Organ on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 21st Feb 2010. This week with Sean on DJ duties. On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

This week’s playlist..

1: ELECTRIC ORANGE – Bandwurm (Sulatron)
2: MARIA AND THE MIRRORS – Omar (Parlour) 
3: BITCHES – Winner (self release)
4: DIVORCE – Early Christianity (Deathbomb Arc)
5: OVERKILL – Rotten To The Core (Steamhammer)
6: DETHSCALATOR – Canadians (Riot Season)
7: ELECTRIC ORANGE  -Kinstkopt (Sulatron)
8: LONELADY – Bloedel (Warp)
9: EXTRA LIFE – Voluptuous Life (Loaf)
10: BACK TO THE FUTURE THE RIDE – Intro ((Deathbomb Arc) 
11:MOTORPSYCHO – The Bomb Proof Roll And Beyond (Rune Grammofon)
12: CRASS – Sheep Farming In The Falkland (Crass)
13: ADAM DONEN – Maldoror (Walker & Orling)
14: RUDE MECHANICALS – Fishy Mutants (ExGratia)
15: STRAWBS – The Battle (A&M)

Full details, links, news of all things played 

1: ELECTRIC ORANGE – Bandwurm (Sulatron) – Opening track tonight was the open track from German band Electric Orange’s latest album Krautrock From Hell. Electric Orange have been blending their own brew of analogue prog, Krautrock and vintage synth goodness since the early 90’s, this latest album just might be their best yet...

2: MARIA AND THE MIRRORS – Omar (Parlour) - Excellent single, came out last week, delicious drum patterns that sound like they’ve fallen out of the Foot Village school of hardcore tribalism, that or some Eastern island where rabid trance-like states of polyrhythmic forward movement drive on to a stage of glorious Din. Foot Village, Liars, Gang Gang Dance and as someone else pointed out a kind of deranged Yoko Ono yelping in a most magnificent way.   Well they didn’t point out she sounds deranged, that was an observation from over here where mentions of Polly Styrene and Throbbing Gristle also have to be made.  Dream crazy treats and Netto disco sounds - excellent single, glorious noise, fine band – or

3: BITCHES – Winner (self release) - Bitches have a self released seven inch single out  this Feb, “A London based boy/girl, bass/drums duo, who make fuzzed up noise pop for dancing, fighting and good times”. Instantly love all three tracks, played them all now, will do again – brilliant bands getting out there and self-releasing brilliantly raw seven inch singles like this is what we demand . Excellent noise! Launch part gig for the single in London on Feb 25th at the Old Blue Last (with Teeth and Young Athletic League), and busy playing up and down the land right now, including gigs in Scotland with the equally excellent Divorce -

4: DIVORCE – Early Christianity (Deathbomb Arc) - We told you about this last time, here’s what we said when we played a number of tracks off the album called Pro-Creation Rockers: “Foot Village, one of the finest bands out there right now, have put together a free download compilation album featuring the bands and such that they shared stages with on last year’s European tour, fourteen tracks including some previously unreleased Foot Village material. Divorce are on there alongside JOY OF SEX, BLUE SABBATH BLACK FUJI, HYPER BLACK BASS, BITCHES and more, go grab it for free from herevia Deathbomb Arc
       Divorce and their onslaught of delightfully abrasive rhythmic shouty noise are from Glasgow –

5: OVERKILL – Rotten To The Core (Steamhammer) – The New Jersey old school thrash metal legends are bring their high-octane blitz to London this coming Thursday 25th Feb, catch them at the Academy in Islington. This version was from the live album “F**k You and Then Some” recorded in 1987 –

6: DETHSCALATOR – Canadians (Riot Season) – Track from their recent split album that feature a whole load of experimental noise from Hey Colossus alongside the feedback drenched stoner blues experimental spinning bad apple pit of hell knuckle dragging glory. Putrid atmospheric gungey goodness. Catchg them at The Others over in London N16 this coming Friday Feb 26th (a bill also featuring Bad Guys, Dagger Brothers and At A Crawl) – 

7: ELECTRIC ORANGE  -Kinstkopt (Sulatron) – see track one... 

