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Who got played this week? Where do you find out more? 

1: TRANSISTOR SIX – BackYard Rocketship – The Organ theme tune when it’s my turn so you can get a fix on the radio beam while you’re out there Sailing By...

2: SYD BARRETT – Baby Lemonade (Strange Fruit) – Only way we could really start the show this week, I’m sure others on Resonance have paid tribute/respects to Syd this week. A track from his John Peel session recorded in 1970. We had so many people mailing asking if we would play some Syd this week, you didn’t have to ask... Rest in peace Syd, thanks.

3: THE LOW LOWS –  Dear Flies Love Spider   (Downoad) - Found The Low Lows whilst surfing around, liked the track, downloaded it for play and whoosh, no sooner had we done that then a press release comes in to say an album will be out this Autumn in the UK on the ever excellent London based indie label Monotreme – hope of The Mass, 65Daysofstatic, Thee More Shallows and carious shades of avant what. The Low Lows are from Kowloon City USA, they talk of shoegazing and David lynch and folk and we’d talk of prog and you can find out more via

4: DURAN DURAN DURAN – Ralez (Cock Rock Disco) – yes that right, three Durans and a track from the excellent Cock Rock Disco compilation. The whole album is downloadable free from the label’s website – grab slices on Next Life, Assdroids, Devnull, About and lots more –

5: EXIT TEN – Softwatch (Burn Out)  - From the Reading band’s excellent new five track album, intelligent intense progressive metalcore. All five tracks on the album are fine – actually confession time, this isn’t the best track, I wanted to play the excellent Resume Ignore, wrong buttons were hit – next time. Exit Ten have just been added to the Uxfest bill. More from  - find out more about the Uxfest over at – lots of metal/punk/hardcore/ska and more, August 6 in Islington – Skindred, Murder One, Engel and lots more – get back to Uxbridge please, or at least outdoors – Islington Academy – yuk. 

6: SHRAG – Mark E.Smith  (WIAIWYA) – I love this band and judging by the response when we palyed it two weeks ago, so do you. Shrag are from Brighton, this the other side of their debut double A side single, it’s limited to a pressing of just 300 and it’s gloriously shouty spunky girl/boy punk– how brilliant is this!!! I think most of the 300 pressing can be found in the Rough Trade shop, be quick now - 

7: MJOLLNIR FALLS – Ionic (Download thing) -  A strangely named band from Walker, Louisiana over there in the USA. A band who lured us in with talk of their love of Thinking Plague and 5uus as well as Stravinsky and Reich – find out more and download this rather unique slice of progressive post-rock yourself via 

8: VIKING MOSES – Little Emma’s Smile (Poptones) – Track from the beautiful Viking Moses album Crosses. Out on August 7 in the UK, around about the same time that Viking Moses hit the UK for live dates including a show over at the Luminaire in Kilburn on August 8. Now then if you want to see the video to this track you need to tune in to ORGAN TV next Wednesday night where we now have a weekly TV show – you can find it over on the Open Access 2 Channel on SKY 173, 10.30pm. .  Meanwhile interact with Viking Moses here - and here

9: ELECTRELANE – I’m On Fire (Too Pure) – There’s a new compilation album on the way from the Brighton band, it’s called “Singles, B-sides and Live”. Yes, that was a Bruce Springsteen cover from the fuzzing Stereolab/Sonic Youth flavoured band...

10: THE FLESH HAPPENING – Will To Kill (demo) – Maybe Shraq aren’t my favourite new band right now? I love this band even more. Demo of the week over on the Organ website and this is why – all five tracks on this demo are wired up and throbbing and just so so right. Just go explore real punk rock energy and positive (Queercore) creativity. The Flesh Happening are from Brighton as well – I feel a gig coming on, they make my organ throb.

