PLAYLIST 19th Nov 2006 – Sean Organ show, Resonance 104.4FM – on the FM dial in London and worldwide via

Who got played this week?

1: DEATH ORGAN – Hate (Ad Perpetuam Memorian) ok, I admit, I left the Transistor Six CD at home, still those great big overdriven Hammond organs introduced the hour nicely enough don’t you think.

2: BOSSK – 1 (demo) – 17minutes of epicness, mellow post rock (mainly) instrumental beauty – moods and shades and silence and blissful brooding uplifting delight and we only have an hour so you got a taste, the first four minutes or so – 

3: GOBSAUSAGE – Spray Girl Calling (demo) Track from the Bellow The Gum Line demo that could be an album soon and maybe on Gene Serene’s new label DaDa Discs, I’m not really sure but I do believe that to be the case. Gobsauseage are from London, they’re Electro punk gone bad, they’re handcuffs and dynamite and gaffa tape on nipples and go be curious – they play a DaDa Discs night with Gene Serene (we we’ve played lots already) tomorrow (or today by the time we get home and write this out) Monday Nov 20 at the Fly, Oxford Street.

4: THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES – Dear Lodge (Jade Tree) – Track from the recent Easter album from the imaginative Seattle post punk/hardcore band, the antidote to everything embraced by teenage consumers in American shopping malls and or churches – unformulated. Brooding and beautifully. Corrupt -

5: TIGER FORCE – Five Six I Got Sticks (Marquis Cha Cha) New double A side 7” single from the abrasive punky shouty jerky pointy girl/boy band from London. Out on Nov 13. The sleeves to the single have all been hand made by the ‘Nous Vous’ art collective from Leeds. 

6: CHARLES CAMPBELL JONES – Stars (Bronze Rat) We haven’t played this since it came out, another play was well over due, dramatic epic cool as f soaring prog rock, the last great musical taboo.

7: SEASICK STEVE – Thangs Going Up, Thangs Going Down (download) Now don’t ask me who he is, genuine train-riding hobo blues man so it seems, album coming out of Bronze Rat any moment now. And he’s over here in the UK this coming week, he’s at the Tapestry Club in London Nov 24. Download this track and get more info from 

8: CRIME IN CHOIR –  Complete Upsmanship (GLS) Track from the rather prog flavoured and extremely fine instrumental album Trumpery Metier. Due out in Jan 2007 in the UK, the band feature Kenny Hopper (At The Drive-In), Jesse Reiner (Citay), Jarrett Wrenn (At The Drive-In), Tim Soete (F**king Champs) and Matt Waters (The Mass) – 

9: YOUNG WIDOWS – The First Half (Jade Tree) They evolved out of Breather Resist, abrasive noise rock and post-hardcore and a track from the rather fine Settle Down City album that came out in September.

10: CATS AND CATS AND CATS – Fight Fight With Fight  (Run For Your Life) – Another track from the Cats, you can find it on their very fine debut 40 minute plus five track album (yes indeed nice long tracks). This is out on a seven inch now, a four band split on Run For Your Life Records.  They’re from Staines/Tunbridge Wells, not sure when the album is out, it’s called Sweet Drunk Everyone and it’s loaded with sweet sweet sweet uplifting post-rock adventure. The single also features tracks from Bottlenose Dolphin, Falenizza Horsepower and Guns or Knives  go ask them more over at or or

11: DON CABALLERO – I Agree.... No!.... I Disagree (Relapse) – Track from the new album and indeed new version of Don Cab, put aside those Battles about who’s in the band and if they really should be called Don Caballero and just treat them as a fine new post rock/math rock band. Here’s the UK tour dates:  November 25 Brighton, Engine Rooms , 26 Birmingham, Medicine Bar, 27 Sunderland, The Independent, 28 Glasgow, ABC2, 29 Leeds, Cockpit, 30 London, The Scala 

12: ANTI PRODUCT – Good Vibrations – The new single from the rather unique band and what a fine version it is, not actually sure when it’s out – it got it’s very first play anywhere on the Eleven hour broadcast two weeks ago and loads of people demanded more. We got e.mails from all over the world so here it is yet again. Not sure when it’s out, 2007 I think. The band are playing UK dates this week  –

13: THEY DIED TOO YOUNG – Hanger Lane (demo) A track from a rather fine demo from a band from Southend, post-hardcore of a challenging Fugazi nature. Demo of the week last in the OrgaN website and this is why. –

14: SHARI ELF – Some Thoughts On If I Should Die (Download) Heard about Shari Elf from our California spy Marcia X, who saw her at a festival in the Morongo Valley – a delicate lo-fi alt sound, go investigate her and the All Star Seamstress Band and download the song yourself at – played it last time and got loads of e.mails asking for it again.

15: ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES – Annie’s Song (Fat Wreck) - The infesctious US punk supergroup (members of NOFX, Lagwagon, Swingin’ Utters and the Foo Fighters) with an album of Country and Western classics done superbly (respectfully) well –  including this cover of John  Denver classic. The album also features fine version of Dolly Parton, Garth Brook, Johnny Cash, Dixie Chicks, Hank Williams, The Eagles, Kris Kristofferson songs – all good and done in Fat Wreck style punk/pop rock ramming speed. The album is out two weeks ago –

16: REAL McKENZIES – Will You No Come Back Again? (Fat Wreck) – Quick revisit to last year’s very fine 10,000 Shots album, Scottish punk from Canada playing traditional songs – more bagpipes in punk we say.

17: STREET DOGS – There’s Power In A Union (DRT) – From the new album Fading American Dream, classic positive switched on street punk rock from Boston (USA), Clash flavoured/inspired and led by Mike McCogan, the real deal - he’s been there, done it, he has lots to say and he has it just right both lyrically and vocally. Album of the week a couple of weeks ago on the Organ website - or

18: SUBHUMANS – Rain (Fat Wreck) – Live version from the vital Live In A Dive album, classic activist political punk rock played with a clever passion. A couple of years ago I witnessed a friendly argument between band members about Cardiacs and did Subhumans sound like them or not – I think this answers the question. is the best place to find out more. 

19: DEATH ORGAN – Hate (Ad Perpetuam Memorian) and a monster of a track from the 1996 album 9 to 5. Classic driving visceral prog rock with great big filthy distorted organs. They were from Sweden, not sure what became of them...

Same time same place next week (I hope) when Marina will be in control of the decks with her OTHER ROCK SHOW and exploring rock that’s played in ‘different’ time signatures beyond the conventions of 4/4.


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