Organ on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 24th JAN 2010. This week with Sean on DJ duties. On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

This week’s playlist..

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: CARDIACS – Gibber And Twitch (live recording) 
3: BITCHES – Winner 
4: EXTRA LIFE – Voluptuous Life (Loaf)
5: EXTRA LIFE – Easter (Loaf)
6: DIVORCE – Early Christianity (Deathbomb Arc)
7: ATTACK! VIPERS! – Le Mort Noir (Rat Patrol)
8: LIME HEADED DOG – Bobby Fischer (Volcano Attack)
9: ROB ZOMBIE – Jesus Frankenstein (Roadrunner)
10: RUDE MECHANICALS –Bird In The Gutter (ExGratia) 
11: PETER HAMMILL – Your Face On The Street (FIE) 
12: THE EX – Rules (Ex Records)
13: QUACK QUACK – Spinach  (On The Bone) 
14: EMIT BLOCH – Probububbly (Mute)
15: LIARS – Scissor (Mute) 
16: BITCHES - Sleepwalk
17: THE EX – Bouquet Of Barbed Wire (Ex Records)

Details, news, links and things for you to go explore and follow up...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her new Hardy Tree project  and lots more over at

2: CARDIACS – Gibber And Twitch (live recording) – A classic bit of early live Cardiacs from a live tape made in March 1983 at the Brixton Ace... Not heard Cardiacs before? They have been the main source of Organ fuel for the last twenty years, we hadn’t played any on the show yet in this decade, that needed putting right. Find some downloads on their official site, you won’t find this recording but there is a nice page of free downloads to be found –

3: BITCHES – Winner (self release) – Bitches are self releasing a 7” single in Feb, “A London based boy/girl, bass/drums duo, who make fuzzed up noise pop for dancing, fighting and good times”. Instantly love all three tracks, expect more play before release and more details soon. Excellent noise! – – you can also find Bitches on that Foot Village/Deathbomb Arc compilation we featured again tonight’s show (see track 6). Bitches are playing lots right now, go check their website...

4: EXTRA LIFE – Voluptuous Life (Loaf) - The New York band who made a big impact in 2009 here in Europe with their excellent Secular Works album and some very fine gigs, are already setting the standards for 2010, we already had a taste of their new album via the download track from the album that we’ve been playing already thing year. The Ladder got is excited, but now we have the full album (due out in late March). Find the download link and all the details via the latest Organ news page at, meanwhile this new album, Made Flesh, is one of the very best things we’ve heard in a long long time, Extra Life are a band really challenging the idea of how rock music is made, real prog – or 

5: EXTRA LIFE – Easter (Loaf) – We had to take a second bite, couldn’t wait, serious avant progressiveness in all senses ... The album is out on March 29th, it almost certainly is the album of the year.

6: DIVORCE – Early Christianity (Deathbomb Arc) – We told you about this last time, here’s what we said when we played a number of tracks off the album called Pro-Creation Rockers: “Foot Village, one of the finest bands out there right now, have put together a free download compilation album featuring the bands and such that they shared stages with on last year’s European tour, fourteen tracks including some previously unreleased Foot Village material. Divorce are on there alongside JOY OF SEX, BLUE SABBATH BLACK FUJI, HYPER BLACK BASS and more, go grab it for free from here via Deathbomb Arc
                    Divorce and their onslaught of delightfully abrasive rhythmic shouty noise are from Glasgow –

7: ATTACK! VIPERS! – Le Mort Noir (Rat Patrol) – Track from the Southsea (South England) band’s aggressive album of scathing punk-fuelled post-hardcore noise. The album is called The Mirror And The Destroyer, it came out in 2007. They have a new album out any moment now, they also play the Bird’s Nest, Deptford, South London, this Friday January 29th -

8: LIME HEADED DOG – Bobby Fischer (Volcano Attack) – From their 2009 album KFUM & KFUK and a lice of strangely experimental other-pop. Played tonight because they play a Pub Pop show on Wednesday 27th at The Miller, Borough High Street, London Bridge. Pup Pop shows are brought to you by Resonance’s own Dexter Bentley –

9: ROB ZOMBIE – Jesus Frankenstein (Roadrunner) – Rob Zombie has a new album, out on Feb 1st, goes by the name of Hellbilly Deluxe 2... More of his stomping b-movie soundtrack scuzz metal and machine driven sick bubblegum...