11: UT – Dirty Net (Blast First) – The highly influential band’s first two albums are about to be re-issued by Blast First, this is a track off 1988’s In Gut’s House. Blast First is part of the Mute operation – is where you find more

12: MOTORHEAD – God Was Never On Your Side (SPV) Track from the rather good new album Kiss of Death that’s out in late August, get it fresh and first from you’re always ahead of the pack Organ...   Motorhead with acoustic guitars and Mr Kilminster shooting at religion yet again. Motorhead are one of the finest bands ever, most of their output is probably just a little conventional for what we’re trying to do here on Resonance, but they, this fine new track isn’t. 

13: DIRT - Shady Politics (demo) – New track from those grime makers from PG (Florida), a new recording and only the second play for it anywhere in the world I do believe 9frst was us two weeks ago). Third track we’ve played now, I don’t think they/he has actually officially released anything yet, these are demo recordings. Dirt makes grime-hop, dirty outspoken politically tense hip-hop that just hits the spot like no other right now. Good to hear a mention of George Tabb in there as well - here's the link, go explore... and if you don’t know who George Tabb is then please take a moment to find out – Dirt made this track after we posted something about George on My Space, thanks Dirt -

14: SUNS OF THE TUNDRA – Sandettie Light Automatic (Shinny Mac) – See, I told you were sailing by - north north east, eleven miles, rising slowly (see I’m just home in time to type out the playlist and catch the shipping forecast after those bells on Sunday, this week from St Martins In The Bullring). A track from London band Suns Of The Tundra’s new album Tungusha. There’s a quite a history to this fine London band, they were called Peach back in the 90’s when Justin Chancellor was part of them and before he took himself and a big slice of the Peach/Suns sound off to join Tool – The Suns/Peach are an important part of modern rock history. Find out more from

15: SECRETARY – Mofongo Raincheck  (demo) – Last time around we played you a Moist Paula track, we promised you more, her alter ego is a band called Secretary. She’s from Brooklyn, New York, she’s also in a band called Moisturizer (hence the name) and she plays a bari sax, it’s Moist Paula’s way of singing, go to for links to all her bands -

16: PUNK ROCK ORCHESTRA – California Uber Alles  - (Download) well now what is this? We have no idea, we played it anyway, classical strings and operatic version of the Dead Kens classic – you can find a slightly updated version over at, we downloaded this one a few years ago from somewhere or other we just happened to have it in the studio and a request from something for the fire lands came in  – needed to be played this week for the Californian branch of Organ who had a visit from Arnold the Governator in Morongo Valley – didn’t help fight the fires though, not a good terminator - is where you fo to find out what we’re talking about – Tales From The Desert just got hotter 

17: EXPERIMENT – Name (Notem) – A track from a compilation put together in conjunction with the 1994 Festival Des Coups Vertes sequence Rock Festival that took place in France. Experiment were a band featuring Marshall Penn from Back To The Planet and Paco from Conflict. Now why did we play this 12 years afterwards, well one because it still sounds good and two, because Paco is in urgent need of an operation and Conflict are playing a number of benefits right now – Experiment were a band ahead of their time, early Pronk beasts – find out more about Paco and Conflict at – and yes fact fiends (seeing as you are already asking via e.mail) Marina Organ did front Experiment for a bit, she played that festival, not her on this recording though.

18: FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL -  (demo) more from the excellent post-rock outfit from Chichester, another track from their latest fine demo. The Flies are in town for a London show on Thursday night, here’s what they said -  “Hello all. Just a quickie to say that we're playing this Thursday (20th) at the Lark in the Park pub in Islington. We'll be on first (early, about 7.45) then we'll proceed to enjoy Surianne, Meet John Doe, and Neverless”.  Download the track yourself and find out more via

19: PATCHWORK GRACE – Zebra (Trash Pit) – Debut single from the Nottingham Band, girl fronted shouting and frantic screeching and just why doesn’t she want to be a zebra? They were playing in Camden tonight but we can’t be in two places at once, they’re playing a free gig in Derby soon – they’ve got lots of gigs in lots of places, the single is out on August 21 – 

20 TRANSISTOR SIX -  As we head towards the end of  the shipping bulletins once more 

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