Who got played? Where do you go to find out more? 

1: TRANSISTOR SIX  – Back Yard Rocketship  - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her work and lots more over at

2: SKULLFLOWER  -  Black Wind (Crucial Blast) The UK noise-trance legends have a new album out on excellent San Francisco label (and US home of The Mass and So I Had To Shoot Him!) Crucial Blast. And now because we’re in a rush we shall borrow some words from the label website - A black void of utterly destroyed drone rock and blearly eyed violent meditation, triumphant recordings and apocalyptic mega-metal and machine smashing kraut rock, radioactive rage swarms and an album built on some of the heaviest harshest abrasive sounds known to beast. The album is called Tribulation  -   - and so what if the nine tracks are all rather alike and all long ass and they’d do your head in if I played it all on the radio (I would if our show was more than an hour long, never enough time) so we just dipped in to three tracks and blasted you a taste or two and them dipped out again. 

3: LADY PROMISE - The Battle (download demo) – Straight out of New York City and out to Jackie Chan your ass. I hadn’t heard of her until this week, got an e.mail from her, something about not letting her smile fool anyone and how she had words to spit – and indeed she does, doing it all herself and takeing no shit from anyone, cutting edge streetwise rap girl in total artistic control – go download the non radio friendly cussing everyone who gets in her way version for yourself over at 

4: CRASS – What Do You Want (Overground) – A previously unreleased version from the soon to be released Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 4 album (out Oct 9) Another 23 of your finest authority loving pop hits and the fourth in this fine series focusing on that classic period of anarch punk history that was the start of the 80’s. This time featuring Crass, Kravats, Culture Shock, Conflict, Atomic Filth, Antisect and lots more. Excellent sleeve notes including an introduction from Penny Rimbaud, if you don’t know that vital period of punk rock history then go explore, if you do then these albums are full of treasures and treats and things you probably lost when your bus got trashed in the Beanfield –

5: SKULLFLOWER – Sarragossa (Crucial Blast) – See above and woooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaassssssszzzzzzzzzzzzfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicrunkkkkkkkkkkkk

6: CATS AND CATS AND CATS – (Win Win Win) Hotel At The End Of Youth – track from the Cats forthcoming debut 40 minute plus five track album (yes indeed nice long tracks) from one of our favourite bands right now.  They’re from Staines/Tunbridge Wells, not sure when the album is out, it’s called Sweet Drunk Everyone and it’s loaded with sweet sweet sweet uplifting post-rock adventure - go ask then over at or

7: JOHN CALLAGHAN – Do You Love it (Uncharted Audio) – I still have my hands, and my mind and uncharted audio, who is John Callaghan? I don’t know, there’s this compilation album called IDEA / HOARD / UNCUT with all kinds of way out left field electro pop, found sound and cutting things that can’t be explained in mere words, the whole album sounds like a night out with Resonance – people/names like Square Root of Evil, Villain, Treewave, Cursor Minor  – more from or – the album is loaded with treats, every single track is worth your time, ears and the mere fiver the CD will cost you – very highly recommended.

8: LEGION OF PARASITES – Massacre (Overground) – A previously unreleased version from the soon to be released Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 4 album (out Oct 9) that we just told you about up there with the Crass track –

9: VISION AND THE RIDDLE –  NYSFC (Post Records) I Want The New York Super Fudge Chunk, and why not?  Track from the album Tilt and the first release on new label Post (and on white vinyl tooooo). V&theR are London DUE Goo and Al, says here they’ve been quietly making music from field recordings, found sound, treated instruments and other obscure samples for the last 15 years. This is their first release for a label other than their own, loads of excellent stuff on here for us to re-visit over the next few weeks. / /

10: PROJECT: VENHELL – Pfft To You Rules (Valentine Bitch) From Aberdeen (Scotland) with some positive jarring guitar noise and bite. A track from their new I Feel Back What They’re Looking At Me For album. A band for you noisy Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Jesus Lizard, Les Savy Fav fans who like it all abrasive and lurching and yapping in your face and indeed pfft to the rules. We love it, got it in the post on Saturday, on to the radio on Sunday, fame and fortune on Monday then? Probably not but you could go say hello over at or or indeed

11: GENE SERENE – I Can Do Anything (ORG) Self confessed London/Berlin electro bitch goddess and a track from here new EP – Yeah, it’s out on our label, we can play our own releases can’t we? Don’t tell anyone about the Genesis sample though, we probably didn’t get permission - is where you go for more info. Catch her at the Ladyfest gathering in Newcastle this month as well as in a couple of art galleries in Germany.

