THE ORGAN RADIO Show on RESONANCE 104.4FM (London) with Sean Organ – 9.30pm, 29th April 2007

This week it was Sean O’s turn and a gathering together of recent things we’ve been featuring on the Organ website and in Organ magazine.  Who got played this week and where do you go to find more? Here are the answers, please go explore...

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) our adopted introduction theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can hear the whole tune for yourselves and find links to her art work, music and lots more over at

2: MOONSORROW – Tuleen Ajettu Maa (Spinefarm) – A nine minute slice from the band’s twenty six minute epic from their recent two track album “V:Havitetty” – The gloriously ambitious fifth album from the band from Finland. And the other track is longer! This is what we want, half hour long epic folk/death metal prog-outs, we’d play the whole thing but hey, we only have an hour long show –

3: SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM – Puppet Show (The End) – A track from Oakland’s finest Rock Against Rock outfit and the forthcoming album In Glorious Times, oh how we’ve been waiting to get our hands on this one (release date May 29th). We’re talking serious X factor laced Faith No Mr Cardiac Bungle More adventures of the finest quality. We’re talking high wire pronkoid adventure - the whole album is a masterpiece and you will be hearing lots more of it from us – or 

4: LAST DAYS OF LORCA – Warmaart (demo) – A fine demo, beautifully packaged, tactile art, tactile music and rather promising post-rockish/Radioheadish flavours from Chichester - Next gig is the Chichester Uni Summer Ball on May 4th, the next London show is at the Pleasure Unit on May 22nd Find out more at

5: STEAKKNIFE – Sell Your Children (Boss Tuneage/Rookie) – Punk rocking Germans with a Jello bite, put them punk on ebay and if not one bids cut them up and sell the body parts. A track from the new album, Parallel Of The Dead - released last week – 

6: ANTHRAX (UK) – They Got It All Wrong (Small Wonder) – Slice of gloriously raw old school 80’s anarcho punk just because they e,mailed us today (via My Space natch, Murdock aiding Anarchy, we do like that, should we be paranoid? Are you paranoid enough?) to say they were busy right now collecting all their old tracks together to put out on one album – go keep up with them at

7: THE CHINESE STARS – LEFT BRAIN (Three.One.G) – Out of the ashes of the mighty Arab On Radar and Six Finger Satellite, including Eric Paul and Craig Kureck, with an album of classic American spiky new wave innovation called Listen To Your Left Brain. or

8: DEATHQUNT – Hamslam (BigFilthyJazz) – A filthy dirty grind/jazz Zorn flavoured three piece straight out of Leeds (via Holland so it seems), this is a demo/download thing, seems they’re recording ‘properly’ right now – go explore via 

9: 65DAYSOFSTATIC – Primer (Monotreme) – What do we need to say about 65? New album out next Monday, does everything you want, the best band in England. They’ve done just what they need to do, they’ve managed to both make and album that sounds essentially 65, they’ve captured it all and they’ve managed to progress once more –

10: SUBTERRANEANS Feat DUDLEY SUTTON  –  Jerusalem (download) William Blake Poetry, the music of the Sunterraneans and a piece to celebrate his 250th birthday that was performed last Friday just around the corner from the Resonance studio in Saint Giles In The Fields Church, London – you can download it and more and fine out about further events via 

11: ONE MORE GRAIN – Northern (Victory Garden) – New release (at last) from an always rewarding label and an almost spoken word track that really does take you on a journey North – a track from the Pigeon English album that came out this month – serious genre defying other rock -

12: GODDESS – Grackle (demo) From their beautiful 13 track demo/album, they sound like they’re from deepest ye olde Derbyshire, they’re actually from Brooklyn, New York and the whole album is wonderful, folk and Madrigals and warm psychedelia and good enough to say they have a Sandy Denny feel -

13: OURLIVES – Haunted By My History (demo) – The band from Iceland who’s debut single is out in May and who just completed a UK tour yesterday, we played you the instrumental version last time around, now they have vocals on there – epic rock, save all your sentences!

14: DAS WANDERLUST – Sunday School (Cool For Cats) – New single out on May 21st from the deliciously bendy point Buntychunks/Ring/Cardiacs/Bis flavoured DIY zine powered Middlesborough band  Touring like mad right now and there’s a single release party on May 22nd in London at the Old Blue Post – or

15:  THE SMEARS - Bring It On (ORG) – Lead track from the Nottingham female three piece’s debut single that’s out on April 16th. The blistering old school Babes In Toyland/Seven Year Bitch flavoured band can be seen in London in May on the 13th at The Fly.  More details via the ORG Records page of

16: TWO BANDS AND A LEGEND – Louie Louie (Smalltown Superjazz) – Ah Avant what? Suck on that! Played again because so many mailed and asked about it last time/ A meeting between The Thing and Cato Salsa Experience, a collaboration that first came to be at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival in Norway in 2004. Is this the best version of the classic since Black Flag ripped it apart? I didn’t ask that, Thurston Moore did. The album is out on June 4th and there’s a stunning version of PJ Harvey’s What The F**k on there –

17: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) – a last bit before we catch he bus home – see start. 

Next week, Marina’s turn and her Other Rock Show...


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