Organ on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 7th Feb 2010. This week with Sean on DJ duties. On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

This week’s playlist..

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: KILLING JOKE – Almost Red (Year Zero)
3: FRENCH FOR CARTRIDGE – Oooh! (Dinner With Daisy)
4: CHICKENHAWK – Scorpieau (Dance To The Radio)
5: WOUNDS – Trees (Yoyo Acapulco)
6: RUDE MECHANICALS – Like Magnetism (ExGratia)
7: BITCHES –  Winner (self release)
8: BITCHES –  Can Not Love (self release)
9: MUSHI MUSHI – Chicken (Distraction)
10: GAY BEAST – We Keep Our Victims Ready (Skingraft)
11: EXTRA LIFE – Made Flesh (Loaf)
12: STERBUS – Dirtyboy (demo)
13: CARDIACS –  Scratching Crawling Scrawling (Alphabet) 
14: RUDE MECHANICALS –  Taxidermist (ExGratia)
15: SUPER ADVENTURE CLUB – SAC Attack (Armellodie)
16: PERE UBU – Ubu Overture (Cooking Vinyl) 
17: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Strange Technique (demo)
18: JOHN DANKWORTH –  Bitter Lemons (download)
19: THUMPERMONKEY LIVES –  Proktor Cyclex (Tooting Bizarre)
20: TEETH OF THE SEA – In The Space Capsule (Rocket) 

Details, news, links and things for you to go explore and follow up...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her new Hardy Tree project  and lots more over at

2: KILLING JOKE – Almost Red (Year Zero) – Track  from a rather good compilation album, that’s out next week, called Bustin; Out, New Wave To New Beat: The Post Punk Era 1979-1981and a classic collecting together of some of the delicious diversity that followed in through the door once punk has kicked that door down and seeded a few ideas. Fourteen track compilation (with rather good liner notes) and this early piece of raw Killing Joke, that open the show so well this week, is joined on the album by earfood from Tubeway Army, Bush Tetras, Josef K, MOEV, Chris & Cosey, Dead Can Dance, 23Skidoo, No More and others – is where you take yourself to explore some more 

3: FRENCH FOR CARTRIDGE – Oooh! (Dinner With Daisy) – French With Cartridge have a new album (I’m sure they were just called Cartridge when we were playing their early demos and such back there). “To celebrate the release of the new album ‘Liquorice’ by French For Cartridge, Dinner With Daisy Records presents the FRENCH FOR CARTRIDGE POP-UP SHOP at Speedie’s, Shoreditch, London, 8th-14th February 2010. Open 11AM-7PM every day featuring free performances by French For Cartridge and others, plus video installations, art and all kinds of things... "Pretty damn progressive! In an arch sort of way" (The Wire) "Still as different as ever, still as unique, still as good" (Organ). Speedie's is at 81 Redchurch St, Shoreditch, East London -

4: CHICKENHAWK – Scorpieau (Dance To The Radio) – Recent recording from one of the more challenging boundary pushing heavy bands this land of ours has to offer right now. The Leeds outfit are back in London, at the Unicorn in Camden Road, playing a free gig (with Godzilla Black), on Saturday Feb 20th, consider this advance warning, save your money up, you oh me a pint of Green King for telling you (well that is what I drink in the Unicorn)...

5: WOUNDS – Trees (Yoyo Acapulco) – Wounds are from Dublin, there’s four of them, this is from the forthcoming debut seven track EP that’s out at the end of March. Challenging hardcore punk rock noise that looks forward and throws out a challenge rather than just rehashing what we already know – this band are good, wounds indeed –

6: RUDE MECHANICALS – Like Magnetism (ExGratia) – And now we’ve had a little time to digest the London band’s new album. They really are different and they really do make music that doesn’t fit anywhere and can’t be compared with anyone. We could be lazy and talk of Zappa an English tea party with the tube mice who are really aliens and who wear false red eye-lashes and strange ‘girls’ playing violin and big white wigs and red dresses and a new album that’s something to do with a cyclops and odd bits of funk and dance rituals that Miss Roberts demands you take part in, for it is she who leads this wonderfully strange band, and not a thing like Zappa but Frank was strange and so are they and.... I could say all that but it really wouldn’t give you any kind of clue. So we’ll just say they have a new album out this month and it really is everything we dared to hope it would be and just go find out, all you people with big yellow flowers on your shirts, we’re yelling at you, for once will you pay attention and go see Rude Mechanicals, bands  this good deserve your attention and support and love and dance rituals and -

7: BITCHES –  Winner (self release) -  Bitches are self releasing a 7” single in Feb, “A London based boy/girl, bass/drums duo, who make fuzzed up noise pop for dancing, fighting and good times”. Instantly love all three tracks, played them all now, will do again – brilliant bands getting out there and self-releasing brilliantly raw seven inch singles like this is what we demand . Excellent noise! Launh part gig for the single in London on Feb 25th at the Old Blue Last (with Teeth and Young Athletic League), and busy playing up and down the land right now -

8: BITCHES –  Can Not Love (self release) – oh look, they rule, we’ll play one of the b-sides as well....

