PLAYLIST – ORGAN SHOW (with Sean O), SUNDAY JUNE 10th 9.30pm RESONANCE 104.4FM all over London or worldwide via

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) our adopted introduction theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s for yourselves and find links to her art work, music and lots more over at -

2: DJ MAYONNAISE – Strateegery Featuring K-The-I??? (Anticon) From the forthcoming album Still Alive, cutting edge experimental hop-hop/electronica from Portland (Maine). The album is out on the always interesting Anticon label in July – or – available in the UK via Southern –

3: VILE VILE CREATURES – City Light (?) – Track from the self released debut 7” single Faux Feminism. Vile Vile Creatures are an excellent DIY Manchester Grrl powered angular point agit punk outfit who are starting to make waves, the single is limited to just 200 copies and bursting with positive energy and heart-warming drive – 

4: CHRONICLES OF ADAM WEST – Corvus Et Lupus (Holy Roar) - Another track from the excellent new EP from the extremely noisy/tasty Southern English post-hardcore/extreme metal band . Chronicle's debut EP on Holy Roar Records has earned comparisons with the likes of Botch, Meshuggah and Psyopus, impressive technical, progressive noisy metal. Chronicles will be supporting Ed Gein and Phoenix Bodies on their upcoming UK June tour that starts in Brighton on June 15th and hits us here in London June 22nd – info:

5: TOMAHAWK –  Mescal Rite 1 (Ipecac) – From the new brilliant new Tomahawk album - Anonymous - out on June 18th  Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard), Mike Patton & John Stanier  (Battles/Helmet) present a brand new album based on a blueprint the original native American music - before folk and before blues: Native melodies and rhythms.. An absolutely fascinating album, real other rock that goes back to the source - Available in the UK via Southern Distribution – or check out 

6: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Demonic Velocities/20,000,000 Volts (Skin Graft) The classic 1994 Destroy All Music album has been revisited – DESTROY ALL MUSIC REVISITED comes with a whole load of new tracks and sleeve notes and the usual highest of high standards artwork – the album, maybe the greatest album ever, from what could be the ultimate Resonance FM band, is now 17 tracks long and every track is excellent – way out there beyond the genres and conventions – 

7: MUNCH MUNCH - I See Sexy Dead People (OIB) - Munch Munch are from Bristol, this is from the split 7” coming out on OIB, manic casio-core pop  - See track 8 for more info – 

8: GAY AGAINST YOU – Wall Wizard Part 2  (OIB) – We played two tracks from the OIB SPLIT VOL 1: 7” that features tracks from GAY AGAINST YOU,  LONELY GHOSTS, MUNCH MUNCH and THE TUMBLEDOWN ESTATE - This is gooooooooood, four-way split seven inch from OIB Records. Who are OIB? Don’t ask me! Why are you always asking me these questions? Okay, OIB is an independently-minded music collective based in Brighton, putting on gigs, putting out music, making zines – good we need more of this (more more more!). Four bands or band shaped things. Gay Against Gay are “two subterranean creatures” who claim to occupy the middle ground  somewhere between Cyndi Lauper and The Locust – they claimed it right! Part of the post-punk-happy-hardcore electro scene made famous by DJ Scotch Egg, Adaadat and the Wrong Music collectives, Gay Against You are from Glasgow – Go explore: or – OIB apparently stands for One Inch Badger.  You’ll find links to all the bands and such on the OIB website.

9: MEWGATZ – Speak And Spell (OIB) – From the forthcoming debut mini album – an album of DIY abandoned keyboard play, cicuit-bending electronic manipulation, glitching pre-set beats and gloriously schizophrenic vulnerable lo-fi songs.  Out on the 6th August -

10: MONTY CASINO – Iltsomov (demo) Ha, what do we have here? A band who fall (downstairs) somewhere between Art Brut and Don Caballero! (well maybe a frantic manic Don Cab?) “Hello Organ, we’re a Bradford based three piece. Someone suggested you’d like our music so here we are!” Damn right! Whoever that was, we thank you – second track we played since this demo turned up -

We are now in the Lynda Mandolyn zone
11 FABULOUS DISASTER – Down The Drain (Pink And Black) - We are now in the Lynda Mandolyn zone! We know her from the ever excellent all girl punk band Fabulous Disaster, and she’s just sent us her new Sassy demo and last year’s excellent Girl Band album. This is a tracks from the San Francisco band’s year 2000 album Put Out Or Get Out.- 

