Organ on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 14th March 2010. This week with Sean on DJ duties. On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

This week’s playlist..

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: CAPTAIN AHAB – Acting Hard (Deathbomb Arc) 
3: CHROME HOOF – Crystaline (download)
4: HAG – Itch Me (Noisestar) 
5: CASTROVALVA – Hooliganz R Us (Brew) 
6: TRICLOPS – Brown Summer (Alternative Tentacles)
7: DIVORCE – Early Christianity (Deathbomb Arc)
8: THUMPERMONKEY LIVES! - Proktor Cycles (Tooting Bizarre)
9: FOOT VILLAGE – Energy Hunters (Upset The Rhythm)
10: BITCHES – Winner (Self release)
11: LIARS – Drip (Mute)
12: CATE LE BON – Shoeing The Bones (Irony Bored)
13: BURZUM – Belus Doed iii Glemselens Elv (Byelobog)
14: SUPER ADVENTURE CLUB – Hip Hop Hot Pop Pot Noodle (Armellodie)
15: NECK – Every day’s St Patrick’s Day (Hibernian) 
16: EXTRA LIFE – Voluptuous Life (Loaf) 
17: F*CK BUTTONS – Olympian (ATP) 

Details, news, links and things for you to go explore and follow up...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her new Hardy Tree project  and lots more over at

2: CAPTAIN AHAB – Acting Hard (Deathbomb Arc) – How good was that opening track tonight?! Sometimes you hear a piece of music and yes! Lots of exciting cutting edge music waiting to challenge if you know where to look. Captain Ahab are from Los Angeles, Brian from Foot Village and Deathbomb Arc brought them to our attention, he talked of a “strange mix of Viking chants, harsh noise, Hyphy and Steve Reichian timing” and yeah, but he was only telling half of it. We got a new favourite band here (and judging by the almost instant Twitter/e.mail response we’re not alone!). This is why we do this Organ thing! Bands like this, bands who sound like no one else and who sound so damn good while they go about their business of sounding unique. This track of the forthcoming (6th April) album called The End Of Irony, but but you can have this track right now as a free download via You can chase up Captain A via and you can find out about the constantly good DeathbombArc via

3: CHROME HOOF – Crystaline (Southern) – The Hoof back for more, first fruits from the forthcoming second album. More of their space-fuelled disco prog rock and a new album called Crush Depth that is expected somewhere around June. The extremely visual ever excellent band have just announced they are playing alongside Health, Zun Zun Egui and Andrew Weatherall at the Ether Festival on the South Bank, here in London, on April 22nd. –  or

4: HAG – Itch Me (Noisestar) – Now then, new London ‘supergroup’, members of Montana Pete and those Notorious Hi-Fi Killers  Track off the impressive self-titled debut album, the album tastes of the goodness of Melvins, of Harvey Milk, of raw punked up high-octane blues and relentlessly crushing guitar velocity. Tight band here, more coming up, the album is out in April, you can catch the band at The Crypt, Camberwell, London (with Part Chimp) on March 20th and the Buffalo Bar in Highbury on April 1st – or

5: CASTROVALVA – Hooliganz R Us (Brew) – Now we were expecting good from the new album, we were expecting different, the unexpected, didn’t expect this good though (how could we?). The debut album from the Leeds band (who’s early moves have featured quite a bit on this here radio show) is out in  the UK on April 12th. They’ve pushed their boundaries once more! They’ve taken their instrumental post rock/hardcore base and built on it until it has become a vocalised beast beyond recognition. Think NWA for Oxes fans, think Notorious B.I.G meets Made In Mexico, think Prince for Lightning Bolt followers and you’re getting somewhere near something like their current sound (alright, nowhere near but it gives you a vague starting point while they stomp on your greenhouse and run off with your best marbles). or