12: MOTLEY CRUE – Shout At TheDevil (Motley Records) – well Gene said I could do anything and it’s about time there was some Crue on Resonance (alright you’re going to tell me Horse Hospital had a whole hour of it last week) Anyway, you don’t need a link to them, here’s something useful –, all kinds of interesting things to digest and question over there. Next week Manowar.

13: RUDIMENTARY PENI – Teenage Time Killer (Overground) – Another track from that new compilation we told you about up there with Crass track–

14: SQUARE ROOT OF EVIL – You Can’t kill Me (Uncharted Audio) – I still have my ears, and my feet and uncharted audio, who is blah blah? I don’t know but I do know there’s this compilation album called IDEA / HOARD / UNCUT with all kinds of way out left field electro pop, found sound and cutting things that can’t be explained in mere words, the whole album sounds like a night out with Resonance – people/names like Square Root of Evil, Villain, Treewave, Cursor Minor  – more from – the album is loaded with treats, and I say again every single track really is worth your time, ears and the fiver the CD will cost you – highly recommended (did we say that already?).

15: FALLOPIAN – Sex With A Tree (Avebury) Four girls from Somewhereville USA and a one and a half minute slice of screaming trailer trash riot girl powered screaming lo-fi punk rock and a song about having sex with trees. The album is called Dammit, Eat Your Pudding and is where you go to find out more. 

16: MESA VERDE – Substance Abuse (Art For Blind) – Off their rather fine Amor Fati EP, they’re from Glasgow (and on a rather fine DIY label from Barnsley, excellent packaging/artwork from Angelo Milano) and they deal out frantic fast tuneful/awkward hardcore that back in the mid 90’s before the terms got hijacked and watered down for safe consumption by major label marketing departments, would have been considered fine fine Emo/screamo.  More from or

17: SKULLFLOWER – Dwarf Thunderbolt (Crucial Blast) – See above and woooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaassssssszzzzzzzzzzzzfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicrunkkkkkkkkkkkk again

18: JESUS LICKS – Dalek Chorus (Post) Some nice banjo vs ukulele acoustic weirdassness, well things were getting a little loud what with the shouting at the devil and Skullflower and such. Second release on Post, this time a pink vinyl seven inch (looks like Post is going to be a good label). Debut single from the two girl/two boy four piece from London. I do believe there’s only 500 of them and copies are flying out of Rough Trade already so get your skates on /

19: OPTIMIST CLUB - Another track from the forthcoming debut album. The band are releasing this album themselves next month, they really are the best band in London right now, go find out over at

20: FTS100 – B.A.P.S (demo) - From Cardiff withan excellent demo loaded with Instrumental math/post rock that does all the talking it needs to, this fine demo/self released six track EP was waiting for us in the Resonance studio post bag and we loved it so much that this is the third week of attention for it. You can find out more over at

21: THE GRESHAM FLYERS – Shiftwork (Barryland) More coloured vinyl, it’s like being back in the last century, this time blue and some classic sounding 80’s indie pop for Wedding Present fans (the b-side is more like Sparks though) Mine is number 93 of the limited edition of 500, they’re from London and you can get one from 

22: TRANSISTOR SIX – ah, the tune that means our hour is over already, we were just getting warmed up, over for another week and we’re off to watch Organ TV – our TV show is now repeated Sunday nights on Open Access TV here in the UK – WHY ISN’T EVERYONE ELSE MAKING DIY TV, it’s like radio with pictured and anyone can. Marina’s turn again next Sunday and her OTHER ROCK SHOW that features on rock in unconventional time signatures and such. 

Sean O


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