PLAYLIST – ORGAN SHOW (with Sean O), THURSDAY JULY 11th 7.00pm RESONANCE 104.4FM all over London or worldwide via

1: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - Our adopted introduction theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s for yourselves and find links to her art, music and lots more over at -

2: CHROME HOOF - Circus 9000 (Southern)  - The much anticipated Chrome Hoof album blows away anything they’ve done so far! We’re talking a fresh new London based band, actually in operation now (rather than some long forgotten treasure that’s just been reverentially re-issued). A band so good they sound like a mix of Sun Ra, Sabbath, Magma, Parliament/Funkadelic and Goblin! A whole load of outrageous prog, disco-funk and manic energy – some were a little suspicious, thought they may be taking the piss, oh no, this is the real deal and if you think they sound good, checkout the live performance! or

3: CHARLIE ALEX MARCH – When The Clouds Clear (LOAF) - How beautiful is this, delicate lo-fi instrumental creativity on the rather interesting LOAF label. We’ll be exploring the label and their releases a lot more in coming weeks both in print and on air. This is from a rather fine EP called In The End. I must confess that I found a whole load of CDs while rooting in a bin this week, we need to go explore

4: OPTIMIST CLUB – 41,000 Years (Stockpile) – Oh, final (frustrating) visit to one of last year’s very best albums and the edgy noisy spiky bendy point post-rock of London’s Optimist Club. They’re splitting up already! Why! Last ever gig on the 17th July over at the Luminaire in Kilburn –

5: LIARS – Clear Island (Mute) - The new Liars album just landed (spent an interesting hour over at their hotel last week, watch this space for the interview, they didn’t tell many lies). Everything is stripped down, no concept, the album is just called Liars, this time they want it to be all about songs – and that is indeed what the album is, Liars songs. The album is out in the UK on 20th August, they play the Field Festival in London (with loads of other find bands including Battles) on 11th August. Best place to find out more right now is

6: HERZOGA – Things To Say (ORG) – Track from the debut (split) single from Stoke’s Herzoga, self confessed makers (inventors) of Wrong Pop (and the band behind the excellent Wrong Pop nights in Stoke that have put the term in the musical dictionary) spiky new wave pop that really isn’t mere pop. The single is a limited edition of 1000, comes with 12 bonus tracks from like-minded bands, an alternative way of doing things. or

7: TO THE BONES – Tycho (ORG) – The other band on the split single that also features Herzoga.  The single is out this week and To The Bones are an explosive alternative left field rock band from Bolton, Lancashire (a rather satanically possessed place according to Lucy)  – or mail order the hour long 17 track single for just two pounds from us

8: LUCY OVER LANCASHIRE – Part 1 (SueMi) – Well I have to confess I have no idea what this is, I found a pile of CDs in a bin last week, this was one (Sailplanes were another), apparently it came out on 12” red vinyl in 2006,something to do with Paul Rooney (I found a rejected advance CDr). An almost spoke word piece in six parts about Satan’s infiltration of Lancashire and his living in a Puma training shoe hanging from a phone line near the A666 and why are United called The Red Devils and who is this shadowy Alan and.... female spoken word and a Lancastrian sprite of the air called Lucy, all flavoured with dub and

9: GIRAFFE RUNNING – F**kin’ Funny Fire / Dudeen (Learn To Love) - Now this is a really rewarding double CD set, Giraffe Running are a two piece instrumental band from Dublin. They recorded an album using just drum and bass as instruments, the first CD features these original recordings. Then they sent of tracks to musicians that they respected and such – the second CD features the results of the collaborations. All kinds of interesting people on here, Ian Williams (Battles), Max Tundra, Eoin Dillon (Kila), Agata (Melt Banana), Luca T, Mai (Zu), Hugh Holmes (The Waltons) and more. Excellent packaging and artwork and loads to explore –

10: TANGAROA – When The Door Swings Shut, Draw That Gun (Anticulture) – A revisit to last year’s rather fine album Day and the Northern English band’s rather excellent experimental extreme metal sound. Tangaroa play a London Anticulture Records showcase on July 27th at the Borderline with a number of Anticulture bands and Total Rock DJs and such – see there has to be a reason for playing something again –

11: GAY AGAINST YOU – Wall Wizard Part 2  (OIB) – A track from the OIB SPLIT VOL 1: 7” that features tracks from GAY AGAINST YOU,  LONELY GHOSTS, MUNCH MUNCH and THE TUMBLEDOWN ESTATE - This is gooooooooood, four-way split seven inch from OIB Records. Who are OIB? Don’t ask me! Why are you always asking me these questions? Okay, OIB is an independently-minded music collective based in Brighton, putting on gigs, putting out music, making zines – good we need more of this (more more more!). Four bands or band shaped things.– Go explore: or – OIB apparently stands for One Inch Badger.  You’ll find links to all the bands and such on the OIB website.