6: TRICLOPS – Brown Summer (Alternative Tentacles) – Triclops have just this week dropped their second album – Helpers On The Other Side - the beast is every bit as big as the first. Epic collision of prog and punk from a band featuring members of (the legendary) Victim’s Family as well as people from Fleshies, Bottles And Skulls, Lower 48. “An acid punk version of avant-garde classical composition with cinematic textures...” so says  the AT bat. We’re talking punkified prog, heavy psych, we’re talking Butthole Surfers, Melvins, Cardiacs, Zappa, No Means No, Sun Ra and a whole bag of secret x factor in the twisted beauty of it all. The legacy of Victim’s Family indeed (ask your big sister, they were an oasis of experimental punk/prog in the desert that was the 80’s/90/s, those of us who saw them in London still talk of it) – or

7: DIVORCE – Early Christianity (Deathbomb Arc) - We told you about this last time (and the time before, we make no apologies for playing it again), here’s what we said when we played a number of tracks off the album called Pro-Creation Rockers: “Foot Village, one of the finest bands out there right now, have put together a free download compilation album featuring the bands and such that they shared stages with on last year’s European tour, fourteen tracks including some previously unreleased Foot Village material. Divorce are on there alongside JOY OF SEX, BLUE SABBATH BLACK FUJI, HYPER BLACK  BASS, BITCHES and more, go grab it for free from   Divorce and their onslaught of delightfully abrasive rhythmic shouty noise are from Glasgow. And the good news is they’re heading down to play at us here in London later this month. Catch them at the Stag’s Head, 55 Orsman Road, London N1 on 25th March, free gig alongside Bitches, two of the best bands around, free entry, you read it here, the pints are on you, catch me at the bar!

8: THUMPERMONKEY LIVES! - Proktor Cycles (Tooting Bizarre) – Another play of a track from the excellent London band’s ubber-prog album We Bake Our Bread Beneath Her Holy Fire album that came out right at the end of last year (too late for more best of the year lists, but right up near the top of ours, why do all those other lists come out so early?). Full on proper forward looking old school prog rock and all very much for/of now. You can catch them next here in London, right over the road from the Resonance studio, at the Miller in Borough High Street, London Bridge on March 24th sharing a bill with the rather good Caretaker -

9: FOOT VILLAGE – Energy Hunters (Upset The Rhythm) – A re-visit to last year’s rather fine album Anti-Magic. They say they’re an acoustic hardcore band who make “thunderous drum ‘n shout music” and that’s kind of right only they’re nowhere near as mellow as that would have you believe. Members of Gang Wizard, Friends Forever and the “infamous” International Voice Of Reason, this is what we call radio friendly around these parts! – or

10: BITCHES – Winner (Self release) – Bitches have a self released seven inch single out right now, “A London based boy/girl, bass/drums duo, who make fuzzed up noise pop for dancing, fighting and good times”. Instantly love all three tracks, played them all now, will do again – brilliant bands getting out there and self-releasing brilliantly raw seven inch singles like this is what we demand on this radio show. Excellent noise! Catch them in London on March 25th at the Stag’s Head, 55 Orsman Road, London N1 on 25th March, free gig alongside Divorce, two of the best new bands around, free entry... -

11: LIARS – Drip (Mute) – Track from the new album from New York’s Liars (or are they from LA now). Experimental and sounding as good as anything the always rewarding Liars have done, sounding distinctively Liars about it all. The new album is called Sisterworld, came out in the UK last week –

12: CATE LE BON – Shoeing The Bones (Irony Bored) – New single, out on March 22nd, a track from her debut album Me Oh My. A beguiling piece of beautifully detailed folk simplicity from Cardiff  -

13: BURZUM – Belus Doed iii Glemselens Elv (Byelobog) – Back in action, after an eleven year break, with an eighth album. The album is called Belus, named after the ancient European solar deity of light and innocence. A black wind of extreme metal and a whole lot more, a wind that flows beyond the limitations of genre without ever losing the idea that Burzum remain one of the best black metal bands out there. The new album came out last week, probably the most impressive Burzum experience by quite some way –

