Organ on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 11th April 2010. This week with Sean on DJ duties. On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

This week’s playlist..

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: CHANDELIER – Rubber Room (Pickled Egg)
3: ELEPHANT 9 – Fugi Fonex (Rune Grammofon)
4: CASTROVALVA – We Are A Unit, outro (Brew)
5: TO ARMS ETC. – Berries (Bronzebat)
6: THE CONFORMISTS –  Laundry Hepburn (Africantape)
7: UFOMAMMUT –  Eve, Part Three (Supernatural Cat) 
9: THE EX – Maybe I Was The Pilot (
10: ELEPHANT vs LEOPARD – Chlamydia In The Post (self release)
11: CHANDELIER – Taste Of Cherry (Pickled Egg)
12: CAPTAIN AHAB –  Acting Hard (DeathbombArc)
13: JASON PEGG – Everything Is Easy (demo)
14: MOUSE ON THE KEYS – Spectres De Mouse (Denovali) 
15: RUDE MECHANICALS – Taxidermist (Exgratia) 
16: STAR F**KING HIPSTERS – Look Who’s Talking Now! (Alternative Tentacles) 
17: CITIZEN FISH – Clear Channel F**k Off (Fat Wreck) 
18: THE CONFORMISTS -  Black People (Africantape)

Full details, notes, links.....

1: TRANSISTOR SIX -  Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted  theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her new Hardy Tree project and lots more over at – and this week, due to the unexpected early start you got the full track rather than just the slice of intro that you usually get...

2: CHANDELIERS - Rubber Room (Pickled Egg). Track from their new album Dirty Moves, here's last week's Organ review: 
            This is a rather pleasant album, sounding really good in the midday bright light heat of the April sun, sounded equally as good in the midnight dark of last night. Electronic fruitiness, flizz and glitch, clang and bleep, repetitive sunshine and instrumental electronica  (flizz? Like that, it was a typo fizz but flizz fits the fizz and when did we ever bother with fixing typos anyway?) Dirty moves is alive with dirty flizz and buzzing fizz, flowing electronica, tunes that go all over the place, never obvious and rather unlike anything these ears have heard before. The pieces are almost like sound bites, sketches, work in progress, no time to resolve how they start or end, kind of works as one piece jumps to the next piece and it all becomes one wholesome flowing whole of thirty-three short interlocking. Post drum’n bass rhythmic adventure, experimental flow, almost glitching, not that obvious though, this is made by an imagination that knows there’s been too much glitching now and it all needs to flow somewhere new and a way that’s just a little different. Chandeliers are from Chicago, they create on vintage synths, drum machines, traditional rock instruments, when there are (occasional) words they act more as texture than anything that makes coherent sense in a wordy kind of way - half-asleep mumbles and what was that? What are they saying? Some of it gets quietly anthemic, most of it comes with a different pulse, an abstract hint of funk, a touch of Krautrock and pretty much all of it comes with a big warm glowing positive creative experimental smile, pristine shimmering goodness that makes you feel good about life, about your ears, about music, the sunshine and Spring goodness... or

3: ELEPHANT 9 – Fugi Fonex (Rune Grammofon) – New album from the Norwegians, out this week on the ever interesting Rune Grammofon label. That’s right, this is a new just recorded album and not some lost piece of 1974 treasure that’s just been dug up. Didn’t we say all this about Elephant 9’s last album? Full on Hammond driven progressive jazz rock, gloriously good instrumental prog rock once again –

4: CASTROVALVA –  We Are A Unit, outro  (Brew) – the debut album is nearly here, out on April 12th, UK tour starts in London on the 14th April at the Gaff, Holloway Road, London, prepare to fight for your marbles and your greenhouse plants... Now. like we said last time, we were expecting good from the new album, we were expecting different, we expected the unexpected, didn’t expect this good though (how could we?). The debut album from the Leeds band (who’s early moves have featured quite a bit on this here radio show) is out in the UK on April 12th. They’ve pushed their boundaries once more! They’ve taken their instrumental post rock/hardcore base and built on it until it has become a glorious vocalised beast beyond recognition. Think NWA for Oxes fans, think Notorious B.I.G meets Made In Mexico, think Prince for Lightning Bolt followers and you’re getting somewhere near something like their current sound - alright, nowhere near but it gives you a vague starting point... or

5: TO ARMS ETC. – Berries (Bronzebat) – Back to the lush melodic prog flavoured anthemic London band’s 2009 debut album Corner Games. To Arms play Catch over in Shoreditch,  East London this Tuesday 13th April –

6: THE CONFORMISTS -  Laundry Hepburn  (Africantape) – They’re from St Louis, MO and they’re liars, they don’t conform! This is from their just re-issued Steve Albini produced album that originally came out (on what we suspect is the now defunct 54 Degrees 40 or Fight label) back in 2005, came out again on April 6th, sounding  new fresh and real experimental envelope pushing other rock indeed  - or

