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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: HAWKWIND – This Is Your Captain Speaking  (Liberty) The classic slice of 70’s counter culture that is the Greasy Truckers Party has just been re-issued as a three disc CD set (comes with excellent notes). We couldn’t resist dipping in for a quick taste as part of the start of tonight’s show. 

3: DEARHUNTER – Lake Somerset (Kranky) – A track from the recently released Cryptograms album. Deerhunter are from Atlanta and  this time they’re like some sparse visceral sharkhunt of an American alt.rock road trip (somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert...). Kind of Sonic Youth for Spaceman 3 disciples who don’t mind a dark slice of strung-out primal space-rock Joy Division via the minimal side of those beautiful Liars. Deerhunter finally make it over to the UK for a host of dates – they were in London at the Forum last Friday playing with Deerhoof, Liars, F*ck Buttons and Black Lips. Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame has described their live performance as "A religious experience" – the dates are almost over now but you can still catch them on 6 Nov at Liars Club in Nottingham and Cafe Saki, Manchester on 7th November (a bill that also features To The Bones) - - available in the UK via

4: DEARHOOF – Makko Shobu (ATP)  - A new single from the ever wonderful Dearhoof, out of 3rd December as a limited edition 7” picture disc. This is the b-side, a track preciously unreleased outside of the USA 

5: CARBOMB – Hypnotic Worm (Relapse) –  An overdue re-visit to the Long Island (New York) band’s twisted album of vicious math metal and jazz-inspired extreme blast thrashing –

6: TERA MELOS – Party With Tina (Temporary Residence) – A track from the new BY THE END OF TONIGHT / TERA MELOS split CD album - Complex Full Of Phantoms. Tera Melos are jaw-dropping.  If we'd heard this blind we would have assumed it was some kind of supercharged Hella/Rob Crow collaboration, Holy Smokes with the hyperspeed madness knob turned to eleven. Tera Melos come from Sacramento, California. Outrageously complex as each song is - imagine entire Yes albums in one song - the sound has clarity, emotional purpose and strong, bright melodies, frilled and punctuated with glitch and keyboard flourishes and beautiful harmonies. Upsilon Acrux are an obvious comparison, but Upsilon keep it cool and cerebral and hint their emotion – Tera Melos humanise the cutting edge in a way few have yet done. or  available in the UK via

7: ODD SHAPED HEAD – Robot Werewolf (Construction) – The b-side from the forthcoming In The Kitchen single. Things are coming together really nicely for Odd Shaped Head now. A fine fine follow up to Egomatic Annie and another couple of slices of “infectiously clever catchy slice of impressive bouncy energetic jerky new wave English pop” (to quote our last review that they now quote on their press release). Driving punchy urgent poppy angular Devo flavoured flowing awkward poisoned electric heads with vampire robot girl issues – her head goes rusty if she stands too close to water,  spot on new wave pop –

8: MY DEVICE – Everything Is Inflatable (Shifty Disco) – A track from the Brighton band’s new album Jumbo Fiasco (the album is out tomorrow – November 5th)  - A scratchy set of slightly angular fidgety slightly abrasive indie rock new wave things from Brighton. My Device play an Artrocker night on Tuesday 6th Nov at London’s Buffalo Bar (Highbury). or

9: EFTERKLANG – Maison Of Reflection (Leaf) - Efterklang are from Denmark, this is from their wonderful new album Parades – the album came out two weeks ago, and everything on it is as fine as this track. And Efterklang are heading this way, their UK tour starts on the 21st Nov in Bristol and takes in London’s Bush Hall on Friday November 23rd and ends in Brighton on Dec 1st - Efterklang are just wonderful, they’re Mew and Sigur Ros and Cardiacs good – they’re just wonderful and unique – or or

10: THE JELAS – Boys On Bikes (demo)- A track from the Bristol band’s excellent Mistakes Drives The Blunder Bus demo (Organ demo of the week) Ten well crafted  and well recorded DIY tracks, some girl fronted, some boy fronted, all deliciously lo-fi and thrillingly bendy – hard-boiled mathematics, difficult - good – not that they’re hard to listen to, no this flow easily, they just soothe you in a slightly different way – they’re incredibly infectious with their clandestine designs and pumping goodness into you veins. Any band who have a song called Asparagus have to be worth checking out, and a song called Pure Mathematics might help you add things up a little.–

