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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: CHROME HOOF – Circus 9000 (Southern) – A track from Chrome Hoof’s recent album that mixes up all kinds of Magma-esq prog rock and P-funk flavoured groove. The 12 piece play are playing together with PART CHIMP and WET PAINT in London at the Hoxton Square Bar on January 24th: - brought to you by the Trial and Error people – chromehoof More info on the gig over at

3: PLAAYDOH – Oh Jay (Winning Sperm Party) - From the The Plaaydoh EP, we loved it from the moment the first note hit us. No, loved it as soon as we opened the envelope and got our hands on the home-made package. “Plaaydoh are a lo-fi pop band from Glasgow” says the scribbled piece of paper – and yes, the piece of paper is correct. Plaaydoh are a brilliantly spiky shouty poppy lo-fi diy band from Glasgow with five songs - three of which are instant bites of creative punk rock attitude and abrasive pointy adrenaline (the other two aren’t that far behind either). Comes is an excellent hand made sleeve – tactile, inviting, demand your instant attention. Limited to 100 (ours is orange and number 11). Purple sounds like The Fall meet a very edgy Go Team via a shouty Vile Vile Creatures (or Bis), Boyscout sounds like lo-fi Bananarama for pop loving Liars fans, Oh Jay is just a brilliant delight. Plaaydoh are charming, messy, Plaaydoh are full of bite, most of all they have these great songs that are laced with delicious energy and dangerous character, Plaaydoh are brilliantly different. We love this EP, we want more... and these Winning Sperm Party people look like they’re up to good things tooooooo – go investigate – this is why we do this Organ thing! -  or

4: DäLEK –  Spiritual Healing (Ipecac) – Now how good was the Dälek experience last night at the Borderline!? Hip-hop from New Jersey and some MCing over serious avant soundscapes of a Neurosis, My Bloody Valentine flavour – one of the best live shows for a long long time. This is a track from 2002 album From Filthy Tongue Of Gods and Griots – we’ll have an interview up on line at this week  – grab a taste and the latest news over at

5: FANTAPLASTIC – Lifetime’s Dedication (demo) - Ah, things are coming together, another impressive demo from the London band and more frantic running away from a million different (vile vile) insects and giraffes that eat leaves and run oh so very fast. The last Fantaplastic demo we reviewed was very good indeed, nowhere near as good as this glorious noise though! Raw frantic manic cardiac twitching and going off and things – raw, edgy, punky in a slightly alt.rock Melvins /Sonic Youth/Jesus Lizard manner – hang on though, Fantaplastic suddenly found some angles all of their own, some frantic (yes we said frantic again) moves that suggest the time has come for us to do some shouting about them. Fantaplastic are not always frantic though, they can break things down mid song and get almost folky in a scratchy left field kind of  (frantic) way (there goes a little bit that sounds like Deerhoof). This is an excellent two track demo – recorded raw and gloriously live and wrong pop and yes! Good artwork as well. These two tracks are causing arguments now, time changing around architecture and Sonic Youth textures - Ring bites? But there’s no blues in there, you can’t say they sound anything like those Melvins!  Yes but I suspect they’ve never heard Cardiacs, they’ve come at it from a whole different American infulenced alt.punk route and sounding like Garage Concerts era Cardiacs is just a beautiful coincidence – but Sonic Youth don’t take on time changes like that! Enough of these arguments, everyone around here agrees that Fantaplastic are well worth arguing about, another fine demo and we’re off and running like eating giraffes and things – did we say they were frantic?

6: THAO With The GET DOWN STAY DOWN – Violet (Kill Rock Stars) – From Thao’s new album, the album is released on Jan 28th. A recent album of the week on the Organ website, We Brave Bee Stings and All is the second album from the 23 year old singer songwriter from Virginia with a rather fine line in Cat Power goes Alt.Country/jazzy/folky style mellowleft-field breeziness and colour. - or 

7: PLAAYDOH - Purple Minijack (Winning Sperm Party) – See track three...

8 : BLACK MOUNTAIN – Tyrants (JagJagWar) – How prog is this! Listen to those Mellotrons! An eight minute epic from the Canadian band’s new album – another recent Organ album of the week and out in the UK this Monday – now if only we had the time to play the seventeen minute epic – giant slices of Zep and Floyd and Buffalo Springfield and or

9: DJ MOULE – Black Sabotage – Beastie Boys vs Led Zep (download) - BEST OF BOOTIE 2007? Tricky Sandman - Run-DMC vs. Metallica? Love Will Tear You Apart She Wants Originality - She Wants Revenge vs. Joy Division vs.Bauhaus? Passenger Fever - Peggy Lee vs Iggy Pop? Sympathy For Teen Spirit - Rolling Stones vs. Queen vs. Nirvana? Here's the link to download it all for free -  the best one is the Chemical Brothers vs Empire Strikes back Imperial March thing, or maybe The Gossip vs Elastica? Or maybe the Placebo/Kate Bush/Pet Shop Boys or? or L7 vs CSS - oh we don't know! The Jackson 5 v Guns 'n Roses one... seemless - get the albums free from here-

