Sean Organ show, Resonance 104.4FM, Sunday August 27, here’s who got played once we had battled out way in from NW10 and through the Carnival and the London transport refusing Oysters cards, ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated Ken? 

1: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship  - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of artwork and creativity to explore with Frances. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links and lots more over at

2: CRASS – What Do You Want (Overground) – A previously unreleased version from the soon to be released Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 4 album (out Oct 9) Another 23 of your finest pop hits and the 4 in this fine series, this time featuring Crass, Kravats, Culture Shock, Conflict, Atomic Filth, Antisect and lots more. Excellent sleeve notes including an introduction from Penny Rimbaud, if you don’t know that vital period of punk rock history then go explore, if you do then these albums are full of treasures and treats – 

3: FTSE100 – Hail Hegemony (demo) - Not big on information or track tittles or anything much this band. Instrumental math/post rock that does all the talking it needs to, this fine demo/self released six track EP was waiting for us in the Resonance studio post bag. I expect we’ll be playing more tracks (it did cause Marina Other Rock Show to fall off her chair and demand I hand it over). You can find out more over at – hang on, I just did, they’re from Cardiff and they have tittles and their stock is on the rise and hey, we got another good one here...

4: M.I.A - Pull Up The People (XL Recordings) – The sound of West London hip-hip via Sri Lanka and a quick revisit to one of the very best albums of 2005 – must be a new something or other due from her sometime soon –

5: OPTIMIST CLUB – 41,000 Years – Another track from the forthcoming debut album. The band are releasing this album themselves next month, they play Lost Sunday at the Brixton Windmill next week with Tiger Force and more, there’s also a free afternoon show at Rota, Nottinghill on Sept 9 with Cutting Pink With Knives – bands come on around 4.30, its free, you just walk in, pull up one of those nice easy chairs and enjoy your afternoon  – more from

6: INSOMNIUM – Change of Heart (Candlelight) - A rather fine and epically melodic slice from the band’s third album Above The Weeping, released on Sept 18. Fine progressive melodic folk-edged Scandinavian death metal at its finest. And the embark on quite a big UK tour at the start of September, including the Islington Academy, London on Sept 16 – /

7: CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES – My Head is Full Of Teeth (AD AAD AT) – Did we mention Cutting Pink playing a free gig with Optimist Club? Indeed we did, details are up there and here’s a track from their rather hardboiled Oh Wow album –

8: NON CREDO - Trouser Role (Musea) - She's a singer, he's a drummer, who mentioned the
Dresden Dolls? This is far more left field and operatic and clarinets and mambas, cellos,
broken down keyboards and Rock In Opposition and Teutonic expressionism - or

9: CHARLES CAMPBELL JONES – Stars (Bronzerat) – Yeah, I know, third week running, but hey, I have an excuse, he’s playing The Old Blue Last, Great Eastern Street, London EC2 on September 5, the album is out n Sept 24, it’s called Wasting The Duke and Stars is the standout track of the rather fine album, it just stops everything with it’s spine-chilling progness –

10: CONFLICT – Mighty And Superior (Overground) – Another track from the soon to be released “Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 4” album. Last of the four albums in this fine series, this time featuring D&V, Danbert Nobacon, Rudimentary Peni, Nic Toczek and lots more. And like we already said, fine sleeve notes and artwork including an introduction from Penny Rimbaud –  - Conflict are up to quite a lot right now, including a few benefits for Paco. Find out what all that is about and lots more toooooo, it’s all over at

11 LIVING LEGENDS – Island Wars (Overground) -  More from the “Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 4” album. Last of the four albums in this fine series that focuses on the UK anarcho punk  scene of the early 80’s – a time when punk rock stood for a little more than a fashion parade controlled by major labels (or wannabe major labels and big cheese corporate glossy magazines) –

12: DIRT – Shady Politics - (Demo) From P.G Florida with some delicious low-slung cool as F hip-hop/grime or whatever we should be calling it, I don’t really care what it’s called, we listened, we liked, we downloaded and we’ve played quite a few times now - we hope you liked. We like what Dirt is saying, we like the questions, the bits about George Tabb, the bits that question America, the bits that urge people to listen to the BBC News rather than Fox - 

13: BATTLEWITCH – Children Of The Wytch (demo) Proper metal, from a thousand years before time, a track from the Fyresroyde demo – demo of the week a handful of weeks ago on the Organ website, so good it could be a set of long lost Diamond Head/Mythra/Witchfinder General b-sides from 1980 and the NWOBHM and doesn’t it do you heart good to hear it eh Rip?  Let us quote the band - “Beware the Battlewitch when the moon is fat! For they travel from Riff mountain where men are men and women are women. Battlewitch are lucky to live not far from Stonehenge and Avebury stones. Here they recharge their sonic batteries before punishing the crowd with mind-bending riffage. Live Battlewitch slay and comfort at the same time. For the Gods of Metal and Rock have smiled kindly on these four men of the riff. Battlewitch march with Metal in their hearts and a smile on their face”.

14: VESSELS – The Beast (demo) – One of the finest demos of the year, and we make no excuse for going back to it again, it’s just so sunny and refined and perfect post-rock math easiness – and they’re playing Stringfest at Marsden near Weatherby (Yorkshire) on September 2 with lots of interesting sounding bands and DJs and such – a proper festival – or

15: D&V – Wake Up (Overground) -  Yet another track from the “Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 4” album, yes you guessed, we really like  this series that focuses on the anarcho punk  scene of the early 80’s – go explore, the four albums are full of inspiring goodness -

16: DRESDEN DOLLS – Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner (Roadrunner) – Another fine song of revenge from Amanda and a previously unreleased b-side that you can find on the forthcoming  Backstabber single, The single is out on September 4th after the band’s appearances at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe and Reading and Leeds festivals. The duo have also announced two London dates at the start of November at the newly refurbished Camden Roundhouse –

17: STEAL GANDHI – Girls Are Loud (Buzzbuzz? Bang!) – delicious Slice of bendy squelchy new wave pronk from the Liverpool band’s rather excellent DIY seven track CD album seven track EP demo whatever it is thing  – go explore more over at – listen to the real sound of the underground, Girls Aloud indeed... 

18: NOBLESSE OBLIGE – Offensive Nonsense (Horseglue) – Ah now, a track from the London based duo’s debut album Privilege Entails Responsibility – a delicious mix of confrontation, exletic disco/punk, sixties French style, lyrical wit, samples, bad taste/good taste, military beats. Regualrly found playing at BDSM events, Dresden Doll gigs and their own club night Caligula. Go explore over at 

19: JELLO BIAFRA & THE MELVINS  - Voted Off The Island (Alternative Tentacles) – Jello and The Melvins (or the real Dead Kennedys as we like to call them around here) and a 59 second track –

20: THE LOW LOWS –  Dear Flies Love Spider (Monotreme) - Found The Low Lows whilst surfing around, liked the track, downloaded it for play and whoosh, no sooner had we done that then a press release comes in to say an album will be out this Autumn in the UK on the ever excellent London based indie label Monotreme – home of The Mass, 65Daysofstatic, Thee More Shallows and various shades of avant what. The Low Lows are from Kowloon City USA, they talk of shoegazing and David Lynch and folk and we’d talk of prog and refined textures and you can find out more via

Next Sunday it will be Marina again with her OTHER ROCK SHOW – rules there are simple, Other Rock, rock music that explore unconventional time signatures and progressive things like that... I’ll be back in two weeks unless... well you never know do you.

Sean O 


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