11: NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS (Mute) – A taste of the forthcoming new soundtrack album “Music From The Motion Picture The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford” - A haunting compelling and rather beautifully intense instrumental soundtrack to the rather ‘savage’ film from director Andrew Domink. A semi acoustic rather plaintive melancholic set of pieces. Slow and errie violins, mournful piano –  things pretty much stick to the one very slow downbeat pace for the entire length of the soundtrack. A captivating compelling thing of beauty, everything you’d expect from Cave and Ellis  – or 

12: TODD - Black Skull (Southern) – A just short of two minute revisit to Todd’s avant-punk noise attack of an album “Comes To Your House”. Todd have just announced a London show on 26th Nov at the King’s Cross Scala, London with Scout Niblett –

13: THE DRONES – Cockeyed Lowlife Of The Highlands (ATP)  - A new single as part of ATP’s Custom Made series. Released on December 3rd as a limited edition of 1000 (first 100 in hand made sleeves)

14: VERNON ELLIOTT ENSEMBLE – Ivor The Engine: Main Theme (Trunk) - Now this is an absolute treat of a treasure - thank you Mr Trunk! An album featuring the original music from Ivor The Engine and Pogles Wood animated television series. An album lovingly put together from the rather fragile forty year old original real to real tapes that were stored in Oliver Postgate’s basement. The album is released on December 3rd and this is the first time this music has been available – wonderful  -

15: TURBO NEGRO – No, I’m Alpha Male (Cooking Vinyl) – New single from the havoc raising Turbo boys and some more of their explosive liberating garage punk – liberating and oblivious, this is the new single out in December. And what should have happened tonight is that we should have followed it up with a slice of San Francisco’s TURBO NEGRA – Damn those faulty CDrs! or  Hang on though, CD malfunctions can't stop us, move over Turbonegro, you just got your sweet sailor-boy asses kicked! Blown off! A gang of Denim Demons from deepest San Francisco, TURBO NEGRA! An all girl mean as f Turbonegro! Self Destructo! This is one fire that does not need putting out, (I’ve got erection! Yeah, I know, but it had to be said didn't it) - Turbonegra are Shelley from Bimbo Toolshed, Sally from Fabulous Disaster, Tish from Van Gogh's Daughter, Erica from MDC, Rina from Psychadelic Wedding rounding it out on vocals, & Amanda from Blue Rabbit throwin down some tamborine & keys! “These 6 hot rockin babes will kick you in the teeth and throw your ass in the pit, so check 'em out in a town near you!” -

16: JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE – Der Angriff Startet (Bastardize) – A track from the new album Rauchen Und Yoga (released last week) – “Forget about grind punk, this is pop grind” – well that’s what they said – sounds like some insane bunch of babbling German extreme avant-industrial thrashing grind nihilists to us - or

17: THE JELAS – Lead Vest (demo) – Another taste of this week’s Organ demo of the week – see track 10 for more details. 

18: UNGDOMSKULEN - Spartacus (Ever) - Using dirty guitars to make clean, clear statements, Ungdomskulen blaze with confidence right from the start of this debut album. A three-piece from Norway who sound like they've absorbed all kinds of American underground rock, taking avant influences and taming them, going for tunes and compelling listenability -

19: CARDIACS – Gen (ORG)– Another slice of this new Cardiacs track, one of  the b-sides off the forthcoming single – out on November 5th - the band head out on a UK tour on November 12th, full details of the tour from or more about the single, limited  to just 1000 as part 35 of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES from us over at (yes I know, playing our own release again, we didn’t mean to, we had a CD malfunction and grabbed this!)

20: COUNTRYSIDE – Tape Dysfunctional #4 (demo) This fine eight track demo turned up in the post a couple of weeks ago, we knew nothing about it, never heard of them, loved it to bits! We play some tracks last time around and got loads of positive feedback so here’s some more. They’re from the Bristol area and they play this glowing mix lo-fi experimental textured pop with all kinds of unobtrusive little details that add so so much – bright glowing glorious songs laced with radio noises and found sound and sunshine and  just so so right in every way  This is what Organ is about, fine new exciting rewarding crafted music made with creative delight that just lands in our life so that we can hopefully land it in yours, I haven’t stopped playing this wonderful CD since it landed here –

21: THE DRIFT – Streets (Temporary Residence) – New album out this very Monday on the consistently good Temporary Residence label.  A forward thing jazz/rock hybrid of an album that ventures in to the darker areas of post-rock flavoured ambient creativity that tastes of Isotope217, Miles Davis and with just a hint of  Beefheart-inspired guitar. The album is a collection of rare vinyl only 12”ers and such, including remixes by Four Tet and Sybarite - or

Next Sunday, all being well, will be Marina’s turn and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – where rock music comes laced with unusual time signatures and sounds just a little less conventional than normal. 

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