw out singles, this is all cleverly planed and considered and this time a treat of a musical coach pulled by six white horses...  Us And Them does automatically pull thoughts towards Pink Floyd and the lead track here is a meltingly beautifully version of the relatively early Floyd classic Julia Dream, only it isn’t quite that either because this almost seven minute version is a little bit more than just a cover. Seems the original Floyd version’s melody was loosely based on a traditional folk lullaby called All The Pretty Horses, this is a gorgeously seamless and deliciously enchanting coming together of the two songs as one. The original traditional English lullaby and the quiet Floyd sound become one melting piece of must play again and again perfection called Julia Dream (All The Pretty Horses). Just right for curling up with, and yes hibernating until Spring with. You just have to hear it, the beauty can’t be described here on (electronic) paper, words are not enough. The Pink Floyd starting point is rather beautiful anyway, never really heard a bad version of Julia Dream, this version is right up there with Rebsie Fairholm’s, this is a special, a perfect mix of traditional folk and Floyd psychedelia... All so simple, all so clever, all so gorgeously rewarding... 
                     And of course there’s more, this is Fruits De Mer, the other two songs here are equally as interesting and almost as good (come on you couldn’t expect these next two to be as good as that sunlight bright upon their pillow can you? Almost though, very close). Tudor Lodge were one of those obscurely classic early 70’s British acid-folk bands. Us And Them cover a Tudor Lodge song here called Home To Stay, a simple folk song that instantly has us scurrying to the web in search of more (seems they’re still doing things). Meanwhile Dialogue is a Jackson C. Frank song - there’s quite a story to him, big influence on Nick Drake (and an equally tragic figure so it seems), reputedly the person who persuaded Sandy Denny to pack up nursing and take up music full time. Dialogue comes from his much loved by those who know 1965 album. One of the darker tracks and one of the most beautiful, all we can say here is Us And Them have done Dialogue justice, and you know what, might just have been wrong about this not being quite as good as the lead track - definitely wrong, this is painfully beautiful. Easy to see how his songs influenced Nick Drake. And that Tudor Lodge song is beautiful as well, once again Us And Them have covered it in glowing style – all dreamy and intimate and just all so perfectly right. Pretty difficult to imagine Us And Them making anything that wasn’t gorgeously glowing, that wasn’t alive with almost perfect beauty. This is a very special three track single, a play again and again and again piece of treasure that you really should check out. As always with the Fruits De Mer series, the single will be a very limited 7” pressing so don’t hang around. One of the best singles for a very long time... Almost too good, must be something wrong here, nothing is this perfect? Oh yes, boring artwork... there see, we are being objective. Links: or or

13: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE – Killing In The Name Of (Epic) – Come on, we want to be playing the Christmas number one here, you know the score, a minute and a bit slice of classic Rage just to remind you why, real x factor... A quick slace before the Metal God fades in, mixing it live on yer radio...

14: HALFORD –  We Three Kings (Metal God) – You did hear correctly, Rob Halford, Judas Priest frontman, metal legend, has a Christmas album out, on his own Metal God label, goes by the name of Winter Songs...  a minute or so had to be fired at you, this is my last show before Solstice and Christmas and all that egg nog stuff... What was he thinking?

15: RAW POO –  Stop The Cavalry (Pumpkin) – The real sound of Christmas, South London style! Street punk and Oi! And Jona Lewie and this is off their Raw Poo Sings Christmas EP that came out last year (or maybe the year before).  Catch their annual Christmas show (if you dare) at the Fox in Deptford, South London, on December 22nd – la la la la la, la la la...

16: NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS – The House (Mute)  - Fina ltrack of  the night and let's dpart in a sensible manner. One of the darker tracks from the duo’s beautifully powerful new album, the score to the film The Road, the album is out on January 4th on Mute.. 

There you go, tonight's playlist, links, typos and everything you need to go investigate further, I'm off to bed... And that was it, another hour passed in fine company and good music, thanks for all your feedback, the twitters while we were on air and such. Thanks, thanks, thanks...

Next week Marina and her Other Rock show, same time, same place for the final live show of the year...


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