9: MUSHI MUSHI – Chicken (Distraction) – The North East of England’s Mushi Mushi have a debut album out any moment now (although the dates are all over the place with this press release, what year are we in?). A whole bag load of electronic punk-funk and angles of their own, lo-fi cranks but not low quality messing, lo-fi does not mean low quality this time. Seems the album is official released countrywide this Feb, seems they’ve been selling it at gigs up North for the last few months, seems they’ve already split.... seems a waste... damn fine album... mine is not to reason why... or

10: GAY BEAST – We Keep Our Victims Ready (Skingraft) – Relatively new Gay Beast track, as good as they always are - wave pushing  new wave angular other rock earfood waves from the Minneapolis band. They’re off on a European tour right now, alas they don’t make the UK. You can download this track all legal and free from or you can go find out more via that useful gateway that is

11: EXTRA LIFE – Made Flesh (Loaf) – The new album is out in Late March, we’ve already worn our copy out here at Organ, tonight the title track was played, and here’s what we said with the last playlist: “The New York band who made a big impact in 2009 here in Europe with their excellent Secular Works album and some very fine gigs, are already setting the standards for 2010, we already had a taste of their new album via the download track from the album that we’ve been playing already thing year. The Ladder got is excited, but now we have the full album (due out in late March). Find the download link and all the details via the latest Organ news page at, meanwhile this new album, Made Flesh, is one of the very best things we’ve heard in a long long time, Extra Life are a band really challenging the idea of how rock music is made, real prog – or

12: STERBUS – Dirtyboy (demo) – Sterbus is from Italy, we know Sterbus as a member of the Cardiacs pond-following, didn’t know about his musical output until an e.mail and a message turned up asking what we thought of this rather fine cover of the Cardiacs piece of beauty called Dirtyboy. I think the fact that we played all eight minutes of this version tells you what we think, very fine version indeed –

13: CARDIACS –  Scratching Crawling Scrawling (Alphabet) – And of course we had to follow with a rather different Cardiac dimension and a one minute early track from the live Special Garage Concerts album recorded in 2003 at the shows where they only performed very early late 70’s early 80’s tracks that had previously only come out as demos or on the hard to find early D.I.Y cassette albums –

14: RUDE MECHANICALS –  Taxidermist (ExGratia) – see track six, yes, bands should be sent to the taxidermist.... you in the Pond, pay attention!

15: SUPER ADVENTURE CLUB – SAC Attack (Armellodie) – Last week’s Organ magazine single of the week, they’re from Glasgow, they’re alive with energy and oh here’s the single review again...
         “An attention-demanding tuneful three piece get me out of this rat-race trio from Scotland. Twisting and tuning and there they go with a bit of Cardiacing in that big instrumental bit that comes in the middle of an almost twee attack of being hung up on things they need to give up and fighting like marsupials and eat your beans, brush your teeth, feed the cat, avoid zombies. We’re under attack like a dog named Sparky and lock the door, feed the cat, cancel plans, avoid zombies. They get all jazzy, ninja-jazz they say, and she has one of  those sweet no-it-wasn’t-me-I-would-never-do-that type of voices, a voice that compliments his reason so much, two fine voices bit like those Bobby McGees actually.  Ghoulish tune-wielding so they say and bad luck comes in threes, but not here, good luck comes your way here and stranger things have happened than this and attempting deconstructive thinking and this is a brilliant debut single and the more you dance around in it the more you tend to notice it. They don’t really sound like anyone, but they do sound like lots of things we like and there’s lots of sticks to pick up and every time I play it it makes me smile a little more, eat you teeth, wash your hands, avoid zombies, what a brilliant debut single, especially the second of two very fine clever songs and read the news, put on your shoes, prepare for a riot –

16: PERE UBU – Ubu Overture (Cooking Vinyl) Pere Ubu are coming to town, as part of their UK tour, this month. Performing their Long Live Pere Ubu concept album in full. The album came out last year, ther finally got around to record a version of the play that the pioneering US band took their name from in the first place. The album is as strangely good as anything the band who first deconstructed the notions of rock music back there in the mid 70’s  have done... Playing a slice of it really does it no justice, you need the whole thing. They play the Garage in London on Feb 25th and Blackheath on 27th, full UK  dates and lots more via – all hail the unfit! 

17: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Strange Technique (demo) – Track from the unique (and we know what we’re saying when we say unique, very few are really unique) London band’s demo. They got a new single out, there’s probably scissors involved... You can catch them at The Water Rats in Kings Cross (do we have to call the place Monto now?) on Feb 20th. Head over to for more... 

18: JOHN DANKWORTH – Bitter Lemons (download) – We don’t really stray too far towards what would be considered (these days) as mainstream jazz, well not on this 'rock' show (or indeed the pages of Organ magazine), I think the reaction to this early 60’s track in the studio tonight explains why it deserved a play – “what’s this? This is good!”.  John Dankworth, one of the British jazz pioneers, he passed away this weekend, aged 82, a life and a musical output that should be celebrated way beyond just the jazz world. Serious other rock and we really couldn’t let his passing away go by without a nod of respect here on Resonance and a thank you Mr Dankworth from us here at Organ.

19: THUMPERMONKEY LIVES –  Proktor Cyclex (Tooting Bizarre) – Another play of a track from the excellent London band’s ubber-prog album We Bake Our Bread Beneath Her Holy Fire album that came out right at the end of last year (too late for more best of the year lists, but right up near the top of ours, why do all those other lists come out so early?). Full on proper forward looking old school prog rock and all very much for/of now. You can catch them next here in London at The Willmington Arms on Feb 17th  -

20: TEETH OF THE SEA – In The Space Capsule (Rocket) – London synth driven space-metal pilots Teeth Of The Sea and the lead track from their just released three track single is how tonight’s show came back down to planet earth. Yes that was a cover of the Queen track from the Flash Gordon sountrack, an inspired single indeed. Explore their fine Hawk(lord)isms over at

And that was this week's show, next week, TheOther Rock Show with Marina and her ongoing searcg for rock music beyond 4/4. Unconventional time signatures, odd verse length... 

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