PLAYLIST – ORGAN SHOW (with Sean O), SUNDAY MAY 27th 9.30pm RESONANCE 104.4FM all over London or worldwide via

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) our adopted introduction theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s for yourselves and find links to her art work, music and lots more over at -

2: TOMAHAWK – Mescal Rite 1  (Ipecac) –  New Tomahawk album - Anonymous out on June 18th  Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard), Mike Patton & John  (Battles/Helmet) present a brand new album based on a blueprint the original native American music - before folk and before blues: Native melodies and rhythms.. An absolutely fascinating album, real other rock that goes back to the source - Available in the UK via Southern Distribution – or check out 

3: OPTIMIST CLUB – Red Wizard Is About To Die (demo) – An original demo track from the London band, they do have an album out now, twisted urgent post punk new wave prog. Optimist Club are playing this Tuesday 29th May at the Windmill in Brixton along with an Italian noise duo called OVO and London’s own MYSTERY MEAT. More info from or

4: MANSBESTFRIEND – Dedemma Speaks (Anticon) Arizona’s Sole returns under his Mansbestfriend moniker and with an entirely instrumental album of textured Hip-Hop collage, soundbite, freeform beat-riding, white noise and the fine art of experimentation. The album is called Poly.Sci.187. More from or

5: MUNCH MUNCH - I See Sexy Dead People (OIB) Munch Munch are from Bristol, this is from the split 7” coming out on OIB, manic casio-core pop  - See track 7 for more info – 

6: NEUROSIS – Hidden Faces (Neurot) – Are they really in their third decade? New album out this month and more of their heavy psychedelic blackness, intense swirling doom and brooding heavy heavy heavy drama. You kind of expect some kind of sensory overload with every new Neurosis encounter – another reflective aggressive pummelling and prog rock in the real real sense. If  Neurosis are not just another band. - UK distribution via

7: GAY AGAINST YOU – Wall Wizard Part 2  (OIB) – We played two tracks from the OIB SPLIT VOL 1: 7” that features tracks from GAY AGAINST YOU,  LONELY GHOSTS, MUNCH MUNCH and THE TUMBLEDOWN ESTATE - This is gooooooooood, four-way split seven inch from OIB Records. Who are OIB? Don’t ask me! Why are you always asking me these questions? Okay, OIB is an independently-minded music collective based in Brighton, putting on gigs, putting out music, making zines – good we need more of this (more more more!). Four bands or band shaped things. Gay Against Gay are “two subterranean creatures” who claim to occupy the middle ground  somewhere between Cyndi Lauper and The Locust – they claimed it right! Part of the post-punk-happy-hardcore electro scene made famous by DJ Scotch Egg, Adaadat and the Wrong Music collectives, Gay Against You are from Glasgow, they’re playling London at the Old Blue Post on June 1st and before that on 31st May Germalin (part of G.A.Y) performs at the YOU ARE HEAR show at Cargo in London  – Go explore: or – OIB apparently stands for One Inch Badger.  You’ll find links to all the bands and such on the OIB website.

8: MONTY CASINO – She Fall Down Part 1 (demo) Ha, what do we have here? A band who fall (downstairs) somewhere between Art Brut and Don Caballero! (well maybe a frantic manic Don Cab?) “Hello Organ, we’re a Bradford based three piece. Someone suggested you’d like our music so here we are!” Damn right! Whoever that was, we thank you -

9: THE NOISETTES (Vertigo) - Have the Noisettes, darlings of the NME and such, turned in to Yes!!!??? This is their new single, out now –

10: YES – Heart Of The Sunrise (Atlantic) Yes, the Noisettes are... This ten minute slice of classic 70’s prog came mixed with a healthy bit of Crass – well the two work well together don’t they?

11: CRASS – Bloody Revolution (Crass) – The ultimate in challenging anarcho bullshit detecting punk rock, we feel it to be our duty to play Crass now and again just because – further exploration:

12 TOMAHAWK - Red Fox (Ipecac) – Another track from the forthcoming album, see track two for details. 

13: ANEKDOTEN – 30 Pieces (Virta) - The band so prog, they have TWO Mellotrons on stage!!! A new album – A Time Of Day - just arrived, released on the Swedish band’s own label. Classic warm atmospheric old school Seventies style very underground word-of-mouth prog rock with an edge all of their own – / 

15: LOUIS LINGG AND THE BOMB – Princess Mononoko (Ultrasonar) - Named after Louis Lingg, the Chicago anarchist who took his life on death row back in 1887 after the first May Day protests - they explain why in their eloquent sleeve notes and a whole twenty-one minute  spoken word and background guitar bit that’s almost at the end of the album). This is a track from thier self released debut album and his Louis Lingg are a bunch of “goddamn punk rock garage pop anarcho militants”, the bombs they throw are musical, they come from Paris (they could only come from Paris!) and they’ll grab  you and demand your instant attention. A mix of ultra-political anarchic punk rock and fizzing children’s nursery rhyme riot-pop. Laced with so much energy and a whole sonic attack of chaos and fizz and take a great big bag and toss in Bikini Kill, The Dickies, Rancid, The Pin Ups, Disco Pistol, Trust, The Butthole Surfers, The Buzzcocks, The Ramones, that Plastic  Whatshisname and of course The Clash, shake it all up and let it explode all over the street and you’re just about half way there! Some of it in English, some in France (and occasionally sounding like manic Japanese punk pop). Forty plus non-stop in your face minutes of proper creative home made (very well produced) DIY punk rock  -

16: JEWDRIVER – It’s A Long Wait In Line If You Want A Kaiser Roll (demo) – The legedaryOakland punks who believe it or not are most of the time a Jewish Skrewdriver covers band – boy do they annoy the nazi meatheads, you should see their collection of hate mail and death threats. It is indeed a long way to the top when you want to rock n’ roll, AC/DC never sounded so raw -

17: MANSBESTFRIEND – (Anticon) – Another slice of this excellent album, the art of sound, the art of listening – see track 4 for more info

18: THE CHRONICLES OF ADAM WEST - Small Town, Big Mouth (HolyRoar) Track from the new We Walk Unbalanced EP that's out on June 4th - Chronicles of Adam West will be hitting the road with friends Test Switch Isolator for a UK tour starting this week. Chronicle's debut EP on Holy Roar Records has earned comparisons with the likes of Botch, Meshuggah and Psyopus, with their technical, progressive noisy metal very few British bands achieve today. They'll also be supporting Ed Gein and Phoenix Bodies on  their upcoming UK tour starting in June. Dates with Test Switch Isolator are...May 28 - The King Edward Inn, Birmingham, May 29 - The Canal Club, Wolverhampton, May 30 - The Vic Inn, Derby,  May 31 - The Lobby, Middlesbrough, Jun 1 - The Traveller's Rest, Lincoln, Jun 3 - The Barfly, Camden (with Trencher, Test Switch Isolator) -

19: COMBO DEL LA MUERTE – Breaking The Law (demo) mellow easy-listening Latino jazz lounge lizard Judas Priest covers anyone? And check out what they do with Slayer and Manowar –


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