8: LONELADY – Bloedel (Warp) – A play for the b-side of  this week’s Organ magazine single of the week, here’s the review....  Intuition / Bloedel (Warp) – Intuition sounds like one of those really good ear-catching left-field new wave flavoured pop singles you’d occasionally catch in amongst all the dross on Top Of The Pops back in the day. Sounds a bit like one of the better Comsat Angels singles (they were good, won’t have a thing said against them) or a far more stable Grace Jones messing with a healthy touch of Joy Division  (but not in that obvious way all those post-Franz boy bands think they touch on Joy Divsion and somehow never do). Lonelady sounds nothing like any of that really but you get the drift don’t you?  Sounds like a PiL single with Johnny handing over vocals to some kind of intriguing girl who knows as much as he does... And then there’s the b-side and I know I keep saying anything strange sounds like Liars brilliance but this really does... like she’s dragged you off in a bag to the forest or something - some kind of bizarre pagan ritual and one more time for the record, a strange disturbing lullaby that counteracts the 80’s crispness of the a-side so so well . She’s Julie Campbell, she’s rather food, this is excellent. Paul Morley said she was a love/hate child of those Bunnymen, he’s right (and he is one of the few music journalists that deserves real respect, always worth listening to) and this fine two track just sounds like one of those strange left field pop singles you’d find somewhere in the 80’s, one of those discoveries you’d love forevermore.. Those Liars via The Slits and strange instrumentation and a lament of quiet again and.... One of those classic singles you’ll talk about for years - like you talk about that Ex-Post Facto single or the first time you really heard The Associates or got what The Fall really were or that single the Raincoats once put out, or A Certain Ratio and... She’s from Manchester, of course she is, thrilliant single...

9: EXTRA LIFE – Voluptuous Life (Loaf) -  The new album is out in Late March, we’ve already worn our copy out here at Organ, here’s what we said with the last playlist: “The New York band who made a big impact in 2009 here in Europe with their excellent Secular Works album and some very fine gigs, are already setting the standards for 2010, we already had a taste of their new album via the download track from the album that we’ve been playing already thing year. The Ladder got us excited, but now we have the full album (due out in late March). Find the download link and all the details via the Organ news pages at, meanwhile this new album, Made Flesh, is one of the very best things we’ve heard in a long long time, Extra Life are a band really challenging the idea of how rock music is made, real prog – or

10: BACK TO THE FUTURE THE RIDE – Intro (Deathbomb Arc) – The band/project is called Back To The Future The Ride and the EP that this is called Back To Back To The Future. An offshoot project from some of  those Foot Village people. here's a slice of the Organ review of therecent EP....
           Back To The Future The Ride (Deathbomb Arc) - Some weird wired off in the distance microphones in a different room to the band instrumental synth driven Ace Of Spaces, or at least that’s what these ears detect through the fog and hiss of track one. Yer man Brian from Foot Village making some kind of solo electronic musical sound art or something like that, the mysterious Ace sounding track is just called ‘Intro’, second track is a resonant drone called Sitting Under The Pyramid, sounds more like sitting inside the pyramid chamber if you ask these ears (that’s a compliment) - and on we go with the rather organic drone-hum, something to do with “zero-gravity yoga jams, corporate mystercism, capitalist drones” and well, you can download it for free, keep it if you like it, throw it in your virtual bin if you don’t, I burnt mine on to a CD, made a cover, filled the rest of the space up with Crass tracks and Yes tracks and one Four Tops track I downloaded from somewhere or other, they all seem to flow well together and if I Were A Carpenter I’d be Going For The One, Punk is Dead....  here’s a download link, , long live everything to do with Foot Village... 

11:MOTORPSYCHO – The Bomb Proof Roll And Beyond (Rune Grammofon) – The long standing. Ever evolving Norwegian band, have a new album out on March 8th, goes by the name of Heavy Metal Fruit, the album is as varied and dynamic as ever, it may just be their very best, hard to say, they’re always so unpredictably good. A whole other set of journeys through very forward looking positively non-retro progressive psychedelic flavoured hard rock experimentation – or 

12: CRASS – Sheep Farming In The Falkland (Crass)  - We feel it to a be a duty here at Organ to play a slice of biting ranting questioning Crass now and again, see things are threatening to kick off over in those Falklands again. If you don’t know who Crass were or what this was all about the best place  to start is probably over here at where you’ll find a film, some links and some real question throwing counterculture... Something we could do with a little bit more of... We always get a response when we play Crass on Resonance, either extremely positive or hostile negativity... we like a response... 