14: SUPER ADVENTURE CLUB – Hip Hop Hot Pop Pot Noodle (Armellodie) – Back in February we played their single, that week’s Organ magazine single of the week, we said this of it - they’re from Glasgow, they’re alive with energy and oh here’s the single review again... 
                     “An attention-demanding tuneful three piece get me out of this rat-race trio from Scotland. Twisting and tuning and there they go with a bit of Cardiacing in that big instrumental bit that comes in the middle of an almost twee attack of being hung up on things they need to give up and fighting like marsupials and eat your beans, brush your teeth, feed the cat, avoid zombies. We’re under attack like a dog named Sparky and lock the door, feed the cat, cancel plans,avoid zombies. They get all jazzy, ninja-jazz they say, and she has one of  those sweet no-it-wasn’t-me-I-would-never-do-that type of voices, a voice that compliments his reason so much, two fine voices bit like those Bobby McGees actually.  Ghoulish tune-wielding so they say and bad luck comes in threes, but not here, good luck comes your way here and stranger things have happened than this and attempting deconstructive thinking and this is a brilliant debut single and the more you dance around in it the more you tend to notice it. They don’t really sound like anyone, but they do sound like lots of things we like and there’s lots of sticks to pick up and every time I play it it makes me smile a little more, eat you teeth, wash your hands, avoid zombies, what a brilliant debut single, especially the second of two very fine clever songs and read the news, put on your shoes, prepare for a riot” 
           This week the debut album, Avoid Zombies, landed here and guess what? The excellent single is not the best track on there! Super adventures indeed. The album is out on April 12th -

15: NECK – Every day’s St Patrick’s Day (Hibernian) –  A slice of County Holloway Irish punk from London town, from their Sod ‘Em & Begarrah album and played in anticipation of St Patrick’s Day when you can Neck, alongside Under The Gun, Def Con Zero at The Pipeline 94 Middlesex Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 on 17th March – here’s more details.... 
           NECK with their authentic real deal flowing in their blood Irish folk punk mayhem that would scare all  those American Irish theme pub punks who once had a pint of Guinness and thus declare themselves Irish. This is the real County Holloway deal from deepest London, reeling punk with driving flutes, whistles, chaos and in their world every day is St Patrick's day (all a state of mind so they say) .The day kicks off at the Pipeline with a bar opening from 11am-1am, special cheap promotions on Guinness & Jamesons! (oh dear are they really expect Neck to be in a state to play?) "Soon to be  known the world over as the happiest place in London, The Pipeline will be bringing a much needed superiority to the missing rock (& roll) scene in the heart of the Eastend. The Pipeline, the anti-establishment, free for all vibe, is a bar definitely for the lunatic fringe with a very  fine taste in music." Go see Neck, they rule, they're better that the Pogues ever were. 
          Meanwhile Neck have a new album out this week, goes by the name of Come Out Fighting, find out more about that over at
        The Neck gig at the Pipeline is Organ recommended gig at the rather excellent website

16: EXTRA LIFE – Voluptuous Life (Loaf)  - The new album is out in Late March, we’ve already worn our copy out here at Organ, the album review is up on line at now, here’s what we said with the last playlist: “The New York band who made a big impact in 2009 here in Europe with their excellent Secular Works album and some very fine gigs, are already setting the standards for 2010, we already had a taste of their new album via the download track from the album that we’ve been playing already thing year. The Ladder got us excited, but now we have the full album (due out in late March). Find the download link and all the details via the Organ news pages at, meanwhile this new album, Made Flesh, is one of the very best things we’ve heard in a long long time, Extra Life are a band really challenging the idea of how rock music is made, real prog – or

17: F*CK BUTTONS – Olympian (ATP)  - Those Flip Buttons (as we like to call them on air) have a new single out, not until the end of April though, early taste to finish tonight’s show with. The single is from their acclaimed Tarot Sport album, more of their soothing electronic Kraut flavoured flowing experimental goodness, is this their Vangelis flavoured Chariots Of Fire moment. Catch the Fug Buttons next at Koko in Camden on April 20th. More from

That was it for this week. Next week Marina, The Other Rock show and the further exploration of rock music beyond the confines of mere 4/4....

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