ORGAN - OTHER ROCK SHOW with Marina Organ – Sunday 30th September 2007, 10.00pm - all over London via 104.4FM or worldwide via

INTRO: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac)
1:  UPSILON ACRUX - Expiration Date Alaska, My Darkness (Cuneiform)
2:  YOU AND THE ATOM BOMB - Heads And Tails (Sink And Stove)
3:  METSATÖLL - Saaremaa Vagimees (Hyper Records)
4:  LIARS - Cycle Time  (Mute)
5:  SLEEPING PEOPLE  - ...Out Dream (Temporary Residence)
7:  EFTERKLANG - Mirador (The Leaf Label)
8:  CARDIACS  - Ditzy Scene (ORG)
9:  PRE - Greasers (Skin Graft)
10: FUNANORI - Tidy Your Mess Up (Transduction)
11: UPSILON UCRUX  - Touched By God Innapropriately (Cuneiform)
12: LITE  - EF (Transduction)
13: INSTRUMENTS - American Football or American Football? (demo)
14: EFTERKLANG  - Cutting Ice To Snow (The Leaf Label)
15: ATHLETIC AUTOMATON - Achilles Last Tendon (Skin Graft)

Hello again peoples, here is the Other Rock Show hasty essential playlist guide so that you can hunt down which of these beauties you want to spend the rest of your days obsessing about:

The breathtaking UPSILON ACRUX are possibly the finest avant rock band on the planet -they're from the US - the Organ review is here, and these two tracks are from their recently released album Galapagos Momentum. Ten melodically, rhythmically, gratuitously complex compositions, not one second of filler. Go into your local HMV and violently demand a copy until they throw you out of the shop, then try or

YOU AND THE ATOM BOMB are from Bristol, this was from new mini-LP 'The Spirit Of Things' on Sink And Stove records - a recent album of the week here at Organ - more info at and

METSATÖLL are from Estonia, they appear to be of the pagan persuasion and their album Hiiekoda and others is available in the UK via Nailboard Records - -  see ORGAN #222 for lots more details 

Legendary LIARS had a no-messing self-titled album out while we were off air - here's the review - they're probably on tour again soon, do not miss them live -

San Diego four-peice SLEEPING PEOPLE (not to be confused with UK prog outfit Sleepy People) have this delightful album out October 22nd on Temporary Residence - and reviewed by us here, its called Growing and features a final track with Rob Crow (Heavy Vegetable, Thingy) on vocals -, available in the UK via

HAPPY PENGUIN HUNGRY BEAR we came across playing one of their first gigs down at the Fiddler's Elbow in Camden (excellent little venue by the way, keep it to yourself) - astonished to find UK band playing complex proper progressive instrumental stuff-this was from a two-track demo, contact

The beautiful and uplifting EFTERKLANG are so emotional and delicate they make Sigur Ros sound like Whitesnake: these two tracks are the album versions of their new single - single of the week this week on the Organ pages. It is called Mirador, the band are from Denmark. This single is released Oct 8th, the album is out on Oct 15th tour in mid-November -

Another band touring the UK in early-mid November is CARDIACS - this is from their new (!) three-track single out as part of the limited edition Org-An-Ised Singles series, out on Nov 5th, get it from here - yes, we're talking about those Cardiacs, who were doing this stuff when it was illegal, new material and on top form and never more relevant - hear more and download some older material free from here

A first helping of PRE on the radio from us, a London band put an album out with the wonderful Skin Graft Records of Chicago, and no wonder Skin Graft have jumped on this one, they're already legendary live - album of the week here back at the start of Sepember.  Hear them at

FUNANORI and LITE are sharing a split album  - Funanori is multi-instrumentalist Kaori505 from The Go! Team aided in places by Mike Watts from Minutemen, The Stooges and Firehose, whilst LITE (they always use capitals) are a mega-tight instrumental avant/math/prog outfit from Japan...album is called 'A Tiny Twofer', you can get it from

London-based INSTRUMENTS are making lovely mathy warm stuff and this was from a recent Organ demo of the week...

finally ATHLETIC AUTOMATON are a two-piece in the burgeoning tradition of avant rock noise duos, with the added pedigree of Arab On Radar's utterly distinctive guitarist, Steve Mattos, working with his perfect drummer Patrick Crump - this was from excoriating new album Journey Through Roman's Empire  out now on Skin Graft. You could describe it as Arab On Radar on acid. Let's think about that for a moment. Arab on Radar... on acid - the Organ album review is here explore over at -

...good hunting/listenin’, Marina Organ

Next week, same place, same time for Sean Organ - on Sunday October 7th at 10.00pm 

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