10: PRE - Drool (Skin Graft) - Pre are back home and playing shows in London again, this is a track off last year’s excellent Epic Fits album - catch them on Jan 22nd at Bardens Boudoir  and 3rd Feb at the all day Howlfest thing – find out about Howlfest at and more about Pre via

11: CHICKENHAWK – Perception Parts 1-111(Brew) - BREW RECORDS VOL 1 is a compilation that came out back in December and well worth the fiver it will set you back it is! Sixteen slices, 16 tracks, seventy-six minutes of music from Yorkshire – the album a healthy mix of alt.rock, post-rock, math, the more intelligent side of metal/rock/indie and comes on new DIY/underground label Brew. The album gets off to an impressive start with THE BUTTERFLY and their attention grabbing Faith No Bungle flavours, I CONCUR follow with their Editors-ish indie drama and the standards are set. You need one main thing from a compilation album – you need it to flow as one whole listenable body of music, this open shot from Brew Records does just that. THE PLIGHT kick in with some aggressive hardcore, YEAR OF THE MAN rage and growl in a left field way that demands more investigation – and on we journey through BILGE PUMP, VESSELS, THESE MONSTERS, HUMANFLY and more – SOLUS LOCUS weigh in with a rather heroic Explosions In The Sky feel, THE PATTERN THEORY delivery some interesting instrumental math rock that has us rather curious, COWTOWN and their flowing awkward instrumental rubber band fluidity demand you get on line and fine them straight away...and onward we go with MUCKYSAILOR, IMMUNE and more  This is a fine fine compilation that does just what you need it to do on several levels. This is rather recommended, nice one Brew team, we look forward to more –

12: LES SAVY FAV – The Sweat Descends (Witchita) – B-side of the new single that’s out the 25th Feb – classic challenging alternative rock that’s on that Pixies / Husker Du line of sophisticated splendor. Catch them at the Bedford Esquires on Feb 9th and the London Astoria on Feb 10th –

13: DIEBOLD –  Chinqsix (Bangor) – from the new album Listen To The Heartbeast, Diebold are Sophie Trudeau (Godspeed You! and Silver Mt. Zion) and Ian Ilavsky (Sofa, Silver Mt. Zion) and this is a very fine album (in a neat hand silk screened cover – both the CD and vinyl versions are in silk screened covers). “Diebold formed in Montreal in 2002 as an exciting new experiment in controlled, technologically-enhanced, two-party democracy...”. Refined two piece drum and bass guitar post-rock interplay - this is progressive in the most real of senses – clever weaving of distorted bass and responsive colourful drums. A (mostly) instrumental album, six tracks, thirty-five minutes – some of these tracks were available via a very limited CDr back in 2005, these tracks will all be new to most though. The bass distortion is cleverly used; subtle, never overpowering – dark, churning, looming, clammy, relentlessly locked-on, brooding, recorded live, free-form? The almost ten minute excellently named title track (and album closer) slows down to a brooding dooming sludge before it pulls itself out again, by that time you’re right in there with them. An album that’s as highly creative and artistically rewarding as you’d expect from the two of them, rather different as well – hypnotic, enticing, rather thrilling, play it really loud and watch everything shake. Available in the UK via Southern –

14: ATLAS SOUND – Cold As Ice (Kranky) A track from the forthcoming solo album from Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox, the album is called Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel – not had much time to explore this yet, appears to be everything you’d expect (or not expect) from the Dearhunter.. Available in the UK via Southern distribution, find out more via

15: PLAAYDOH – Boy Scout (Winning Sperm Party) -   See track three... We make no excuse for playing a third track from the Glasgow band’s fine EP, things like this are why we do this Organ thing. 

16: ONE MORE GRAIN –  Confession Time (White Heat) – A fine track, and another journey (for that is what One More Grain take you on with their unique style) from One More Grain’s forthcoming album Isle Of Grain. We played quite a few tracks from their last album, this one appears to be equally as good –

17: JIMMY JAMMES – Sgt. Pepper’s Paradise – Guns ‘n Roses vs Beatles (download) – See track nine and go download the whole album for free 

18: THUMPERMONKEY LIVES – Schrodinger’s Cat Lives! (Demo) – A revisit to the London band’s excellent demo from last year. The band tell us they are nearly ready to launch some new material and they’ve made all their old material available to download for free –

19: DIEBOLD – Listen To My Heartbeat (Bangor) – See track 13 – Another (partial) slice from this week’s Organ album of the week to close this show...

Next Sunday, all being well, will be Marina’s turn and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – where rock music comes laced with unusual time signatures and sounds just a little less conventional than normal.

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