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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: COUNTRYSIDE – Click.Submit.Send (demo) - This fine eight track demo turned up in the post this week, know nothing about it, never heard of them, love it to bits! I guess they’re from the Bristol area and they play this glowing mix lo-fi experimental textured pop with all kinds of unobtrusive little details that add so so much – bright glowing glorious songs laced with radio noises and found sound and sunshine and  just so so right in every way  This is what Organ is about, fine new exciting rewarding crafted music made with creative delight that just lands in our life so that we can hopefully land it in yours, I haven’t stopped playing this wonderful CD since it landed here –

3: VESSELS - Clear & Calm (Cuckundoo) – b-side of the new Vessels single that comes out as a limited pressing of just 500 seven inchers on November 5th, the a-side is just as good, they’re from Leeds and they play delicate refined post rock flavoured songs – ‘songs’ being the important part of that statement – or or

4: AKIMBO – Wizard Van Wizard (Alternative Tentacles) -   A track of the new (5th) album from the Seattle band of alternative/punk/metal/garage old school hard rock makers – hell they’re just a rock band – they just turn up,  plug in and rock! Released on Alt.Tentacles in UK on October 29th – how about those drums?! Big crushing riffing get-in-the-van old school stoner-edged punk-ass filthy blues based prog-fused hard rock monster riffing righteous goodness – more from – Alternative Tentacle releases are available in the UK via

5: LONG DISTANCE CALLING – Aurora (Viva Hate) – A beautiful eight and a half mellow minutes and a mostly instrumental piece of melancholic post-rock from Germany’s very fine Long Distant Calling. Taken from their new album Satellite Bay – the album is released in the UK on October 22nd, one for appreciators of bands like Explosions In The Sky or Pelican or... – or or

6: FIGHT LIKE APES – Jake Summers (Cool For Cats) - This came out back at the start of September while we were off air – like Kentucky Fried Chicken with all the taste and none of the guilt and driving Miss Daisy everywhere with a parking violation and a maggot on your nose. This is brilliant – they’re from Dublin and they sound like junk television and Bis and Beck in a food fight all at the same time, this has to be a very very very good thing. She sounds sugar sweet and she buys presents and they feed the geese (and stupify them) and butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and then she screams about your stupid face! “And hey you! Get some grace!! You're like Kentucky Fried Chicken but without the taste!” - Is this the single of the year? That is certainly lyric of the year and I make no apologies for this repeat playing -

7: PRE – Slash In The Snakepit (Skingraft) – A manic 48 second track from the thrilling London band’s recently released insane screaming new wave high speed post punk pronk beast of an album that tastes like early Cardiacs feasting on Melt Banana. They have a new split 7” single out now (also featuring Aids Wolf). Album of the week here back at the start of September.  Hear them and explore more over at or

8: TIME.SPACE.REPEAT – The End Of The World (God Is In The TV) – A new and rather atmospheric smouldering download only DIY single from the very fine post-rock shoegazing alternative band from London. Released in conjunction with God is in the TV fanzine (single of the week this week on the Organ web pages). They play a free gig at The Dragon’s Ball in Croydon on October 24th – more details from

9: BASTARD OF THE SKIES – Kubrick Zirconia (demo) – Why are this band still putting out demos? Why aren’t they big news? Demo of the week (again) on the Organ pages this week (along with Mehe), they’re from Blackburn, Lancashire (no more wise-ass comment about all the holes they’ve made)  - massive alt.metal for people who love things like intensely heavy things such as Neurosis, St.Vitus or The Melvins – I’m rather pleased with the number of demo tracks we got into this week’s show -

10: COUNTRYSIDE – Estuary (demo) – See track two, another fine track from their very fine Click.Space.Repeat demo that’s so good that some of it sounds like Sea nymphs (that is high high praise) –

11: ME FIRST AND THE GIMMIE GIMMIES – Jolene (Fat Wreck) - Released as a black square vinyl limited edition 7” as part of Me First’s Square Dance Series of vinyl released on October 16th. This is their version of the Dolly Parton classic, originally released on their fine album of fast punk rock style country covers “Love Their Country” and yeah I know, I played it again, but it is a brilliant slice of inspired punk rock and hey, it is only a minute and a bit, and you know – all this new stuff flying at you, treat this as a one minute break where you can relax with a song you already love – more details over at

12: CANDY PANIC ATTACK – Operator (demo) – A new demo from the rather pro-active DIY riot-grrl flavoured punk band from London. They handed this to us at a Vile Vile Creatures gig (that they had helped organise – thanks for the demo and the gig) a few weeks back, (sorry Candies it got lost in my chaos),explore lots more over at

13: THE WINCHESTER CLUB – Settle Down (WHI) A five minute slice of their nine minute piece (hey, we only have an hour on air, lots to cram in – all their tracks are long - long tracks are good thing), fine mellow and rather original post-rock/refined prog from the London band’s long awaited and rather GodspeedYBEish new album Britannia Truimphant  – the album is out on November 5th as a download or mailorder only DIY handmade CDr -

14: HERE & NOW – Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (4 Zero) – Here And Now, the legendary alternative anarcho punk/head band have a new live album out, couldn’t resist this classic slice of proper punk and floating anarchy opium for you  or

15: CARDIACS –  Gen (ORG) – First ever bit of radio play for this new Cardiacs track, one of  the b-sides off the forthcoming single – out on November 5th- the band head out on a UK tour on November 12th, full details of the tour from or more about the single, limited  to just 1000 as part 35 of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES from us over at

16: MEHE – well the excellent three demo they sent in (from Oslo, Sweden) has no tracklisting, so we’ll just say we played track 2 and tell you this is (joint) demo of the week on the Organ website this week and that they’re a rather monolithic avant-metal band. They say their biggest influence is the weather and you can find out more over at

17: COUNTRYSIDE - You’ve Changed = Now You’re Boring (demo) – See track two for details, third slice for tonight (and if we had more time we would have played more)

Next Sunday it’s a week off while Resonance broadcast a live evening from the Brussels Radiophonic festival – the week after, all being well, will be Marina’s turn and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – where rock music comes laced with unusual time signatures and sounds just a little less conventional than normal. 

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