12: MAN LIKE ME – Oh My Gosh (demo) Did this ever come out on a label, we played it as a demo last year, front line streetwise North London krunk n’Grime or whatever the hell you want to call it this week – may well have come out on 1,2.3.4 Records now and played again tonight because Man Like Me can be caught at the Shoreditch Free Festival. The festival is happening in August, featuring loads of people including Har Mar Superstar, The Paddingtons, The Whip, Shy Child and The Rakes. The 1234 Shoreditch Free Music Festival at Shoreditch Park in deepest London on 5th Aug. It's free, as the name suggests, go take a look - – meanwhile more on Man Like Me at – Oh, should have looked there first, came out this June on Stop Start Records. Playing the Lovebox pre-party at the Fly on July 14th and Lovebox itself on 21st June. 

13: LASSE MARHAUG – No Sleep ‘Til Haugesund (Smalltown Superjazz) -  Ah, I love this label, you know things are going to be hardboiled with SMJZ. Norwegian Lasse Marhaug makes noise music, he’s a member of Jazkammer and a collaborator of Merbow, Kevin Drumm, Sunn O))), Matt Gustafsson. A live album that apparently deliberately has the same name as the classic Kiss live album. What a noise! Is this shear bloody hail of fuzz, feedback, electronic chaos and chaos too hardboiled for the delicate Resonance ears?  This is extreme noise terror that walks the fine line between music and a broken radio transmitter  - this album is a serious documentation of live noise art –

14: DEAD KENNEDYS – Ill In The Head (Decay) – Recorded live in ’79 at the Deaf Club in San Francisco, classic US punk and a live album released in 2004 – Cardiac Arrest or what! Get the whole album in the UK via

15: MIKROKOSMOS – Where Now Earthman (Iguana) – Christian (a.k.a Bic) from Levitation and Cardiacs and Ring and Darkstar with his beautifully magical and rather unique solo album. Recorded back in the 90’s, he thought he had lost it forever in a studio flood that drenched the masters that were then deemed lost when the contents of said building were thrown in to a skip during the hasty clean up operation – no, the album was found, and now in 2007 finally released, and well worth the wait. What’s this what’s this said the ears in the room? Ah, Cardiacs family quality, something you can always put faith in –

16: THE GENTLE GOOD – Dawel Disgyn (Gwymon) – The Gentle Good is Gareth Bonello and this delicate Welsh language track is one of four to be found on his rather beautifully delicate bi-lingual Dawel Gisgyn EP. His debut release, he talks of the influence of forgotten Welsh Folk Songs as well as Nick Drake, John Fahey. Catch the Gentle Good at the Latitudes Festival this weekend. The EP is released on August 13th - find out more via or

17: SAILPLANES –Violent Storm (Redheaded Stepchild) - A rather fine three piece band from London with what appears to be a rather home-made album of some considerable quality - found it in a bin actually! Put it on when I got home and loved it lots, rather unconventional, girl/boy voiced edgy and unpredictable, edgy jagged old school classic indie music played with an experimental edge and a passionate left field commitment. Come take a picture, lots more Sailplanes on these pages soon –  or

18: TRUCKDRIVER Jnr – We Are Men Of Action (We Like Danger) – A track from the excellent debut EP and single of the week this week on Organ pages last week. The EP is called And You’d Burst into Fire... Forever,  intense metal-edged noise rock with a jagged alternative grungy post-hardcore edge to it. They’re from Leek (Staffordshire) and they’re certainly not interested in taking the obvious route, showing some kind of need to become than just a summing up of their record collection. This is intense, epic, hard boiled where it needs to be, they’re not afraid to play with the dynamics of quiet and unconventional song lengths are not a problem, neither is galloping straight at your head with a punch or two of full on metal violence, chargers indeed.  Something good kicking off here both in terms of the label and the band. A damn fine start, we look forward to more from both parties, we like danger - or

19: NEW MODEL ARMY – Stupid Questions (EMI) – Ah look, a little bit of self indulgence and an end of show small slice of The Army, they have a new album out any moment now called High and they’re playing wonderfully in-corporate Beautiful Daze festival in Devon and don’t ask anymore stupid questions (when you already know the answers), we had far too much of your blurb today –  or

20: VESSELS – Happy Accident (ORG) – One of the bonus tracks that you’ll find hidden on the new Herzoga/To The Bones single. Two tracks from the two main bands then loads of extras and treats and... Vessels latest single is out on Cuckundoo Records, they’re from Leeds, mellow experimental easy glowing post rock. Lots of dates coming up –

Next week, same time same place (all being well) with Marina and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – an exploration of rock music that’s played using time signatures beyond the convention of 4/4.

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