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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: EFTERKLANG – Horseback Tenors (Leaf) - Efterklang are from Denmark, this is from their wonderful new album Parades – the album came out last month, and everything on it is as fine as this track. And Efterklang are heading this way, their UK tour starts on the 21st Nov in Bristol, takes in London’s Bush Hall on Friday November 23rd and ends in Brighton on Dec 1st - Efterklang are just wonderful, they’re Mew and Sigur Ros and Cardiacs/Sea Nymphs good – they’re just wonderful and unique – or or

3: LITTLE TROPHY –  Potty Stumble (demo) – New demo we picked up yesterday when the excellent Brighton band played one of those free RoTa afternoon shows – we Organ team put on the show this week and Little Trophy were wonderful again – fizzing new wave that tastes of things like Cardiacs and Ring and comes full of frothing X factor uniqueness. They really are one of the best new bands around right now, make every effort to see their very pleasing live show  -

4: WILLIAM D.DRAKE – Kiln (She Bear/Onomatopocia) - Mr Drake has a new four track EP out in December that perfectly illustrates the many sides of his two recent albums, the EP is called Earthy Shrine and this is the new track on there. William also has some shows coming up including a performance at the London Borderline on 21st December –

5: ESCALADE – Pleasure Treasure (Cuckundoo) –B-side on the new single. Escalade (aka Greg Sullivan) is originally from New York via a self-imposed exile in New Zealand and now based in Tokyo.  Cuckundoo is a rather good new label from Leeds, the single is a limited edition 7” and download thing and Escalade with be over in the UK for some shows in December and January, including a free afternoon RoTa show at the Nottinghill Art Centre – or or

6: DIMENSION X – The Martian Chronicles (KML) – A debut album from a new trio and some extreme avant-Jazz noisecore meets 50’s b-movie alien invasion. The trio are Chris Corsano (Sunburned Hand Of The Man/Bjork/Thurston Moore ) Massimo Pupile (Zu) and David Chalmin (B For Bang) and the album is based on the stories from the cult 50’s radio show.  The first great album of 2008? Out on January 7th – radioart meets avantrock, a perfect Resonance combination!

7: TERRY EDWARDS & THE SCAPEGOATS - Cat People (Sartorial) - Out on limited edition (500) Romany blood red 7”vinyl - Single of the week last week well before we flipped it over for this slice of outrageous Bowieness in the shape a smoldering gasoline on the fire saxophone-drenched ska version of Cat People – Bowie never sounded so good! Brilliant, both sides of it! Outrageously brilliant! The other side features the born again Department S and their version of Alvin Stardust’s  My Coo Ca Choo. Terry Edwards also plays as part of Gallon Drunk at the London Borderline on November 29th - or

8: GIANT PAW – Early Riser (Feral Electronics) Giant Paw put out these great limited edition CD singles that come with great screen printed cards, or do they put out these great cards that come with CDs that are laced with this rather unique locked on electronic/kraut sound that’s really nothing like that? If you liked this track then find out more over at Giant Paw feature one time Creaming Jesus frontman Andy, and they play a free show in London on the 27th November at The Social, Great Portland St. 

9: NOFX – You’re Wrong (Fat Wreck) – NOFX have a new live album out this very Monday -  politically charged US no messing straight-down-the-line establishment-baiting good-time punk rock. The new album is called “They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live” – is where you find out more.

10: CANDY PANIC ATTACK – What’s He Got That I haven’t (Cherryade) – From the London band’s debut Fruit Is Nature’s Candy EP - this week’s Organ single of the week –  six slices of two minute hit and run lo-fi scratchy shouty raw-and-sore candy stealing panic attack punk rock lo-fi punker-than-punk songs that will steal your heart and yer cockney car while you’re still driving in the bleedin’ thing! Don’t you dare disagree, they can live without yer! Eastender hair pulling riot grrl attitude with more sherbet dib-dabs than you so shut it right! Two girls, one boy, six songs, and a debut single proper (before it was demo tapes and such). A do-not-mess take it or leave it attitude and all even better than last time – more vital love-heart crunching DIY lo-fi riot girl punk fizz and sugar rush chaos and here’s the link – or

11: ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO UFO – Douchbag (Riot Season) – There’s a new album from the way out there psych/space/jazz/prog legends out in December, this was a slice of a 21minute track that demanded we play it –

12: TO THE BONES – Tycho (ORG) – The Bolton band who are talked of in terms of a mix of Motorhead/Pixes/80’S B-Line Matchbox (and who just played with Deerhunter and  bonded so it seems) are back in London tomorrow at London’s Oxford Street Metro tomorrow (Monday 19th) on an Organ bill that also features the thrilling ten piece London ska/hip-hop experience that is Imperial Leisure and the excellent Bee Stings – if you want to get on the cheap guest list then e.mail us via before 3.00pm. More about To The Bones via

13: BEE STINGS – Show Me Happy (Council Pop) - London four piece fronted by a rather powerful girl called Valkyrie and dealing out a collision of pristine leftfield pop, experimental dance and dirty rock. They were excellent over at Diablesse last week, they’re at London’s Oxford Street Metro tomorrow (Monday 19th) on an Organ bill (and we’re very picky!) –

14: THE JELAS – Pure Mathematics (demo) - Another track from the Bristol band’s excellent Mistakes Drives The Blunder Bus demo (Organ demo of the week a couple of weeks ago) Ten well crafted and well recorded DIY tracks, some girl fronted, some boy fronted, all deliciously lo-fi and thrillingly bendy –  hard-boiled mathematics, difficult - good – not that they’re hard to listen to, no this flow easily, they just soothe you in a slightly different way – they’re incredibly infectious with their clandestine designs and pumping goodness into you veins. Any band who have a song called   Asparagus have to be worth checking .–

15: IQ – Born Brilliant (GEP) – The nowadays neo-prog band from the South of England have just announced a London show as part of their European tour, they’re at the Astoria on December 15th. They’ve been about since 1981 doing their epic/underground prog thing, not quite so left field now as they were in their darker/quirkier early days, the survivors are still worth an ear and a play though - this was a track from their 2004 album. Find out more via -

16: SUBHUMANS – Mickey Mouse Is Dead (Fat Wreck) – From the classic Subhumans live album Live In A Dive, played in anticipation of their December UK tour that drops in to London’s Camden underworld on December 16th (also played because Mickey’s Disney corporation has threatened to take over Rip Cruncher’s Derby County) – is where you find out more about Subhumans 

17: F*CK BUTTONS – Bright Tomorrow (ATP/R) – The debut single from the Bristol two piece and their uniquely colourful pronk/drone that goes to a point where drone becomes melody. Out on 3rd December as a limited edition 7” picture disc. The debut album is out in February, find out more via

18: EFTERKLANG – Maison De Reflexion (Leaf) – And the only way to end tonight’s show is with another slice of the beautiful Efterklang in anticipation of Bush Hall on Friday – see track two for details/links. 

Next Sunday, all being well, will be Marina’s turn and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – where rock music comes laced with unusual time signatures and sounds just a little less conventional than normal.

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