SEAN ORGAN SHOW, RESONANCE 104.4FM - PLAYLIST 22nd OCTOBER 2006. All over London on the FM dial and worldwide via even Sunday night at 10.30pm.

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? 

1: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship  - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her work and lots more over at

2: REIGNS – Spore Regent (Jonson Family) – A track from their beautiful Styne Vallis, it really is a beautifully difficult task choosing just one track – this is the one, no this one, fact is all eleven tracks are beautiful, and I changed my mind again and again. One of the finest albums of the year, achingly delicate and so demandingly uplifting and different –

3: INVASION – Red Dawn (Demo) A fresh new band, a bass-less London-based two girl one boy three piece who really sound like they could be something special, catchy fluid rock/metal with a Lightning Bolt/John Zorn/Mastodon/Enid Blyton set of flavours, this is why lots of people are talking about this band – – They play the Old Blue Post in Shoreditch on Oct 23 and more London shows in November.

4: ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES – Jolene (Fat Wreck) – The US punk supergroup (members of NOFX, Lagwagon, Swingin’ Utters and the Foo Fighters) with an album of Country and Western classics done superbly (respectfully) well. Covers of songs by Kris Kristofferon, Dolly Parton, Garth Brook, Johnny Cash, Dixie Chicks, Hank Williams, The Eagles, John Denver – all good and done in Fat Wreck style punk/pop rock ramming speed. The album is out this week, album of the week over on the Organ website –

5: MOGWAI –  I Do Have Weapons (PIAS) – A track from the forthcoming (out 6 Nov) rather mesmerising album from the Scottish band – this is the rather refined soundtrack album to the Zidane film. Zidane: A 21 Century Portrait. 

6: DAS WONDERLUST – Red Sauce, Brown Sauce (Don’t Tell Clare) - Rather bendy bouncy and rather unique B-side track from the Middlesborough band’s latest limited edition seven incher – their first ‘proper’ release so they say, I thought the demos we played were rather ‘proper’ actually.

7: IGGY POP – New York City Is Beating Its Chest Again (Buddyhead) - Well now the track isn’t actually credited to Iggy (probably wise considering what he has to say about Moby in the song) but hey, don’t need to be Sherlock to work it out. Couldn’t resist digging it out again, we’ve had some e.mail onslaught demanding we cover/play Moby this week (“I’m sure he’s a very hard worker”). is always worth checking out and this from an excellent compilation called Gimme Shelter (2003) – loads of good stuff from Mudhoney, yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dead meadow, Wire, Shat and more. 

8: LJ KRUZER –  Huba (Uncharted Audio) -   I still have my hands, and my mind and uncharted audio. I don’t know, there’s this compilation album called IDEA / HOARD / UNCUT with all kinds of way out left field electro pop, found sound and cutting things that can’t be explained in mere words, the whole album sounds like a night out with Resonance – people/names like Square Root of Evil, Villain, Treewave, Cursor Minor  – more from – the album is loaded with treats, every single track is worth your time, ears and the mere fiver the CD will cost you – very highly recommended.

9: LEAVE THE CAPITAL – Matchsticks (ORG) Debut single from the lush Cardiff band, yes, it’s out on out label on Nov 13, I’m sure you don’t mind us playing one of our releases now and again (come on we hardly ever do!). Catch them at the Dublin Castle this Tuesday 24 Oct. Find out more from or the ORG pages of our website 

WEASEL WALTER’S selection – He of the legendary Flying Luttenbackers, you’ve find a nice list of things (we stole) from Walter on line with this week’s edition of Organ 

10: WIRE – I Should Have Known Better (EMI) - Opening track from the 154 album, and a track recommended by Weasel Walter, any excuse to play Wire!

11: THE SWEET – Burning/Someone Else Will (RCA) - So Weasel Walter said The Sweet were the greatest band ever (and they’re where I got hooked, Sweet b-sides ruined my life), this outrageous version of Someone Else Will – a rather Tap-esque song about their groupies – is from the Live At The Rainbow 73 album – “if we don’t f**k you then someone else will”. There’s a lot to explore of Sweet albums, a lot more than just the glam rock Top Of The Pops side. 

12: WEASEL WALTER – Crank Up The Bullshit (Download) – What a nice soothing radio friendly track from one of Oakland’s finest music makers and an unsung hero of the left field underground (and what’s this about a Luttenbackers DVD!), download it yourself from

13: ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES – Annie’s Song (Fat Wreck) – See track 4.

14: TODD – Black Skull (Southern) – A track from the rather left field primal chaotic avant noise band from London and their recently released (April 2006) album Come To Your House. Todd play one of what looks to be on the of the most exciting gigs of the year as guests to (Other Rock Show regulars) The Enablers over at the Camden Barfly on Sunday November 5 (you can’t go, you busy listening to the radio that night remember!) 

15: DUFUS – Lay Down Flat (Iron Man) – Track from the ever excellent and rather eclectic NY squat folk art funk punks who never stop contradiction whatever you may think of them – on tour in the UK very soon (starts Nov 8 in Brixton) and rather vital that you see their performance – think Zappa, Crass, Bobby Conn and all points in between –  or or

16: TRUCKERS OF HUSK – Head For The Lights (demo) – Proper angular and pointy and rather unique and beautiful actually, I think they’re from Cardiff (but I could be wrong) – I found it whilst poking around Leave The Capital’s My Space. 

17: OPHELIA TORAH – Wuornos (demo) - An extremely fine female fronted four piece, I think they’re from London, kind of like if Portishead were a metal band (but nothing like that really) and demo of the week over on the Organ website this week. This track has a kind of Radiohead feel, not everything they do tastes like that though, this is only one of the dimensions. They’re playing the Islington Hope And Anchor on October 27  -

18: ROLO TOMASSI – Film Noir (Holy Roar) – lead track from the (excellently packaged) five track EP from the Sheffield band, out on touring the UK right now, rather like being trapped in a rubbery elastic bendy games arcade - or 

19: OPHELIA TORAH – How The Flowers Grow (Demo) – See track 17, told you there was another dimension. 

20: ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES –  Ghost Riders In The Sky (Fat Wreck) – See track 4, final one minute song before we get chased out of the station by our wonderful engineer Bonnie and hand over the airwaves to the webs and conspiracies of Rob Simone. 

Same time same place next week (I hope) when Marina will be in control with her OTHER ROCK SHOW and exploring rock that’s played in ‘different’ time signatures beyond the conventions of 4/4. 

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