Sean Organ Show on London’s finest radio station - Resonance 104.4fm – Sunday 10.00pm 7th 2007 – London wide on FM radio or worldwide via

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX - Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - Our adopted introduction theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s for yourselves and find links to her art, music and lots more over at -

2: EFTERKLANG – Polygyne (Leaf) - Efterklang are from Denmark, this is the opening track from their wonderful new album Parades – the album is released next week and everything on it is as fine as this track, they really do all sound like Parades - Grand Parades – or

3: VENUS BOGARDUS – Motorman (Patchogue) - Take wing and sink your mudded claws in to their literate post-punk (as someone else called it) - named after a character in a classic work of late-fifties lesbian pulp fiction - “We are an artrock band that regularly collaborates with avant-garde artists in the UK, Europe and the US. Motorman was made in collaboration with writer David Ohle, an associate of William S. Burroughs, and author of the astounding cult novels Motorman, The Age Of Sinatra and The Pisstown Chaos”. They’re from Bath (via Texas), the album cost then thirty quid to record and they released it themselves on their own label – /

4: MOHA! – Jolly Four (Rune Gramophone) – From the album Norwegianism, You know those noises that mice make when they eat in to your beautiful vintage valve guitar amp, all those squeaks and cracks and wheezes and fizzes and those echo sounds and the squeaky bits that insects make when they’re moving heavy machinery - and the way moths squeak at each other when communicating electronically? blips and blurts and unobtrusive crashes and refined arcs and restrained screams, nothing that uncomfortably noisy though – free form electro jazz that in truth isn’t really that jazzy either.– /

5: ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES – Jolene (Fat Wreck) - Released as a black square vinyl limited edition 7” as part of Me First’s Square Dance Series of vinyl released on October 16th. This is their version of the Dolly Parton classic, originally released on their fine album of fast punk rock style country covers “Love Their Country” – more details over at

6: THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Demonic Velocities/20,000,000 Volts (Skin Graft) – From the classic Destroy All Music album that was re-issued earlier this year (with loads of extra tracks)  Weasel Walter is working on new Luttenbacher music although he did question this week if it was all worth it? Seems to think no one is interested and no one will play any new Luttenbacher music – go explore the world of Weasel Walter and all his bands and projects, go tell him we love his radio friendly pop music - or

7: TINY MASTERS OF TODAY vs LIARS – Hey, Mr DJ (Mute) – Liars remix of Tiny Masters, you can find this on the CD version of the single that came out last week. – lead track is a gritty slice of soul-filled lo-fi raw edged fuzzing garage guitar stomp from the duo who’s average is just twelve. Powered by the drums and raw production skills of Mr Russell Sims (of the Blues Explosion). Then you get the Liars remix – you don’t need to be told who it is, only one band gets a sound like that – locked on, stripped down and Liar’d up, everything those Liars go near turns to gold, Liars really are the coolest band in the world right now – / /

8: BLUT AUS NORD -  Mystic Absolute (Candlelight) – “Post Black Metal” is what they’re calling this – is that a first? Don’t you just love pigeonholes! Actually that is rather acurate. There’s a new album out on 6th November, goes by the name of Odinist: The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination – They’re from France, they once made an album and decided to issue it as an instrumental rather than make any of the lyrics public, a challenge to the listeners preconceptions so they said -  or

9: LA ZAG – Gaudeamus (download) “We take songs and dances from the Renaissance period (15th-16th century) and arrange them in a pop-folky way, making Historical Folk out of them” say the Italian band on their My Space page – they’re on a UK tour late in October, dates on their page

10: FIGHT LIKE APES – Jake Summers (Cool For Cats) - This came out back at the start of Spetember while we werre off air – like Kentucky Fried Chicken with all the taste and none of the guilt and driving Miss Daisy everywhere with a parking violation and a maggot on your nose. This is brilliant – they’re from Dublin and they sound like junk television and Bis and Beck in a food fight all at the same time, this has to be a very very very good thing. She sounds sugar sweet and she buys presents and they feed the geese (and stupify them) and butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and then she screams about your stupid face! And hey you! Get some grace!! You're like Kentucky Fried Chicken but without the taste! - Is this the single of the year? Taht is certainly lyric of the year! -

11: THUMPERMONKEY LIVES! – Schrodinger’s Cat Lives (demo) – Twisted churning progressive metal from South London, the demo is called Bring Me The Sun For Breakfast – a ferocious mix of Isis, Van Der Graaf and Melvins – oh yes! or – they play London’s Bull & Gate on October 21st

12: GALLHAMMER –  Blind My Eyes (Peaceville) – A Japanese all girl trio who manage to churn up an impressive and rather original mix of classic old school death metal grindcore crust and throw it right out there with the bleakest serving of blackness. An offering that comes with just the right amount of avant edge and an occasional hint of way left field Deerhoof style creative J-rock bounce to add to the Neurosis (capital N) bleakness and Sunn0)) flavours. Their new album came out last week -

13: CARDIACS –  Ditzy Scene (ORG) – Cardiacs have some new material, this is the first fruits, a new three track single out on November 5th and the band set out on a UK tour on November 12th – full details on the ORG Records pages at or

14: TOTAL F***ING MAYHEM – The Duck Is Evil (ORG) – And while we’re in the pond, this obscure slice of TFM gabber (banging away at 216bpm) is cleverly constructed entirely from Cardiacs parts, it came out in the last century as one of the bonus tracks tagged on to the end of the Beatmolls 24 single, you can get it from the ORG Records pages at

15: SEA NYMPHS - The Sea Ritual (John Peel Session version) – The great lost track from the other day, lost somewhere in the Brain Surgery - this version of The Sea Ritual was recorded (one wonderful day - we really must write out the tale) for John Peel's radio show. Sea nymphs are Tim, Sarah and Bill Drake from Cardiacs – if you liked this then William D.Drake and His Very Big Band play the Bush Hall in London on October 12th – The lineup includes Robert Leith (Drums), Dean Gaisburg-Watkyn (Bass Guitar), Terry Pitt (Trumpet, Vocals), Ben Davies (Mellotron), James Larcombe  (Harmonium), Darryl Anthony (Guitars), Bernard Holden (Clarinet, Saxophone) and Sarah Jones (Recorder, Vocals) . more from or

16:EFTERKLANG – Mirador (Leaf) - Another track from the wonderful Parades album to close the show tonight - see track 2 

Next week, same time same place (all being well) with Marina and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – an exploration of rock music that’s played using time signatures beyond the convention of 4/4.

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