Organ on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 23rd May 2010. This week with Sean on DJ duties. On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

This week’s playlist..

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: CARDIACS – Jitterbug, Junior Is (ORG)
3: THE PUNK ROCK ORCHESTRA – California Uber Alles (download)
4: CHIPS FOR THE POOR –  C*ck, C*nt, P*nis, T*ny Blair, T*na Turner (Invisible Spies) 
5: CHROME HOOF –  Bunker’s Paradise ((Southern)
6: EXTRA LIFE – Black Hoodie (Extra Life)
7: SEAGULL KINEVIL – 54 Beef Street (self release)
8: CHIPS FOR THE POOR – I Am A Warrior (Invisible Spies)
9: CHROME HOOF –  One Day (Southern)
10: EX LIBRAS – underachiever (Wireblood) 
11: CHILD ABUSE –  Cut And Run (Lovepump United)
12: SHONEN KNIFE – Muddy Bubbles Hell (Damnably)
13: SEAGULL KINEVIL – Dream Rubble (self release)
14: SILENT FRONT – Misanthrope (self release)
15: LOW TRAMON –  Rongo Rongo (DoubleEdgeScissor) 
16: CHIPS FOR THE POOR –  Weather Channel (Invisible Spies)
17: LIARS – Mr, You’re On Fire Mr (Mute)
18: Zs –  Acres Of Skin (The Social Registry)
19: REAL SOUNDS OF AFRICA – Soccer Fan (Cherry Red) 

Full details, notes, links.....

1: TRANSISTOR SIX -  Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted  theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her new Hardy Tree project and lots more over at

2: CARDIACS – Jitterbug, Junior Is (ORG) - A glorious slice of Cardiacs and a bonus tonight seeing as we had 15 minutes extra, studio technical problems that should be fixed soon thanks to all the fine response to the fundraising  events of a couple of  weeks ago. Cardiacs are our fuel here at Organ, if you don’t know why go explore the free downloads you’ll find on their website or have a listen at – this track can be found on the Cardiacs And Affectionate Friends album, the more relaxed side of Cardiacs... 

3: THE PUNK ROCK ORCHESTRA – California Uber Alles (download)  - Not sure if the P.R.O are still about, just happened to have this old download with me tonight and we had a extra slice of time to fill up with the finest of earfood to hand... 
                   “Hailing from San Francisco, CA the Punk Rock Orchestra is a 50+ piece strong orchestra that plays punk rock tunes you know and love that are specially arranged for symphonic instruments and operatic voice. The orchestra is run under the auspices of the Institute For Unpopular Culture, a San Francisco not-for-profit organisation. Punk Rock Orchestra’s set list is a journey through the great punk bands: Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Sex Pistols, Circle Jerks, Fear, Suicidal Tendencies and so on. All the members are classically trained, many of them by recognised masters of their respective instruments. From mosh pits to orchestra pits, you won't hear anything like this anywhere else.... .” . Go hit those search engines....

4: CHIPS FOR THE POOR –  C*ck, C*nt, P*nis, T*ny Blair, T*na Turner (Invisible Spies)  - they have an excellent three track, they? He? The single is called Tell Your Mum, Bolan’s Back, here’s last week’s Organ review:  “Headpecker of a single, hammering at your mind in a positively repetitive manner, he’s a warrior... Angular banging softening you up ready for ranting new wave no wave shouty man to come a yelping and yapping and barking. Scratchy angular things that fall off the back of Mark E Smith’s lorry, if he was to ever have a lorry, not that anyone would let either Mr Smith or the one they call Chips For The Poor drive their lorry. This as awkward as Mark E.Smith driving a lorry and yelling at everyone else on the road, on the pavement, on the phone... I Am a Warrior yells the man without a lorry. No idea what shouty singer man is on about, sounds like he has a more than valid point of view though, I’m with him, whatever it is he’s on about. Three pecking tracks, bang yelp, bang bang... something to do with one-armed bandits, home made margaritas, diesel leaks and vomit. Broken Britain in full effect – c*ck, c*nt, p*enis, T*ny Blair, T*na Turner and treading carefully on wafer thin ice. Who knows what he’s on about, never fall in love with a girl like who? Excellent, wired up, on the edge, everything we need on a Monday morning. Five years since his last release so it claims on this press release, don’t ask me, new band, new life, a coalition to mend our broken pop music, a new start” 
          And the single is so damn good that all three tracks deserved to be played tonight. There’s a launch gig on June 3rd in Hoxton, East London, at the Stag’s Head - or

5: CHROME HOOF –  Bunker’s Paradise (Southern) - The multi-tentacled intergalactic space funk prog heads have a new album out any moment now, the album is called Chrome Hoof, they’re out on a UK tour right now, it ends in London on June 4th at Bocking Street Warehouse in Hackney. Two tracks played tonight, a new Chrome Hoof album landing has to be worth more than one play doesn’t it? More from 

6: EXTRA LIFE – Black Hoodie (Extra Life) – Extra Life have enjoyed a lot of attention on this radio show and we make no excuse for playing this track again, this is new the single off the latest album from just about the best band in the world right now, intense avant-garde rock that proves everything hasn’t been done yet, think Tim Buckley playing with Godspeed You Black Emperor, think Morrissey toying with Gentle Giant, think precise classic interplay and the beguiling voice of Charlie Looker, memorable, multi-layered, disturbing even, a spectacular, irresistible entity – there’s a whole page of Organ reviews, photos and things at explore the band themselves via or You can catch the band in London at Corsica Studios on June 10th where they perform as part of a short set of UK tour dates.

