Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday FEBRUARY 3rd 2008, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: AUTOCOLT – Resonator (demo) Demo track from a new instrumental band from London who learly have a love of early synths, analogue fuzz, Hawkwind, Primal Scream, Neu and such –

3: THE DICKIES – Paranoid (Secret) – The track they made their own (much to the annoyance of the metal fana at the time) back when they released it as a super fast helium fuelled punk rock single back in the day. This is from the forthcoming Go Bananas live album. Classic US punk rock – or

4: MARCIA X - Goat Chorus  - From the Californian desert with some sound art creativity and two goats called Sassy and Bessie May 

5: EVERYONE TO THE ANDERSON – Activate (Toy Solder) – Lead track from the post-hardcore flavoured angular indie rock band’s four track EP. Released on their own Toy Solder label – or

6: HASWELL & HECKER – UPIC (Warp) - if this got you curious... the electronic fuzz and the hum and the buzz and just what is it? Multichannel electro-acoustic performance? This is what links are for - or

7: DR SLAGGLEBERRY – Scat (Crash) – A new band from Oxfordshire with a demo that’s now been picked up by Crash Records and is set for download release on March 3rd – the band in deal in high octane Bungle-ised math metal –

8: HARLOTS – The Concept Of Existence (Lifeforce) – A track from the US extreme hard boiled progressive metal band’s rather excellent (and violently challenging) new album Betrayer. The album comes out next week on German label Lifeforce - this week’s Organ album the week – or

9: INSTRUMENTS – American Football or American Football (demo) – A track from the London band’s latest set of demo recordings, beautifully refined uplifting rewarding instrumental post rock. You can download the track yourself from their My Space site and you can catch them live next in London at the Kilburn Luminaire (with Enon) on Feb 4th or the Buffalo Bar Feb 13th (with Vessels) –

10: MOLLOY – It Broke Apart (demo) – A new recording from the excellent London five piece new wave girl/boy electro rock outfit. They play Indiesexual @ Catch, Shoreditch, London on Feb 13th and The industry in Shoreditch on Feb 29th – oh, that means we’re in a leap year – they say it all with their My Space URL –*ckingbrilliant

11: ONLY UNTIL – Kabalaean City (Hollow Soul) – From the London (slightly lo-fi) post hardcore/post-rock/progressive band’s rather ambitiously good debut/newly released album – or

12: KUNK – We Are Not Who You Think We Are (Plastic Sun) – Lead track from the Norwich band’s forthcoming (debut?) single on new independent label Plastic Sun (always good to see a new and real independent label getting out there and just doing it). Slightly awkward indie alt.rock –

13: STOLEN BABIES – Awful Fall (Ascendance) – Track from the US avant rock band’s recent There Be Squabbles Ahead album. Stolen Babies will be in the UK/Europe later in February as guests on the Dillinger Escape Plan tour – including Feb 23rd at the London Astoria. More from

14: MARCIA X - Goat Chorus  - From the Californian desert with some sound art creativity and two goats called Sassy and Bessie May 

15: COUNTRYSIDE – Tape Dysfunctional #4 (demo) – A revisit to the Bristol band’s absolutely beautiful demo – lo-fi texture and delightfully English post-rock/other-pop. One of the most beautifully inspiring demos we’ve been sentin a long long time –

16: CRASS – Sheep Farming In The Falklands (Crass) – I do feel a certain obligation to pepper the airwaves with a healthy dose of Crass now and again – classic politically aware, caustic, challenging, life changing DIY punk rock and so so much more –

17: TED MAUL -  Forest... With This Memory Of A Free Festival (Game) – Track from the self proclaimed mentalist-metal band’s critically acclaimed debut album from last year – seriously forward looking original sounding extreme metal. The London band have just been confirmed as being on the forthcoming HIMSA / TOO PURE TO DIE / A LIFE ONCE LOST UK tour that includes a London date on 19th March at the Camden Underworld -

18: MANCHESTER UNITED CALYPSO – the classic Jamaican 1950’s calypso celebrating the legendary Busby Babes. No need to say anything else this week 50 years on from the Munich disaster..... 

19: PLAAYDOH – Oh Jay (Winning Sperm Party) - From the The Plaaydoh EP, we loved it from the moment the first note hit us. No, loved it as soon as we opened the envelope and got our hands on the home-made package. “Plaaydoh are a lo-fi pop band from Glasgow” says the scribbled piece of paper – and yes, the piece of paper is correct. Plaaydoh are a brilliantly spiky shouty poppy lo-fi diy band from Glasgow with five songs - three of which are instant bites of creative punk rock attitude and abrasive pointy adrenaline (the other two aren’t that far behind either). Comes is an excellent hand made sleeve – tactile, inviting, demand your instant attention. Limited to 100 (ours is orange and number 11). Purple sounds like The Fall meet a very edgy Go Team via a shouty Vile Vile Creatures (or Bis), Boyscout sounds like lo-fi Bananarama for pop loving Liars fans, Oh Jay is just a brilliant delight. Plaaydoh are charming, messy, Plaaydoh are full of bite, most of all they have these great songs that are laced with delicious energy and dangerous character, Plaaydoh are brilliantly different. We love this EP, we want more... and these Winning Sperm Party people look like they’re up to good things tooooooo – go investigate – this is why we do this Organ thing! -  or

20: BAUHAUS – Zikir (Cooking Vinyl) – Now what’s this, a rather Resonance friendly track from the new Bauhaus album – the new album is called Go Away White and comes out on 17th  March 2008 –

21: MARCIA X - Goat Chorus  - From the Californian desert with some sound art creativity and two goats called Sassy and Bessie May 

Next Sunday, all being well, will be Marina’s turn and her OTHER ROCK SHOW – where rock music comes laced with unusual time signatures and sounds just a little less conventional than normal.

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