12: SASSY – Supernice (demo) Sassy are Trixie Delicious and Kitty Largewood (though Trixie just may be Lynda from Fabulous Disaster/Girl Band), Sassy are sassy, this is a new demo /self releases slice of garage punk Blondie flacoured Rip Her to Shreds beauty –
13 GIRL BAND – Sammy Hagar (Girl Band) – Ah Sammy Hagar kiss my ass sing the girls as they race out way past space station number five with their grrl powered lo-fi garage punk rock cool as f bite. This is from their excellent self released 2006 album that we just got our hands on - Girl Band are Shelley (Bimbo Toolshed / Hellfire Choir), Erica (MDC, Monster Island, Binky) Lynda (Fabulous Disaster and too many more to list) and Christa (Joy of Six, Browntown) -

14: DAS WONDERLUST – Sunday School (Cool For Cats) – one last visit to the excellent new single from Middlesborough’s Das Wonderlust. The single came out last week, they call it “wrong pop” and they do everything the right way, the single has been picking up a lot of support from the more imaginative end of the music press, and a mauling from the confused conservative indie mainstream who are drowning in the sound of their own importance. Wrong pop is very very right and going off and things. or

15: DEERHOOF - The Perfect Me (ATP/R) - A track from the ever excellent and rather unique Deerhoof and their latest album Friend Opportunity (came out earlier this year), Why are we playing this again, do we really need an excuse? OK, Deerhoof are back in the UK for a series of dates from June 23rd - or 

16: RASHOMON – Blast Of Silence – Allen Baron (Mirror) – A track from the new solo album from one time Guapo member Matt Thompson. The album is called The Ruined Map (Film Music Volume 1) Limited to a pressing of 500, the album is nine pieces of music based on a  different film. A positively extreme mix of avant prog, metal, modern composition, Balkan folk and lots lots (lots) more. No website so contact rashomon68 at lycos dot com 

17: SHINING – Stalemate Longan Runner (Rune Grammofon) – Track from a recent Organ album of the week, released back in March. Lots of you have been asking us to play more so we did. Shining  are a band of Norwegians who takes you all over the place on their excellent album Grindstone – Ligeti, Cardiacs, Slayer, Ornette Coleman, Mahvishnu Orchestra, Henry Cow, Jaga Jazzist... or

18: PARLOUR TALK – Gutted (Acid Jazz) Bristolian hip-hop and West Country cool from the last century – had to play this because we went to see a Ron Athey live art performance in Bristol and as we sat on the docks outside the gallery watching the sun go down we could hear Parlour Talk coming over the water from the other side of the dock where the rather excellent Bristol Vegan Fayre was happening (Puressence sounded good). Ron Athey meanwhile was once again rather intense, there’s been some rather stimulating live art in the last two weeks with the Fierce festival in Birmingham, Act Art 5 in London and the events in Bristol – I think anyone who was at Revisions of Excess in Birmingham last week is going to be talking about it for years, you’ll find lots more on the even over on the Organ website at Best place to find this track is on the Totally Wired Acid Jazz compilation (Series 2,Volume 1) –

19: EL-P – Smitheens (DJX) – Forthcoming July single from the second album I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, EL-P are making some of the finest hip-hop out there right now, full of experimental drive and probably about to break big so watch that space over there –

20: XPERIMENTAL DENTAL BAND – Your Tearz In My Ice Cream (Cochon) -  What an album this is, seriously bendy pronk (yeah yeah, I know, signposts, that’s all) We’re talking Deerhoof meets Devo and some kind of US new wave chaos and beauty that involves Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier and the hand of Sir Weasel Walter – they’re from Oakland, they’re mainly Shoko Horikawa on organ, sampler and vocals, Jesse Hall on guitar-o-bass - deliciously distorted art rock and new wave noise, oh yes, as disturbing as the band’s name suggested they would be! Out in the UK via Cargo distribution this very Month – or find out more via their website

21: VESSELS – Happy Accident (ORG) A track from the ever excellent Leeds band that’s about to appear as a bonus track  from one of the many bonus bands on the new TO THE BONES/HERZOGA split single – two tracks from the two mail bands then loads of extras and treats and... Vessels latest single is out on Cuckundoo Records and there’s lots of dates coming up – 

22: FLYING LUTTENBACKERS – The Critic Stomp (Skin Graft) – See track 6. 

Next week, same time same place (all being well) with Marina and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – an exploration of rock music that’s played using time signatures beyond the convention of 4/4.

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