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Here’s who got played tonight and here’s how you find out more...

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) our adopted introduction theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s for yourselves and find links to her art work, music and lots more over at -

2: ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK –  The New Stone Age (Virgin) – From this month’s excellent re-issue of the classic 1981 OMD album that comes with loads of bonus tracks with and a DVD of videos and live performance (and excellent sleeve notes). OMD were as much to do with the late Seventies atmospheric avant-electro scene of Eno and co. as the 80’s new romantic pop box that they’re often somewhat disrespectfully thrown in to. Sounds fresh now, sounds good now, as good as it ever did.  Uniquely fine pop music and an important piece of musical history.  The classic 80’s line up of Andy McClusky, Paul Humpreys, Martin Cooper and Malcolm Holmes is back together for a small tour, playing the whole of Architecture live for the first time – including May18/19th at London Hammersmith Apollo -

3: DEERHOOF – The Perfect Me (ATP/R) A track from the ever excellent and rather unique Deerhoof and their latest album Friend Opportunity (came out earlier this year), they played a rather fine show over in Camden last week, review up on line over here, find out more here -  or

4: SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM – Puppet Show (The End) – A track from Oakland’s finest Rock Against Rock outfit and the forthcoming album In Glorious Times (release date May 29th). We’re talking serious X factor laced Faith No Mr Cardiac Bungle More adventures of the finest quality. We’re talking high wire pronkoid adventure - the whole album is a masterpiece and we make no apologies for playing them three weeks in a row – or

5: THE PAPER CHASE – Drive Carefully, Dear (Southern) - From Dallas, Texas, John Congleton, singer and guitarist, songwriter formed the band as an creative outlet aside from his production work to record the sounds in his own, troubled, mind. The band have released three critically acclaimed albums and they’re in town for a raw performance this coming week (hence the attention on air tonight) on Tuesday May 15th, at dBs club, Imperial College Students Union, Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2AZ (entrance via prince consort road, walk through the quad) 7pm-11pm £6/£4 NUS. The show is put on by Silver Rocket, Chaos Vs Cosmos and Kids Will Be Skeletons and the full bill is The Paper Chase, Infants, Future Corpses.- more from or

6: HERZOGA – Things To Say (Demo) – New demo from the excellently awkward “wrong-pop” band (their words) from Stoke-On-Trent, they get Demo of the Week (again) this week on the Organ website - “Wire fighting with Pavement” someone said (might even have been us), kind of fitting in with bands like Cove, Charlottefield – couple of plays and the infectious song things will lodge itself in to your brain. Yeap, second impressive demo from Herzoga –

7: THE PAPER CHASE – I Did A Terrible Thing (Southern) Ah look, they’re in town this week, we’re excited about that fact, we can play two tracks if we want – see above 

8: GREG MALCOLM – Spanish Flang Dang (Table Of The Elements) Rather magical track from a forthcoming and amazing album called THE GREAT KOONAKLASTER SPEAKS: A JOHN FAHEY CELEBRATION.  Let’s quote the back of the album here - 
      “John Fahey’s death is shrouded in  confusion and camouflage. He is believed to have died in the explosion of a house during the filming of Micgelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie point in 1969. His remains were never found, and the question remains did Fahey purposely stage his own occlusive purposes? 
        A Collision of folk, blues, ethnic and modern classical methods,  Fahey’s music suggests both the trickster and the shaman, and has attracted a cult of musician followers over the years, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. His unsolved disappearance has inspired another cult that worships Count Saint Germain, a Rosierucian adept who is said to have never died and assumed various identities over the centuries.  Disciples of this sect, heard on this record, believe Fahey, The Great Koonaklaster, to be the most recent incarnation of Saint Germain. They view Fahey’s music as a synthesis of Saint Germain’s abilities as a classical composer and skills as an alchemist, and have absorbed his guitar style in order to pay homage to him. There is much to be gleaned from the Koonaklasterians’ rites contained within: whether or not you choose to accept this “immortal motherf*cker of the 20thcentury” as Saint Germain is up to you.  Go explore over at or then again go and explore something that may be nearer to the truth via the pursuit of John Fahey’s enthusiasms over at – whatever the truth may be the album is full of beautiful music, out in the UK via Cargo distribution – – on June 4th 

9: XPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL - A Seal Is A Sharks Meal (Cochon) -  What an album this is, seriously bendy pronk (yeah yeah, I know, signposts, that’s all) We’re talking Deerhoof meets Devo and some kind of US new wave chaos and beauty that involves Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier and the hand of Sir Weasel Walter – they’re from Oakland, they’re mainly Shoko Horikawa on organ, sampler and vocals, Jesse Hall on guitar-o-bass - deliciously distorted art rock and new wave noise, oh yes, as disturbing as the band’s name suggested they would be! Out in the UK via Cargo distribution this very Monday – or find out more via their website

10: THE MAN FROM URANUS – Tape Music For Radio Tags (YouAreHear) –  You Are Here is a rather fruitful radio show/podcast that’s closely associated with Resonance FM. This is from an excellent new twenty track compilation CD album that features tracks that were originally broadcast as sessions here on Resonance – the album is loaded with tasty goodies  from Pram, Murcof, Juana Molina, The Man From Uranus, Momus, Robotobibok, Ninki V, Asja Auf Capri, CarterTutti, No Bra, Germlin, Miss Hawaii, Noxagt, The Lonesome Organist, David Grubbs, Oddfellows Casino, Oxbow, This Is The Kit, Vanishing Breed and Benge – explore more over at

