PLAYLIST – ORGAN SHOW (with Sean O), SUNDAY JUNE 24th 9.30pm RESONANCE 104.4FM all over London or worldwide via

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - Our adopted introduction theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s for yourselves and find links to her art, music and lots more over at -

2: CHROME HOOF – Nordic Curse (Southern) - The much anticipated Chrome Hoof album just landed and it blows away anything they’ve done so far! This is the two minute opening track. We’re talking a fresh new London based band, actually in operation now (rather than some long forgotten treasure that’s just been reverentially re-issued). A band so good they sound like a mix of Sun Ra, Sabbath, Magma, Parliament/Funkadelic and Goblin! A whole load of outrageous prog, disco-funk and manic energy – some were a little suspicious, thought they may be taking the piss, oh no, this is the real deal and if you think they sound good, checkout the live performance! or

3: VILE VILE CREATURES – City Light (ARBRR) – Track from the self released debut 7” single Faux Feminism. Vile Vile Creatures are an excellent DIY Manchester Grrl powered angular pointy agit punk outfit who are starting to make waves, the single is limited to just 200 copies and bursting with positive energy and heart-warming drive, I love this band – or

4: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS –  (Skin Graft) The classic 1994 Destroy All Music album has been revisited – DESTROY ALL MUSIC REVISITED comes with a whole load of new tracks and sleeve notes and the usual highest of high standards artwork – the album, maybe the greatest album ever, from what could be the ultimate Resonance FM band, is now 17 tracks long and every track is excellent – way out  there beyond the genres and conventions –

5: WHY? – Afterschool America (Anticon) –  WHY? is... a folk-pop, indie-hop, sometimes-mustachioed, quartet that operates out of the Oakland Bay Area under the fold of the Anticon collective. At the band’s helm is Yoni (all up), who — with his candytime-dissonant, singsong-suicide style — has been performing under the name “why?” for the best part of six years, this is from their 2004 album  -

6: CHROME HOOF – Circus 9000 (Southern) – Hey, you didn’t think we were going to let this land and only tease you with the opening track did you! See track 2 for details. Prog-rock disco-ball hedonism! 

7: UNIT – Homage To Resonance (demo) – Ha, now that’s how to get some radio play! This 15 track CDr was waiting for us in the studio, Unit are a London based outfit (three Chinese blokes, a Vietnamese lad, a Scotsman and an English man so it says). Some kind of  rock in opposition so they say, a collage of sound and their post-rock and the voices of Resonance DJs and they wrote a nice long letter with no address to website or phone number or anything... 

8: MICHAEL J SHEEHY -  Song For Davy (Red Eye) – A rather beautiful track from Michael’s latest album, probably his finest album yet - delicate, sometimes raw, very personal, blues,, all very special.  Mr Sheehy plays the Windmill in Brixton on28th June and also a free lunch time gig at the Spitz in East London as part of Sandy Dillon and The Speakeasy Quartet along with Ed Harcourt. Sandy Dillon is a UK based American singer/song writer who for some time now has been giving various musical genres and boxes a hefty elbow in the ribs. She is most closely connected to blues, but has rather a distinct take on it with her raspy, smokey voice and lyrics ranging between melancholy love songs and bloody tales of revenge and revulsion similar to Nick Cave and those of PJ Harvey on Dry.  For Friday’s show, Sandy will be joined by Ray Majors (dobro, vocals), Michael J. Sheehy (banjo, vocals) and Ed Harcourt (drums, saw) playing 1930's blues and songs from the breadline... Buddy, Can you spare a dime... The concert happens at 12.30 lunch time on Friday 29th June, this is the first in a series of lunch time gigs designed to help fight the closure of the Spitz by developers – The Spitz is an important venue/arts space in Spitalfields Market, we need alternative venues like this  - more info from / or find out more about Michael from

9: TURBONEGRO – What Is Rock!? (Cooking Vinyl) – Turbonegro ask and answer the vital question with a brilliant eight minute epic that explains jut what it is and how they saved it - this is their Stairway To Funhouse Freebird! (although they argue for Kill City over Funhouse about half way through the song). Eight minutes of classic classic rock (and backwards messaging - take those guns to school now) and rock being that dark area between the balls and the anus. The new album Retox is out on the 9th July, I think it could be their finest yet –

10: LETHAL BIZZLE – Babylon’s Burning The Ghetto - Burn The Gallows Mix (V2) - Gallows remix version of the grimecore East London hip-hop hoodie wearing Cameron cursing, Blair baiting ex car thief (so he says on the new album) new single and a borrowing of the classic Ruts track for a Lethal ram raid – the new album Back To Bizznizz is out on July 23rd  -

