Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW with Marina Organ - Resonance 104.4FM, London. 

May 28th 2006 - special PESTIVAL show. Not sure what Pestival is? Go check the
Resonance website - (Pestival was a week long celebration of instects)  

INTRO: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac) 
1: CARDIACS - Insect Hoofs On Lassie (Alphabet) 
2: MIRIODOR - The Caterpillar Tamer" (Cuneiform) 
3: WHIMWISE - The Spiders Understand 
4: THE SEA NYMPHS - Sarah On A Worm (Alphabet) 
5: UPSILON ACRUX - 45 Seconds (Beez Kneez) 
6: BIG NUMBERS - Do Not Wake The Sleeping Locust (demo) 
7: THE BOREDOMS - TV Scorpion (Wiiija) 
8: THE STIKMAN - Hot Pink Life (demo) 
9: CARDIACS - Pilf/An Ant - live (Alphabet) 
10: TRENCHER - Erotica Of Flies (Victory Garden) 
11: LIARS - Bingo! Count Draculuck (Mute) 
12: THE LOCUST - Pulling The Christmas Pig By The Wrong Pair Of Ears (Anti) 
13: BOUD DEUN - Spider (Cuneiform) 
14: MASTODON - March Of The Fire Ants (Relapse) 
15: INNER RAGE - Twin Claws (demo) 
16: OCEANLAND WORLD - Bug From Heaven (Alphabet) 
17: CARDIACS - The Stench Of Honey (Alphabet) 
OUTRO: TARANTULA HAWK - Tarantula Hawk (Neurot) 

This week's Other Rock Show information 

Cardiacs: A large proportion of everything Tim Smith writes has bugs in it, hence the preponderance of Cardiacs today. Tim, who has always seemed wonderfully sympathetic to small creatures, once reminded us all that a greenfly was a glorious creature: 'imagine if it was the size of a dog! You'd go, wow, its one of those things' and you certainly wouldn't squash it. My garden has been riddled with the things ever since.  'Insect Hoofs On Lassie' is about attaching dead insect legs to a plastic model of Lassie, I think. There is an instrumental version around for bellowing 'And carrying a cluster of Bee Eggies in the centre of she' along to. Tim got the entire Astoria to dance to a silent version of this, once. 
The Stench of Honey has a 'tiny fly' in it.  'An Ant' is a Cardiac Arrest song so ancient most of us hadn't even heard of it before it was played during the Special Garage Concerts of 2003 (which have come out on 2 CD albums called 'The Special Garage Concerts Vol I and II" - available only from Tim is ranting at Jon Poole, who is in the audience. 

Oceanland World is a Tim Smith solo project from around '93. Fantastic album, again only available from Cardiacs (unless you're very lucky to find one in a Shop). 

The Sea Nymphs is a Cardiacs spin off, originally Tim Smith, Sarah Smith and William D Drake. 

Miriodor are a French Canadian band who have released several fine albums on Cuneiform. 

Whimwise is the band project of Nick May, English progressive composer with a pedigree in bands such as The Enid, Dagaband and Tamarisk. The only spider to be wary of in the UK (aside from an incredibly rare diving one that eats sticklebacks) is the bright orange one that lives under rocks and eats woodlice. The woodlouse spider has, if you take a look, absolutely enormous fangs in comparison to other spiders its size. Well, it eats crusty armoured woodlice. It can actually bite you (unlike most UK spiders). I didnít know this until recently, picked them up loads of times in the past. I suppose you really have to annoy them (like the diving beetle that gave my finger a bite that lasted a year ). 

Upsilon Acrux are an outstanding American outfit, 'possibly the most avant garde rock band in the world' (or at least the tightest). There's a Red Tailed Bumble Bee nest just outside our back door. It's gone from one big female flying in and out to bleedin Heathrow Airport in a month. Bumble bees make small colonies in mouse holes and sheds... the workers come in a range of sizes. They are absolutely harmless and wonderful things. Big bumblebees with white tails are often Cuckoo bees, laying eggs to be brought up by Red Tails and other species. 

The Big Numbers... we have a demo from 2003, and havenít heard anything since. We think they're from New York, we have nothing but the email address on the slip cover: 

The Boredoms... what can you say.... this was from the 'Soul Discharge' album 

The Stikman is another lost one... only got this one download four years ago, all I know is they're slightly connected with Idiot Flesh/Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and maybe Darling Freakhead - so probably based in Oakland California. Lots of bands with this name, so a bit of a Googlebuster. "Hot Pink Life" is a small epic about the below-tabletop world of Bleagh the booger, Lola the blob of bubblegum and a naughty fly. Anton the spider gets in on the act too. All together now: 'He pierced her/ with his proboscis!/ He pierced her/ with his proboscis!!!!"  etc. 

Trencher are from London, they do this stop-start weirdass noise live... as do 

The Locust - a big influence on Trencher! 

The Liars don't have any songs named after invertebrates, but the mesmerising video to 'Bingo! Count Draculuck' - directed by Angus Andrews from the band - stars a harvestman, those things with the impossibly spindly legs. A Harvestman is not a spider at all, though you can call it a daddy-long-legs if you like (I'd keep that for Crane Flies). Sitting in the garden one day, I spotted harvestman dragging a dead or stunned spider along the paving, and remembered  hearing that not only are they not spiders themselves, they hunt them down and have incredibly toxic poison (but can't bite anything tougher than a spider...). 

Boud Deun are still available on Cuneiform Records, who have an excellent website with loads of info on all their bands 

Mastodon are getting big now... this was from their earlier album... they haven't sold out or gone less complex (UNLIKE SOME WUSSES I COULD MENTION, talking to you Dillinger Escape Plan! Have you seen the new video?!!! WTF happened there?). I'm glad we don't have Fire Ants in the UK, they sound like trouble. I could quite happily watch ants doing stuff all day. If you have trouble with ants coming into your house, don't put bug killer everywhere (you'll be breathing it in forever and it wont stop them). Follow the line back to the nest, put a banana skin or apple slices in a pile in a direction opposite to attract them away, ten put vinegar down across their trail. Ants hate vinegar. 

Inner Rage are a London based band who have an all-too-common name but a great line in tight, complex, mega heaviness. They're working on an album with members of the sadly missed Miocene, so that sounds hopeful. 

Tarantula Hawk are magnificent and doomy and are named after (I think - might be getting my birds mixed up) a species of desert hawk that live in packs and are the only bird to hunt and live communally that way. Gits! The proper tarantula is some kind of big European spider that was supposed to have a nasty bite, but has been appropriated for those big Amazonian ones. Donít ever drop one of those on the floor, they burst like a balloon... 

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