Sean Organ Show on London’s finest radio station - Resonance 104.4fm – Sunday 10.30pm 30 July 2006 –

1: TRANSISTOR SIX – That intro theme tune that we’ve adopted and has adopted us just show you can get a fix on where we are. Actually, lots of you have been asking and now you can go grab the track for yourself over at 

2: CHARLES CAMPBELL-JONES – Stars  (Bronzerat) – You know that rare rare feeling when you throw on something from someone you never heard of before and you have no idea and it just stops everything and sends that tingle up your spine. First of three tracks from the new compilation from the Bronzerat people called House Of The Rising Rat Vol 1 (out on August 28). More from or 

3: AOTEA – Is It A Crime (Sound Devastation) A short sharp track from the band’s recently released and rather excellent debut album Apocalypse In Transmetreopolta. Aotea are touring right now with Organ favourites Sidearm – go explore or

4 CHICANO – Rose By Any Other Name (Bronzerat) – Second of three tracks from the excellent new compilation from the Bronzerat people called House Of The Rising Rat Vol 1 (out on August 28). Chicano feature the much loved much missed late Mary Hansen (of Stereolab), the album is worth it jut for this treasure More from or 

5: AOTEA –  You Can Call Me Hyena (Sound Devastation) – Another slice, 53 seconds this time rather than the self indulgent 1 minute 44 seconds we played you a few minutes ago. They’re out doing lots of dates around the UK right now, I just gave you the link with the third track... 

6: MIASMA AND THE CAROUSEL OF HEADLESS HORSES – Asmodius Arise (Bronzerat) another track from the new compilation from the Bronzerat people called House Of The Rising Rat Vol 1 (out on August 28), every single track on here is worth checking out – new stuff from Gallon Drunk on here as well. This track also featured on Miasma’s 2005 album Perils – Miasma feature members of Guapo and Alabama 3, see, we have all the facts around here. More from or 

7: SHRAG – Mark E.Smith  (WIAIWYA) – I love this band and judging by the response when we played it two weeks ago, so do you. Shrag are from Brighton, this the other side of their debut double A side single, it’s limited to a pressing of just 300 and it’s gloriously shouty spunky girl/boy punk– how brilliant is this!!! I think most of the 300 pressing can be found in the Rough Trade shop, be quick now - 

8: PINK RIOT – Give Up (Fake Product) B-side of the teenage punk rock Elstree (Herts) band’s new (debut?) single, chainsaw riffs and shouty vocals, over on the a-side there’s a contradictory new wave electro (kraut-rock?) edge. Plenty of substance here.- go explore over at or

9: INDIAN JEWELRY -  Rat Noise (Monitor) – A six second track from the excellent new album Invasive Exotics. They’re from Houston Texas and they seem to have a core membership of three people along with around 25 collaborators. Tribal beats, drones, post rock guitars and all kinds of experimental dance(ish) textures to explore – 

10: INDIAN JEWELRY – Come Closer (Monitor) – Something a little more substantial from the rather experimental US outfit we just told you about a minute or two ago. Seems they’ve been “gnashing their teeth through the bible belt for years”. This is their debut album and they were previously knows under such names as Swarm Of Angels, Corpses Of Waco, Turquoise Diamonds, Perpetual War Party Band (to name but a few) and no, I didn’t spell the band name wrong –

11: THE DISCHARGERS – Lower Than Thou (demo) – Ah, old school blasting (proper) thrashing crustoid hardcore metal from Scruff and his gang. That’s right, we sent out our tentacles and found that man from Hellbastard (alright, he found us on My Space) and here he is singing about having a headache for 37 years – well what the hell do you expect Scruff? Still as uncompromising as ever, go grab yourself a glorious headache –

12: WEAPONS – I Want To Save The World (Wicked Old Lady) – The London band have just dropped their much anticipated debut self-titled album. It’s a melting pot of street wise multi-cultural, multi-sexual Ragecore metal, laced clever skanking indie rock, hip-hop, rap, soul and slabs of all kinds of things – the album is out on Sept 18, the band are playing quite a few UK dates right now – all the details can be found over at

13: TO-MERA – Obscure Oblivion (Candlelight)  - A track from the forthcoming (out Sept 11) album from To-Mera, the rather epic prog/goth metal band formed by the rather dramatically voiced Julie Kiss (ex of Hungarian prog metal band Without Face) and one time Extreme Noise Terror/Disgust/Mussolini Headkick man Lee Barrett. – this six minutes plus track is typical of the album’s expansive sound/progressive metal adventure. /

14: JEREMY SIMMONS – One More Time (demo) – Who is he? Where did it come from? Arrived here in the post from Ohio (via our Americano spy), we liked it, we played it and now we have to go find out more – we’ll let you know when we do. 

15: GABBA – Hey Ho Disco (Download) – Ramones meets Abba to make some Abba, Abba songs welded together with Ramones songs. “GABBA were created by Stig Honda, the eccentric Japanese professor at the Osaka Rock n' Roll High School. In search of the formula for pop perfection, he came upon the idea of fusing the raw energy of New York punk (Ramones) with pretty melodic harmonies of Scandinavian pop (ABBA) and GABBA was bjorn. His young proteges Geeky, Anneky, Bjoey, Bee Bee & Abby were taught the 3 chords and 4 rules of Rock n' Roll, and despatched with a pocketful of songs on a quest for worldwide discopunk domination...” The band are playing the Camden Purple Turtle very soon. Full details over at 

16: BLACK TULIPS – The Dogs’ Home (Scalpel) – Lead track from the Brighton band’s new single that came out last Monday – and single of the week this very week on the Organ website at – find out more about their high-tea, Sunday cakes and high heels over at

17: YOU AND THE ATOM BOMB – Marvellous Transmissions Of Star Craft (Sink And Stove) – They’ve got a new six track album out, they make beautiful high-wire (very English) math-pop new-wave bendy pronk and their new album Shake Shake Hello is gloriously beautiful, they’re from Bristol and you can expect more on the Other Rock Show next week when Marina explores awkward time signatures .

18: SLITS – FM (download thing) Ah we’ve been needing an excuse to play some classic Slits for some time, and the lyrics of this track rather fit with Resonance FM (as well as being a good way to drop in talk of Rob Simone’s Headroom show and all his talk over the FM waves of conspiracy and who knows what). And the excuse for finally playing The Slits on the Organ hour? They’re playing London. When?  9 Aug, Camden Underworld, - ARi UP + The SLITS, CHELSEA and THE DUEL 

19: COLLAPSE – Phantom Phantom (Fake Product) – Already favourites in Organland, this is the English band’s first ‘proper’ release. Harsh uncompromising hardboiled post-rock noisefeast of a self titled mini album – 

20: PATCHWORK GRACE – Lovely (Trash Pit) – We played the A-side of their single last time and got loads of mail asking about them, truth is I meant to play the b-side – so here it is, now I’m not sure, I love both sides. They’re from Nottingham, they’re gloriously trashy and edgy and shouty and she knows how to yell and her name is Tori Trash – – which side shall we play next?  I think we’ll book them a gig... 

21: TRANSISTOR SIX -  And there goes the theme we borrowed and it’s time to go home again...

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