11: RUINS – Prog Rock Medley (Skin Graft) - The classic Ruins album Refusal Fossil has also be re-issued by the ever reliable Skin Graft label. Hardcore hard-boiled intense progressive math-metal from beyond (well from Japan really), the absolute masters of time signature stop-start tempo switching. The re-issued album comes with a whole load of bonus tracks and such. Couldn’t resist a blast of their three and a half minute medley that insanely takes in bits of riffs you half catch and half recognise – what was that bit? Arrghhhhh, spot the riff –Yes, ELP, Bruford, Universe Zero, King Crimson, Samla Mamas Manna, PFM, Gong, UK, Goblin, Pink Floyd, Rush, Magma, Patrick Horaz, Genesis, J.L Ponty. Gentle Giant, Steve Hackett, Camel, Soft Machine, Kansas, Focus, Area, Caravan... all in 3 minutes 25 seconds – genius!

12: LOUIS LINGG AND THE BOMB – Princess Mononoko (Ultrasonar) - Named after Louis Lingg, the Chicago anarchist who took his life on death row back in 1887 after the first May Day protests - they explain why in their eloquent sleeve notes and a whole twenty-one minute spoken word and background guitar bit that’s almost at the end of the album). This is a track from their self released debut album and his Louis Lingg are a bunch of “goddamn punk rock garage pop anarcho militants”, the bombs they throw are musical, they come from Paris (they could only come from Paris!) and they’ll grab  you and demand your instant attention. A mix of ultra-political anarchic punk rock and fizzing children’s nursery rhyme riot-pop. Laced with so much energy and a whole sonic attack of chaos and fizz and take a great big bag and toss in Bikini Kill, The Dickies, Rancid, The Pin Ups, Disco Pistol, Trust, The Butthole Surfers, The Buzzcocks, The Ramones, that Plastic  Whatshisname and of course The Clash, shake it all up and let it explode all over the street and you’re just about half way there! Some of it in English, some in France (and occasionally sounding like manic Japanese punk pop). Forty plus non-stop in your face minutes of proper creative home made (very well produced) DIY punk rock  -

13: LASSE MARHAUG - The True Flamingo (Smalltown Superjazz) -  Ah, I love this label, you know things are going to be hardboiled with SMJZ. Norwegian Lasse Marhaug makes noise music, he’s a member of Jazkammer and a collaborator of Merbow, Kevin Drumm, Sunn O))), Matt Gustafsson. A live album that apparently deliberately has the same name as the classic Kiss live album. What a noise! Is this shear bloody hail of fuzz, feedback, electronic chaos and chaos too hardboiled for the delicate Resonance ears?  This is extreme noise terror that walks the fine line between music and a broken radio transmitter  - this album is a serious documentation of live noise art –

14: ??? – Kalifornia Uber Alles (download) – I confess I have no idea who this is, an orchestral version (with vocals) of the Dead Kennedys classic, brilliant version that we downloaded from somewhere... Sorry we can’t tell you more.

15 LEAFCUTTER JOHN – In The Morning (Stabgold) – From last year’s very very fine and rather unique album The Forest And The Sea. We’re playing this because Leafcutter John plays the first week of A Month of Sundays Resonance benefit concerts next week – scroll down for more info – meanwhile check out

16: MORVISCOUS – Small Piece – Another track from their Free Pop album that’s been enjoying lots of attention on Marina’s Other Rock Show. Album of the week on the Organ website a couple of weeks ago and out in ther shops this coming week – Morviscous perform their jazzy post-rock flavoured warmth alongside Leafcutter John, scroll down for more info. –

17: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Queen Mary Vs The Robots (demo) – Another track from their excellent five track demo, fine post-rock math-play from the now London based band from Wales – keep an eye on their website for gig news, they’re not the greatest band when it comes to keeping people informed (we can forgive them when they’re this good – bands, get your news in and we’ll pass it on and them people will maybe come to your gigs! Use your Organ!). This in from one of the very best demos we’ve been sent in the last year –

18: SUBHUMANS – Work, Rest, Play, Die (Fat Wreck) – From their Live In A Dive album and the finest proper activist working class ethic-based punk rock band still out, we played it for Tony, we know he always tries to listen and he’s off into the Sunset this week, and to welcome Gordon, are we going to have some Socialism now? Subhumans are on tour right now, as are their close relatives Citizen Fish  /

19: 65DAYSOFSTATIC – Morning In The Knife Quarter (Monotreme) – b- side from the recent Don’t Go Down single and played in celebration of 65 just being inviting to tour the US from two months or so with The Cure, nice to see one from our side breaking through without compromising, kind of gives us a little internal glow of pride seeing as we’ve been championing them since their very early demo days. –

We’re not about on Sundays during July, that’s because of the series of concerts – A MONTH OF SUNDAYS that are being broadcast 

Next week, same time same place (all being well) with Marina and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – an exploration of rock music that’s played using time signatures beyond the convention of 4/4.

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