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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: REBSIE FAIRHOLM – Julia Dream (demo) – Rebsie has this absolutely wonderful album’s worth of entrancing whispered glowing heart-warming Celtic/old English (Pagan?) folk, embroided  with cleverly delicate instrumentation. Lush golden strings and seductive woodwind, haunting glowing beauty and Rebsie has the most beguiling of voices – she really is something special. Just beautiful, uncluttered, refreshing. Delicately arranged folk familiars  (and a beautiful version of Pink Floyd’s Julia Dream that I couldn’t resist). Calming, uplifting, ethereal and a slightly new feel on something very traditional and unashamedly rooted in very old ways – for fans, followers and lovers of Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny, the leaves turning golden orange and the Albion spirit that can still be found (beautiful artwork as well) –

3: COWTOWN – Science (Brew) - BREW RECORDS VOL 1 is a compilation that comes out this week and well worth the fiver it will set you back it is! Sixteen slices, 16 tracks, seventy-six minutes of music from Yorkshire – the album a healthy mix of alt.rock, post-rock, math, the more intelligent side of metal/rock/indie and comes on new DIY/underground label Brew. The album gets off to an impressive start with THE BUTTERFLY and their attention grabbing Faith No Bungle flavours, I CONCUR follow with their Editors-ish indie drama and the standards are set. You need one main thing from a compilation album – you need it to flow as one whole listenable body of music, this open shot from Brew Records does just that. THE PLIGHT kick in with some aggressive hardcore, YEAR OF THE MAN rage and growl in a left field way that demands more investigation – and on we journey through BILGE PUMP, VESSELS, THESE MONSTERS, HUMANFLY and more – SOLUS LOCUS weigh in with a rather heroic Explosions In The Sky feel, THE PATTERN THEORY delivery some interesting instrumental math rock that has us rather curious, COWTOWN and their flowing awkward instrumental rubber band fluidity demand you get on line and fine them straight away...and onward we go with MUCKYSAILOR, IMMUNE and more  This is a fine fine compilation that does just what you need it to do on several levels. This is rather recommended, nice one Brew team, we look forward to more –

4: VILE VILE CREATURES – City Lights (ORG) – One more visit to one of England’s finest DIY underground bands of 2007 and the racing riot girl flavours of Manchester’s vile ones, you can find this tracks as one of the bonus cuts on our Herzoga/To The Bones CD (that comes with loads of bonus bands and tracks) – More details from the Org pages at or head straight for

5: CHICKENHAWK – Perception Parts 1-111(Brew) - See track two.

6: BIONIC – Got Skin (Signed By Force) – From their seriously seriously good Black Blood album that landed here this week! Aggressive rocked-out driving hard-edged alt-blues with a healthy line in swerving off line and down an awkward side road or two – no, hang on! They’re actually flying way over the line and all over the place! Some kind of cool as f*** 70’s hard rock band who suddenly, here and there in the middle of a song, feel the need to want to be Devo or The Go Team and all without ever losing focus. It all makes perfect sense They’re from Canada, they were formed in 1998 by one time Doughboys guitarist Jonathan Cummings, and this hits all the spots in all the right gasoline drinking hard rocking ways  - or or

7: HAZEL MILLS – Freestanders (Xpress) – Pop music that boldy claims to be more Battles than Britney. A track from her debut five track EP, five rewarding slices of confident Kate Bush flavoured intelligent progressive trip-pop and yes we can hear the post-rock undercurrent and that clever hint of glitch and Battles and 65Daysofchallenge and Porcupine Tree drama.. Mostly we can hear richly detailed intelligent beautifully-voiced dark moody pop songs - torch songs, fine songs and warm classical piano and clever textures. Spot on production, spot on everything. She’s from Bristol (I think) – or or

8: NAVEL – Manners And Philosophies (demo) – Raw blistering electric blues, grunge ‘n garage bluster with an edge of their own. Screaming tension and beautiful broken glassed jagged edge feedback. They’re from Switzerland and these four songs swaggered in here on a messy CDr full of raw attitude.  They can deal out a little restraint as well – more Sonic Youth or Neil Young’s way of doing things than the obvious routes, all kinds of good manners and healthy philosophies...

9: MORAL DILEMMA – Wasting Your Time (Madman) - Hundred mile an hour blister-punk, proper oldschool ranting hardcore speed punk. Their country is the world and their god is their mind. Ten raw and live slices of frontline punk rock attitude and energy – male/female voiced three piece, they may be raw and messy, they can play though, they deliver things with a just the right amount of focussed clarity and positive conviction – and nothing that comes anywhere near hinting at compromise – good for your soul wholesome London punk rock, go join in.. They were playing in London with Subhumans tonight while I was in here missing it just so I could play all this for you -

10: PRE – Ace Cock (Skingraft) – A track from the absolutely thrilling London band’s recently released insane screaming new wave high speed post punk pronk beast of an album that tastes like early Cardiacs feasting on Melt Banana. They have a new split 7” single out now (also featuring Aids Wolf). Album of the week here back at the start of September and up there in our top ten albums of the year.  Hear them and explore more over at or – they’ve been playing in the US since the album came out, they’re in London on Jan 22nd – check their My Space for details. 