7: SEAGULL KINEVIL – 54 Beef Street (self release) - Strange rock, most certainly rock, folk rock, hard rock, heavy rock from the isle of Anglesey - lots of mushrooms and things on that Welsh island -  last time around it was their one and a half minutes of Ram Jam black lemons from the self-released album To Insanity And Beyond, this week we took another dip or two with this rather different one minute piece and further down the playlist a rather folky sound track –

8: CHIPS FOR THE POOR – I Am A Warrior (Invisible Spies) – See track 4, apparently this three minute, twenty-eight seconds version is the edit for the single and really this song is twenty-two minute song...

9: CHROME HOOF –  One Day (Southern) – See track 5, another track from the just landed new album... 

10: EX LIBRAS – underachiever (Wireblood) - Second single from the London band’s  impressively bold debut album Suits(s). Take Radiohead as a vague starting point, throw in some refreshingly unclichéd post rock flavours, some deliciously moody colours, melodic sensibilities, intricately delicate piano, warm vocals, a real understanding of musical tension (and an absolutely brilliant b-side) and bask in a band confidently expanding. Ex Libras are a band who really do deserve your time - rich, alive and needing to do something a little more than just sounding like the bands they clearly appreciate, a band with ambition enough to do something as big as any of the band they may sometime get compared with in a complimentary way. Something special evolving here...

11: CHILD ABUSE –  Cut And Run (Lovepump United) - The New York trio’s latest album, Cut And Run, came out in the US back in April. More of their challenging fusion of noise, death metal, free jazz, grind and all kind of awkward other things, Hella flavours, bizarre brutality and different rhythms – brilliant – or

12: SHONEN KNIFE – Muddy Bubbles Hell (Damnably) – The long standing, highly respected Japanese all girl punk-pop band have apparently discovered a new love, a new love for classic 70’s heavy metal – this is a good thing, their latest album, Super Group fuses that classic bubble gum punk-pop sound of theirs with some big riffs and some rather impressive heavy rock. The band end a UK tour this Monday May 24th in London, at the Scala – more from or

13: SEAGULL KINEVIL – Dream Rubble (self release) – see track 7, another side of the multi-faced seagull...

14: SILENT FRONT – Misanthrope (self release) – The London based post rock/post hardcore/post office/post pigeonhole band have a new album out any moment now, the impressive thing is called Dark Lake, go explore and find out more via

15: LOW TRAMON – Rongo Rongo (DoubleEdgeScissor) - CUTTHROAT CONVENTION, COSMETIC, LOW TRAMON, RAISING OBJECTIONS all gather together at The Fiddlers Elbow in Camden on June 4th for a Doubleedgescissor night. Expected a wholesome stew of experimental other rock, new wave prog flavoured contradictions and things that just don’t fit anywhere. The shapes will make sense to you – more info from – that website will also lead you the latest releases from the ever excellent Low Tramon and their wired new wave sax driven wild thrust ‘n twist. Go download their new single for free....

16: CHIPS FOR THE POOR –  Weather Channel (Invisible Spies) – See track 4

17: LIARS – Mr, You’re On Fire Mr (Mute) – Liar are in town this week, Shepherds Bush Empire on May 27th. Never seen them is a big place like that, but their small gigs in intimate venues have been vital things and tonight, to celebrate, or anticipate, this week’s show a slice of classic Liars from the album called They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top. Explore their world via

18: Zs –  Acres Of Skin (The Social Registry)  -   One of the very best New York avant rock  bands. Hardboiled experimental adventure, that gap somewhere neat experimental rock, freejazz, noise and a new album called New Slaves that’s out (in the U.S at least) this week – for fans of Lightning Bolt, Boredoms, This Heat, Orthrelm, Flying Luttenbachers and such, so says the press release. They seem to have taken things in a different direction again, review up on the Organ pages very soon . Links: or

19: REAL SOUNDS OF AFRICA – Soccer Fan (Cherry Red) – The 13 piece band from Zimbabwe and their classic celebration of both African football and the World Cup finals of 1982.  You can find the track on their Seven Mile High album. Play tonight because some of us around here are getting ready for the forthcoming World Cup and the last thing we need is all these dubious England World Cup songs you keep insisting on sending to the Organ office.

Yes that was a ten minute live mix of Zs and Real Sounds... 

And that was this week's show. Same time, same place, next week, all being well, Marina in the chair with her OTHER ROCK SHOW an the further explorration of rock beyond the convention of the standard 4/4 formula... . 

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