11: TALL PONY – You’re My Girlfriend Now (Cherryade) –This has been popping up as a demo and such all over the place, remonds me of that Cuban Boy fuss of a few years ago. Coming out as a single on the excellent Blackpool label Cherryade, Tall Pomy are a mysterious duo from Cheltenham. The demo made it to number one in this year’s Peel Festive 50 (yes it is still going via Peel inspired internet radio station Dandelion) – Inspired DIY music culture and observation -

12: MOMUS – Going For A Walk With A Line (YouAreHear) – see details for track 10, this really is a fine album, could have played any of the tracks really. 

13: SHINING – Asa Nisi Masa (Rune Grammofon) – Track from a recent Organ album of the week, released back in March and a band of Norwegians who take you all over the place on their excellent album Grindstone – Ligeti, Cardiacs, Slayer, Ornette Coleman, Mahvishnu Orchestra, Henry Cow, Jaga Jazzist... or

14: PERRI ALLEYNE – Jim’s Parents, Abide With Me (XL Recordings) – Soundtrack from the original 28 Days movie (the follow up is out this week, the original is one o the finest films of recen time), original score music composed by John Murphy – and as the football league season ended today (and we came back in May to take it away) and the cup final is next week and this is the cup final /

15: ANTIGAMA – By And By (Relapse) – A track from the new (and rather appropriately named) Resonance album that’s laced with non conformist avant grindcore blasts and more. All the way from Poland – “non conformist avant grindcore” are their words of choice, they chose their words well -  this is good! Industrial undercurrents that weld together the raw-power of old school grindcore and a cortexing vortex of slightly angular riffage and apocalyptic spite. Psychotic reactions, Godflesh ripping and all these little side excursions that keep you alert and looking over your shoulder just in case, little excursions that develop the further in you get – hang on, we’re not dealing with just another set of slightly different grindcore noise makers here, there’s a little more, there’s a lot more, a lot lot more, serious avantness lurking in the detail of the darkness and the sonic violence – the album is a recommended work of precision insanity, released worldwide this coming week – /

16: BATTLETORN – Throne (Mad At The World) - Now this blasts, this is so damn raw, need to check I still have some skin left – screaming bloody messy road accident of a raging blasting rip crunching hardcore thrash band/ Limited edition album, vinyl pressing of 500 so it seems. Sixteen short sharp audio assaults and some beautifully raw D.I.Y violence, sixteen raw bleeding relentless tracks, all of them clocking in at around a minute each. They sound like they should have been playing classic hardcore thrash crossover crusty punk gigs in front of raging pits somewhere in 1983 sixth of the bill to CroMags and Larz Rocket. They’re from New York, they’re raw, the whole album - Terminal Dawn - blisters, a beautiful DIY mess that’s bursting with attitude and early D.R.I meets Hellbastard aggression, I love it (you’ll probably hate it), wooooooaggghhhhhhhhhhh, metal thrashing gooooooood  – /

17: THE SMEARS – Bring It On (ORG) – Lead track from the Nottingham female three piece’s debut single that’s out now. The blistering old school Babes In Toyland/Seven Year Bitch flavoured band just blistered a crowd around the corner from the Resonance studio at The Fly in new Oxford Street (hence the out of breath start to tonight’s show). More details via the ORG Records page of

18: NO NECK BLUES BAND with JOHN FAHEY and COACH FINGERS – Overcome (Table Of Elements) – Another track from the forthcoming John Fahey Celebration album, see tonight’s track eight for details. 

19: TWO BANDS AND A LEGEND – Who The F*** (Smalltown Superjazz) – Ah Avant what? 
A meeting between The Thing and Cato Salsa Experience, a collaboration that first came to be at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival in Norway in 2004 – NOISE JAZZ and a PJ Harvey cover that's even better tha nthe original! The album is out on June 4th -

20: SHELLAC – ORL (Touch & Go) - A track from the most recent album, 2000’s “1000 Hurts” – Albini and company have confirmed a new album is on the way, apparently called Excellent Italian Greyhound (a reference to Todd Trainer’s faithful Italian Greyhound – Uffizi). Why are we playing this? Because they’re in London at Camden’s Koko this Thursday May 17th. I do like to tie the tracks played on this radio show with forthcoming gigs or new releases. 

Next week,same time same place (all being well) with Marina and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – an exploration of rock music that’s played using time signatures beyond the convention of 4/4. 

And we full intended to play a Future Corpses CD tonight, CD download thing wasn’t happy, the machine spat it out, here’s what you would have got...

FUTURE CORPSES – Tourettes  (Demo) – London based three piece post-rock instrumental outfit  of an impressive Don Cabellero nature who as well as playing on the Paper Chase bill we just mentioned, are also playing in East London at The Pool Bar on Wed May 16th, download the tracks for yourself and find out more over at
Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW with Marina Organ – Resonance 104.4FM, 
Sunday  May 6th 2007 – 9.30pm


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