10: RUDE MECHANICALS –Bird In The Gutter (ExGratia) – London’s Rude Mechanicals are a band we’ve championed lots here in the last year or so, probably had more play then anyone else, and rightly so. Rude Mechanicals are unique, they’re different, there’s no other band anything like them... And they have a new album, and indeed launch party, happening this coming week. We almost had to bully this CDr out of their label in time for tonight’s show, indeed they left it in the studio and the first time we heard this track was the first time we played it here on the radio – there’s not many bands we’d trust enough to play blind like we did with this tonight. Expect more when we’ve explored it more. Catch them launching the album at the Inn On The Green, under the Westway, Ladbrook Grove, West London this coming Saturday  30th Jan –

11: PETER HAMMILL – Your Face On The Street (FIE) – Peter Hammill is what that overused term ‘national treasure’ is really for, he’s been making records since the latte 60’s, I’ve never heard a bad one, he has a massive back catalogue both as Van Der Graaf Generator frontman and solo. Last Year’s bare-wired Thin Air album is as good as anything he’s done, it was one of our albums of the year. And Peter is playing a solo show, catch him at the Cadogan Hall in London next Sunday 31st. Find out more via his website

12: THE EX – Rules (Ex Records) – The Ex are one of those classic bands, post punk question throwers, the political challenge of Crass with a thrilling musical challenge all of their own. The Dutch Band have been on the edge and really doing it since1979, an ever evolving lo-fi anarcho punk sound and a band who constantly challenge. This is an early track, best place to explore the band for the first time is via their two CD ‘best of’ compilation called 30. 
         The Ex are on their way over for a rare London show, they’re be in town on February 3rd at the Dome in Tufnel Park, indeed they’re on a UK TOUR -  THE EX, featuring the veteran Dutch group combining their precision-honed punk with the brass weight of Mats Gustafsson, Roy Paci, Ken Vandermark and Wolter Wierbos are on their way over for a UK tour - this will something not to miss! Support on said tour comes from Bristol’s Zun Zun Egui. The dates look like this: Bristol Fleece (29 January), Glasgow CCA (30), Gateshead The Sage (31), Birmingham Hare & Hounds (1 February), Brighton Audio (2), London The Dome (with John Butcher, 3), Manchester The Deaf Institute (4), Liverpool The Kazimier (5), Belfast Black Box (6). The tour is supported by our friends at The Wire magazine,  more visual/audio info from them here, explore The Ex via or

13: QUACK QUACK – Spinach  (On The Bone) Genre-jumping instrumental trio Quack Quack have signed to Leeds indie label Cuckundoo (home to Vessels) to release their debut album, 'Slow As An  Eyeball', later this year. Before that, they'll be heading out on a brief UK tour. Tour dates: 27 Jan: Leeds, The Library, 28 Jan: London, The Dome, 29 Jan: Reading,  South Street, 31 Jan: Cambridge, The Portland Arms, 21 Feb: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club. This delightful piece of breezy instrumental prog adventure can be found on a Leeds bands compilation album put out in 2007 by the good people at On The Bone Records – or

14: EMIT BLOCH – Probububbly (One Little Indian) – So legend has it (already) that Emit recorded this for a budget of £6 on a Sony cassette Dictaphone as a demo, in his London kitchen, sent it off to Mute (who quickly became his publishing company) and now that recording is coming out as a single (on Feb 22nd). Mute gave him a load of money to make an album, but Dictaphones are better than studios so he did all that the same way and kept the money. The album – Dictaphones Vol.1 – comes out on   One Little Indian on March 1st.  Rapid-fire lyricism and slightly ‘cosmic’ lo-fi guitar styling is what this is –   Emit plays the Troubadour, in London, on Feb 2nd

15: LIARS – Scissor (Mute) - Anther play and a second taste from the forthcoming Liars album, here’s what we said about it the first time we played it (before Christmas) - Liars will release their fifth album, 'Sisterworld', on 10th March next year. To tide you over until then, the band have made a track from the album available to download for free. Of the track, entitled 'Scissor', frontman Angus Andrew says: "The song is built from some strange vocal interactions I was having with myself. It's a description of someone realising their own inadequacies". Download the track here:

16: BITCHES – Sleepwalk (self release) – See track two, we needed to play you one of the b-sides as well...

17: THE EX – Bouquet Of Barbed Wire (Ex Records) – Another track and another dimension from The Ex, played in anticipation if their tour, a seven minute piece to compliment the short sharp shock of track twelve. The tour is presented by our friends at the Wire magazine, hopefully lots more on Resonance in the build up to that tour. Watch out for interviews and things from us here at Organ. 

And that was this week's show, next week, TheOther Rock Show with Marina and her ongoing searcg for rock music beyond 4/4. Unconventional time signatures, odd verse length... 

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