7: UFOMAMMUT –  Eve, Part Three (Supernatural Cat) – The cult Italian band’s fifth album just landed here, a five piece concept album called Eve, it isn’t released until June 7th in the UK, had to play a track straight away though.  Mammoth sonic adventure, a blend of early Pink Floyd and massive metal riffage, giant atmospheres, mastodonic sounds. A massive forty-five minute concept album, a homage to Eve, a giant of a heavy heavy album – or

8: PENSÉES NOCTURNES – Rahu (Ladlo) The band from Denmark have jut released a challenging album called Grotesque - here's the recent Organ review... 
          Some kind of rather impressive and instantly attention grabbing end of civilisation march on Stalingrad and the opening of the gates of hell for a classical introduction, way to start an album! A start that thankfully does not give way (like we’re cynically expecting  it to) to some kind of clichéd onslaught extreme metal predictability.  Instead we have some kind of gloriously twisted classical take on the grotesque (that was suggested in the tittle) and an album that just builds on the glorious introduction and it rises and rises. The press release talks of avant-grade black metal and yes that is what we do find here, so much more than just that though – the black metal bits are pushing the edges To Mega Therion and Into The Pandemonium in a classical Celtic Frost kind of way.  This is not a metal album, it is a slice of excellent classical boundary pushing opera that now and again comes laced with positive black metal extremities – the metal is there along with the theatre, the Penny Opera Victoriana, the steam punk and the whole thing is there twisting like some kind of Dante’s cooking pot inferno of glorious avant orchestral otherworld unpredictability. This is not a mere metal band toying with the classical, this is a avant-garde classical band toying with the more imaginative end of extreme metal, this is a brilliant album! An album alive with operatic opulence, alive with never ending twists of mood, of density – so much going on here in the ambitious darkness of it all, cathedrals of sounds, underworlds of sounds, Kurt Weills of sound, a fairground chamber of metal freaks and oddities (and the occasional cuckoo), epic progressive orchestral grandeur that just goes on climbing up and up in to the skies beyond the giant five hundred foot high organ pipes they climb towards the end of this utter epic of a work. Epic brilliance, grotesque beauty and absolutely everything shoe-horned in here with the extreme metal, fifty-four minutes that feels like so much more. Excellent! This is what we want, totally over the top ambition carried off in style... or

9: THE EX – Maybe I Was The Pilot ((Ex Records) – New seven inch from the rejuvenated long-standing Dutch agit-post-punk legends. They’ve got a new frontman after all these years, they’re still that wired-up question angular vessel of old with their anarcho undertones and their Dutch cousin of Crass question throwing otherness. So new guitarist/vocalist/claxon player Arnold De Boer’s first recorded work with the band, stepping in to G.W Sok’s twenty nine year old shoes. Let’s not beat around the bush here, this is good, this still flows in that awkward challenging unpredictable way you require The Ex to flow, this is still the same vital band and they’re sounding fresh, dissonantly weird and ready for the challenge of the next thirty years. Helps that De Boar (also of Zea) sounds rather like Sok -

10: ELEPHANT vs LEOPARD – Chlamydia In The Post (self release) – Back to the Peterborough band’s 2008 album Safari Land, for the aggressively angular bass-heavy post-hardcore noise makers are in London this coming week for a gig at the rather intimately inviting Deptford venue The Nest on Friday 16th, free gig and a bill they share with Ivy’s Itch, Mr. Projector and Pig Shackle -  “Beautifully violent and Confrontational... an excellent debut album” so read the Organ quote on the band’s MySpace page –

11: CHANDELIER – Taste Of Cherry (Pickled Egg) - See track two...

12: CAPTAIN AHAB –  Acting Hard (Deathbomb Arc)  - “How good was that opening track  tonight?!” That’s what we said last time and we just had to do it all over again this week, maybe the show should open every time with this track? Here’s the cut’n paste from the last playlist:  “Sometimes you hear a piece of music and yes! Lots of exciting cutting edge music waiting to challenge if you know where to look. Captain Ahab are from Los Angeles, Brian from Foot Village and Deathbomb Arc brought them to our attention, he talked of a “strange mix of Viking chants, harsh noise, Hyphy and Steve Reichian timing” and yeah, but he was only telling half of it. We got a new favourite band here (and judging by the response we’re not alone!). This is why we do this Organ thing! Bands like this, bands who sound like no one else and who sound so damn good while they go about their business of sounding unique. This track of the forthcoming (6th April) album called The End Of  Irony, but but you can have this track right now as a free download via You can chase up Captain A via and you can find out about the constantly good DeathbombArc via

13: JASON PEGG – Everything Is Easy (demo) – he of Clearlake, with an unreleased gtrack, a rather beautufully heartfelt emotional cover of a Cardiacs song and a Tim Smith classic. Jason is playing a solo show this week, at the Kings Head in Crouch End on Friday 16th August –

14: MOUSE ON THE KEYS – Spectres De Mouse (Denovali) – New name to us, three piece from Tokyo, electronic tunes that really do sound like the band’s name. The album is called An Anxious Object, this is something rather different, experimental electronic other rock, only just got here, not had a chance to really explore it all yet, will do by the time it comes out next week, watch the Organ album review page. Intricate, delicate, experimental, the sound of mice on electronic keyboard – or

