THE ORGAN RADIO Show on RESONANCE 104.4FM (London) with Sean Organ – 8th April 2007

This week it was Sean O’s turn and a gathering together of recent things we’ve been featuring on the Organ website.  Who got played this week and where do you go to find more?

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find  links to her work and lots more over at

2: KOE – Kruh (demo) – Opening track from the band’s rather fine three track demo (demo of the week on the Organ website a few weeks back) Koe are an instrumental post-rock three piece from London, catch them live at Bar Monsta in Camden on April 12th and the Good Ship in Kilburn on April 22nd.  More details from

3: SILICON VULTURES - Born... For The Vampire Set (Captains of Industry) -  A track from the forthcoming  Silicon Vultures EP that’s released on April 30th (single of the week this week on the Organ website) Scorching new wave synth-punk from somewhere or other in the UK. They play their first ever London show at the Camden Barfly on April 26th, The EP is a limited edition press of 1000, 500 on pink vinyl, 500 on black.

4: THE SMEARS – Bring It On (ORG) – Lead track from the Nottingham female three piece’s debut single that’s out on April 16th. The blistering old school Babes In Toyland/Seven Year Bitch flavoured band can be seen this week at the Leftlion magazine gig in Nottingham on April 13th and then at the Leeds Ladyfest on April 15th. Catch them in London in May at The Fly with the original line up of Huge Baby.  More details via the ORG Records page of

5: SHINING – Winterreise (Rune Grammofon) – Track from a recent Organ album of the week, released March 26th and a band of Norwegians who takes you all over the place on their excellent album Grindstone – Ligeti, Cardiacs, Slayer, Ornette Coleman, Mahvishnu Orchestra, Henry Cow, Jaga Jazzist... or

6:  ORIGINAL SILENCE – If Light Has No Name, Time Has No Shadow (Smalltown Superjazz) – A slice of the fourteen minute open track from the forthcoming album from Original Silence – Original Silence are Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Terrie Ex (The Ex), Jim O’Rourke, Mats Gustafsson (The Thing), Paul Nilssen-Love (The Thing/Atomic) and Massimo Pupillo – An album of 100% improvised rock and free-jazz only two tracks, the second is forty-six minutes long. The album is out on May 28th, a monster of an album – 

7: FIELDS – Schoolbooks (Atlantic) – From the very fine English band’s debut album Everything Last Winter, the album came out last week (April 2nd) a scrumptious bittersweet sunny folky post-rock flavoured set of beautiful pop songs and album of the week this week on the Organ website –

8: MICHAEL J SHEEHY –  Pigboy (Beggars Banquet) – A track from the Dream City Film Club/Saint Silas intercession frontman’s third solo album No Longer my Concern. His forth album is out on Monday 9th April on the Red Eye (we don’t have a copy yet so we’re playing an old track – everything he foes is worth checking out), the launch shows is at the Spitz in London on Tuesday 10th April, and he’s about to head out all over the land playing solo shows, the details and more songs are to be found here –

9: CAR BOMB – Cellophane Stiletto (Relapse) – A vicious blast of wildly technical progressive metal terrorism and jazz-inspired blasts from the schizophrenic Long island NY quartet’s recent album (released in Feb 2007) – or

10: OURLIVES – Sandra (ORG) – Lead track from the forthcoming debut single from the Icelandic band who arrive in the UK at the end of this week for a full UK tour that includes London dates at the Water Rats and Camden Barfly. Find lots of links and latest tour/release news over on the ORG Records pages at 

11: CHRISTOPHER REES –  Inevitable Truth (Red Eye) – From Christopher’s 2004 album, Christopher has a new album out right now (we haven't heard it yet, hence this old track) and he plays a launch show in London’s at the Spitz on Tuesday April 10th alongside label-mate Michael J Sheehy.

12: TWO BANDS AND A LEGEND – Louie Louie (Smalltown Superjazz) – Ah Avant what? Suck on that! A meeting between The Thing and Cato Salsa Experience, a collaboration that first came to be at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival in Norway in 2004. Is this the best version of the classic since Black Flag ripped it apart? I didn’t ask that, Thurston Moore did. The album is out on June 4th and there’s a stunning version of PJ Harvey’s What The F**k on there - –

13: ANHILATOR (Feat. LIPS) Army Of One (SPV) – A track from the forthcoming twelfth studio album from the Canadian old school thrash metal legends, guest vocals from Anvil’s Lips. The album is called Metal, of course it is!

14: FULBORN TEVERSHAM – Beachtune (Pickled Egg) – A track from the debut album from Sec Rochford’s new band (he of Polar Bear/Acoustic Ladyland) that also features Alice Grant (Leafcutter John/Acoustic Ladyland), Peter Wareham (Acoustic Ladyland/Polar Bear), Nick Ramm (Jade Fox, Clown Revisited), an excellent album that takes jazz flavoured electronica, Henry Cow style prog and post-punk. The album is out this Monday.

15: THEE MORE SHALLOWS – Fly Paper (Anticon) – From the San Francisco band’s new album Book Of Bad Breaks and their uniquely warm and rather sublime take on post-prog. The band are just embarking on a European tour to tie in with the release, they’ll be in the UK at the end of April – more via or 

16: CITIZEN FISH – Clear Channel F*** Off (Fat Wreck) – A track from the recent Citizen Fish/Leftover Crack split album, two punk rock juggernauts colliding on one outspoken album. This is the Fish version of the Leftover Crack song and their appreciation of those media controllers Clear Channel – listen to those lyrics now, they’re trying to control your music and with it your thoughts – You’ll fine a rather interesting Leftover Crack interview on the Organ website (you’ll also find an interesting Warrior Soul interview that we put up this week – we need bands who ask questions)

17: PEACH – Catfood (Mad Minute) Peach’s version of King Crimson’s Catfood, taken from the London band’s 1994 album Giving Birth To A Stone. The much in demand album has just been re-issued and the band who back then featured Justin Chancellor of Tool are now called Suns Of The Tundra and they play the Kings Cross Water Rats (London) on April 22nd. When Gravity Fails are also on that bill -  or

18: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Critics Lack Conviction (demo) A track from the Cardiff band’s excellent five track demo (they may have relocated to London now), challenging math-rock/post-punk adventure that comes highly recommended both in demo form and indeed live –

19: OURLIVES - Haunted By My History (demo) – An instrumental taste of glorious things to come from the band from Iceland, this is just a sketch book taste of thier post-rock side, the piece has vocals now and they’re recording it properly next week. See details above or

next week, same time same place for Marina’s turn and THE OTHER ROCK SHOW where she explores rock music from beyond the restrictions of the 4/4 time conventions

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