11: DIMENSION X – Beyond Infinity (KML) – A debut album from a new trio and some extreme avant-Jazz noisecore meets 50’s b-movie alien invasion. The trio are Chris Corsano  (Sunburned Hand Of The Man/Bjork/Thurston Moore ) Massimo Pupile (Zu) and David Chalmin (B For Bang) and the album is based on the stories from the cult 50’s radio show.  The first great album of 2008? Out on January 7th – radio art meets avant rock, a perfect Resonance combination!

12: FIGHT LIKE APES – Battlestations (Cool For Cats) – OK so I’ve maybe played the a-side a little too much but hey, I think Jake Summers is just about single of the year (just ahead of Ditzy Scene) and this is the b-side of the Irish band’s single (I haven’t played this before on Resonance!) This came out back at the start of September while we were off air. She sounds sugar sweet and she buys presents and they feed the geese (and stupify them) and butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and then she screams about your stupid face! And hey you! Get some grace!! You're like Kentucky Fried Chicken but without the taste! -

13: CREEDLE – Pretty Ugly Act 1 (Headhunter) – This eight and a half minute utter avant prog classic is from the San Diego band’s 1996 album When The Wind Blows. Now I must confess I hadn’t given Creedle that much thought since we reviewed this album and their other material in Organ back in the last century when it came out. I knew I really liked the albums back then, but hey, their name hadn’t really popped up in an age and the albums have just been there, ignored on the shelf  – until this morning and an e.mail from one of the band arrived and announced that they had reformed for a one off reunion in their home town – hey, weren’t they really good! Off I went to rediscover the albums and to actually find that they were in fact far better than I remembered and way ahead of their time and why doesn’t their name crop up all the time? We put up a news story on the Organ news pages: “CREEDLE have reformed and are hinting at a new album! The cult 90’s Californian “avant-jazz-punk-art-damaged” band are playing on Sunday, December 30th, 2007 at the Casbah in San Diego, California. The line up is Pieboy, Dr. Gein, Devon E. Levins, Cochemea Juan Gastelum! And they say if all goes well, possible album and tour to follow”.- Wow, what a treasure! And judging by all the e.mail waiting for us when we got home, we weren’t the only ones to think so – find out more via and also check out Devon E. Levins’ excellent sound track radio show on – there’s a show archived there where he strays and play a whole two hours of Creedle stuff. 

14: HIGH ON FIRE – Hung Drawn and Quartered (Relapse) – A slice of left-field galloping stoner doomcore from the Oakland California band’s 2002 album Surrounded By Thieves, played in frothing anticipation of their show tomorrow (17th December) at London’s ULU with Pelican! or 

15: WILLIAM D. DRAKE – Dark Ecstasies (SheBear) – A track from Mr Drake’s rather unique Briny Hooves album and his rather uniquely English style, this track, probably more than anything else from his fine solo releases reminds you that he was once a Cardiac. William D Drake And His So Called Friends play at the London Borderline on December 21st –

16: EFTERKLANG – Horseback Tenors (Leaf) - Efterklang are from Denmark, this is from their wonderful album Parades –we reckon this is the album of the year (see album number two through to number fifty here) - Efterklang are just wonderful, they’re Mew and Sigur Ros and Cardiacs/Sea Nymphs good – they’re just wonderful and unique and we make no apologies – or or

17: WAX AUDIO/GEORGE BUSH – Merry Christmas War Is Over (Metal Postcard) – The 43rd president of the United States Of America and his heartfelt uranium enriched version on the John Lennon Christmas message of hope and joy – war is over if you want it, thank you George.  Cut, paste, run and down load it for free from here – merry Christmas from us Organs –

And that was 2007, thank you everyone, thank you Resonance team. Thank you...


Avid soundtrack collector and guitarist of  CREEDLE/MORRICONE YOUTH Devon E. Levins will hosts two hours of "all-things cinematic" every Saturday at midnight. Film and television soundtracks from around the globe past, present and future. Music from the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone and Corbucci, the Italian gialli of Argento and Baza, the Japanese Kaiju popularized by Godzilla and Mothra, the Edgar Wallace thrillers from Germany, Bollywood, the French New Wave, Blaxploitation, Film Noir...ok, you get the picture! But the soundtrack universe just might be vastly more diverse than you realize. Expect the usuals: Schifrin, Goldsmith, Rota, Komeda, Mancini, Umiliani, Legrand and, of course, Ennio Morricone, but don't forget that The Germs, Magma and De La Soul have all written for film as well. If it was written for the moving image, it's fair game – explore it at


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