SEAN ORGAN SHOW - RESONANCE 104.4 FM, London  - Sunday May 7th 2006

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Backyard Rocket Ship - the intro music so you can find us while you’re sailing by and tuning in (if you weren’t listening to the always excellent Sunday night play before hand).

2: JAZ KAMMER - The Worms Will Get In (Smalltown Supernoise) - First four minutes or so of their 16 minute total sludge and doom-out epic that you all loved so much when we played the little sections last time. Elsewhere on the album you’ll fine relentless gabber-drill metal and all kinds of experimental stuff - the album is called Metal Music Machine... perfect name for the album, it’s out next month -

3: CARDIACS - To Go Off And Things (Alphabet) - Live version from the Rude Bootleg album recorded at the Reading Festival where they got their uniforms very muddy - is where you go for more

4: SPIRRIITWO - Foundling (demo) - Her/their - is she a she or are they a band fronted by a she? Who is she? She’s from Israel, this is her rather beautiful version of the Cardiacs track, there’s very few who dare to attempt a Cardiacs cover and manage to pull it off.

5: HAWNAY TROOF - Out of Teen (Southern) from the new Dollar And Deed double CD - boundary pushing hop-hop from Oakland California - or

6: MEADOW HOUSE - Hungerford Bridge (Alcohol) - from the very strange and rather beautiful album Tongue Under A Ton of Nine Volters. He appears, well I think its a he and not a band, to be from London. I don’t know, the just turned up in the post, we’ve played several tracks now, the only website address takes us to an estate agent! 

7: KEITH BURTON - Cannibal (Fanny Street) Mr Burton’s rather different version of the Send More Paramedics death metal anthem - who is he? Hoodrats next? He’s got a whole album of this stuff, whatever this stuff is? -

8: THE SMEARS - Wrath - Demo track from the three piece all-girl punk rock band from Nottingham who played a Sausy Lil Tart Riot Grrrrl flavoured night in Inverness Street (Camden) last week and absolutely ripped the place apart, Such nice quiet people until they hit the stage (or floor, there’s no stage in the Colours Bar). The Sob Dollies were good as well.

9: HOT CLUB DE PARIS - Slump Life (Downloaded track from their MySpace page) The Liverpool band are playing the Buffalo Bar in Highbury Tomorrow (8th May - well that’s today now, I just got home from Resonance and its now the early hours of Monday morning), playing a lot right now, we caught them with Battles and they are well worth all the attention they’re getting right now.

10: INDICA RITUAL - Hiroshima - From the Liverpool band’s three track demo, they probably have a my Space page as well, hang on, let me see (Mummy, what did we do before in the world before My Space...?)

11: 65DAYSOFSTATIC - Another Code Against The Game (Monotreme) Track from the Sheffield band's groundbreaking debut album The Fall Of Math, a revisit from us before their next batch of live shows -

12: THE UNIT AMA - Plastic Bertrand (Gringo) Track from their excellent new album of progressive blues/free-jazz art rock. They’re band from the North East who you need to catch live - check them out at Gringo and while you’re there check out the new album from Lords, so much good underground music around right now if you go look for it, this is a golden age -

13: DAS WANDERLUST - I Wish I Was (Don’t Tell Clare) – Rather fine DIY release from the Middlesborough band that comes in a lo-fi hand made cover that really is a pleasure to handle. Best place to track them down is

14: CARTRIDGE - Fooling Around (Cartridge Music) - A track from the very recently self released debut album from one of the best new bands in London right now (and checkout all their other projects and such as well - lots to explore). The album is called Cases, you can find it in places like Rough Trade.

15: CONFLICT - C.R.A.S.S.(Mortarhate) Classic slice of English Anarcho punk from back in 1986 because there’s still a need for an ungovernable force -

16: THE LOVE SUBSTITUTES - Bangladesh Fashions (Heaven Hotel) - Track from the second album that comes out tomorrow (8th May), they’re from Belgium, part of the always rewarding Deus family -

17: LEAFCUTTER JOHN - Dream 2 (Staubgold) - A track from the excellent new album The Forest And The Sea (released on 19th June) - the album is a beautiful set of field noises, found sounds and post-electronica laced around songs that taste of folk and Radiohead and Nick Drake and probably sums up the spirit of Resonance FM more than almost anyone. John Burton is also part of Polar Bear and very much involved in the contemporary arts scene, his latest project was to be found at the Serpentine Gallery, a collaboration with Tomoko Takahashi. Oh look, there’s loads to explore with Leafcutter John, both on this wonderful album and with alL his other inspiring creativity 

18: LEAFCUTTER JOHN - Let It Begin (Staubgold) - Because to play just one track of this beautiful album gives you no real idea, indeed it would be misleading - Dream 2 is a two minute glowing organic electronic piece of sculpture, Let it Begin is a beautiful song, two sides of a many sided work of.... oh, enough gushing now. Leafcutter John plays a launch party gig for this album at the monthly ICA folk event Roots And Shoots on June 22nd -

19: THE KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE - Cowards Of Christendom (Alternative Tentacles) - So what’s going on here? Best go ask Jello and save your soul, is it for real, is a bluff, is

20: MEET ME IN ST LOUIS - We Need To Act Like We Don’t Need This Shit. Then They Gave Us The Shit For Free (Function) – Lead track from the bands five tracks debut EP. Theyre from Guildford or maybe Exeter or somewhere in Southern England and they were kind of annoyed that we didn’t rate their previous demos but hey, this is good debut single and were more than happy to eat our words and feed your ears -

21: IGGY POP - New York Is Beating Its Chest ... Again (Buddyhead) - A track from the excellent Gimmie Shelter compilation from Buddyhead. Well now I dont know 100f it is actually Iggy (but hey you don’t need to be that much of a detective) and he probably didn’t want to put his name to the track - well he wasn’t that complimentary about Moby was he? Buddyhead is an underground radio/internet/thing/webzine from LA - – they like to "jack your ears off". 

22: THE ROCK OF TRAVOLTA - Sleep With The Lights On (Tablature) - Track from the instrumental post-rock outfits 2003 album, they’re been quiet for quite some time, theyre playing the Bull&Gate in Kentish Town very soon (with One More Kiss – who’s demo has been played on previous shows). Go surf and find the date, its very soon, we cant do everything for you. Thursday 11th May, see we do do everything for you -

Next week it's Marina's turn again, that means it's the OTHER ROCK SHOW and the rule with the Other Rock Show is rock music that flies beyond the convention of a 4/4 time signature... if you enjoy the ORGAN hour please do feedback and please do go have a look at the Resonance FM site and maybe donate a little to the Transmitter fund. Resonance FM is a unique station, you hear things you never hear on more conventional commercial stations, there is no advertising and everyone does this for free - were all addicted volunteers but hey, we hammer that equipment seven says a week, it needs repair. Support the station so we can do more of this please, please go donate a little (via

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