13: ADAM DONEN – Maldoror (Walker & Orling) – A new name to us, his new album landed here this week, singer/songwriter and poet from South Africa. The eldest son of prominent anti-apartheid activists so it seems, he did his first poetry readings at the age of six, reading William Blake to ANC freedom fighters... He has quite a story it would appear. This latest album is a set of fine spiritual poetic songs and gentle orchestral undertones that caught ears around here straight away...not really had time to explore the album  properly yet but it did demand instant radio play. Adam is based over here in London now, catch him next on March 3rd at the Good Ship, Kilburn, London – 

14: RUDE MECHANICALS – Fishy Mutants (ExGratia) – And now we’ve had a little time to digest the London band’s new album. They really are different and they really do make music that doesn’t fit anywhere and can’t be compared with anyone. We could be lazy and talk of Zappa an English tea party with the tube mice who are really aliens and who wear false red eye-lashes and strange ‘girls’ playing violin and big white wigs and red dresses and a new album that’s something to do with a cyclops and odd bits of funk and dance rituals that Miss Roberts demands you take part in, for it is she who leads this wonderfully strange band, and not a thing like Zappa but Frank was strange and so are they and.... I could say all that but it really wouldn’t give you any kind of clue. So we’ll just say they have a new album out this month and it really is everything we dared to hope it would be and just go find out, all you people with big yellow flowers on your shirts, we’re yelling at you, for once will you pay attention and go see Rude Mechanicals, bands  this good deserve your attention and support and love and dance rituals and compatible organs - 

15: STRAWBS – The Battle (A&M) – Classic slice on English folk flavoured 70’s  prog rock and an epic battle to end tonight’s show. Actually 1969 is when this came out, on the band’s self titled debut album.  According to the band’s own website, A&M initially rejected the first album for being too poppy complaining that they though they had signed a folky prog rock band and not a pop band – how things have changed! An acoustic version of the Strawbs play a London show this coming Thursday 25th Feb and the Borderline.. is where you explore.... 

That was it for this week. 

No show next Sunday, Resonance is broadcasting live from the KILL YOUR TIMID NOTION festival next weekend...

KILL YOUR TIMID NOTION Sunday 21 - Sunday 28 February, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Scotland. A festival of open-ended proposals for image, sound and dialogue (For those unable to get to Dundee, KYTN highlights will be broadcast on Resonance104.4fm on the nights of the festival weekend.)
       “So maybe art isn’t some object or performance or film or whatever that you look at: it’s the process that produced it. And so Kill Your Timid Notion is Arika's festival of experimental image, sound and dialogue. It's a week-long chance to spend time together and investigate artistic actions and processes that might speak about the world we live in today.  The programme comprises FILM screenings, live PERFORMANCES, INSTALLATIONS and a series of  INVESTIGATION  events that you can get involved in – we want you to get involved in the processes used by the artists at KYTN this year, and maybe help develop those processes together. In fact, some of the artists might need your help in delivering their performance at the weekend. 
      Featuring: Morgan Fisher, Jarrod Fowler, Loic Blairon, Taku Unami, Mattin, Emma Hedditch, Howard Slater, Christof Migone, Resonance Radio Orchestra, Marc Baron and much much more.
      For full programme information see or tune in to Resonance next weekend to hear it. We Organs will be back the weekend after – March 7th.with Marina’s Other Rock Show and the further exploration of rock music that goes beyond  the conventions of 4/4 time... 

Resonance104.4fm is London's first radio art station. Its brief? To provide a radical alternative to the universal formulae of mainstream broadcasting. It features programmes made by musicians, artists and critics who represent the diversity of London's arts scene,

Resonance104.4fm is bringing a multitude of experimental sound, new music, radio art and interaction to the capital's airwaves. Resonance104.4fm broadcasts from the heart of London and is simultaneously streamed on the web at where you can also check out our full programme listings.  Resonance104.4fm is the only station of its kind in the UK, providing access radio for London's arts community.

Imagine a radio station like no other. A radio station that makes public those artworks that have no place in traditional broadcasting. A radio station that is an archive of the new, the undiscovered, the forgotten, the impossible. That is an invisible gallery, a virtual arts centre whose location is at once local, global and timeless. And that is itself a work of art. Imagine a radio station that responds rapidly to new initiatives, has time to draw breath and reflect. A laboratory for experimentation, that by virtue of its uniqueness brings into being a new audience of listeners and creators. All this and more,  Resonance104.4fm aims to make London's airwaves available to the widest possible range of practitioners of contemporary art.

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