Last ORGAN RADIO/OTHER ROCK SHOW of the year on Resonance104.4 FM so for one week only it’s a joint show with both of us DJing 

DEC 17th 2006

1 TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship  - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her work and lots more over at

2: SPIRITWO – Foundling (ORG) - New single from the rather mysterious Spiritwo, out at the end of January, yeah that was being sung in Hebrew at the end (she’s from Israel), and yes it was a rather fine version of the Cardiacs song, not often you hear a Cardiacs cover –

3: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Queen Mary Vs. The Robots (demo) – Demo of the week on the Organ website last week, this is why we do all this! Five brilliant tracks from a London based band we had never heard of ten days ago. Anther one of those edgy bendy spiky post-something-or-other proper angular math-ish zeitgeist bands, such a rich crop of challenging creative forward looking new bands around right now –

4: FROM THE SKY – Electric Snow (Sound Devastation) – A slice of delicate refined instrumental post-rock beauty from the London band’s fine debut album Like Crystal In A World Of Glass. One for you fans of fine things like Explosions In The Sky or Godspeed You! Black Emperor –

5: LILY GREEN – Patience (demo) – A fine demo/self released album that turned up in our post this week, delightful classical-edged prog-art-pop, ah look, go investigate, I’m just dancing around architecture here, you were listening to the show weren’t you?  Go investigate, she really is worth your time (and she likes John Adams as well, that gives you al little clue) –

6: FUCKED UP -  David Comes To Life (Jade Tree) – The legendary/mysterious/controversial  Canadian punk band who operate out on there on the edges. Didn’t expect to ever see an album from them, certainly didn’t ever expect a UK tour (they always said they hated each other too much to do an overseas tour together), and I certainly didn’t expect them to be in Kilburn on new years eve (will it really happen? I’m not sure I’ll believe it until they walk out on stage). You’ll find all the UK dates and links to their blogs and such on the Organ pages this week at or go explore

7: THE MASS – Trapped Under A Ice (Monotreme) – A final visit of the year (little bit of a best of show this) to one of the very best bands in the world, Oakland’s finest. Think Slayer playing Van Der Graaf flavoured prog rock thrash style and you have a vague idea, and lead by sax player/vocalist Matt Walters so we can have a smart-ass proper DJ radio link to the new Crime In Choir album...  /

8: CRIME IN CHOIR – Trumpery Metier (GLS) Title track from the rather prog flavoured and extremely fine instrumental album Trumpery Metier. Due out in Jan 2007 in the UK, the band feature Kenny Hopper (At The Drive-In), Jesse Reiner (Citay), Jarrett Wrenn (At The Drive-In), Tim Soete (F**king Champs) and Matt Waters (The Mass) –

9: HOLY SMOKES – I Wasn’t Scared. He Couldn’t feel his hands (Skingraft) - How good is this album? Zach Hill from Hella with a whole load of math/post-rock/no wave/Avante creators (people from The Flying Luttenbachers, Heavy Vegetable and such) and a new album on the always excellent Skingraft label - This new album is out any moment now, it's called Talk To Your Kids About Gangs and it's not often you can really genuinely call a band's sound unique – one last play from us before the year ends -

10: DEATHSKULLS – What’s In Your Hearts (Rejected/Never Healed) Track from the Essex old school hardcore punk band’s debut album The Real Deal. The album is out on Feb 2007, it just landed here, they’re taking no shit for the scenesters and rule makers. One of the more active/real bands out there operating as part of the hardcore/squat scene right now  –

11 FLS – Force Of Habit (ORG) - A two minute raw-as-hell roar of old style London hardcore streetpunk from the short lived much loved FLS, well Deathskulls had put us in the right frame of mind – You’ll find this on the 1997 Organ Radio 2 compilation album, yeah, I know, self indulgent to play our own releases, we don’t do it that often though do we  –

12: EVERYTHING MUST GO – I Hate Music (ORG) – A third ramraiding slice of hardcore streetpunk arriving in bus-like fashion, this time from Oakland’s EMG. Punk rock royalty, members of Christ On Parade, Neurosis, Strychnine and I hear San Francisco is still recovering from their weekend Xmas party.  This is from their ORG Records four tracker – so go to their page on ORG website for more details –

13: LOW – Little Drummer Boy (Tugboat) – From US alt.rock/artrock band Low’s rather fine/obscure Christmas album, drenched in drone frequencies, Christmas Resonance FM style don’t you think.

14: FLAMINGO 50 – Merry Christmas Everyone (Puppy Dog) Christmas Lo-fi scratchy punk rock style from the 2002 Get Thee Behind Me Santa Christmas compilation.

15: DJ BITCH BOY – Good King Wenceslas (Puppy Dog) – ‘nuff said!

16: OPTIMIST CLUB – 41,000 Years (Dumb Beasts) Ah, beautifully energetic complex angular dissonant post-rock/post-hardcore and a track from the London band’s excellent debut album that needed to be played one more time before the end of the year. Every track of this self released self financed album is excellent, you really do need it, one of the bands of 2006 -

17: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Critics Lack Conviction (demo) – See above, last radio show before we take some time off so we had to squeeze in a second track. 

18: ENABLERS – Sudden Inspection (Neurot) – One last visit before the end of the year (we’re trying to squeeze in some of our favourites from the year). One of the most unique and indeed very best albums of 2006. From California with a kind intimate weave of mellow post-rock and almost spoken word story painting. or

19  FLATTBUSH –Seize The Time (Kool Arrow) – Title track of their latest album, “Imagine you’re a teenager and you have just moved to the consumer culture United States from the war-torn Philippines; suddenly you have to adapt to a new life in America. How do you express yourself, and what do you say? How do you liberate the militant beast inside you? Music! Or more aptly put - ROCK!” One for fans of Mr Bungle, Faith No More, Zappa and maybe a slice of Napalm Death with a rather left wing political/activist stance.   Explore them via or

20: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac) The beautifully glitchy tune that’s introduced Marina’s Other Rock Show all year.... and the perfect way to end this run of shows. Goodnight. 


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