PLAYLIST 3rd Dec 2006 – Sean Organ show, Resonance 104.4FM – on the FM dial in London and worldwide via

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here’s the links and things

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship  - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her work and lots more over at

2: MIKROKOSMOS – Hold Like Mother’s Hand (ORG) – Mikrokosmos is the solo project of one time Cardiacs, Ring, Levitation. Dark Star guitarist Christian Hayes, this is a track from the Cardiacs and Affectionate Friends album that came out in 2001 on our label ORG. This beautifully delicate track got a play tonight (probably the first time ever on any radio station) because the lost masters to the whole album have been found and Christian plans to release it, he just put up a MySpace page with more tracks and lots of news –
3: FLIPPER - Life Is Cheap (Def American) - The legendary 80’s US Punk band with that unique left field artrock edge of theirs, and why are we playing this in 2006? Well actually they were so good we don’t need a reason, the reason is they’re on tour in the UK next week! And look - former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is to join San Francisco's Flipper on a UK and Ireland tour that includes the band' appearance at ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas on 9 Dec. Tour dates as follows:  11 Dec: London, Scala, 13 Dec: Manchester, Academy 3, 14 Dec: Glasgow, Garage, 15 Dec: Belfast, Lavery's, 16 Dec: Dublin, The Village, 17 Dec: Galway, Roisin Dubh. (and played in memory of Will Shatter, who left us 19 years ago this week)

4: TIGER FORCE – Syntax Error! (Marquis Cha Cha) New double A side 7” single from the abrasive punky shouty jerky pointy girl/boy band from London. Out on now, we played the other side last time around. The sleeves to the single have all been hand made by the ‘Nous Vous’ art collective from Leeds.

5: RONDELLUS – Verres Millitares (Musical Cartel) AKA War Pigs, 14th Century Latin plain song, authentic medieval instruments, Gregorian chanting, and a whole album of Black Sabbath covers like you’ve never ever heard before Rondellus are from Estonia. Album of the week this week on the Organ website. Soothingly inspired - 

6: MICROWAVES – Slime Aesthete (Crucial Blast) – From Pittsburgh PA with some serious experimental math-rock noise for fans of Shellac, Ruins, Flying Luttenbachers. The album Contagion Heuristic is out in the US right now, not sure about the UK –

7: DUSTIN’S BAR MITZVAH – Artrocker (Hungry Kid) – This is what you do with your snidey Artrocker review, put it to music and open your debut album with it. A debut album fully of cocksure ’77 style pumping anthemic punk rawk from London town. The album is called Get Your Mood On and it’s out tomorrow (today by the time I write out this) Dec 4 -

8: SILENT FRONT – A Suit For A Certain Occasion (GodIsDad/We Love Records) – Split 7” single, limited to just 300, CONCENTRATION CHAMP are on the other side. Silent Front are from London, a fresh slice of their edgy raw noise/math rock confrontation is always more than welcome around here – 

9: DUSTIN’S BAR MITZVAH – Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Hungry Kid) – And this is the b-side of their new single, a Bonnie Tyler song on Resonance FM, who’d have thought it! Glorious -

10: DUSTIN’S BAR MITZVAH – Catholic Boys (Hungry Kid) – And just because they’re so good and the album is out tomorrow and why the hell not... -

11: THE SMEARS – Bring It On (Demo) – Three girls from Nottingham with some screaming punk rock, don’t call them riot grrls, they’ll stomp on you if you do. They plan this as their debut single sometime soon, they’re one of the very best live bands out there. The spirit of classic bands like Babes In Toyland with an screaming edge of their own, I love the Smears, they rule.

12: NANMAH – The Speech (Lifeforce) – A track from the new album due out in late January 2007, progressive melancholic rock from the Spanish band with various shades of Mogwai and Opeth in their imaginative pallet –

12: RONDILLUS – Magus (Musical Cartel) – see above, Magus is Latin for The Wizard as in, without warning a wizard walks by, I’m addicted... 

13: FLIPPER – Living For The Depression (Def American) See above, thanks Will.

14: PICASTRO – Sharks (Monotreme) A track from their beautifully warm and rather unique album called Metal Cares. Beautifully delicate. And we played it because we just learnt that when Picastro toured Europe last spring, they stopped by the esteemed Dutch radio station VPRO and recorded a superb session of six songs plus an interview for the Dwars programme. These recordings are now available to listen to online at:  "We don’t know how long it will be up so be quick!” said Kim, from Picastro's label Monotreme Records 

15: ZAG AND THE COLOURED BEADS - Truckhouse – The Beads are a legendarily obscure UK band from the days (ie 1985-1989) when this kind of music was only marginally commoner than rocking-horse poop.  Connected to equally legendary Ring, these Cardiacs camp followers are ACTUALLY PLAYING A GIG on Thursday December 7, at the lovely Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London, and you can get CD copies of the two original tape albums for a fiver via ...this was from the superb Sawtooth Gripmaster album.

16: CARDIACS – Joining The Plankton – classic live radio session version of a Cardiacs track recorded for Mark Radcliffe’s Radio One show sometime back in the 90’s, maybe one day someone will release these sessions. 

17 REIGNS – Revised Map Of The British Isles (Jonson Family) – Another track from their beautiful Styne Vallis, it really is a beautifully difficult task choosing just one track – this is the one, no this one, fact is all eleven tracks are beautiful, and I changed my mind again and again. One of the finest albums of the year, achingly delicate and so demandingly uplifting and different –

Same time same place next week (I hope) when Marina will be in control of the decks with  her OTHER ROCK SHOW and exploring rock that’s played in ‘different’ time signatures  beyond the conventions of 4/4.


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