Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW on RESONANCE 104.4FM (LONDON) No. 65, November 26th 2006 with Marina.

INTRO: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac)
1:  GORCH FOCK - First We Must Meet The Elders (Peverted Son)
2:  CHROME HOOF  - Mad Air Punch (excerpt) (Rise Above)
3:  CRIME IN CHOIR - The Hollow Crown (Gold Standard Recordings)
4:  ENABLERS - New Moon Knockdown (Lancashire & Somerset/Neurot)
5:  ALEUCHATISTAS  - Remember Rumsfeld At Abu Ghraib (Cuneiform)
6:  ZAG & THE COLOURED BEADS - Truckhouse (
7:  DON CABALLERO - I'm Goofballs For Bozzo Jazz (Relapse)
8:  CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES - Ava Eva Iva Ova Uva (Adaadat)
9:  BATTLES - Dance (Warp)
10: CRIME IN CHOIR  - Octopus In The Piano (Gold Standard Recordings)
11: ZACH HILL & HOLY SMOKES  - Quantum Leaper Of Los Angeles County (Skin Graft)
12: NEXT LIFE - The Mirror  (Cockrockdisco)
13: CARDIACS  - There's Good Cud (Alphabet)
14: MICROWAVES  - Thumbs Down, Lambpit  (Crucial Blast)
15: FTSE100 - Unknown track from demo EP

This week's Other Rock Show info for your investigation:

GORCH FOCK are a mysterious US outfit with a big live reputation - I think they're from the vicinity of their record company Peverted Son Records, ie Austin Texas. This stunning track is off their great 2004 self titled album, which comes in great screenprinted packaging... this and DVD available mail order, write to Peverted Son, PO Box 49290, Austin, TX, USA. 
CHROME HOOF are mad theatrical types, Circulus are rumoured to be involved, so is disco. This was a small fragment of the seventeen minute long epic on their current single.
CRIME IN CHOIR - new album 'Trumpery Metier' is exhilarating, uplifting and comes out in  January in UK on Cargo - people from the F*cking Champs, At The Drive-In and The Mass involved -
This ENABLERS track is from their very limited edition split 7" single with Red Panda - or
ALEUCHATISTAS are on the ever-reliable Cunieform label: mega-tight avant dynamics, they're based in Asheville, Carolina - and
A track from the new DON CABALLERO album, 'World Class Listening Problem' ...Don Caballero are on tour in the UK at time of writing, dates at
CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES - uncompromising or what 3 piece - more info on the Adaatat Recordings web site, where you can find their recent album
When the original Don Caballero split, composer/guitarist Ian Williams went on to form the excellent BATTLES. This track is from the fine split-EP on Warp
ZAG AND THE COLOURED BEADS are a legendarily obscure UK band from the days (ie 1985-1989) when this kind of music was only marginally commoner than rocking-horse poop.  Connected to Ring, these Cardiacs camp followers are ACTUALLY PLAYING A GIG on Thursday December 7, at the lovely Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London, and you can get CD copies of the two original tape albums for a fiver via ...this was from 'Sawtooth Gripmaster', (one of my favourite albums of all time).
HOLY SMOKES are (possibly the planet's greatest drummer) Zach Hill's project, with composing and playing collaborations including Rob Crow and members of The Advantage (Zach Hill being one of the original halves of Hella)
NEXT LIFE are an extraordinary scandinavian elecro-avant-rock band - this from 'Electric Violence' album out on Cockrockdisco - download sample track from
CARDIACS are the UK's best kept secret, the ones who were doing it when we were all babies... if you're into any of the above bands and you've not delved into Cardiacs, well...
MICROWAVES from Pittsburgh are hard-boiled successors to Arab On Radar's head-messing throne: this is from new album 'Contagion Heuristic' just out on Crucial Blast records –
FTSE100 are a UK band; this from their mysterious six track demo  -

Next week we have the Sean Organ show with whatever comes out way this week. So far 14 Century Latin interpretations (that Latin as in language not rhythm) of Black Sabbath songs from Estonia and the brilliant Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah album that; album of the week around here this week


GENE SERENE - "the next queen of perverted electronic pop" (
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