15: RUDE MECHANICALS – Taxidermist (Exgratia)   - Track from Londo band (and Organ show regualrs) Rude Mechanicals and their most recent album The Cyclops And The Wildebeast. Rude Mechanicals are the band controlled by Miss Roberts and Miss Roberts and Her Putrid People (who I guess are a different band to the Rude Mechanicals) are doing some kind of “scary spoken word and soundscape” thing at an evening of Sexton Ming related events, poetry, music, art, and a chapbook launch. The whole thing happens on the 18th April over at venue called Pangea Project that you’ll fine over in Stoke Newington, London N16.  Poetry from Sexton Ming, Colin Shaddick, Bill Lewis and a “Poet Of Domination” called Lilith Payne – is where you find out more about the night and this compilation tribute album and the chapbook and stuckists and a whole bag of things... Lilith Payne is an occasional contributor to Organ, she brings her poetry from over the sea, all the way from Boston... 
         More Rude Mechanicals via
                Before all that Sexton Ming stuff, Rude Mechanicals themselves play the NO:ID festival... 
            NO:ID FESTIVAL... The NO:ID festival is a two day indoor festival “featuring some of the most cutting edge novel + established acts in musical live performance London's underground has to offer” so says this e.mail that just landed.. “All artists have in common that we understand being on stage as being in character, and all projects are famous for combining amazing musicianship with great showmanship”.
           “Friday April 16th is featuring some astonishing acts, mainly acoustic, headlined by the Lonesome Cowboys from Hell which are somehow Psycho-Country or Country Jazz. Mescaline for Methodists play dancy world fusion to round up the night. (and  this press release e.mail fails to mention that those RUDE MECHANICALS are playing, how rude!)
            Saturday April 17th is the big party with more electric acts, some newcomers, some new acts by established artists, and the already legendary Anarchistwood as headliners who convince with a powerful performance and amazing showmanship. This is a long night full of miracles and surprises, burlesque acts, cabaret, and DJ's until late”. The descriptions are from the festival people, not us here at Organ, looks and sounds interesting enough “Both nights are moderated by the amazing Aunty Luxury (Annouchka Bayley), acts being connected by DJ's and live performances of the unexpected kind. There will be a bar, and a merchandise and record stall. DJs Acid B (Pendulum), PRNWhore (subterfuge) and DJ Tendraw (The Gluerooms) for your 'other' entertainment with visuals from punkvert VJs and walk about performance from Elle Revel and the fabulous uke nonsensical lass from far outta London - Susie Showers.. 
          NO:ID festival, The Others, 6-8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, London, N13 happening on Friday April 16th & Saturday April 17th. Full details on these websites... / . NO:ID is a network of artists in East London, a gallery, and a question of identity, and is working equally with fine arts, performance arts, and musicians.

16: STAR F**KING HIPSTERS – Look Who’s Talking Now! (Alternative Tentacles) Direct from the squats of New York City, they’rw a raw-throated crust punk supergroup, the real full on no compromise deal. They have a new album called Never Rest in Peace, out on the ever-dependable Alternative Tentacles on May 3rd. And they have a UK tour to go with it. Starts on April 27th in London at The Purple Turtle (shame they’re playing a venue that openly runs a pay to play policy for new bands, the band aren’t to know that though, not their fault, come on Purple Turtle, pay to play ain’t good!), Star F**king Hipsters are a smoking-hot super group featuring Sturg  “Stza” Crack (Leftover Crack, Choking Victim), Frank Piegaro  (Degenerics), and Nico de Gallo (Casa de Chihuahua), with members from Ensign, Big Attack!, Awkward Thought, Subhumans and Aloke along for the ride.... or

17: CITIZEN FISH – Clear Channel F**k Off (Fat Wreck)  And talking of Stza and Leftover Crack, the Crack released a split album with English anarcho ska punk outfit Citizen Fish, back in 2007, the album was called Deadline and this track is Citizen Fish’s comment on Clear Channel’s attempt at world domination and taking over every radio station in the world 9dedicated to all those who fell for our announcement, on Aril the 1st, regarding Resonance FM’s switch to a more mainstream cart pop music station, come on! Did you really believe we’d sign up for that!? And in a neat tie up, the new Star Flipping Hipsters album features guest appearances from various Citizen Fish, and when they’re not doing their Fishy thing, the Citizen’s alter-ego band is the Subhumans, who in turn play the Brixton Jamm this coming Friday 16th April -  all things Fish/Humans can be found at, find this track and the split album via

18: THE CONFORMISTS -  Black People (Africantape) - And a fine way to end tonight's show, "thank you". See track six for more details...

And we shall do it all next Sunday, next week with Marina at the decks with her OTHER ROCK SHOW and the further exploration of rock musicbeyond mere 4/4 convention, provided the studio equipment survives another week. If you like what we do here please go to the Resonance FM website and donate, every little helps – all you bands and labels who get so much support here, we’re calling a little of it back in now please...

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