Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW  with Marina on Resonance 104.4FM Sunday May 20th 2007, 9.30pm

INTRO: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac)
1:  ZOMBI - Monster Killed By Laser (On The Bone)
2:  SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM - Angle Of Repose (The End)
3:  QUACK QUACK - Spinach (On The Bone)
4:  ENABLERS - Pauly's Days In Cinema (Neurot)
5:  EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL - Be Nice To Mankind (Cochon)
6:  FLYING LUTTENBACHERS - 3, 4, 5 (Skin Graft)
7:  MORVISCOUS 'Sex Standard'
8:  DON CABALLERO - Don Caballero 3
9:  KING CRIMSON - Vroom Vroom (Virgin)
10: LITTLE TROPHY - The Bill (demo)
11: DARLING FREAKHEAD - My Name Is Satan, Previously Dave
12: CRIME IN CHOIR - Octopus In The Piano (Gold Standard Laboratories)
13: MORVISCOUS - My Face Your Doily

This week's Other Rock Show info for your investigation:

About the show - rock, Jim, but not as we know it. The Other Rock Show follows the rule of: if it's in 4/4 all the way through, it ain't getting in. OK, sometimes one gets played in the in the interests of fairness, or because its sneakily imaginative... or just to be contrary.  So it doesn't matter if its avant, progressive or math rock, thrash, death, folk, punk, cheese, chalk, whatever flavour of sound you want to pin a name to - if the structure breaks away from our bizarre Western four beat verse chorus blah obsession, and its and (important!)it's a bit special, its welcome.  Rules can set you free!

ZOMBI - US band with a spectacular line in dark 70s-ish analogue synth /guitar rock instrumentals, and magically appearing on this compilation from Leeds-based label On The Bone records. 'On The Bone Compilation Number One' features unreleased tracks from Zombi, The Somatics, Scaramanga Six, That Fucking Tank and many more including lovely Leeds trio QUACK QUACK (the previously unavailable track 'Spinach').

SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM are a remarkable outfit from Oakland California; descended from the legendary Idiot Flesh, they play complex, dark, bold avant-metal, a must for anyone into Mr Bungle, Thinking Plague etc. This was from their forthcoming album 'In Glorious Times' - more details from and

ENABLERS... one of the finest bands on the planet. This was from 'End Note' on Neurot Recordings - more from or

XPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL are from, you guessed it, Oakland, and are a three-piece with guest musicians including Greg Saunier from Deerhoof and production work fromThe Flying Luttenbachers' Weasel Walter. Out in the UK via Cargo distribution or find out more via their website

The FLYING LUTTENBACHERS track was from their 1996 album 'Revenge Of The Flying Luttenbachers' with Bill Pisarri on bass guitar, violin and clarinet. The track was played inmemmory of Bill,who sadly passed away recently. More from

DON CABALLERO, from their seminal album What Burns Never Returns...

KING CRIMSON track 'Vroom Vroom' was from 1994 album Thrak. 

MORVISCOUS are a London based collective with an admirable and rare Canterbury Scene influence delivered with contemporary welly.  Worth catching live, look out for them and this cracking forthcoming album 'Free Pop' - contact them via

Brighton band LITTLE TROPHY played a blinding London gig last week, look out for them live; this was from their demo (and possible future single) 'Tickle Trot'...

DARLING FREAKHEAD is a very underground kind of genius madman from, yep, Oakland CA and you can get 'All Alone With Nothing To Do' and other albums direct from him via or

CRIME IN CHOIR from the recent album 'Trumpery Metier' - Californian band (yeah yeah,Oakland again) Crime In Choir includes people from the F*cking Champs, At The Drive-In and The Mass ...superb album, from the Gold Standard Laboratories label in LA -

By the way, we don't go out of our way to select music from Oakland, California... its just that a ridiculous number of stunning bands seem to come from... 

Good hunting/listnin, Marina Organ


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