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Here’s who got played this week and more importantly here’s how you follow it up and find out more and get involved and communicate and contact and switch the other  - 

See, even they've noticed "An oasis of subversion within a desert of corporate ass-rimming; a place to hear tomorrow's music today" NME (shame they don't cover the music themselves though)

1: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship  - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of artwork and creativity to explore with Frances. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links and lots more over at

2: JOHNNY CASH vs LADYTRON –  Man Comes Around in Blue Jeans (Download) Don’t ask me where this came from, I don’t know, wasn’t me, you might want to look on but I didn’t  tell you that right. Not me mate. Fine fine bootleg clash thing that works so so well, go to that site and type in Johnny Cash and see what you find

3: THE WEEGS – Sixty Five MPH (Hungry Eye) - They’re from San Francisco, their latest album is on Hungry Eye Records and it’s just about to be released in the UK (via Cargo distribution). The album is called The Million Sounds of Black and it will mess with your head with that taste of incestuous love and hate, the mess is positive -

4: OPTIMIST CLUB – Red Wizard Is About To Die – The debut album is recorded, the London band plan to release it themselves in September, there’s a load of gigs next month, free one at Nottinghill Art Centre, one over in Brixton with the excellent Tiger Force, dates and release details over on websites and this is going to be one of the albums of 2006, Optimist Club are one of the London underground’s best treasures  –

5: STEAL GANDHI – Girls Are Loud (Buzzbuzz? Bang!) – delicious Slice of bendy squelchy new wave pronk from the Liverpool band’s rather excellent DIY seven track CD album seven track EP demo whatever it is thing  – go explore more over at – listen to the real sound of the underground, Girls Aloud indeed... 

6: DRESDEN DOLLS – Backstabber (Roadrunner) – Another fine single from the excellent 2006 album. The single is out in September after the band’s appearances at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe and Reading and Leeds festivals. The duo have also announced two London dates at the start of November at the newly refurbished Camden Roundhouse – 

7: ALL DARK MORNINGS – Downer (demo) – The first post Miocene recordings from Graham Donovan (founder member, guitarist and writer). All Dark Mornings is Graham’s solo project, there are two albums which he plans to release at the same time. Those of you who knew the musical brilliance of Miocene will know to expect the unexpected, this certainly stretches the musical envelope. All Dark Mornings play Bar Monsta @ G Lounge, Camden on Thursday August 17 and also the End Of Days festival in Great Yarmouth in October –

8: CHARLES CAMPBELL JONES – Stars (Bronzerat) A most wonderful track from his new album, the album is called Wasting The Duke, it’s out later this month on the rather fine London based Bronzebat label – there’s lots to explore with that label – Stars is just about the best thing I’ve heard this year, one of those triumphant epic prog flavoured slow-burning delights that just stops you and your breath every time – 

9: MC LARS – Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock (Horris) Because crass consumer hijacking of our culture is not a good thing and Laptop punk rock is a good thing. Use those channels of communication properly now. A track from the most recent MC Lars album The Graduate, I rather like the things Lars says, he doesn’t get it right all the time, he’s pressing the right buttons and throwing out some good questions though – 

10: OPTIMIST CLUB – Hitchcock Blond – Second track tonight from one of the most anticipated albums of the year (well around here anyway) and if we had more time then we’d have played more than two tracks for you –

11: TRANSIT KINGS –  (Malicious Damage) - Alex Patterson from The Orb and Jimmy Cauty from The KLF and their new project/album/band called Transit Kings and a new album called Living In A Giant Candle Winking At God – the band are playing London next Thursday August 17 over at the Brixton Windmill. And out on Killing Joke’s original label as well –

12: WHORES WHORES WHORES – Nipple Tassels Just Ate My Vibe (Seduction) - A track from the album of the week over on the Organ website this week. Whores x3 are from Leeds, the album is called Unicorn and it’s out at the start of September. The whole album is a kind of Locust/Botch style cleverly hardboiled noise fest  -

13: THOM YORKE and THE POSIES - Green Eyes (Download thing) The Radiohead man and a couple of Posies in an (unknown to us) U.S Radio station doing a live acoustic set. This fell in to our hands with a label on it stating it was Radiohead and The Pixies – Pixies, Posies, Husker Du yada yada yada.... Try that same site the Johnny Cash/Ladytron thing came from and the in Radiohead, but we never told you right. 

14: TANGAROA – When The Door Swings Shut, Draw The Gun (AntiCulture) – Track from the rather unique UK extreme progressive math metal band’s debut EP called Day. All five tracks are excellent, the EP is out this week, or is it next week? Hey look, it’s out just about now and you really need to check them out -

15: COLLAPSE –  Apes Ape (Fake Product) – A track the debut 10” mini album from the extreme post hardcore noise band from deepest London, the album hits the shops tomorrow – 14 August – we’ve been playing their music and writing about their demos for sometime now, this debut album is everything we expected, well worth your time so go make time (if you have the time) -

16: OUR TIME DOWN HERE – Where Nothing Else Exists (demo) – They’re a rather fine hardcore metal crossover band from Southampton, they seem to have a little more thought in there than your average hardcore metal band in 2006.  We hadn’t heard of them before today, they sent a mail in to say hello, we had a listen (yes, on My Space again), we hit the download button and a couple of hours later they were on the radio – it’s really is that easy. They say their debut album is our soon - or

17: SUBHUMANS – Work Rest Play Die (Fat Wreck) – A quick revisit to the politically charged UK punk band’s excellent Live In A Dive album, one of the finest/most important/more challenging anarcho punk bands out there – is where you discover more, if you don’t know Subhumans then you’re missing out – the thinking person’s punk band. 

18: GENE SERENE – Sound Of The Crowd (ORG) – The self proclaimed London/Berlin electro dada sound-clash punk goddess with a track from her forthcoming EP. Yes, her rather tasty version of the Human League classic – she can do anything, there are quite a few sides to Ms Serene – is were you find out more, the single is out in September.

19: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rockship outro, signing out, good night everyone.... Thanks for listening - next week Marina pilots the ORGAN hour on Resonance with her OTHER ROCK SHOW. Marina’s show is about exploring rock beyond the restrictions of conventional 4/4 time. I’m back in two weeks (I hope).

Sean O 


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